An appeal to my commentators

I have always subscribed to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion, but this freedom applies to views and comments on issues. I have laid down some rules at the very beginning that there should be no foul languages and no personal attacks, no curses, no name calling (which amounts to personal attacks). I am sad that on may occasions these rules have been broken. I have appealed many times to commentators not to overdo things, because  once you curse someone , you are actually pushing that person to the brink of anger.And with anger, proper discussion will no longer be possible.

I have , starting from tonight, deleted a few comments which attacked each other. And from now on, i will delete whattever comments that is not discussing issues, but aim at belittling others and provoking angers and personal attacks. 

All of you are welcome to comment, but please do not step on other people’s toes if they do not agree with you. No two persons have the same views. ANd all views should be allowed to be aired, even if the views are contrary to our own views.

I  apologise to all readers for having to take this drastic step.


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  1. romerz
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 00:08:00

    Understood Doc. Sorry for giving you headaches in the past.

    I would just like to add a little more on what Dr Hsu is appealing for.

    The blogsphere should be treated like the real world where social norms, etiquettes and controls are expected. Just because we have nicks to represent us and we can’t end up in a brawl does not mean that courtesy and politeness can’t be extended to others.

    Nobody, and I think least of all Dr Hsu, objects to differing opinions. It is the manner in which we present our differing opinions that is already hard as it is without making it personal.

    I was asked today by a fellow blog owner about the limits we can go to in our respective blogs given the RPK case.

    I basically told him that what is wrong in the real world is also wrong in the blogsphere.

    The only difference is in the real world, you can be ‘touched’ whereas in the blosphere, it is near impossible to be ‘touched’ physically unless you’re high profile like RPK.

    Do not let us demean the importance of blogsphere and give those who would silence us a chance to do so.

    Since Doc, won’t say it, I’ll say it instead.


    No one disputes your right to believe what you believe and express them. It is in the manner you attack differing views that we have objections to.

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. I respect your courage and wisdom in many things but I find your lack of tolerance for others not as brave or righteous as you ‘dangerous’.

    This is how ‘atrocities’ are committed today without regards for those who are ‘less’ than you are, in your opinion.

    May I humbly remind you that tolerance of those who are different from you is what we are after all fighting for, each in our own way.


  2. Zubli Zainordin
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 01:05:18

    Good move Hsu. Visitors now must be cautious of commentors also can be sued, soon.


  3. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 01:15:16

    Jeff is right. This blog is getting popular..and few come with one comment to discourage others.
    Jeff is also right..freedom of speech is what makes this blog special and unique.
    Since no one wants to make this post look like Doc is talking to himself…….I will say….to Doc….that it is his blog. Do what he thinks is right. If you feel my messages are offensive…go delete them.
    I will not be offended.
    But…I will keep speaking my mind…as I see fit.
    Minds and thoughts are humans greatest utter out words…..that others think are wise or foolish…. words.
    I have enough praises and proofs of my clear mind.
    Doc…no need to suspect anyone is an UMNO agent…out to destroy this blog. No such thing.
    But one or two..out to discrupt good flow of thoughts….is quite common. Such characters do exist. don’t ask me why.
    I gave my best …with Anak a sincere friend.
    That makes me proud. Let other get jealous…who cares.
    No one can take that great feelings .away from me…no matter how hard they try.


  4. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 01:43:21

    No problemo doc… Fine by me…


  5. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 01:44:47

    hahaha…. it’s only a blog and doc’s already feeling the heat. can’t imagine what if this would be a “real” forum…???


  6. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 04:34:10

    Doc.. you must be sleeeping right? So dont end up having nightmares about this blog hahaha…. I cant sleep just yet. So used to sleep out late at night, now already become a habit!

    It’s ok. I do believe that most of us who frequent this blog has good intentions but differs in ways to execute them. I myself have gone through the same thing. But I do learned a little or two here… But I think, I’ve learned to accept criticisms. Well maybe not 100% hahahaa…I’m only human!

    Keep the faith doc… Dont worry too much!


  7. wits0
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 04:49:28

    Hahaha, Dr Hsu, I can guess which regular cannot change. A good blog can be undermined by a particularly well-known and persistent incalcitrant.

    One reason why I stopped visiting your blog for a long spell.


  8. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 10:06:57

    So many are living in a coocoon…..behaving to be international citizen… wise…so cultured.
    Most should be teachers…trying to teach old wise to such eggs.
    Great pretenders are what some lets all be friends..but not really friendly….lets all smile at each other…but not from the heart.
    You know…I am the only one…..keep giggling and laughing silently till my stomach ache.
    I am imagining..all those guy…mix with Americans….Australians…fun loving Italians…crazy down to earth Bulgarians…all at one table…and only monsterball is enjoying and laughing …talking so call vulgar words….that are really not vulgar to them….and all those smart ones from Malaysia…so silent..behaving like idiots.


  9. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 10:16:07

    Welcome back..witsO.
    Bombard all you want….but don’t run away ……
    It won’t work!!


  10. Justin Choo
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 10:21:40

    Dr Hsu,

    This is the price that you have to pay for being a popular blog. Just like the restaurant business, if you want to maintain high-class fine dining you will be restricting your wealthy and “cultured” regulars and suck up to their whims and fancies.

    Now that your blog has metamorphosed into the casual “bar and bistro cum kopi tiam” genre, take heart that your customer base is now enlarged and has now become more “rojak” with the special flavour and aroma which is truely Malaysian!!

    Sit back and relax and reap the profit!!


  11. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 10:51:24

    Anak Malaysia was praising me…helping some NGOs right now…at Permatang Pauh…supporting Anwar.
    The head of the team of 10 men is Amin Shah Bin Iskandar..who has a blog call.”Blackinkorea”
    He asked for help…last time….when Anwar was jailed for 24 hours….those poor guys sitting whole night long…no food drinks….so I delivered.
    Now he asked for financial help…I responded!
    If anyone want to help him….his bank account is 112205029831{Maybank} with the same name.
    There you see..I have more useful and important things for deserving Malaysians….than talk with you smart guys…right now.
    Go ahead…talk talk and talk…..but never ever walk the talk.. for once.


  12. Amin Iskandar@Black
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:13:37

    Dear All,

    I’m Amin Iskandar the one that Monsterball mentioned about. Please don’t curse him. Curse me.

    I’m with National Institute for Electoral Integrity (NIEI) the non partisan NGO. Our concern is only to ensure that the election is truly democratic, free and fair.

    NIEI will go to Permatang Pauh today with 10 Election monitors.

    Monsterball is just helping me to raise some donation because of we didn’t have any funding for our program.

    But even though we don’t have funding, we will still go there and proceed with the monitoring.

    I hope after this, the commentators stop condemning Monsterball. Condemn me. Go and write the comments at my blog.


    Amin Iskandar@Black.


  13. Dr Hsu
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:19:36

    Justin, your analogy is good.

    I have not been doing any censoring because personally , i believe in press freedom and freedom of speech. So I have to practice what I preach. But I realise that freedom does not give a person a blank checque to personal attacks and so on… So it is part of my fault of beig an idealist… I apologise to all for this..

    I hope my friend A True Malaysian will accept my apology and continue contributing in his unique way. As I have said , even if we are of different views, we should agree to disagree.

    At least we will be able to feel how the other people are feeling by listening to alternative ideas and views.. No one man is always right. No one man is always wrong.

    As a small candle, I was hoping that the light of this candle can help light up as big an area as possible, and that this blog can reach more readers so that we can influence people’s mindsets to advocate for a fair and equitable World, Malaysia in particular. But unfortunately, the candle light was almost extinguished by a strong storm .

    I , as the blog initiator, apologise to all who were hurt in one way or another by commenting on this blog. Please accept my sincere apologies and I hope to do my utmost best not to let this thing happen again.

    To Amin Shah, Why should anyone curse you? or Monsterball? I am the one to blame for reasons which I stated above. And I apologise sincerely for that. And I hope the PP election will be a fair fight and I hope there will be international monitoring by people who are neutral to ensure a clean and fair fight.


  14. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:33:42

    There I told True learn Buddhism from Justin.
    I was right.
    Go read his wonderful message.
    Yes…Doc..control vulgar words..,,but not commentators free flow of thoughts.
    Let everyone be themselves.
    The truths will always be revealed….one way or another.
    Malaysians are living in a coocoon trying to be behave citizens….no way.
    Malaysians keep sticking to hero worship his own race…under the disguise as a true malaysian…so many….that’s malaysia’s problem.
    Read all the books you want.
    It’s the singer….not the song…that makes the man…….meaning …no matter how many good books you read..matter how well educated you are…if you are selfish and cunning… will never learn…or can be trusted to give true good advises. It’s your heart that count most.
    But sadly….it is the below par intelligent people in Malaysia…. that are being misguided by the smart ones. Have we not seen Mahathir doing that for 22 years? All agree…correct?
    And what are we doing here…right now?
    Keep judging the good disrupt good flow of thoughts..or rojak the blog.
    These are usually youngsters…and mine oh mine…”chillipad”.. .at last..revealed he is a foreigner……and not one here…protected me….from being insulted by a foreigner.
    Feel proud of it….fell nice…even one from Timbuktu…..never long as they disagree with monsterball. That most important.
    Yes… Malaysians…you will be selling your souls to foreigners soon.


  15. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:37:36

    At last!! Amin Iskandar speaks here!
    Why… blog is really getting famous.


  16. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:53:14

    Amin..I wish I can help more……but if what I gave you.. is all you get…try living with pipe water ..sleeping at road sides…and eat only rioti channai kosong. That little I gave….may…at least keep you 10 brave guys…alive for few days…..hahahahahaha
    God protects and keep you 10 guys well.
    You will never know….if I can get a hotel room for 2 nights..I will try to be there..with mu guitar…bongo..ukililee…and we all can start our own band.
    You 10 brave guys are …the joy of my life.


  17. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:37:22

    I think selfish Malaysians will sell their souls to the highest bidder from Malaysia..not to foreigners……as long as they personally benefit.
    They are thinking for themselves..not for the country or for Malaysians.
    I like to focus on my race…..the Malaysian Chinese.
    So many are so smart and wealthy…all through hard work…sweat and toll…yet…when comes to unite the is them.that are co-operating with UMNO to disunite us. These are the welleducated…and with degrees…having brains…that can think few steps ahead than others..and applying that support race and religion politics. These are the Malaysian Chinese scums of the earth.
    And strangely…it is those thousands upon thousands hawkers…taxi drivers…labourers…some got very rich..still behaving humble….and do think of the country..more than for themselves.
    I guess….they had no choice…when the were poor…to fight it out..and will now fight for the poorest of the poor….created by UMNO and BN.
    So Malaysian Chinese…tell me I am a lunatic…writ8ing this.
    In don’t mind. At least I dare to judge you…and dare you to judge me back.
    Change my style of writing? Dream on.
    Best style in the world….straight and direct…no bullshit or diplomacy.
    I think Obama learn from me…to be so popular in be….next President of USA…hahahahaha
    Yes Malaysians Chinese..most of you are living in a coocoon…talking selfish….only know how to mix with your own kind…..and talk so wise…so smart.
    Cannot take it…jump t the lake…for all I care.
    I have enough of your nonsense.


  18. cilipadi
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:42:46

    Well said Dr. Hsu,

    I picked up some Malay idioms that fantasies. I found those are really meaningful.

    One of them is ‘siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’. Being the blog owner, your apologies just came in time. But I still think that, someone here is indeed need to say ‘sorry’ more than anyone else for messing up your forum.

    Someone is apparently referred to …….but it is not nice to pin-point here, as ‘Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’.

    Like you, I hope ‘A True Malaysian’ will continuing contribute his / her view here. I am a fan of his / her.


  19. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:52:49


    You dont need to apologize for anything. As far as I’m concerned, you have done good by initiating this blog. Keep it going. Do not interrupt the free flow of thoughts in here. We need to free our thoughts first before we can truly know each other…

    It’s not the time to be offended in this blog. If someone feel offended, then dont blog. It’s time to be true to one self, as Malaysians. We ourselves are not ideals. The world that we live in are far from ideals. That’s why I do think that it’s important for us to express our views, for us to see how people reacted to our views and how we can move on. If diversity is indeed our strength, than it is most important for everyone to exprees their view sincerely. Afterall, that’s the first intention of this blog. Right doc?

    To be honest doc. This blog need to stay true to it’s intention. It do need people like monsterball to spice things up. Otherwise it will be a little bit mundane. monsterball might be harsh or vulgar at times but he is still human afterall (thanks God, hahaa…). One thing that i do like about him is that he is not afraid to express his view bluntly, without any hesitation, without having to confirm to anybody.

    So, no need to worry Doc. Keep the faith, stay true to the cause and keep up the good work…

    Perhaps one day all of us can go for a drink together at gurney drive or padang kota lama, hahaha…..


  20. cilipadi
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 14:34:25

    Anak Malaysia,

    You are right, everyone of us are human. But vulgarity make one become ‘inhuman’ who don’t care people’s feelings.

    Human being human, we have weaknesses. If one ‘human’ no feeling for himself, and more importantly for others, then this human in no better than a corpse.

    So, please watch out even if one is ‘blunt’ as what you referred to. One’s weaknesses cannot be used as an excuse for whatever he or she wants to say.


  21. petestop
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 15:03:35

    Justin Choo,

    You got it spot on!

    Doc Hsu’s blog here was rather intellectual even with differing views… until some “kopitiam politician” came and spew his saliva, 4-letter words and his 3 ex-wife story on everybody.

    That everybody within range can only cringe in disgust.

    Anyway, more interest forums/blogs coming up now, latest of which is by MCA President wannabe,

    Maybe the kopitiam politician would prefer to go to the MCA site, as there are a lot of lurid details on Chua Soi Lek and Ng Yen Yen…as those MCA guys are bashing each others senseless…ha..ha..

    It would be more suitable to that kopitam politician I believe, add on with his 3 ex-wife story… wow… explosive !!


  22. cilipadi
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 17:08:39

    Dr. Hsu,

    vulgar words and with vengeance. Should not be in the forum.


  23. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 19:36:36

    HAHAHAHA…Never mind la.
    Lee Chong Wei is in the final.!!!
    All Malaysians rejoice!!


  24. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 19:42:25

    Malaysia will have the name on the Oylmpic sciore board…at least with a silver.
    And I will forgive all my enemies…if Chong Wei gets the gold!!..


  25. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 20:14:44

    Like I said…alot of Malaysians are living in a coocoon.
    Little bit of international accepted expression…they consider vulgar.
    They never mix with other races.They never mix with other nationalities. They stick to their own kind.
    They never travel out of Malaysia,
    Yet can talk …like they know so much with their limited knowledge.
    We have been living under such conditions for 52 years.
    We will continue to live with such weird stuffs….only found in Malaysia.
    Malaysia is trully colourful …….with colourful characters….thinking how smart they are….just like UMNO ministers.
    I guess UMNO have very powerful influences towards such clowns.
    We are the laughing stock to the whole world….and here in this blog…you can understand why.
    I salute Doc…for being so democratic……allowing freedom of speeches……no other blogs do give that much freedom.
    Justin Choo have said it all and very well.
    Unfortunately…a scapegoat must be found…to play with. Play okay..but not rojak the blog.
    And yours trully is the chosen one.
    This reminds me of how great jealousies mould a village….to send all their daughters to be prostitutes in Ipoh. One cannot stand seeing another happy. One cannot find happiness…….unless that unhappy one bring the happy one to his level.


  26. cilipadi
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 23:47:29

    I must say sorry to you, Dr. Hsu for causing some trouble with my critic over monsterball. My intentio was not to hurt him but to teach him a lesson that he has to watch out his ‘mouth’ when writing his comments.

    He should appreciate people’s tolerence upon him on his behavior and in particular your patient and True Malaysian’s wisdom.

    Infact, this post title is directed most on monsterball but you choose to give face to him.

    He is a smart man but is too proud to admit his wrongs.

    I hope he realised that, so to make his only son proud.

    I say sorry to monsterball if I offended him, but he must learn to say sorry to other commentators he offended, especially to True Malaysian.


  27. monsterball
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 00:55:00

    chilipadi…..Accept your sorry to me.
    And you need not teach me anything. . ….and I don’t need to say sorry to you started all these mess…by insulting me.


  28. cilipadi
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 08:52:47

    This is where we can see monsterball stand. He can insults others and he ate his own bitter pills, but is it so difficult to say sorry to others that he insulted?

    I will not say sorry for this part if he cannot say a simple ‘sorry’ to others, specifically, to True Malaysian.


  29. monsterball
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 10:16:35

    Are you a man with principles in life?
    If you don’t understand that…go create trouble and say sorry.
    I am humble ..when needed to,
    Certainly not you..and few more here.


  30. cilipadi
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 21:11:22

    Well, what I say now, it is up to you. Humble people are one who can say sorry with grace, not coax.

    Even if say sorry later will not be a sincere one. This is what we call ‘stubborn’.


  31. monsterball
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 23:42:13

    Go and teach your own people!…chilipadi.
    Don’t try to be too smart to teach Malaysians.
    Just because commentators here trying to practice freedom of speeches…or stilldo not know…you are a foreinger….it does not mean they allow idiots like thick skin bloke…trying to teach Malaysians.
    Now tell me…what do you know about sincerity……busybody foreigner??
    hi Malaysians!!! Do you need foreigners to teach you?
    Have we reached that low level already?


  32. cilipadi
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 11:27:17

    I found the comment by ‘awareSB’ is very true that some commentators here might be the ‘agent provocateur’ to chase genuine commentators away….I hope true Malaysian is still alive in blogsphere, I like his ‘always humble’ and ‘always let people win’ styles of writing.

    It is good that this forum is now on ‘moderator’ mode as some adults do not appreciate the freedom given before by Dr. Hsu, instead, take it for granted (De. Hsu, I mention this on your behalf since you are too humble to scold such kids) By the way, I think and think again why humble can be sometimes there and not always….

    But this moderator mode makes Dr. Hsu very hectic, as he has to fork up of his valuable time to moderate or filter out undesirable elements.

    So, I would suggest some of you to have your own blog, put your comments on your blog, and copy and patse your comment links here on articles posted. As the messages that you want to put forward in this forum may not be granted or distorted after editing. (Just like your country’s msm, the laughing stock to the rest of us, outsiders)

    In this way, we can let Dr. Hsu have more time for his patients and to produce more articles for us to discuss in ‘intelectually’.

    I, a non-Malaysian, have many dealings with all races of yours and I shall give my views as an ‘outsider’ from time to time. As the saying go, 旁观者清. Some of you sure can’t read Chinese even though you call yourselves Chinese. But, it’s ok, no big deal, afterall being a Malaysian is what matters, right?

    Again, ‘siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’ fullstop.


  33. monsterball
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 12:44:08

    Once again…….I ask all Malaysians here…have we reach the low level…to want foreigners teach us anything?
    Come on…..those against me…don’t apply the mind your own business attitudes.
    Speak up….your smart ones.
    Let me learn from you…that is…if you are smarter and wiser than me.


  34. cilipadi
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 17:00:15

    I hold on to my belief that we blog commentators should not meet each other, however sincere such requests maybe. I’m not sure whether you guys have met each other, but I think better don’t meet…as we read reports about naive girls being raped by the so-called ‘gentlemen’.

    Once upon a time, we are like a piece of white paper. No taint, no spot, no blood, no nothing, just pure whites, we were clean. Infact, there is no such word as ‘trust’ in each of our own dictionary, simply because we ‘trust’ each other…..

    But, as time goes by, these ‘white papers’ got ‘tainted’ like when our parents used to tell us, ‘don’t ever talk to strangers’ or ‘don’t believe so and so’ or after hearing our grandpas spit slaivas with vulgar words…that’s only within our own four walls…how about from outside world?…from anyone of us….worse right? (by the way, I imitate someone’s style here, don’t claim royalty ya)

    We can’t help it since there are many crooks or monsters around, because our parents’ intention are to protect us from being cheated, harm, raped, so-do-me.

    I found passion in writing after visiting RPK’s blog, and then Dr. Hsu’s. They are very good in their writing that I wish to imitate. From one’s writing, we can roughly know wether they fight for justice through words, or through demonstration as street fighters….someone very proud to be street fighter….Dr. Hsu and true Malaysian are fighters usings words as weapons, RPK uses both words and sword in street….and all except one through signing online petition.

    I was so tempted then to give my view in Malaysia Today then, but decided ‘better not’ since it reqires me to register before one can comments. I don’t want to leave foot prints over there. Lucky me, if not I maybe subject to scrutiny by recent court order (if I am not mistaken) and landed in hell if ‘co-incidentally’ found guilty.

    So, I prefer it that way. Someone here may laugh at me but who cares, he can’t even guarantee my safety. He can tell you his ‘real’ name (not sure it’s real), how many girls he has, bla bla, bla….but, this is his rights but, at the end, still use pseudonym, why? Maybe pseudo is more real than his ‘real’ name.

    I like another Malay idiom, ‘kawan dalam selimut’, I not really sure whether I still remember it correctly. Anak Malaysia, betoikah? So, beware of such ‘kawan’.


  35. veonszu
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 20:06:20

    Dear friends of Dr. Hsu,

    Human being human, just like law is meant to be broken. This new found freedom in blogspher is also bound to be abused. In fact, this is what actually taking place now in blogspher.

    To avoid the tragedy of seeing freedom being destroyed ironically in the name of freedom itself, every net citizen that cherish and appreciate freedom of expression must remember they have a choice here:- To blog at your own risks and to manage your blog responsibly to protect your freedom of expression to which you definitely has control over; or to risk your freedom being threatened by the long arm of law either extended by individuals or the state to which you have absolutely no control over.

    The choice is yours.


  36. romerz
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 00:38:49


    Since you asked your fellow Malaysians to speak out, I will.

    You obviously need lessons in manners from anybody, even non- Malaysians, as obviously all pleading and reasoning by fellow Malaysians with you here have failed.

    Dr Hsu asked us not to be personal when discussing issues but unfortunately you continue to leave others no room to disagree with you but attacking them personally and in a rude manner.

    The problem is you think you are always right and all others who don’t agree with you are wrong. That is still ok with most of us but unfortunately rather than engage differing views with debate, you choose to attack the person with names, insults, etc.

    Of course you are going to argue back and said that you have braved tear gas and FRU for your beliefs and I’m sure all of us admire your courage and steadfastness.

    But that doesn’t give you the right to condemn others in the manner you do for there are social etiquettes and manners to adhere to in a gathering of people like in this forum.

    Otherwise there would be anarchy if each and everyone of us behave like you do or as we please.

    Monsterball, the problem with you is with your ego. Your ego demands that everyone one of us here must agree with you or else we are not even worthy to be in the same forum with you. This is the crux of the problem which is ending up giving Doc extra work to moderate comments.

    I’m sure you can be a ‘charming’ man if you want to be since you have managed to convince 3 women to marry you at one time or another.

    Your charm and courage together with your strong convictions of ideals would have made you a formidable proponent for change in this country.

    Unfortunately you choose to let the egoistic and rude side of you alienate so many here who could have easily been your friend and supporter.

    I have said my piece and will say no further on this subject even if you retaliate against me personally.


  37. monsterball
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 01:23:39

    romerz….Thank you for your opinion.
    Anybody else?


  38. Dr Hsu
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 02:27:55

    Dear readers, this topic is closed…

    Enough has been said. SO let us go back the serious business of discussing issues.

    As from now, I will not allow any more personal attacks.


  39. cilipadi
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 11:04:03

    Dr. Hsu,

    You are right. I shall start my constructive comments for the benefit of mankind, not only issues pertaining in Malaysia.

    My job reqirement need me to travel extensively, sometime here and there, even the Malay kampung.

    You all will be surprised by their mindset and I will share my experience here. The kampung Malay choose not to voice out, partly due to their culture of not talk bad or other people, not because of ‘naive’.

    So, kampung Malays are humble and simple people, easy to go along with.

    That is the reason why, I guess why True Malaysian encourage them to speak out in this forum, and I admire his efforts. I hope he read my message and continue to share his thoughts.

    With due respect to you and ‘someone’ here, I will just stop here on this matter.

    The lesson here is we must be able to say ‘sorry’, this is what I learn from kampung Malays.

    Cheers to all commentators to speai out without fear or favour. BRAVO.


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