The curse of the third generation

 I was approached by to be a columnist for this up and coming web paper some time back. I told those in charge that I could only write on an as-and-when basis, since I am a workig doctor, a blogger as well as having to care for a family.

Anyway, I wrote an article for them which was published yesterday. This article is a rewrite of my earlier post: ther curse of oil…The article can be viewed here . I thank Malaysian Insider (and  Shannon Teoh) for giving this opportunity for me to air my views.

I will post the whole article here since the points mentioned are even more relevant now that petrol price has shot up. I welcome constructive comments and criticism on the article:

The curse of the third generation
AUG 14 — The ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu once said “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This saying was born almost two millennia ago but still holds true in our modern world today.

Looking around us, we can observe that many super rich families often discover that their estate cannot survive the third generation.

The first generation often starts out poor, but through sheer hard work and thriftiness and a little bit of luck become wealthy. From being wealthy, many of them then join the class of the super rich as a result of good entrepreneurial skills and judgment. Many of them, however, remain thrifty even when they become very rich.

The second generation very often grows up during the time their parents were struggling to make their fortune. They are better educated and often will be taught by their parents to “fish” intelligently. So when the family fortune passes to their hands, many of them can still maintain the business and some even expand on it. They are, of course, less thrifty than their parents, and will often marry someone from a rich family.

However, the third generation is usually born with silver spoons in their mouths. They are generally brought up in a life of luxury. They are usually not taught how to fish but are pampered with all sorts of expensive “fish” and hobbies. Many of them are sent overseas for education, but it is not uncommon to find some of them just fooling around and living an extravagant lifestyle. They are given everything and because of that, they do not really know how to cope with difficult situations and the intricacies of the business world.

Adding to that, the family wealth inevitably gets diluted among the more numerous siblings in the 2nd and 3rd generations, especially when these generations are unable to do much to expand the family businesses.

So, the wealth that was passed down just withers away. This is commonly known as the Curse of the Third Generation.

There is another curse which works in a similar manner but affects a country rather than a family.

Thomas Friedman, in his book “The World is Flat”, talks about the “curse of the oil”.

Many of us think that a nation with petroleum resources is a lucky and blessed nation. However, Friedman mentions that in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the presence of oil in fact is the main retarding factor on the emergence of democracy and a diverse economy. He is of the view that the rulers of these countries use oil money to monopolise all the instruments of the state, including the army, the police and the intelligence. They don’t need to be transparent because they don’t tax their people, and since they do not tax their people, they do not feel the need to be accountable about how they spend the money. There is often no freedom of the press and dissent is usually harshly dealt with.

Oil money will eventually run out. Because of the short-term wealth, they are like the third generation rich men mentioned above. The rulers do not bother to develop their economy just like the 3rd generation does not bother to learn how to fish.

They do not bother to develop their human resources, and “drill” for natural talents instead of oil, train their people instead of importing trained people from other countries to work for them. Eventually, when their oil runs out, they will find that they cannot compete with the rest of the world that depends on their human resources instead of natural resources.

In other words, they do not bother to teach their citizens how to fish, and when the supply of fish is exhausted, they are in trouble.

Bahrain was one of the Gulf States to find oil first and also one of the first to finish its oil resources. It is also an exception to the “curse of the oil”. It is the first country in the Middle East to have free elections, in which even women are allowed to vote. It is also the first to sign an FTA with the US and the first to develop its own labour market and human resources.

It is able to do so because the leaders are more farsighted than its neighbours. They knew that they could not depend on oil revenue forever and hence the development of democracy and free trade treaties.

We are also a small oil producer. We are lucky in that we are already independent and have all the democratic institutions in place before we discovered oil. Our economy is also very much diversified. We are a workable democracy with regular elections. We have opposition parties and we have fairly vocal NGOs.

We have not been afflicted with the curse of oil, so far. But the perception among the people is that our oil money could be put to better use.

Taxes and royalties from oil and gas now amount to about 35% of our government revenue, up from 10% a decade ago. But people in the streets are asking how much of this is used productively? Perhaps our government would care to enlighten us.

This oil revenue must be utilised with utmost care because oil and gas revenue is a depletable income; it will end one day and that day is not far away. It should not be wasted on non-productive expenditure such as building offices and other non-productive hardware, or in the rescue of failed state or certain private enterprises.

It should be used for developing our human resources, training our people and preparing them for the challenges ahead. It should be utilised for those infrastructure that will spur the expansion of our economy, attract foreign investments, and increase mobility of goods and services.

Perhaps, we should have used part of this money to improve our transport system during the last two decades. If the public transport system is efficient, we would not be caught with our “pants” down metaphorically when the petrol price was hiked up recently, and we could have avoided the sudden damping effects on our economy.

We must use the money to develop our human resources. However, to avoid the pitfall of our country going down the path of the “third generation curse”, human resources development must be based on meritocratic principles irrespective of colour and religion, albeit with certain assistance to the weaker and poorer sectors of the population. There must be a certain amount of fair competition.

In a nutshell, the people must all learn how to fish instead of being given fish all their lives, and we must learn this skill when we still have plenty of fish to eat.

We should not pamper our people too much but instead let them take on competition and develop their skills. Only by letting our people learn how to fish in the best possible way can we then avoid the curse of the oil and the curse of the third generation.

Otherwise, if we just sit around and refuse to learn how to fish, if we just pamper our people by giving everything they need and take care of them from womb to tomb, the rot will inevitably set in.

We will then regret — and often it is too late — when our oil and gas supply ultimately runs out. That day of reckoning may be sooner than we realise.





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  1. nick
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:11:45

    You said it well doc. A lot of wisdom for everyone. I am actually the 2nd generation and my children 3rd. But sorry, I don’t have any wealth to hand to them, just ‘good education’, not money. I am going to cut & paste this article for my children to read. Competition should be welcomed and relished, not eliminated. I have worked for Companies where our products dominated the country (not Malaysia). Our Management often congratulated ourselves and we bacame arrogant, blind-sided on many issues and eventually became outright sloppy. No exageration. By the time we woke up, we had a strike on our hands and from there we never regain our former pride. We lost significant market shares. It didn’t happen overnight but took a few years. That experience was invaluable. It has since been ingrained in me to work harder, not to be presumptive of easy profits and learning how to manage business cycles better. Malaysia is fortunate to be a small net exporter of Oil. Petronas is doing a good job but can always do better. But the dividends given to this Government is largely wasted on useless public programmes not reaching the targeted people.


  2. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:23:40

    Well said doc…

    The issue on the Public Transport has long been the thorn in the ass. It has been long overdue.

    Regarding Petronas, I think thay have done their part in paying all of those taxes. It’s the idiot government who have wasted it in their own extravagance and corrupted ways within their own inner circles.


  3. Dr Hsu
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:30:32

    Nick, Thank you. I personally ensure my own children are not pampered and worked hard to achieve goals they set up for themselves..There is nothing more important to teach them how to fish properly and ethically.

    Anak malaysia, you have hit the nail on its head.. The extravagance, as recent as the proton perdana saga in Trengganu, the wastage and corruption to the tune of more tha RM 100 billions as estimated by Morga Stanley, could have been used to fund infrastructure that would give people better mobility and better training.. It is real sad.

    Even in sports, while more than half the golds were takne by Asians, we Malaysians have yet to get a medal.. And the amount of money that was poured into the Minsitry of Sports.. What do we get?? In the fifties to seventies, we had so many good sportmen, like Tan AIk Huang, Punch Gunalan, Mokhtar Dahari , and they were just amateurs training with their own money, and yet they achieved a level which our present generation can only dream of… with a few exception.. There must be competition to make a person excel, strong, and competitive..


  4. nick
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 11:58:44

    Dr. Hsu, yesterday when Lee Chong Wei beat his opponent in the Quarter Finals, many people laughed that the RM 1 Mn carrot worked. Frankly, I don’t think it is about money. When the players faced his opponent at the hour of reckoning, the thought in their minds must be about the fact that “they can do it”. After all, they have put in all the preparations months and months, if not years before. It is about skills, talent, mental strength and luck. Never about money. Same with much about life. Money, especially too much has a corrupting influence. Yes we need them. We need a certain amount of financial freedom. But we should be wary when they entraped us and we become slaves to the love of money. I actually know of a man who eats and sleeps chasing equity trading profits and he met his Maker prematurely at the age of 65 years old. He was a very rich man at least worth US$ 50 Mn upwards.


  5. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:22:06


    All of us have heard the following…

    The world is enough for everyone’s needs,
    but is not enough for one person’s greed…

    Leave it at the hands of these sellfish and greed people, our country are finished!

    You can count on that…


  6. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 12:57:06

    From today onwards…I am focusing on my own race….the Malaysian expose their weaknesses ..selfish and cunningness.
    If the cap fits you…wear it.
    If not….lets debate.
    If you cannot debate…but choose to insult me..go ahead.
    And if foreigners and other races choose to back you up..and you hope your own kind …monsterball..will loose to you…..that way…good…it proves we are not united..and thus…anak malaysia is right.
    Shame on you..selfish Malaysian Chinese…allowing others to insult me….another Malaysian Chinese..saying I deserve it all….just because I choose to be a Freedom Fighter and not like you smart blokes….choose to play low class politics here.
    Shame on you……living in false dreams…false hopes…based on your false selfish hearts.
    You do shame the vast majority of Malaysian Chinese…that vote for change of government for your children…risking their lives and give as much money… as they can….to save you all.
    Who is monsterball??. Why ..none of you can destroy my good matter how hard you try.
    Try to be teachers a wise… welknown…smart ..grandfather….how to suck eggs?……..hahahahahahaha


  7. edward skading
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 13:15:20

    Dear Blogger,


    My name is Edward Skading, from Selangor, Malaysia. I am writing for your viewpoint and support towards a good cause campaign to protect and uphold our consumer rights.

    I am being sued by an arrogant corporate company (F&N Dairies (M) Sdn Bhd) because I exposed a horrible discovery concerning one of their products on my weblog. It is all about my shocking finding of an abnormal substance (mould) in a “Tea Pot” brand, sweeten condensed milk tin-can. You can read the full story (all the correspondence letters) and view photos of the contaminated milk and the disgusting hazardous conditions of F&N Dairies’ plant at my weblog

    As a consumer, I am sickened by the fact that we are not provided utmost protection from this sort of situations and whatever consumer rights we have now are defenceless. I also feel that my human rights had been deprived when I am being forced to silence and on top of all, I feel cheated when the company executive responded to my grievances that they are not liable for damaged products in the marketplace.

    I am only requesting that the company be truthful, reliable and accountable for their mistakes, moreover produce cleaner and safer food. I believe, it is the responsibility of our whole society to protect the rights and benefits of consumers, and all concerned parties should together strive to do the work of standing up for consumer rights, improving the consumption environment, and pushing for faster, better economic and social development.

    I sincerely hope you will cover my story on your weblog and tell it to the world. I would greatly value and appreciate your kind support.

    If you wish to contact me, please send an email to

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

    Edward Skading


  8. meng
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 13:21:03

    monsterball you are right. Alot of chinese – in cantonese saying “eat shit and shit rice” and they can even sell their grandmother


  9. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 14:08:26

    So many Malaysian Chinese commentators here….saw Koh of Gerakan carrying the balls of UMNO at Permatang Puah….and not one have the condemn him.
    So many Gerakan..MCA or MIC.. supporters here said…it will be unwise for them to be in Permatang Pauh..supporting UMNO….yet they are doing.
    It needs the most cunning low down Koh to star the ball rolling again. Race and reiligion politics …..very much alive….thanks to…Koh of Gerakan…and don’t tell me Gerakan is not a Malaysian Chinese party. Who are you trying to bluff??
    Like I said….Malaysian Chinese are smartest of them all in Malaysia….can think three steps ahead of others.
    What do they do with that smartness?
    It is always…to disunite and to divide and rule…so that these malaysian chinese can follow their God…UMNO….how to be rich their parties….themselves and their friends.
    Yes…..MENG…they will even sell their grandmothers.
    Hi smart Malaysian Chinese commentators!!
    Why keep so quiet?
    Give your smart views la…for or against…as we are now.. talking politics now…not personal.
    But if one wish to put a view to judge me..thus go personal……insulting your own kind…a good wise man…OK!!
    See Buddhist Gods or Jesus..or Shiva..will punish who…….hahahahahahaha


  10. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 14:40:23

    Come smart Malaysian Chinese…political commentators……give your smart opinions.
    And to Malaysian Chinese who actually feel more a Chinese than being a Malaysian…that is because….inspite of being so well educated…they are so selfish and cunning….thus they lost their own directions….and now cling to their race..feeling safe. Smartness have turned to be such a selfish idiot.
    Then some took up politics.. are influenced by MCA and Gerakan…and they feel….so great…to be hypocrites……playing the game…with UMNO…thinking how smart they are.
    So you see…these Malaysian Chinese do not care for the country…..but only themselves.
    All they care is keep playing dirty race and religion politics….feeling so confident…they are smarter than UMNO blokes……saying …they represent Malaysian Chinese.
    Hi….good Malaysian Chinese citizens…it is like allowing ourselves to be chips… in a casino…letting those guys..gambling your lives away.


  11. romerz
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 15:21:18

    Dr Hsu,

    In chapter 9 of Suflan’ Shamsuddin’s book RESET, he talks about the twin economies of Malaysia.

    One economy is mostly dominated by Malays and it is nurtured, protected and given all the opportunities to thrive by the government by way of subsidies, patronage, etc.

    The other economy is mostly dominated by the non-Malays which from day 1 has had to compete on its own without government help. Instead it had to rely on enterprise and resourcefulness to survive and profit.

    These 2 economies coexist under a single national economic umbrella and the single legal and fiscal regimes and infrastructure which both economies share.

    In his words, “Siamese twins joined at the hips”.

    But he also asks how long can the government continue doing this with the oil revenues fast running out.

    When the oil runs out, which economy will still be able to compete and which will face difficult challenges?

    I think he is saying the government, in its intervention to help the Malay race, is risking the very race they are helping by not preparing them to meet the economic challenges which will inevitably come.

    They are only delaying the inevitable and it will be worse when the time comes.

    I think many UMNO leaders have longed realized this but because of political expediency, they continue to prolong this practice.

    Now why should I worry as a non-Malay? I worry because the Malays form the majority in this country and if they struggle economically, inadvertently, the whole country will be affected as well.

    Is there any way to avoid this eventuality? Maybe. since we are not expected to run out of oil for a few more years yet.

    But decisive action has to be taken now. Since the BN will not do what is necessary, especially now when it wouldn’t dare to alienate further any support it can get, then the PKR must be given the chance to do so since they advocate an NEP based on needs rather than race.

    It is at least a first step.

    By the way Doc, congratulations on being invited to write for MalaysianInsider. Keep up the good work.


  12. novice101
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 15:29:07

    Hi Doc.,

    Sincere congratulations for being invited as a writer by More people can now read your viewpoints. Happy for you.


  13. nick
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 16:53:11

    romerz, your viewpoints are relevant for this discussion. Now that you have pointed out, I do see 2 economies. I am always optimistic about Malaysia. Firstly, our human resources are abundant and I must say we do find clever Malaysians. Unfortunately, many of our smartest brains are in neighboring countries and abroad, driven out by circumstances and own choosing. Our other natural resources are also rich and bountiful. What we need is a clever leader who can surround himself with talented man and woman, dedicated to the same course , sharing the same vision and ready to make sacrifices to improve our country. A change of Government would help but that would be just a start on a long long road to rehabilitation. People like Doc and other smart guys could be co-oped in to manage our health system. And do raise the pay structure so that the public sector is comparable with the private sector.


  14. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 17:30:13

    Nick..That guy worth US50 million…died chasing money?
    That guy is a gambler…..not doing normal trading business getting rich.
    So he is at the phone…fax machine…computer…all day and night long.
    And if he has not foundation of being a sportsman…or a martial art man…sure to die young.
    Now..recently…a wealthy friend of mine….transfered more than RM30 million to his one and only son…at age 60. One year later…found cancer growth.
    Few months treatment in Malaysia…no good. Doctors recommend China. Son refused…saying RM1 million too much. Father died….just because son wants to saves RM1 million.
    This is a true story.
    Another…..real real rich man…my friend for 35 Indonesian Chinese…shot dead by basketball court…at early hours.
    You see…..this man love to play basket ball…ye he will not build a court in his house…keep going to a public court. He have a bullet proof Merz…big big mansion…like a palace…no basket ball court…..which he loves to shot the ball…everyday.
    Booom…..died on the age 65. This man can live to at least 90..under normal circumstances….so rich….so healthy.
    Lucky only son…is very capable.


  15. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 19:49:17

    Lee Chong Wei is in the final!!
    All Malaysian rejoice.


  16. folo4
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 19:55:16

    I’ll say the same thing: Nobody in the government give any of these insightful advices any attention.

    We have to experience the same thing Bahrain did.

    At least we know what our future will look like. That alone, gives us peace.

    And mosterball, as good as that news was, it’s off topic.


  17. monsterball
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 20:17:45

    yes folo4…sorry
    Good news must be shared.


  18. patek1472
    Aug 15, 2008 @ 22:55:25

    Subsidy Mentality – (Wake Up Call)

    Malaysians woke up this morning and found subsidy for petrol almost gone. No mood for breakfast also, and then have to start counting whether household budget for this month can balance or not with this increase. For those who have savings every month, maybe the savings will be less now. For those who cannot balance the budget every month and cannot even have savings, it is a nightmare. Now, what to do? Is it going to get worse? You bet, it will. It’s only a matter of time with the world prices for natural fuel and commodities going up. Can it go down? Less than 30% chance. Slowly but surely, your nightmare must multiply by 3X with the rest of other things associated going up.
    What is subsidy defined in Malaysia? You hear it everywhere and basically it means if can, can get free or not? This subsidy mentality affects everyone. Rich or poor, bumi or non-bumi, west or east Malaysians, BN or PR. These subsidies mentality are more prevalent among members of the political parties who deem it a right once they are in power. What was once given before, it becomes very hard to take away or reduce. It is the same with scholarships, house discounts, taxes, projects, privatization, licenses, fertilizers, fishing boats, school fees, books, land tax, speeding fines, etc,etc
    Forget about all the hoo hah on Social Re-engineering, NEP, bumi or non-bumi etc. It is all political talk only to gain power and get subsidy of one kind or another. Most of these subsidies if quantified into RM will end up in whose pockets? Make a guess? I’ll help you. Normal subsidies given to citizens is chicken feed compared to what is given to party members or families or friends. When we discuss about fuel or commodities, Malaysia is actually, a very rich country, you know. We export oil and have so much natural resources. Problem is, how to distribute it equally among the various types of subsidies and to whom it should be given.
    So, we have to live with it, ya. What to do? We ask for it. Yes, I repeat again. We ask for it. Always with a subsidy mentality. Want everthing easy. Don’t want to be competitive. Katak bawah tempurong. Don’t want to compete and know how the world is changing. Keep on quarrelling among ourselves, who gets the best subsidy. Keep on politicking and championing who has got more rights. I think, in the end whoever won, will end up ruling another Zimbabwe


  19. Federico Nahuel
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 00:56:12

    Very nice article, but, always there is a “but”, i think that the term “human resources” is not an apropiate word to define humans, and just becase, this word puts people in a same level that other resources needed in industry and services like “technology, buildings, furniture” etc.
    Besides this comment, i find “the third generation” rule (if we can call it a rule) a very pleasent way to describe how human beins behave among the times.
    Also, i would like to say last thing; when the energy issue comes to discution, the main problem, its that is not about oil or gas, is just about how the humans will be able to deliver new ways of living in the planet regardless of how different resources are distributed along the world, and forein investments must be a trade when “somone is given something that is not able to adquire for itself, and then, pay for it a good price” and not a slave sate where economies in expansion of ther main countrys use the people and resourses of other nations to lower their costs

    cheers from Argentina !!


  20. suchfun
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 11:06:20

    So, who are the 3rd gen. Msia?? those born after 1975 ? ( ppl still in their prime years by 2020). Hope purchasing power of Ringgit by 2020 is still stronger than that of the Baht today.


  21. monsterball
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 13:57:45

    Yes Doc…At the end of the day….if you sit back and think hard for what you have written….ask yourself….why are you writing this.
    It boils are an unhappy Malaysian.
    So are the majority Malaysians.
    Doc.. we never admit…we created it.
    We never admit…we have hand in the mess we are living with…by voting for UMNO and BN.
    Yes..what choices do we have…before 12th election.
    Yes there was one…the last election Mahathir stood for.
    Yes…DAP Lim should not team up with PAS…but is that the real problem….not to vote for stronger opposition?
    You see…Malaysian Chinese are very smart voters..can swing their votes…like Tarzan.
    And who are these Malaysian Chinese?
    Almost all are educated from Chinese schools.
    Why like so?
    Almost all are Buddhist….practicing …’Way Of Life”….twisting the holy doctrine…to suit their selfish needs and wants.
    These are the MCA …Gerakan supporters.
    And most English educated are Christians…and they are more open minded.
    These are 50/50 towards DAP and MCA or Gerakan.
    But almost all less educated…also from Chinese schools….just study few years..give up…to work…because so poor…love to speak identify proudly…what race they belong…but are very poor….self employed…like stall…public services of all kinds…these are the people..can see UMNO is a racialist party… and 95% all voting for DAP….to be with their own race.
    They have no choice…….but are true malaysians.
    Then comes keDAILan…led by Anwar Ibrahim.
    Yet so many Malaysian Chinese are still supporting MCA and Gerakan. But the voting figures from the Chinese have swifted towards DAP.
    Right here….in your blog…….few Malaysian Chinese are still pro MCA or Gerakan.
    You can smell them…by their messages.
    And are backed up by non Malaysians…focusing to attack me…because I dare to expose them…..but this is not my main issue.
    I am pointing that Malaysians should be alert!!! Alot of foreigners love to confuse us…love to rojak us…not because they love Malaysians…but to confuse is .disunite us.. because they are jealous of Malaysians…..happy and positive attitudes and for whatever reasons that makes them feel nice…to see us live under UMNO and BN.
    Doc..I am saying….what you have put out…are historical correct and logically correct.
    What you miss out …is to study our Malaysian Chinese attitudes…their characters…their strength and weaknesses. Expose all the weaknesses……to shame the real devils of our kind…and not be like UMNO…MCA….Gerakan…….MIC…keep covering up their own sickening kinds.
    We are Malaysians.
    Lets talk like Malaysians.
    And I am sick of my many of my own kind…the Malaysian Chinese.


  22. monsterball
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 21:14:08

    I want to clearify…..most little educated Malaysians Chinese.. like the hawkers …small business men….offering services.. are Buddhists.
    They do practice “Way Of Life”…with a sincere heart…and thus..become less selfish…less cunning.
    I guess….it boils down to being poor ….to be awakened….yet those poor in MCA..Gerakan are awakened to play dirty politics…as they are so sellfish and smart… can see…UMNO is their opportunity to be personally rich….thus sell their souls..practicing …so cal Buddhism with twisted selfish minds…to suit their way of life….with no love for their own race at all.
    It’s always wayang kulit…side shows…balls carrying UMNO…never to disagree with UMNO at all….and if on rare occasions…do disagree..just talk..and no actions…knowing Malaysian Chinese are too busy with other things and can easily move on with life. They are master of catching Malaysians weaknesses….just talk…no actions.
    The vast majority Malaysians Chinese ….who are Buddhist….simply look down and spit at their kind….selling their souls to play dirty politics….supporting UMNO. These are the vast majority Malaysian Chiense who use their two hands….to slog and pull through..with no help from MCA or Gerakan….sincerely..or from government…at all..and actually been harassed..make life difficult for them.. by corrupted UMNO officers.
    MCA and Gerakan know all these…keep their eyes Close…for fear to offend their master….UMNO.
    Go and see the face expressions of these poor Malaysian Chinese..when you speak of MCA and Gerakan. They may keep quiet….but you can feel…the hate them…like poison.
    They are sicking running dogs for UMNO.


  23. monsterball
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 07:42:35

    Can everyone see.. Koh Tsu Khoon and Samy Vellu are leading BN.. in Permatang Pauh….supporting UMNO?
    There you see….Gerakan and support race and religion politics.
    MCA sent a small fry. MCA is playing double game with Malaysian Chinese….half heartedly supporting …… guts to pull out. Why no guts to send their big guns? Afterall….Najib is there….their future Lord. Why no strong supports?
    This is the kind of characters we see… BN…no clear cut..who they are…sitting on the fence.
    Dare not pull out. Waiting for signs…what benefit therm most…not for Malaysian Chinese..but for personal benefits.
    MCA is doing it…right now.
    Koh and Samy have no choice. UMNO gone..they go to jail…..sooner or later.!!
    This is the best chance for Gerakan members to resign in great numbers…….to show they are against race abnd religion politics.
    No can bet…the old man…..Lim Kheng Yiak is still very active in Gerakan.
    Malaysian Chinese….that are Gerakan and MCA members….please stop supporting race and religion dirty politics.
    It is not good for your children.
    Think …THINK.. think!!
    Don’t be selfish.


  24. Kenny Gan
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 22:33:25

    Gerakan leader Toh Kin Woon has openly endorsed Anwar! A salute to Dr. Toh for openly speaking out for the good of the people and not toe the line of Umno’s racial politics.

    Gerakan national women leader and vice president Tan Lian Hoe has called for Gerakan to leave BN due to divisive racial politics played by Umno. A salute to this courageous leader who speaks the truth.

    Both reports are in malaysiakini today (17/8)

    Dr. Hsu, please use whatever influence you have with the Gerakan leadership to persuade them to leave BN. Gerakan, a multi-racial party founded on social justice has no place in the racial politics of Umno and BN.

    With leaders like these, there’s hope in Gerakan but only if it leaves BN. Dr. Hsu, please do all you can.


  25. yh
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 22:33:53

    dr hsu

    as an aside, the day of reckoning for Gerakan is near. Gerakan Perak has made the first move, which is to look into the members call for Gerakan to leave BN.
    Insofar as I see it, if Gerakan lives up to its non-racial stance, it would have no choice by to leave BN, as the dominant party, UMNO is displaying nothing but racism. By staying in BN, Gerakan is like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. And the future for Gerakan looks real bleak if it continues the present directionless way.
    The Gerakan leaders desperation is clearly illuminated by the latest warning issued by Chia against a party stalwart, Dr Toh for attending PR ceramahs.


  26. Dr Hsu
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 22:40:14

    Kenny Gan, Yes i will do my utmost to voice out that Gerakan is a square peg in a round hole. I was one of the very first in the party to ask the party to leave BN , even long before the March 8 G E.. I have foreseen that we would lose most of our seats if we did not pull out and March 8 has proven me right..

    This is because of the simple reason that Gerakna’s ideology is a fair and equal society. But UMNO aka BN’s Ideology is race based and about Ketuanan Melayu. It is inevitable that we have to leave given the ideological difference we have…

    I am glad that all my writings and shouting in the blogs have started to bear a little fruit. There are many grassroots who agree with my views and now, even many central leaders are seeing my point.

    Gerakan, even if it cannot regain its past glory by coming out of BN, will have no choice but come out of BN if it still wants to be relevant. There is no two choice about this.


  27. Patek1472
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 11:24:33

    Nostrdamus Predictions on Possibilities In Malaysia.
    Ramalan Nostradamus atas Kemungkinan-kemungkinan di Malaysia.

    1. Is it possible that DSAI wins the Permatang Pauh elections and become the next Chief Minister of Penang as a stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister?
    Adakah mungkinnya DSAI memenangi pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menjadi Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri?

    2. Is it possible that DSAB resign as PM of Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh elections and handover to DSNTR earlier than expected?
    Adakah mungkinnya DSAB meletak jawatan sebagai PM Malaysia selepas pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan menyerahkannya kepada DSNTR lebih awal dari jangkaan?

    3. Is it possible that UMNO and PKR will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya UMNO dan PKR akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    4. Is it possible that all other component parties of BN without UMNO will combine with PKR to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya parti-parti komponen BN lain kecuali UMNO akan bergabung dengan PKR untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    5. Is it possible that PKR and PAS will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya PKR dan PAS akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru?

    6. Is it possible that PKR, DAP and HINDRAF will combine to form a new party?
    Adakah mungkinnya PKR,DAP dan HINDRAF akan bergabung untuk membentuk sebuah parti baru.

    7. Is it possible that TDM and all other Little Napoleons knows of these possibilities and are preparing to migrate?
    Adakah mungkinnya TDM dan semua “Little Napoleons” mengetahui kemungkinan-kemungkinan ini dan sedang bersedia untuk berhijrah?

    To be continued…….
    Akan disambung……


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