A case of too little too late

The dust of permatang Pauh is settling. One consequence of this battle is that the voice for change within UMNO and component parties will even be louder now.

Already, malaysiakini reported that tengku Razaleigh has openly called for a new leadership. He is reported to say that  a new leadership “to unite our people… and forge a clear national direction” is needed.

“(Abdullah) does not have the minimal credibility needed to run the country day by day, let alone to take it in the new directions we need to go in a complex world,” he said. “This dangerous situation cannot continue.”

tengku razaleighRazaleigh said the coalition’s by-election campaign, which was criticised for its racial overtones and focus on sodomy allegations against Anwar, has “embarrassed and divided the nation with its ugliness.”

“It is time to face the music: it is we who have been buried,”

I foresee more dissenting voices in the component parties too.

But some of these voices askig for change are using “change ” to mount an tactical offensive to get rid of the incumbents/or incumbent-favoured successors. They are not angels of change but rather they are using change as a weapon to kick out the old leadership so that they themselves can ascend the throne. These are opportunists and they are not real reformers. Many in  UMNO and component parties belong to this category. To hope that they can effect changes if they ascend to the throne will be like asking ‘wolves’ to guard the sheep.

Real reforms are needed. As I see it, no one in UMNO would be really capable of changing its culture of money politics and the culture of manipulations. The rots are too entrenched.

As a medical person, I like to use medical analogy. This culture of rots is like stage 4 cancer. Cut away too little, the cancer will still be there and soon will be even more widespread. Cut too radically, the whole thing dies. So UMNO is in such a situation and there is little hope that anything can be done . It is really a case of too little too late. 

So who would be able to provide the necessary real reform? Who will be the dark knight to the rescue?

I leave it to you to ponder…


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  1. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 14:08:22

    Haiya Doc,

    Let them rot laa… What to do? It’s their own doing. Not the Rakyat.

    If they choose to rot, let it be…
    If they choose to be arrogance, let it be…
    If they choose to be ignorance, let it be…
    If they choose to tenggelam dgn labu2nya, let it be…

    We the Rakyat, has the obligation to save the Nation FIRST and in the process, ourselves too…


  2. daffodils
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 14:25:37

    A new dawn again. A new Malaysia. One Malaysia one dream. The victory in the by election signalled the coming together of people of different races to support the agenda for change.

    The agenda for a better Malaysia, the agenda to move forward to bring Malaysia to new heights has brought people who want to see changes for the better.

    Hopefully the victory will put our nation on the pedestal for unity among the different communities, for fairness towards all sons and daughters of Malaysia, for transparency and integrity in good governance. God will be our witness toall that is fair and square.

    Hail People’s Power! Hail the new Malaysia.


  3. Surind
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 14:31:45

    Need the support of all Barisan Rakyat supporters!

    (TM Nut – Blocked MT, Invasion of Privacy, Censorship, Throttling P2P & Torrent Bandwidth, NST Printing Garbage!)



  4. nick
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 14:37:08

    I haven’t read of one single statement coming out from the head honcho AAB. It just goes to show how incompetent the man is. He has not risen to the occasion to try to gather his demoralised troops and pick up their spirits. Indeed BN is bankrupt. It needed the sterling results from this by-election to reveal that the Voters have rejected the Policies of this Government. The end is nigh. The leadership holed up in Putrajaya (Berlin) can hear the sounds of artillery pounding the last bastion. AAB may start to think which files to destroy first …


  5. old fart
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 15:03:05

    Indeed, Dr Hsu, indeed I can’t see who in the present UMNO hierarchy has the talent and capability to push forward reforms which the people so desperately need.
    Given the fact that the other component parties are merely there to make up the numbers, the sad fact is that unless there is a change in government, we are just going to have to live with this bunch of incompetent politicians for God knows how much longer.
    It is frustrated to see a country with all the natural beauties and resources to be raped by this bunch of wolves.
    However, knowing God is always fair, change will come. Not from this present government for sure, but from PR. Let’s all work together to ensure they get to Putrajaya and form the new government, instigate reforms and work towards a just and clean government for one citizen only, Bangsa Malaysia!


  6. Dr Hsu
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 15:09:16

    old fart, well said.


  7. Peter Yew
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 15:25:00

    Anwar Ibrahim is the only charismatic leader who can command both national and international attention (aside from Tun Dr Mahathir). His leadership is the only option we have to reverse the rot (if he carries out what he promised). As far as I can see in UMNO (for that matter, all other BN component parties) there are no leaders of similar calibre who can take on Anwar. His presence in Parliament will draw shudders from all BN MPs, cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister himself for he has both the knowledge and wileness to handle the most difficult of situations.

    The political rot can only be reversed with BN losing the right to govern the nation. Through such a loss will there be internal changes within BN. As long as BN stay in power they will not be able to bring able drastic changes to reclaim public confidence. With Pakatan taking over the reign of government the people will be able to see if they are worthy successor of BN, if not they too will face the boot.

    The Permatang Pauh by-election will be a historic day in our nationhood. It is a day that Malaysians rose up and spoke their voice. It is also a day that we see democracy is very much alive. For that we should all be thankful. However, the next 4 months will be interesting to watch, as well as to be fearful about.


  8. A true Malaysian
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 15:49:16

    When Razaleigh said “to unite our people… ”, I hope ‘our people’ not only means ‘Malay’, but all races.

    His remarks before this were very very racist.

    Dr. Hsu, as a medical doctor, you put no hope on Umno and BN. I too place no hope on them. As Anak Malaysia said, let them rot since they ignore what they see and hear.


  9. petestop
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 16:03:11

    We still need a credible 2-party system.

    Therefore, IMHO, BN requires at least a decade of seasoning as the Opposition, before they can be “tasteful” again.

    This way, only they will know who is the boss (the Rakyat), and “hopefully” they will reform.

    So, the sooner the change in govt the better.


  10. monsterball
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 16:57:31

    Tunku Razaleigh has lost whatever little creditability he had…since being pally with Mahathir.
    He and Mahathir were arch rivals.
    Infact he and Anwar were Mahathir’s enemies.
    Anwar withstand 10 years…is constant and sincere.
    Razaleigh is proving his low class politics by teaming with Mahathir and now…sort of blame Dollah for election results.
    Three of them have distinctive selfish motives.
    How can these be leaders for Malaysia?
    Had Razaleigh resigned and support Anwar…he would have been somebody useful to Malaysians….but he is too proud to be anything…second to Anwar.
    He thinks of himself…and not for Malaysians.
    So here he goes…talking cock and bull….when he should be brave enough to trace to the roots of all these…and blame Mahathir most of all.
    Yes …Dollah did contribute to the failures…of UMNO..but Mahathir’s 22 years is the main cause.
    Razaleigh is such a smart man…..why can’t he sees all that? Sure he can..but he chooses to talk to half past six Malays…hoping to win their approvals.
    Mahathir no more an UMNO member?
    Why that cunning crook is always three steps ahead of those half pass sixes crooks.
    So no one can blame him now?
    Regardless what Razaleigh will say……he is no more influential….and a totally useless man now.


  11. folo4
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 17:04:03

    I still think Malaysia won’t change even if Anwar helms the country.

    Why? We still have STATE religion, and worse, Malaysia’s so called “prodigies” left this country for better pastures!

    Since nobody is a miracle worker, it’s gonna take 2 generations AT the earliest to restore Malaysia, and that is if other countries decides to do nothing.

    What’s so great about independence, anyway?

    All I see in the textbooks, among other things, are the fact that the sultans must retain their importance. Sounds like NOT democracy at all.

    Unless, of course, I’m misinterpreting the entire thing about independence and 52 subsequent years of Apparently Not Gaining Significance In The World Arena.


  12. monsterball
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 17:41:26

    OK smart folo4…..What do you suggest Malaysians should do.
    Why are you always having negative thoughts….when he just celebrated some positive hopes.
    Under you…may take two generations….to be united.
    I wonder what work are you doing?
    If under UMNO…I can see you make sense…talking like this….but no commercial firm will employ you..if they know….who you really is.
    folo4….You are not a good example to young Malaysians.


  13. nick
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 17:44:12

    folo4, how old are you?


  14. petestop
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 17:49:08

    When a 2-party system in place, hopefully the politicians will become more mature and politics is more on issue based.

    Perhaps even bi-partisan effort to resolve issues our country is facing.

    This will not happen if continue with BN hegemony,
    or even a PR hegemony.

    Each should provide the check-n-balance.

    Otherwise, the Rakyat will do the check-n-balance for them, as demonstrated in PP.


  15. folo4
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 18:43:09

    I’m not here to be recruited to commercial firms, monsterball, I’m here to state my 2 cents.

    Which is probably too pessimistic, knowing the possible hope Anwar bought by re-entering into the Malaysian politics.

    Check and balances are probably a Good Thing. However, nobody knows how long that will last.

    Will BN provide good arguments against PR? Seems to me that they won’t even be able to criticize PR without looking like an idiot.


  16. omo
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 18:46:55


    What you say about Razaleigh also applies to Gerakan and PPP. Why still hang around with BN and support Tun Mahatail all the way when BN statrted to marginise other races.

    However finally we should thank Mahatail and Badawi. Mahatail wanted to protect his backside and has chosen Badawi. Badawi’s first part was fantasic – rember his slogan well supported by MCA, Gerakan – Tell him the truth and work with him. Gerakan, MCA and rakyat – maybe including Dr HSU were conned by UMNO IN 2004 Election.


  17. Kenny Gan
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 21:03:34

    What what I see, there is no leader in Umno who has the necessary charismatic and vision to unite the races.

    Razaleigh talks vaguely of making Umno relevant to all races but he doesn’t say how. He criticizes Badawi’s economic management but he doesn’t have any plan on how to move the economy forward. He is also not strong enough to push for reforms against the Umno warlords.

    Even worse, I’ve gone through his speeches and at the core is still the ethnocentric cry of Malay race, religion and nation. In other words, he is no different from the Malay hegemony mindset of the rest of Umno.

    At the heart of the matter, I sense the desperation of Tengku Razaleigh to become PM before his final goodbye. Apart from this lust for power, he has no vision for the country. More importantly, he has never talked of more equitable treatment for the races.

    People have blamed Anwar for wanting to become PM at any cost but if that is true, he would only only have to play along with Mahathr instead of taking the hard way.


  18. A true Malaysia
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 21:24:04

    Kenny Gan,

    Well said. There are no credible leader in Umno and BN to lead the country. Musa Hitam is the only one credible, but he is not interested in politics.

    Malaysia’s hope only rest on Anwar, Guan Eng, Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, Kit Siang, Kapal Singh, Tian Chua, Azmin, Husam, Nik Aziz and many others….The list goes on..

    Just can’t think of anyone else in Umno and BN. Credible ones already cannot tahan, cabut.


  19. monsterball
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 21:25:17

    folo4…Your two sens is not even any sen..
    You simply want to talk nonsense!!
    Remember young readers are reading and learning.
    Do you want them to have negative characters….afraid of this…afraid of that?
    It is OK…if your message is supported by sensible explainations…but no….you blare out this blare out that….YES!!….like and idiot…as exactly what you call yourself!!


  20. Kenny Gan
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 21:46:40

    Koh Tsu Koon’s statement in malaysiakini: (extract)

    “BN must acknowledge and address the people’s dissatisfaction and even disenchantment with the establishment for what was perceived as a lack of commitment, communication and concrete results, especially in the past two years.

    Gerakan will proceed with our own internal reforms, while pushing for major reforms within the BN and the government. Gerakan will continue to be a voice of the people within and outside the BN. We will also push for viable solutions.”

    Koh is still regurgitating the old line of Gerakan being the conscience of BN and improving BN from within. When will some people just admit the truth instead of trying to rationalize their role in BN? Umno as the ‘taiko’ is not ameable to change from its component parties. If it wants to pursue a racist policy, there is nothing that Gerakan can do about it. Did Koh even speak up to condemn the racist campaigning At Permatang Pauh? He not only kept quiet but actively assisted in the campaign. And yet he talks of being the voice of the people within and outside BN. What hypocrisy!

    Koh is totally clueless. He is not the leader who can steer Gerakan out of troubled waters. Clinging to old idealism which no longer hold true will tear Gerakan apart at the seams.


  21. Monk
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 21:53:26

    I agree with Monsterball on Razaleigh and not many know perhaps the current “Strawberry Cheek” was or still is his disciple (well, especially during the Gagasan days).

    The other point is that there will be no reforms (judging by the reactions of the “Blunder Nasional” goon leaders).



  22. loo seow pek
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 22:16:58

    NTR will expect the support of TDM.

    If not for NTR’s betrayal, TDM would have lost the the battle for control over UMNO with Tengku Razaleigh.

    So it is you scratch my back and i stratch yours.


  23. folo4
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 22:59:08

    “He not only kept quiet but actively assisted in the campaign.”

    Do you have any evidence on this? I probably missed it on the newspaper.


  24. romerz
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 23:51:35

    Dr Hsu,

    Hope you don’t mind since its unrelated but I wrote an open letter to YB from P44 suggesting what he should do next. Since there is not much traffic to my blog, I would like to reproduce it here and let your readers on comment on it.

    Dear Yang Berhormat,

    Let me start off by congratulating you on your magnificent victory in the by-election and also your return to parliament on Thursday as leader of the opposition benches.

    I know its only been a day since the by-election and you deserve a rest but unfortunately YB, you’re no ordinary man. Since the rakyat placed so much trust and hope in you, we expect you to start working for us immediately, unfair as it may seem.

    What we would like to know is what do you intend to do next, now that you are a member of parliament and leader of the opposition?

    Will you now use the august house as a platform to further your stated intention of toppling the BN federal government by further politicking?

    If you will permit me, may I remind you of what most Malaysians, who supported you recently hope that you will do instead.

    YB, when the ordinary rakyat supported you, it was because we recognized that you are the ‘glue’ that is holding the Pakatan Rakyat together. And we wanted the PR to remain together so as to provide the other half of a 2-party system.

    With great humility, we would like to suggest that top on your priority list should be to consolidate and strengthen the PR. Get DAP and PAS to really sit down and discuss to see if there can be common ground to work together all of the time rather than some of the time, with you as the mediator.

    If you can achieve this then it is a step forward to a formal political coalition of parties known as the Pakatan Rakyat. In essence we are urging you to turn the present cooperation between PKR, DAP and PAS into a formal institution of a permanent political entity.

    I hope you can appreciate our worries that since the existence of PR now largely hinge on you, we worry what will happen to the PR should you be unable to provide the ‘glue’ in the future. We would rest easier if we know that the PR can still continue to function, with or without you, to provide the check and balance to BN, a necessary component in a 2-party system.

    Again with humility, may we suggest that YB, now as leader of the opposition, work towards forming a shadow cabinet. This is necessary because we the rakyat are not so interested in politicking along partisan lines per se, but would be more interested in issues that affect the nation and in turn us.

    With a shadow cabinet, we will have the opportunity to see for ourselves what to expect if and when we put the PR in government. We appreciate that right now, the PR opposes whatever unfair and unjust policies of BN but in an ad hoc and individual manner. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to the watching rakyat if we can see your opposition in a cohesive and unified manner?

    YB, please do not be so obsessed with the idea of attracting 30 BN MPs to crossover in order for you to topple the government before 16 September. Let me assure you that it will happen naturally if you work on achieving the above 2 suggestions from us.

    Without taking away any of the enormity of your recent victory, there are still many of us who wonder if you are really for us or for yourself. Do not make the same mistake your BN opponents did when they underestimated the intelligence of the ordinary Malaysian.

    Do the right thing that we are all crying out for and we will put you in Putrajaya one day soon enough. Engage in too much politicking for personal aims and we may reconsider our support.

    In closing, I would like to humbly remind you that, we the ordinary rakyat, want a truly democratic Malaysia where each and everyone of us is treasured and allowed to do our part for the country we live in. Trust us that if this is allowed, our compassion for fellow Malaysians regardless of race or religion will not allow us to leave ANYONE behind in our quest to go forward as a nation.

    Thank you for giving us hope again and may we wish you all the best for keeping alive our dreams.

    Yours sincerely,

    An ordinary Malaysian



  25. Kenny Gan
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 00:01:02

    “He not only kept quiet but actively assisted in the campaign.”

    Do you have any evidence on this? I probably missed it on the newspaper. – folo4.

    Do you read The Star? Go pick up some issues before the by-election. Koh was at PP most of the time campaigning for BN.


  26. veonszu
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 00:38:32

    What did BN government immediately after 826 PP by-election? CRACK DOWN ON BLOGGERS!

    The first victiom is none other than our blogger King, RPK!

    When whill they ever lean? Or perhaps they never will…


  27. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 01:01:45


    dont count on BN to learned from the whole episode. they have indeed strayed too far from the straight path. too much power for so many years has make them arrogance beyond recognition…

    they looked but they did not wish to see…
    they listened, but they did not want to hear…
    they experienced defeat, but they did not want to understand…
    all of the signs are there, but they are still clueless on the whole thing… what else do you expect?

    hahaa… dont ever bet on them. they’ll never learn especially when there are too much at stake for them at the moment…


  28. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 01:15:47


    although you are right on the shadow cabinet and the strengthening of the PR, i do not see why this couldn’t be done simultaneously with the aim of toppling the current government?

    it should be a two fold strategy. strengthening the PR and toppling the BN led government. if not, what should we say to all of the families of those who have been detained under ISA all this while? or, must we wait for the Nation to be officially declared bankcrupt or for these unethical people to inflict irrepairable damage to the Nation? we’ve got all sorts of unethical things coming up them. the DNA bill is among one of them…

    is it morally correct to let all of this things to happen right infront of our own eyes to justify strengthening the PR alone? should we wait and allow for people like anwar, rpk, gopalakrishnan and many others to be incarcerated under whatever excuses the BN may made?

    i sincerely hope not…


  29. romerz
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 02:02:03

    Dear Anak Malaysia,

    You are right that it should happen simultaneously but I was writing to those who harbor suspicions of DSAI still and there are many from the encounters I’ve had.

    What you suggest is what I wish for too but only afraid of leaving behind others who are not so ready to trust us and DSAI.

    Hope you understand.


  30. monsterball
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 02:50:23

    Wining Pauh does not make him a PM..why ask all these from him?.
    Ask all that in October….that is presuming Anwar is at Putra Jaya.
    And the country is in a mess. First of all….Malaysians want oil price reduced…immediately.
    Then…. he has to clean up the police force….the judicial Dept. So please give him 2 years to do that..then we can see some results…for his first term..re-elect him for another 4 years…to see more results. He needs at least 8-10 years….to start uniting us as one…not that he is an idiot…..but you cannot correct 54 years OR 2 generations of filth with so little time.
    Be reasonable.


  31. A true Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 08:05:28

    I agree with Anak Malaysia that there is no hope for Umno leaders to change. Perhaps this was due to BTN?

    The comments by TR and TDM so far, criticizing AB but at same time did not give credits to Pakatan Rakyat for their multiracial ideology. TDM said, as I interpret, voters in PP vote Anwar because they ‘hate’ Umno, not because they ‘support’ Anwar / PR. Perhaps this is a very cristal clear evidence that, by nature, their words and mindsets can ‘twist and turn’ to suit their ‘selfish motives’.

    We should have the culture of give praise to others when praises are due to be praised.


  32. nick
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 09:14:59

    folo4 you wrote: ” I still think Malaysia won’t change even if Anwar helms the country” and “What’s so great about independence, anyway?
    There are all types of people in this world, that is given. The world is richer because of varieties. One can live in a Taman for years and may not even be bothered who the neighbors are. In my Taman, we got together and formed a security committee and recently organised gotong-royong and a get-together breakfast. The turnout was not exactly brilliant but reasonable. We got the job done and managed to meet more people and learn about them. It does make our Taman more caring and makes us all “belonged” if you know my gist. As a citizen of Malaysia, I pay all my due taxes and have been loyal and have never broken any laws. I was born here and probably will die here. If I maintain a “tidak apa” attitude and remain silent while all the pillaging, corruption, murders, sodomising of our rights go on in front of my eyes, I have only myself to blame. But if I can contribute by speaking up and doing the right thing, however small, within my circle of friends and network, I believe my country will become a better Nation. However, there are leaders in our midst who can push the good agenda more effectively than most of us. DSAI, LKS, LGE, Azmin, Khalid and many more You can be pessimistic and given up on this Country but do you know there are many soldiers, no I mean warriors out there who are battle-hardened and they will fight on regardless for truth and justice because of their beliefs. I can’t be like you folo4 especially after GE12 and now PP results. “Change” for the better is coming. Enough of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP. They have exhausted all the godwill and time is up. I want a change and so do millions of Malaysians. A better future is beckoning. A Malaysia for all Malaysians! Stay positive my friend 🙂


  33. VoiceOfPolitics
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 10:05:46

    Dr. Hsu,

    I love your medical analogy. It’s too little and to late, for UMNO at this stage.

    How about Gerakan? What is your view on that.

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad has once again asked Umno members to desert the Mr. Bodowi.

    So, how about Gerakan member? Shall we desert BN right now, or the top leadership of Gerakan?

    I am confused and helpless, for Gerakan.


  34. wazzup
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 10:17:18

    As for BN, no matter what they have, who they are, where they at, what they are trying, people are just hungry to see more goals and wins from the rakyat’s new favourite team ie PR-FC.

    Therefore, the rakyats just want this new team to represent them to be world champion again.
    Boleh Nangis-FC…., you had your chance for 51 years…


  35. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 10:53:29


    we can’t change ALL people’s perception in one go. that’s human nature and that’s to be expected. however, that should not hindered us of trying to move forward. that’s the only way for all of us to go. as for myself, i’ve stopped reasoning of having any faith in BN since 1998. they never changed. they come out with sodomy 1 in 1998 and they come out with sodomy 2 in 2008, with all of those swearings on the Quran. these people are willing to even stoop so low to even made a mockery of the religion itself. how PATHETIC…

    as for DSAI, it’s so simple… just asked any fair and morally conscious doubtful individual if he/she is willing to spend even 1 month being incarcerated inside prison. the answer to all of the sceptisms are there. DSAI could have choose to go silently, like many “others” politician before him and be handsomely rewarded in the process. but this man is willing to endure the hardships for more than 5 years, being beaten and constantly poisoned with arsenic (dont ever forget that…). if not for people like RPK, DSAI could have already died…

    most of us dont even want to think about the possibilities. that’s why most of us are merely fence sitters, me included. but honestly speaking, i’m tired of playing this game, of being afraid of my own shadows. even my wife dont allowed me to jump out of the car and merrily joined the PR people in PP’s by election last 2 days out of fears for my own safety. i feel just like to hug all of those PR’s “volunteers”. Any Ah Chong, Muthu or Abu who have been setting up posters etc without a slightest sign of fear or hesitation on their faces…

    people can have hesitations. let it be. but for all of us who have some conscience left in us, we certainly need to move forward. i’ve said it before, and i will even said it again for the next 1000 times that the interest of the Nation is far greater than anything else. this is what we should do, without a slightest hesitations…

    may we really can celebrate MERDEKA in the truest sense…


  36. A true Malaysian
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 11:11:23

    Anak Malaysia,

    You are just amazing. I fully agree with you. Just forget about Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and to convince their members with conscience to jump out from their own parties and let the rot ones remain in the parties.


  37. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 11:22:32

    True Malaysia,

    It’s not limited to UMNO alone. It should be equally blamed to the willing conspirators in MCA, MIC, PGRM, PPP etc… UMNO alone, is NOTHING! All of these ailments (you name it, you’ve got it…)are only made possible with the cooperation of other parties as well. these are the REAL ISSUES…

    why shout about discriminations, about being marginalized, about all of those abuses, coruptions, about time to reflect etc. when MOST of US are still supporting a party which clearly is a cohort with UMNO? even now, why so many of MCA, or MIC, or PGRM self-confessed righteous “Malaysians” still supported all of these “racially” based parties? Yeah, some might argue that PGRM is a non-sectarian party. Then what the HECK is it doing inside BN? “a square peg in a round hole” is really absurd right? Why? Where is their conscience?

    Since when does a party becomes more important than the interest of the Nation? that’s why i can easily concurs with monsterball’s so called “harsh” language. what else should we say? a spade will always be a spade. there’s no “two” ways about it…

    about BTN, it is nothing but a mere tools. same with NEP. it’s all about human nature. about lust, about greed. greed and lust for power and wealth (easy money) and it’s not limited to UMNO alone (although most of it does come from UMNO)… UMNO does not started that way. the founding fathers of UMNO like the late Tunku, or Onn Jaafar (who left UMNO because UMNO does not want to open it’s doors to other races) and many others have the interest of the nations FIRST than anything else. the same cannot be said of the people inside UMNO now…

    about TR and TDM, i dont even want to say anything except that if they are so righteous, why then the late Tunku NEVER EVER joined UMNO (baru) after the dissolution of the original UMNO in 1988? it’s so simple, right…?


  38. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 11:29:05


    well said! bravo…

    all of us have a role to be played and self denial, doubts, sceptisms etc are simply NOT allowed. forward is the only way to go. so, let’s move forward. forget about anything else…


  39. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 11:49:46


    you are right. I for once, DOES NOT even have a sightest hesitations that the price of petrols and diesels in Malaysia can be reduced immediately when PR comes to power. the same goes to the corruptions and mis-management of the economy. We have the means to make it happened…

    about other things, especially to have a paradigm shift in the thinking of the common “people”, sceptics, etc. it do need some times. however, I dont see that PR need to take more than TWO terms to fully implemented it. TWO terms or 10 years the most is what it takes for all of the reforms to be put in place…

    WoW… it’s not that long afterall! maybe most of us will live long enough to see it happened and that includes you, old geezer! hahaha…


  40. A true Malaysian
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 12:33:01

    Anak Malaysia,

    I said before MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP….won in GE because of Malay votes in support of Umno. Chinese Malaysian, except their once die hard fan of Gerakan in Penang, never support overwhelmingly (except perhaps in 2004 GE due to ‘sweet talk’ of AB) MCA and Gerakan.

    As we can see in the 12th GE and PP by-election, majority Malays did not support Umno and these crony parties fall like domino. Now even their die hard fan of Gerakan in Penang abandoned them and the situation is unthinkable that they can think of gaining support from all Malaysians.

    I am so sure that if the government calls for snap election, they will just ‘tumbang’ semua sekali. But, the most cost effective way is to convince BN MPs crossing over to PR.

    Umno will never change because they regard MCA, MIC and Gerakan as ‘tools’, not partners.


  41. monsterball
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 14:50:20

    “True Malaysia” and “Anak Malaysia” commentators seems to enjoy each others company so much.
    They should meet face to face and have live conversation from morning till dawn.
    Not easy to click….but they do click!!
    OK…lets move on….
    CM Melaka said…”UMNO will rule forever”
    Khairy said..”Permatang Pasuh will bury Anwar once and for all”
    Najib said….’Anwar is not sincere..dare not go to mosque and swear……..like Saiful”
    Dollah said…..”UMNO will win at Permatang Pauh”
    Albar said nothing….just gave out money at Pauh to one Organizations.
    Mat bin Mat said….Anwar is a liar.
    Mahathir said….Anwar do sodomise and not fit to be PM.
    Day in day out…showing video of Saiful swearing.
    Permatang Pauh.. by-election is UMNO’s most expensive…most serious…….most energetic one can ever witness…..these 52 years.
    The main reason….they want Anwar to have a much reduced majority….so they can sing their dirty filthy songs…. again and again.
    They know they have no chance….but if Anwar win by a small margin…..less than a thousand votes…their mission is accomplished.
    But Anwar won …..by the biggest margin…..even surprised Anwar himself!!
    So what do those UMNO hypocrites do??
    First saying it is as by-election…small matter..not important. If so…why came full force?
    Now… they blame Dollah!!
    But that’s OK..it’s their own business…..yet not OK….because they still govern the country.
    This means Malaysians need to complete the job….to vote them out…if Anwar fails to deliver on 16th Sept.
    You have seen how UMNO operates.
    Lets help Anwar…if he fails..to complete his mission.
    That’s at he back of my head.
    Have we not seen enough ..true colours of UMNO…to know..they do not play fair?
    Tuesday poling day is the only day…in the world…chosen only … by smart UMNO guys.
    All over the world….it is a weekend.
    If not for smart Lim Eng Guan…..the turnout…maybe much smaller.


  42. A true Malaysian
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 15:31:59


    It seems that all of us have stroke the same chord on this PP matters, not just between I and Anak Malaysia. This striking of same chord definitely has resulted in resonance of a ‘clear and loud’ voice in Dr. Hsu’s Forum and it means a lot to us.

    Though there are still some different chords played by other commentators, I believe ultimately they will decide to play the same chord as us. Just give them sometime to ‘admire’ our ‘loud and clear’ voice, they will agree our voice is more ‘ear soothing’.

    Perhaps Dr. Hsu can play our song with his piano.


  43. A true Malaysian
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 17:30:43

    The pantun below written by su in Din Merican blog, very truthful and meaningful :-

    Bukan UMNO sahaja yang derhaka
    Semua dalam BN turut sama
    Mereka ingat rakyat kan lupa
    Tentang pimpinan yang tidak terdaya

    Asyik dengan keseronokan sendiri
    Semua yang baik tinggal untuk kroni
    Rakyat dibiarkan dan dilupai
    Akhirnya tengoklah! Apa terjadi?

    Rakyat bangkit terjumpa suara
    Kan kita berjuang sampai akhirnya
    Demi bangsa negara tercinta
    Sebab kita semua anak bangsa Malaysia!


  44. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 28, 2008 @ 22:23:00

    haiyaa monsterball,

    are you the real monsterball or merely sombody else in monsterball disguise hahaha…

    i dont have the intention to be in agreement with True Malaysian or anybody else, but, if he/she did mentioned something that is in the same principle with what i have in mind, i’ve no problem to support it. this is not a political discourse, to agree or disagree just for the sake of arguments. it does not important if we are in agreement or not, as long as we share the same intentions…

    about the rest, why bothered? as far as i’m concerned, i dont give a damned on a single hypocritical word of what they said! they can said whatever they want, but hey…, who cares?


  45. monsterball
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 07:48:50

    I don’t know how to agree to disagree so well…..because the political situation of our country demands for or against….until Anwar Ibrahim…the Jedi…is PM.
    Unable to agree to disagree is a great disadvantage to be a likeable person…..but one hell of a fast way…to learn more truths than others.
    That is also why…I am not in any politics party….for I can be very passionate to politics and maybe jailed more times than LKS.
    If you still cannot identify me…”anak malaysia”..you are no good in judging characters…..but I know you know it is me…just your style to put out a point.


  46. A true Malaysian
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 10:37:55

    Anak Malaysia,

    That’s true. One does not need to say out whether one agrees or disagrees. Important thing is whether we subscribe to the same principle or thoughts.

    I must confess that all my thoughts so far were consistent with what Pakatan Rakyat has in mind. But this does not mean I am loyal to Pakatan Rakyat.

    It is just coincidental that my thoughts were ‘against’ those racist mindsets of Umno and BN. That put me as those authorities think that I am no pro-Umno or pro-BN. That only show how immature their mindset.

    Such mindset also trigger them to block Malaysia Today and watch out for other bloggers that ‘talk bad’ about them, which they conclude that these bloggers are the main reasons why they ‘kalah teruk’ in 12th GE and PP by-election. Whatever post-mortem they did do not point to themselves, which are actually the main reasons why they ‘kalah teruk’.

    If you guys did the right things, would RPK and other bloggers praise you? Just answer honestly, Umno and those in BN.

    You guys can do whatever post-mortems, but please ‘dissect’ your ownself first, then you sure will get the true answers.


  47. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 13:03:27

    Dear All,

    I’ve read through MT and found the following. I do believe that this is the typical mindset of those among BN. UMNO, MCA, MIC, PGRM included.


    “…..Like the 31,000 odd who voted for Anwar, you are ungrateful for the development and progress wrought by the BN. Honestly ask yourself: Would you even own a laptop or even know how to use the Internet if not for the education that the BN gave you? Just like the other bloggers and commentators on the blogsites, you bite the hand that feeds you. You are despicable and so are Raja Petra and the likes of him.

    When the BN government finally wipes out the Opposition from the face of this Earth, we’ll be coming after you and all of your ilk for the lies and ridiculous untrue propaganda that you spread to the innocent rakyat. Unfortunately it seems now that a large minority of the rakyat are stupid enough to pay attention to the lies of the Opposition. The BN will educate them very soon and I assure you it will be a painful lesson indeed.”

    Now… what would one call this?
    Sheer ARROGANCE…?
    Biadap? Kurang Ajar? Bodoh? Bahlul? Bangang? Mangkuk Hayun?….shit!

    Certainly only an IDIOT would NOT have possibly known that it’s the task of the Government to take care of the basic necessities of the Rakyat. Those who have been elected into the Government should be gratefull to the Rakyat and NOT the other way around…

    Hahaha… I’m glad that MOST of the Malay in PP vote for DSAI. About this, I’ve got no doubts. All of those stupid slanderings, swearings, threats, rudeness, hypocritical and biased reporting will only results in the Malay being more and more DISGUSTED with UMNO! I should know because my wife, my in-laws and my friends are among the PP registered voters. Hahaha… I like to remember the dumbfounded and bewildered looks on the face of any BN supporters on that day, especially those from UMNO…

    I’ve told many of you before, please don’t associate the actions of UMNO with the common Malay. I also does not know what else to call of these UMNO people? Their sheer arrogance and rudeness is something which are totally an opposite to the malay character. Now, they have added another one in making a mockery of the religion! These people are really a swine!

    To all of you fellow Malaysians, it’s time to put down all of the differences and start to learn to see each other as fellow Malaysians. At the moment, just have faith in DSAI and PR. We’ve got differences but that can be bridged in time if all parties are sincere and makes all the effort in addressing them, one at a time.

    Maybe we shall not lived long enough to see the fruits of our labour, but God willing, our childrens will…

    P.S.; Do all of you know that Imam Ramlang is now still being detained by the police simply by choosing to tell the truth on the night before the election day. He was previously a student in religious school in Penanti, then a teacher in Sek. Agama Tuan Abdullah, Tanah Liat before landing a job as a junior officer at the FT Mosque. His wife and three kids are still in hiding at the moment.

    Sorry monsterball, I do not have the opportunity to help Amin Iskandar but certainly I will lend my help with Ustaz Ramlang’s family…


  48. A true Malaysian
    Aug 29, 2008 @ 14:59:05

    Anak Malaysia,

    You inspire me a lot. Keep sharing with us the thoughts of progressive Malays. This forum is a good space for us to share our feelings so to bridge whatever differences caused by Umno and their cronies in BN.

    Now people’s supports are with Pakatan Rakyat. What else can they do without rakyat’s support? Change of mindsets and mentality is the only way for them to be part of true Malaysians. If not, they will be buried in their own graves in 4 years time.


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