Beware of the instigation of a chauvinist

I think the situation warrants me to quote this well written commentary from Malaysian Insider asking people not to fall into the trap of a chauvinst.

Malaysian Insider

Ahmad turns to divide and rule


SEPT 8 — The right thing for the police to do tonight is to lock up Datuk Ahmad Ismail and charge him with sedition when the courts open tomorrow morning.

The best thing for the rest of Malaysia to do is not take the bait of this bigot, chauvinist and scare-monger and start talking about May 13; them versus us; Chinese versus Malays and all the hate-filled garbage that was spewed out by the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief at a press conference in Penang today.

He had one aim in calling a press conference today – his second since he set off a political maelstrom by describing Malaysian Chinese as immigrants on the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election. It was not to diffuse the racial tension as requested by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but to incite more anger among the races and stoke the fire of resentment among Malays.

Emboldened because the prime minister and Umno president had not pulled him up and believing even this latest infraction would go unpunished, he set out to taunt the Chinese by telling them that they would never attain political power in the country.

For good measure, he then referred to the black mark of Malaysian history – May 13 1969 – warning anyone against provoking the Malays.

When he completed the task of trying to instill fear, he then attempted to play the role of inciter, urging the Malays to stand firm, not back down and attend a convention in a show of force.

During the press conference, he was flanked by Umno muscle and a sprinkling of party officials who tasted defeat in Election 2008. They cheered him on and even provided a defining moment of the event, pulling down an old photograph of Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and tearing it in a show of disgust against their Public Enemy No 1.

And because a few photographers missed the destruction of the photograph of the former chief minister of Penang, the party musclemen were willing to pose for the shutterbugs.

What Ahmad and his ilk are seeking to do is create enough hatred between the races and hope that groups go outside the bounds of democracy to settle issues. They want street demonstrations. They want mob rule.

Why? Because since March 8, they have become political nobodies in Penang.

No positions. No stature. Zilch. They cannot accept the fact that Pakatan Rakyat rules the state, the beneficiary of support from Malays, Chinese and Indians. They cannot accept the fact that they don’t command respect outside the confines of their own party. They cannot accept that Umno is now the subject of ridicule and condemnation.

They want a return to the old days. And they only know one way of achieving that goal – by stoking trouble between the races.

No reason for the rest of Malaysia to follow their game plan.


50 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. romerz
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 00:30:07

    As predicted it will get worse.

    These buggers are itching for a fight but let us not give it to them.

    Be calm and use our brains people.

    Let it be sorted out by Badawi or Najib.

    Look at it this way. If Badawi or Najib now fails to take stern action, this could be the impetus for whole parties leaving BN and the realization of 916.

    If Badawi or Najib takes stern action, this would trigger UMNO’s implosion sooner than December.

    Either way the rakyat wins so long as we don’t give these bastards the fight that they are itching for!


  2. veonszu
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 01:05:19

    Ties between Penang Gerakan and Penang Umno was severed with immediate effect.

    Then next step would very much dependent on the BN Supreme Council meeting later today.

    Whatever the outcome, BN has become history.

    If a political party is controlled by different groups of untouchable warlords; and this political party in turn control a coalition of several political parties, and the said coalition forms the Government of the day.

    So, in light of the link established above, can we safely conclude that this particularly appears and in fact being ruled by different groups of untouchable warlords?

    Dare i say more?


  3. jeff
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 01:06:35

    The attack now is on Koh, haha… gland to see him enjoy the true color of UMNO racist partner, poor koh, he has no more value even to a middle level racist, no more a “milk cow” for penang umnoputra after 12th election.


  4. chauncey gardener
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 03:07:09

    This anonymous commentary is right on the dot.

    It should be circulated to all right minded Malaysians to beware these provacatuers. Doesn’t take too long to read, either and covers all the points.

    The best thing to do is to ignore the s..t stirrer.


  5. monsterball
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 07:51:43

    Good Morning to all!!.. Very good of put this piece out. Yes! ….This piece should be read by all Malaysians….understand it 100%.
    Be alert and be one.
    This is not the time to fool around.
    Many visitors and I……are for change of government. No.. if ..buts and why.
    The last sentence said…’No reason for the rest of Malaysia to follow their game plan”
    Very wise..very true.
    And I wish to add…don’t fool brave and stay calm. Stay united….once and for all…FOR change only.
    This will take …at least 10 years for Anwar to wash all the dirt ..filth away from these braggart racialists.
    That is why…when I notice any Malaysian Chinese…trying to be so nice…just the opposite of me!!!….telling vote wisely…instead of saying clearly…voting against the government..and why….I will expose his selfishness…no good for youngsters to learn.
    That is typical UMNO and BN supporter talk!!
    Doc said..’Say till you drop dead”
    I am doing that..and he is getting all the problems……….hahahahahahaha
    Doc….when you allow freedom of speeches…it must be for all matured visitors..which is quite impossible.
    Therefore..your freedom of speeches will have fun seekers….sickos…weird stuffs.
    Our old team of visitors are matured and all are showing their characters sincerely….because all respect you.


  6. monsterball
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 08:09:17

    To Penang Malaysians.
    Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s violence…but show disobedient to them.
    Smile at your enemies. Don’t be like them.
    Be strong..united and support Lim Eng Guan 101%!!!
    Penang have always been the State…with knights wearing shining armours…brave and smart voters…in the past. All lost for 18 years….under Gerakan…and now back…tom it’s original. Don’t loose that!!
    Let those idiots speak as much as they like.
    It is actually up to UMNO .or Dollah….how far he wants to go…UNGENTLEMANLY…not leaving the voters.. to be choose their destiny….so clearly spoken.
    Moves after moves are not helping Malaysians to unite….but vast majority have spoken.
    Where is the ‘People’s PM”??
    Please do your last acts……for the love of Malaysians… Soeharto…to step down…or hold on to the power to keep peace.
    I prefer you hold on to the power to keep peace…but in the right noble ways…not the sickening cunning ways…which your DPM is now showing.
    Again to all Penang people…few nobodies from UMNO want to irritate you..especially to the die hard few Gerakan Chinese supporters. How smart they are.
    So…Penang..Gerakan members…BE SMARTER!!! ….don’t answer back and try to play politics with this issue. Let it fade away.


  7. monsterball
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 08:18:16

    Just…all resign and join any opposition party.
    Leave Koh Tsu Khoon…and Lim Kheng Yiak ..only two left.
    Then those Penang UMNO guys…have no more issues with Gerakan..indirectly want race problems.
    Be smart…be done with Gerakan.
    Koh Tsu Khoon…is a useless good for nothing pet of Mahathir….don’t you all know that?


  8. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 08:42:56

    I reserve my comment until after the BN


  9. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 08:45:19

    I reserve my comment until after the BN meeting. Placing very little hope on the outcome but still hope for miracles.


  10. monsterball
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 08:57:56

    Bad things done by UMNO…..sometimes turn out good for Perkatan Rakyat.
    Some are after Koh Tsu Khoon. He deserves it.
    Carrying the balls of Mahathir for 18 somewhat carrying the balls of Najib…by working so BN election manager.. at Permatang Pauh…along side with Najib.
    He has to keep saying Gerakan will not leave BN…like wearing and swearing…to prove to UMNO his undying loyalty.
    We know he is doing that…to save his own skin..for out of BN…he is a gone more politics….finito.
    There …Penang Gerakan members….you see the true colour of Penang …ex CM.
    20 years old are you?
    You mean you did not see a small boy…chosen to be CM for Penang….by Mahathir?
    Sure…be proud like Lim Kheng Yiak…riding so high. Sure Penang Gerakan so very proud…it was natural.
    But race and religion politics is over. You have strong oppositions. Wake up to realities!!!
    Koh Tsu Khoon has grown up from a boy to become..a double headed snake man….now clever to talk cock and bull.
    He kept closing both eyes..whenever the UMNO government steal the Penang land and wealth…high and dry…..just to keep himself strong and supported by UMNO.
    This man is a useless Malaysian Chinese..which sadly ..we find hero worshipers of him…be like him…by few typical Malaysian Chinese…..not really Malaysians at heart.
    Please change..Penang…Gerakan members.
    Please resign…and don’t wait till Oct.8….this or that.
    Give more face to UMNO…means yiou are asking for trouble.
    Be forewarned…foretold. Do you love your children?…to have good natural freedom….not like you…need to be cunning and rub shoulders to survive.
    Be men and women with principles in life. Resign from Gerakan now!


  11. Low Keing Hooi
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 09:45:29

    Well said Romerz!

    We should sit back here and watch how PM and DPM is going to deal with their own undisciplined children.

    If the parent do not know how to make their children listen to what they said or listen to their guidance to the right path, then do not expect the parent can lead and bring prosperity to the family. If he can’t even bring prosperity to the family, he will never have the capability to bring prosperity to the country. That’s a chinese saying “zi jia, ding guo, ping tian xia” (manage home, stabilise the country, conquering the world).


  12. nikki
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 10:06:41

    Yes I agree totally. Let it not escalate into a us vs them kind of scenario. No point talking with people who behave like thugs and blame evryone else except themselves.


  13. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 10:11:52

    From the People’s Parliament :-

    Update at 12.14am on 7th September : Signatures stand at 22,622

    Michelle Yoon sent in as a comment, a Mandarin sms that she thought you might be able to use. It appears below together with the translation she provided.

    兄弟姐妹们, 您是否希望无辜的人不再被冤枉?您是否希望坏人能够绳之于法? 如果您的答复是” yes” ,请签署这个请愿。(insert link for petition). 保存我们的司法制度! 请传发此信息给您所有的朋友。

    “Bros and sis, do you hope that the innocent will no longer face injustice? Do you hope that the guilty will be rightfully convicted? If your answer is “yes”, please sign the petition. (insert link for petition). Save our judiciary! Please spread this sms to all of your friends.”

    Thanks, Michelle.


  14. CYC
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 10:32:23

    Both PM and DPM are incapacitated or simply do not command respect anymore even within UMNO. Hence how could they resolve the issue. I m just afraid they themselves may be slaughtered if they try too hard. It is a dead end for Gerakan, either commit suicide or let it rot and fade away. I learn one big lesson from Gerakan history : People with high qualification or “intellectuals” most of the time cannot become effective leaders because they are binded by too much theories and philosophies in their head.

    Doc, leave now or you will be a laughing stock. I m some lyrics in Andy Lau’s song which simply means release you fist and may gain real strength. In another words, you don’t need to be a Gerakan member to influence and share you thoughts with others. Anyway, i still salute Doc’s conviction and readiness to serve.


  15. wazzup
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 10:54:29

    This is embarrassing, truly insulting. I dont see KohTK face when they tear his photo, I see my people’s face.


  16. Looking for Hockey players for TVC
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 10:54:58


    “Malaysian Chinese Association” will only speaks about Chinese issues.

    “Malaysian Indian Congress’ ” objective is to “fight” for Indian rights.

    “United Malay National Organization” is doing the right thing by, voicing Ketuanan Melayu.

    Are they wrong in the context / confine of their of their little caves ???? NO.

    Come on Dr. The policies had been loud + clear since Day 1. Who are we kidding here. If one support the policies, why critic them when it is put in plain words ?????

    What is a Nationalistic Political Party like Gerakan, monkeying around in a Racist Coalition ????

    Why are forward orientated people like Dr, cheer leading a bunch backward thinking folks ???? Trying to teach “A cow to fly?’

    Leave now, lighting seldom strike twice. We need leaders like you to lead, not to convert the unchangeable.


  17. wazzup
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 11:03:24

    And looking at the gathering(no need permit of course) most of the people around are not malay but keling. Tiu… I’m boycottingNasi Kandar.


  18. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 11:15:32

    Dr. Hsu,

    I read your latest article in The Malaysian Insider. The best option for Gerakan is option 3, ie opt out of BN and become a 3rd tier party.

    Never mind about short of resources or how many seats contested, so long as it can go back to its roots and practise ‘politics of conscience’, the rest is all depends on voters.

    Voters are not naive, not blind, not deaf and definitely not stupid.


  19. bushcai
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 11:26:07

    haha! UMNO=u must no object.

    want to join my family,you must not object.


  20. petestop
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 12:00:56

    “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” – Isaac Asimov


  21. EvanAlmighty
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 14:40:54

    Why Ahmad attack Gerakan but not MCA? because Gerakan have only 2 MP & MCA have 15. In my opinion, all the non-malay BN component parties should leave BN & to form a new alliance. (if they disband to form a new party will be even better). The new alliance can still work with UMNO to form the government.
    I am disagree, if the BN non-Malay parties join PR to form goverment (unless more UMNO MP join PR), it will cause unstability. It will become most malay MP as oposition & non-Malay majority in goverment.


  22. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 15:43:00

    It is apparent that Umno is in chaotic situation and try to drag the whole Malay community into it. But I personally think that our Malay brothers and sisters would not be dragged into the fiasco.

    Furthermore, livelihood of rakyat at large is getting tougher and tougher each day and right thinking Malaysians would not be conned.

    The question is, why should they? We are looking forward to 916.

    My prediction is there will be very chances of Gerakan and MCA to opt out of BN as Umno is more concerned with the number game as what EvanAlmighty mentioned.

    Dr. Hsu, if Gerakan does not opt out of BN this time, it is confirmed DEAD. You can switch out the respirator and resign from Gerakan.


  23. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 15:44:52

    correction…..very low chances, or no chance at all


  24. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 16:29:43

    Very good quotes from Nathaniel Tan as published in Malaysiakini :-

    “we must not underestimate the power of a simple truth: that Malays have been betrayed not by any ‘kaum pendatang’, but by Umno itself.”

    “Yes, there is a section of society – from all ethnic groups – who are simple, hateful racists. I don’t think they number greatly though; the group we should watch is far more sophisticated and dangerous.”

    “Rather than rush to defend the dignity and rights of non-Malays, which is all well and good, we should be thinking about how to manage any potential impact the rhetoric of Umno leaders like Ahmad Ismail may have.”

    “At the end of the day, the best defender of non-Malay rights is a Malay, and the best defender of Malay rights is a non-Malay.”


  25. Dr Hsu
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 16:39:53

    a very funny post at kennysia. pictorial representation of what happened.


  26. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 17:23:24

    Ya Dr. Hsu,

    Reading the comments in kennysia, which mainly from youngsters, we can see they are pissed of with BN.

    So, no future for BN, for sure, but must get them to register as voters, or else, can’t do much also.

    Pakatan Rakyat should gear toward getting these youngsters as member and / or registered them as voters.


  27. novice101
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 18:35:00

    To put these people in its place is to ignore them and there is no matter way for bloggers to help achieve this than NOT TO BLOG ON IT ANY MORE.


  28. Kenny Gan
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 20:16:21

    Gerakan disassociates itself from Umno Penang, a largely meaningless and symbolic gesture.

    After the abject humiliation of Gerakan and Koh, the proper response is to give an ultimatium to Umno to leave the coalition if no stern action is taken against Ahmad.

    But apparently, Koh Tsu Koon still wants to hang on to BN no matter what happens.


  29. Anak Malaysia
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 02:51:07

    C’mon guys,

    Be sensible. The nation is more important than any party. Our loyalty should be to the nation, and NOT the party. The party is just a tool for us to be organized and if the tools has become irrelevant, just replaced it! I cant understand the logics of wanting to change someone, who doesn’t even want to change?

    Dont wait. Just leave GERAKAN. Send the message out, LOUD and CLEAR to it’s leader! When GERAKAN leaders finally come to their senses and opted out of BN, those of you can always rejoin GERAKAN back!

    A good man will always be a good man, even if choose to leave GERAKAN. When all the good man are gone, then only it’s leader may come to their senses. Worst case, they will NOT! Just like UMNO hahahaa….

    It’s all typical! Bad habits, die hard…


  30. Anak Malaysia
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 02:56:45

    Good luck guys…

    Hmmm, maybe the chances of Malaysia Football team winning the World Cup is brighter compared to the odds of GERAKAN’s leadership to come to their senses!

    Hahahaa… I wish you all a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really……Good Luck!


  31. eugene
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 07:58:30

    Malay are generally polite people, the current episode is stirred up by the mamak, they are the real trouble maker, that is why sms message has been going aroung asking people to bar nasi kandar. There are several articles writen by Raja Petra of Malaysia Today abouy the Indian Muslim (mamak), go visit Malaysia Today, the latest article titled ” Mad Cow Disease in Penang”


  32. eugene
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 08:03:42

    And there are several photos attached in this article . . . take a close look and you’ll know what I mean.


  33. cilipadi
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 08:38:11

    Anak Malaysia,

    You are right, political party is just a tool. Gerakan has passed its shelf life, expired.


  34. eugene
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 11:36:52

    Chinese base party must not leave BN en bloc, this will give umno leaders- the like of the idiot ahmad ismal ( there are many of them ) the opportunity to fan racial issue. and this may jeopardize PR plan to reform the country. though I personally think PR if sucessful may not give us much hope but at least 5 to 10 years of breathing space for us to work out a plan.


  35. eugene
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 11:44:18

    I agree with chaptokam,

    Let us bar the Shell petrol station next to Green Lane Mcdonalds. . . . .


  36. Dr Hsu
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 11:58:37

    Before we do that, we need to make very sure that apanama Ah Mad owns the place. Otherwise, if it belongs to somenone else, we would only be hurting an innocent fellow.


  37. chaptokam
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 13:11:32

    To ALL Penangites

    Please Boycott this Shell Petrol Station owned by the Racist Ahmad Ismail

    Is the ISLAND GLADES SHELL If you use the tunnel from Pg Bridge the first Shell station outside Gembira is the right one . Not the one I mentioned above . Sorry for the confusion


  38. A true Malaysian
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 14:36:31



    Penangites are the one that ‘chap-to-kam’ by boycotting the ISLAND GLADES SHELL station.

    It is better to let other people ‘chap-to-kam’ than to this racist that never repent for his rudeness.


  39. A true Malaysian
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 14:40:37

    Better still if you Penangites can promote cycling. Can preserve Penang beautiful environment and appreciate the heritage.

    Should request Anil Netto to promote bicycle also, side by side with tram.

    Just look at what happened to Penang during heavy rain a few days ago.


  40. Killi Valavan
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 15:26:48

    i’d happy to join the ISLAND GLADES SHELL station boycott…..


  41. eugene
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 16:22:18

    Hi Killi Valavan, make sure you know the right one to boycott ……… there are 2 stations along that stretch of Green Lane.


  42. monsterball
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 21:18:50

    I repeat!!
    Concentrate on Ahand Ismail….and not on his legitimate businesses.
    He is under investigations for corruptions.
    His legitimate businesses..maybe run by his relatives and family.
    Why bring whole family… to his personal problem?
    Be noble.
    Leave his businesses alone…….unless you have proofs..they are not lawful. Focus on the man!


  43. bushcai
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 00:09:00

    let me tell you PGRM=pengemis gerak roda mundur


  44. sivalingam
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 00:52:55

    Monster ball, don’t waste Dr Hsu’s valuable bandwith space with your senseless and nonsensical comments. You are actually writing rubbish which is incomprehensible and in very bad English and poor grammar too. If you can’t write properly, then don’t write at all. You are a big disgrace to the blogging fraternity whether in Dr Hsu’s blog, Susan’s blog, Rocky’s bru or Malaysia Today. Everybody wants you to get lost, so get lost!


  45. sivalingam
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 00:57:14

    Some are after Koh Tsu Khoon. He deserves it.
    Carrying the balls of Mahathir for 18 somewhat carrying the balls of Najib…by working so BN election manager.. at Permatang

    What about you monsterball? (editor: profanity deleted)


  46. chaptokam
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 01:15:15

    Follow this monsterball a bit !

    I repeat!!
    Concentrate on Ahmad Ismail…Boycott his Shell petrol station at Island Glades !! owned by him not his relatives or family !!

    Why bring whole family… to his personal problem?
    Be noble.

    To be noble we must not let our Chinese community down . We must teach the racist a lesson in economics . Boycott!!


  47. monsterball
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 09:59:31

    Now that’s freedom of speeches!
    Sivalingam can talk as much double headed snake talks as he likes..and this makes
    Look art him…following me like a hawk..knowing where I visit…….but ignoring Anwar ..Lim Kit Siang…blogs. I wonder why. Chaptopkam…trying to tell others…be nice to me abit?
    Sivalingam…..IS PRO bn..maybe MIC..who cannot differentiate freedom fighters as against balls carriers.
    Both messages…typical of being Lingam’s student…..correct.. correct correct.
    In actual fact….they are trying to discourage me to post here with a bunch of cultured and intelligent visitors.
    I hope Doc knows what is right or wrong.
    Go read silvaligam again….what have he contribute with is TWO messages….Doc??
    Why do you allow one to encourage me to talk back on personal matters….yet later no freedom of speeches….you simply..cannot handle?
    He is actually encouraging idiots like chaptokam…to speak more.
    Your blog…your rights.
    Well…there is nothing much right now…so go ahead…i keep quiet…satisfied??


  48. Dr Hsu
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 10:14:08

    Monsterball, i have deleted foul languages attacking you, too., not only from sivalingam and some others , too. Do not think I have only deletd yours attacking others!

    In fact, I have deleted more of those attacking you than those belonging to you attacking others, from not one person, but many. I have allowed certain comments and criticism which not only can be applied to one person but to all of us.

    Dear readers, Is it so difficult just to give views and not veer off attacking with name calling and foul languages?

    whether some are pro BN or against BN, or pro Pakatan or against Pakatan, this is a forum and we should let them air their views. We cannot simply slam people when they criticise the party or the person that you support, because that is their democratic right. We would be hypocritical if we talk about democracy and then dont allow other people their democratic right to voice opinion that is different from ours.

    We are all adults and we should be able to control our emotions when we are not even arguing face to face. Why resort to all sorts of attacks when we can just simply put forward our views? Is our ego so high that we cannot even accept opinion contrary to ours?

    I am tired of being a fireman.


  49. chaptokam
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 11:25:39

    Hey you guys , still on this Ahmad Ismail fellow ,
    I just received this , that he the racist Ah mad Ismail is the share holder / co-owner of Subaidah Nasi Kandar located in Tanjong Tokong opposite the Caltex Petrol station and the other at Bukit Jambul .

    Leave it to your discretion but I am boycotting Subaidah Nasi Kandar , which is just opposite my house .
    Am also told that the Shell petrol station in Island Glades does belong to him and he has asked his supervisor to come out to deny the sms that Ahmad is the owner . His guy Seraz Ahmad 46 yrs old who claims he is the stations owner looks suspicious as he claims that he has been operating the station for 16 years and has no plans to make a police report over the SMS .

    I find it suspicious as he has run the station for 16 years , that makes it , he owned the petrol station at the age of 30 years old since he is 46 now which is strange that a 30 yr old could afford to buy and run a petrol station . Right now its so difficult to even own a petrol station even after getting approval from the Petrol company , you still need to get approval from the Domestic Trade and Enterprise Ministry . Secondly why is he afraid to lodge a police report ? if his business is indeed will be affected by the Boycott ? Thirdly its a coincidence his name also has a Ahmad ? his son ? you think about it !


  50. Dr Hsu
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 11:30:12

    I would like to reiterate that we must be very vry sure of ownership before we do sucha thing as boycott. Before you do so, check for yourself and convicne yourself first, not just by listening to otehrs or by sms.

    Do not let innocent people suffer.


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