Sin Chew reporter detained / Teresa Kok arrested

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Teresa Kok , the Selangor exco from DAP, was arrested under ISA as well. What has she done  to warrant this, I really do not know…

The only who sets fire is left alone, the one who reported the fire is arrested, and another one maybe just a bystander also get arrested.. Is that fair?  The people are smart, they know how to differentiate.

Now who else?


I just heard that Sin Chew reporter involved , Ms Tan  Hoon Cheng,  was detained tonight, at her BM home.

If the news is true, Why is this reporter detained? ( Update at 9.45pm, yes, this is now being reported in Malaysiakini, so it is true).tan hoon cheng 04 120908




Tan, photo from Malaysiakini


She is just doing her job of reporting what was said in a ceramah. Why wasn’t the culprit detained ? Wasn’t she the whistle blower?

Is this detention to appease the war lords in Penang?  Is this to warn other reporters not to report the truth? Who would want to be journalist any more, if by reporting what was said, a person is liable to be arrested?

I strongly condemn the detention of both RPK and this reporter. And I strongly urge the government to release RPK and this reporter immediately.

Component parties, now is the time to make your stand. Demand that they be released, or quit the coalition if you are powerless and helpless to influence even this.


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  1. Justin Choo
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:05:06

    I think condemning is not enough. It cannot work anymore. I hope the Pakatan politicians can make their moves fast to stop this misuse of power.


  2. klm
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:08:23

    If she is detained, I condemned this action.
    Why is Gerakan and MCA quiet about this?


  3. Monk
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:18:28

    Which parties supported the passing of this “jungle law” through parliament?

    Yes, both Gerakan and MCA will be making statements….how could they not……just watch.

    The Monk


  4. Dr Hsu
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:21:59

    yes, I agree with Monk.Component parties will make noise. And the noise will just be noise as UMNO has not changed and it can never be seen to bow to pressure from lesser souls such as MCA and Gerakan.

    Component parties can only have their voices heard if they take the brave step of stepping out of the coalition called BN.


  5. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:28:21

    Dr. Hsu & all

    Go read yourself is there any truth in this news. If true, Malaysia is a very scary place for us. Anything can happen. The link is here,


  6. Dr Hsu
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:31:37

    A true Malaysian, thanks for the link. What has the country comes to? This is really bolehland. What can I say anymore. Anything also can force.


  7. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:36:07

    Those in BN have lost their conscience? or just Umno only?

    Please help us, if you guys still have conscience with you.


  8. Sapatchai
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 22:47:54

    Biasa lah in Malaysia the whistle blower alway get the stick. You dont like it here you can leave and come to Thailand where you can take over the PM residence if you are not happy with his cooking. Anyone taking this offer.. hehehe…..


  9. TC
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 23:01:52

    Dr Hsu

    This is indeed a very sad day for Malaysia after 51 year of independence and nation building thru’ the effort of all citizen irrespective of race, gender, religion etc etc.
    Politician who are banrupt of ideas will always play the race card and use un-democratic/draconian law to suppress the common people. Why? One word ~ greed.


  10. yh
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 23:31:29

    dr hsu

    if that article on saiful is true, BN will be gone. Until there is concrete evidence, take it lightly. There’s too much spins these days.


  11. Kenny Gan
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 23:52:49

    The arrest of Sin Chew reporter Ms. Tan under ISA is without any basis and merely to appease the racist elements in Umno unhappy with Ahmad Ismail’s wrist slap.

    But racism is a zero sum game. While appeasing the Umno groups her arrest will also inflame the Chinese community. Not that the Chinese will take any unwise action but it will drive a wedge further between the govt and the Chinese community.

    This will put further pressure on Gerakan and MCA to pull out of BN. If they stay put, they will sever their last linkage with the Chinese community.

    Let’s hope Gerakan pull out of BN over this ISA crackdown and precipitate a breakup of BN.

    Will this also cause conscientious BN MPs to make Sept 16 a reality? Or will we remain trapped in the racial politics of Umno and contemplate wishfully at our lost future?


  12. yh
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 00:09:48

    latest: teresa kok is also arrested.

    dr hsu, I rest my case about this govt. gerakan will be tarred permanently.


  13. Scott Thong
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 00:13:11

    Ahmad Ismail: A Monty Python Sketch

    Dedicated to the three newspapers facing show cause letters, and especially the Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng arrested under the ISA…

    For reporting about Ahmad Ismail’s racism which merely got him suspended from UMNO for 3 years.


    The Ahmad Ismail Sketch

    An arrogant-looking man is standing on a street corner by a political party’s banner, shouting his message at passers-by.

    Arrogant Looking Man: Chinese are squatters! No equal rights for these pendatang! We will push the Chinese, push them, push them!!!

    Reporter Lady who passes by is shocked by his outburst, and quickly goes into a nearby police station.

    Reporter Lady: Excuse me, officer. I’d like to report an incident of Hate Speech.

    Officer #1: Ya ke? Serious ni! Err, what did this Hate Speech sound like, madam?

    Reporter Lady: Well, it was about the Chinese being squatters, and ‘push the Chinese’, and…

    Officer #1 looks shocked.

    Officer #1: Stop right there! I’m sorry madam, but I will have to arrest you for Hate Speech.

    Reporter Lady: Wh-what?! But I’m not giving any Hate Speech!

    Officer #1: Don’t take me for a fool, madam. You were saying it right here in front of me!

    Reporter Lady: But, but… I’m just telling you what a man out on street was saying! He was the one giving the Hate Speech!

    Officer #1: Well now, just cecause someone is a Hate Speecher, doesn’t mean that you have to go and get all full of Hate Speech yourself!

    Reporter Lady: But I’m not full of Hate Speech!

    Officer #1: Tell that to the judge!

    Officer #1 handcuffs the Reporter Lady..

    Another officer walks by.

    Officer #2: Good morning. What’s all this noise about? Can’t even have a teh tarik in peace…

    Officer #1: This woman has been uttering Hate Speech. Terrible!

    Officer #2: Hate Speech! Has this nation gone mad! To discriminate against your fellow Malaysians on the basis of ethnicity or religion. Shameful!

    Officer #1: Actually, she was saying hateful things about the Chinese.

    Reporter Lady: I was not!

    Officer #1: Madam, please! No more Hate Mongering out of you.

    Officer #2: Well, what did she say about the Chinese?

    Officer #1: Oh, she was talking about ‘push the Chinese squatters’ and so on…

    Officer #2 looks at Officer #1 in shock.

    Officer #2: I’m afraid I’m going to have to arrest you for Hate Speech, sir!

    Officer #1: Me? Hate Speech? Where got!?

    Officer #2: Oh yes you did, you said ‘push the Chinese squatters’ just now!

    Officer #2 slaps cuffs on Officer #1.

    Another arm in police uniform reaches from the off-screen and slaps cuffs on Officer #2’s wrist.

    Off-Screen Officer: I’m afraid I’ll have to book you for Hate Speech.

    Officer #2 looks at the screen.

    Officer #2: Adil juga!

    Sketch ends.


  14. Anak Malaysia
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 00:30:23


    As far as I’m concerned, I dont give a DAMNED about BN! I couldn’t care less about UMNO, MCA and MIC! These are parties who have outlived its purposes. Instead of fostering racial harmony, these parties end up being nothing but RACIST! That’s why, you wont hear me make any mentioned to MCA or MIC, as they are both useless and insignificant! UMNO is different as it has been the one single-handedly bulldozing through the politics of Malaysia, under the guise of multi-racial BN.

    However, GERAKAN is different! It was founded, among others by Syed Hussein Al-Atas and as a malay, I can identify with that. My apologies if I dont quite known the other founding fathers of GERAKAN like Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, Mr. V. Veerappan or others with exception to Dr. Lim Chong Eu, but I’m trying to address the short comings by reading more about them. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with the ideals of GERAKAN with the exception that as long as GERAKAN remains inside BN, ideals will be nothing but mere ideals. Useless, worthless and does not carry any weight at all…

    So GERAKAN, the time has come for a deep soul searching, re-trace the origins, the aspirations that translate into the ideals and stay true to it’s purpose! Stop dreaming and get real!

    A POLITICAL STABILITY under BN will only means to be politically subserviant to the ruling elite, all at the expense of justice and reedom…

    The FREEDOM TO REALIZE ONE POTENTIAL under BN will only means that your “freedom” will be taken away, the moment you start asking for it…


    A JUST and EQUAL SOCIETY under BN will only means UMNOPutra’s first, other BABA’s second and the multi ethnic rakyat last…

    A CULTURAL INTEGRATION under BN will only means you ends up having the rights of being racist under the respective race-based parties, under the guise of fostering racial harmony…

    A MONEY FREE POLITICS under BN will only be a distant dreams… How would you hope or expect for someone whose culture is to practice money politics to do away with it?

    What’s your say GERAKAN? Want to be heroes or it is just enough to be mere pretenders? Walk the talk GERAKAN or be DAMNED for the rest of your miserable life…


  15. A true Malaysian
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 00:44:05

    Anak Malaysia,

    The whole BN is rot. That’s why their grassroot members should resign em masse and leave those top fellows in BN.

    BN is racist.


  16. Anak Malaysia
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 01:12:09

    True Malaysia,

    I’ve stopped believing in BN since the 90’s. They never changed! They are so corrupt, rotting to the core and treats as if this country belongs only to them! I’ve never joined them before and never will…

    I hope my other fellow malaysians can rise through the occasions and stops identify themselves based on racial background. We’re but Malaysians and now our other Malaysians are being unjustly persecuted, without giving the right to self defense.

    I condemned all of this spineless, desperate act of cowardice and I hold all of these people as equally responsible:
    (1) PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – for allowing this to happen.
    (2) Minister Syed Hamid Albar – for invoking the acts.
    (3) BN and all componant parties of BN (UMNO/MCA/MIC/PGRM/SUPP/PBB/PPP/LDP/SAPP/PBRS/UPKO/PBS/SPDP/PRS) – for being a willing conspirator with UMNO’s elite, the true conspirator for this arrest.
    (4) Malaysian Police and Malaysian Supreme Courts – for not upholding the constitutions and the Laws, and for not being the protector’s to the common people from being abuse by the Executive…
    (5) All of the believers in BN – shame on you who have all of your hands tainted with this cowardice, injustice and opressive act…

    BN, you can go to HELL…


  17. jeff
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 02:30:30

    umnoputra will do whatever it take to hold on to political power in Malaysia, more arrest will come soon!!Beware.


  18. VoiceOfPolitics
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 08:06:15

    Dr Hsu,

    Please read my blog. VoiceOfPolitics will give you latest update on the detention of Tan Hoon Cheng.


  19. chaptokam
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 10:32:54

    Kenny Gan, Anak Malaysia

    I hope we get our perception and priorities right . Lambasting MCA, MIC or Gerakan for this is way out . These political parties were caught in this unwanted mess and are also in a dilemma . They Do Not control the Military nor the Police . UMNO controls everything . Asking MCA or Gerakan will see the establishment of NOC immediately with UMNO in full control . What you are suggesting is exactly what they want . I am a politician and I read them very well . With MCA and Gerakan and other parties out of BN does not mean the end of UMNO , think carefully what I am saying . Thereis another party lying low key by the sides . MCA with the rest has only 18 or more seats . PAS has 26 seats . If they were to join UMNO , the Malays will have absolute control of the govt with more than two thirds majority . Five state governments under PR will be reduced to just one ie Penang . Kelantan , Kedah , Perak will all revert to UMNO/PAS govt. Selangor will still be with PKRwith one seat majority. You can consider that as gone also . You want this situation ot happen , than continue asking MCA and Gerakan to leave . The Malays will be the govt and the Chinese and Indian based parties will ALL be in the opposition .MCA and Gerakan has much to lose in this . Imagine a one man wrecking crew in Ahmad Ismail can deteriorate to this !! So what does that make him out to be ? Agent Provocator ?? Go figure out .

    Do not simply follow what people post in the blogs . They may be having Chinese or Indian usernames but these people are all faceless . They may be PAS or UMNO supporters instigating young people to keep on asking the MCA and Gerakan to leave . Young people as they are not matured enough to see the overall picture . They only see the trees but not the forest .

    Coming back to our issue on hand . The main culprit is UMNO . Direct all comments to UMNO .
    UMNO has resorted to doing this as it has too many issues going and spinning out of control . To remain in power this is what happens . This has been forced into their hands . I had expected this to happen when they were denied two thirds majority immediately after the GE12 . But LOL it did not happen even though they lost two thirds majority and five state governments . If Mahathir had been the PM , that would have been it , Ops Lallang 2 followed up by NOC (emergency rule) .But Badawi didn’t do that . He gracefully accepted the defeat .
    The catalyst or the person responsible for this is none other than Anwar Ibrahim . He doesn’t know when to tone down his rethorics or when to stop but instead continued day and night with his Sept 16 takeover thru katakcracy .
    While the BN govt has legal and democratic mandate from the GE that was only held 6 mths ago, who gave these political hyenas the approval or right to topple the elected govt ?I think if we are to progress to a First World in terms of democracy, we need to start to respect and strengthen the instituitions of law and democracy rather than destroy them to suit his personal wishes.
    Anwar and his cult failed to realise that the way of using undemocratic way to gain power is a double-edged sword. Even if he gains power by an act of political piracy, he will lose his moral ground (that is if he has one to begin with) and there is nothing that to stop BN from using similar tactics to undermine his rule. The end result will be a highly polarised nation with both sides willing to sacrifice democracy,law and ethics to achieve their goals. This will only mean that the country will be plunged to chaos and possibly a civil war that will destroy the nation.
    5 states are held by the PR with a chance to showcase their accountable and transparent governance. This is the time to built up his team but he didn’t do that except with his personal obsession to topple the govt . Why can’t he wait until the next PRU ?
    Ever since the last GE, the only thing that drives PR and Anwar is the quest for power. They have been continually engaged in a war of attrition with BN in undermining them using mostly undemocratic and unethical tactics. Their drama at the Parliament, the use of RPK, bloggers and various proxies in producing disgusting but baseless SDs had only succeeded in putting BN on the defensive and focus on protecting their positions rather than carrying the promised reforms. Much of the BN leadership’s energies are spent on countering political machinations of Anwar rather than ruling the nation.
    Even the sodomy2 issue , if Anwar had not hired Saiful when told he was an UMNO mole , not promoted him on a fast track from worker to aide within 3 mths, not taken with him on his overseas tours , would sodomy2 have happen ? If he had been careful , with all those info about Saiful , so who’s to blame ? Himself or giving UMNO an opportunity to nail him ? Anwser is in my opinion HIMSELF ANWAR .
    With UMNO now in this precarious position having internal disunity and calls for Badawi and Najip to set a sooner transition date and a possibility of being challenge by Tengku Razaleh and Muhyideen and 916 , this ISA arrest is to cushion all these problems within and from outside UMNO .


  20. jeff
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 10:41:01

    Expect MCA n Gerakan to voice out , keep dreaming !! Better get use to it if stay foot in Malaysia. Same old stunt from Dr.M era. At first is the so-do-me part 2, then operation lallang part 2 to silent critics n opposition leaders, same old oppressive operation all over again to consolidate power.


  21. cilipadi
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 11:11:04


    What I can tell you that PAS will never join Umno. PAS leaders and members are true Muslims, have clear conscience and righteous.

    PAS won’t co-operate with Umno, I am very sure of that. If not, why they can rule Kelantan for so long?

    I guess you are a politician from MCA or Gerakan. With due respect, somehow members of MCA and Gerakan have been influenced or brainwashed by its leaders, who are puppets of Umno. Now is the time you should think ‘multiracial’ which all Malaysians aspire for. You should think as Malaysian first, Chinese second.

    The number games as you commented reflects exactly the ‘fear’ that was embedded in non-Umno BN parties.


  22. chaptokam
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 11:29:15


    PAS also has two factios within , one old led by Tok Aziz and the other younger group who were involved in the discussion with UMNO .
    Politics is such that it is all about power .So never rule out such scenerios . In politics there’s no long term enemy and no long term friend .

    MCA today is also undergoing an evolution . We voted for the opposition the last PRU12 to finish off all those candidates deem to be align to the present party president OKT . we will be having our party elections next month and this should see a new President elected . We believe there will be major changes to MCA’s current policy , and I think I can chart or contribute what everyone hopes Malaysian first ,Chinese second . Please see Chua Jui Meng’s speech on his going in for President .

    I post some of his statements for you to see;
    Asked whether he would advocate a one-party system in BN, he said: “Not necessarily. We can still be a Bangsa Malaysia in the treatment of the law.
    “We must return to the fundamentals of the Federal Constitution, which is all men are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law, so the law must not be discriminatory to anyone.”
    “I anticipated MCA’s problem three years ago in my manifesto and pleged new politics, new vision and a new MCA. But I did not expect the support for the party, especially from the Chinese community, to change so drastically. We must change MCA into a party of honour, incorruptible and a party that sets the tone for other parties in the country.”
    Chua pledged to transform the party’s:
    > mentality of little brother to Umno that prevents it from playing a more active role in formulating and deciding key policies;

    > spirit of fear that it will offend Umno brothers and lose its positions and privileges if MCA speaks out against policies that are obviously detrimental to the unity and development of the nation; and

    > focus to major issues and national policies instead of just social and welfare projects.
    Chua urged MCA’s central delegates on Oct 18 to vote for a senior leader with sufficient experience in the Cabinet.


  23. klm
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 11:44:15

    I think it is time for Gerakan members to take a position with your party. Gerakan has to leave BN if it to be meanging ful. Else the other option is to disband.

    There is no point having ineffectual leaders who do nothing useful for the people. They only provide a backdrop to other parties. Can I say Gerakan is an ornament, a flower pot?


  24. cilipadi
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 12:02:51


    There is no way those in BN to leave BN and just let Umno remain solely in BN.

    Umno just want others to so-called represent their communities so as to paint a ‘multiracial’ picture in BN, people live in harmony, people tolerate each other and so on.


  25. freedomwarrior101
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 16:52:23

    I always hope the Sept 16 “change of government” will not materialise.

    But based on what is happening lately, the actions taken by the government is like treating us (rakyat) as stupid fools. Got no brain to think what is right and what is wrong.

    I really make a mistake by voting and campaining for BN in the general election, as a Gerakan member.

    Let’s not make the mistake twice, “SEPT 16 LET’S CHANGE” . (p/s : although I don’t like Anwar personally).


  26. chaptokam
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 18:16:53

    Dr and Everyone

    Good News the Sin Chew reporter has been released today according to Botak the Home Minister . He mentioned Tan held for her own safety , What utter Rubbish , think we are all chidren ! under ISA for her own safety ? What an idiot making such statement .
    Overzealous (S)haw (B)rothers of Peace Hill simply groping anyone just to show their producers and directors they are doing their job . This is a very bad production and their movie has received very bad ratings from the public .


  27. suchfun
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 21:57:26

    If need to protect a person, need to take her from bukit mertajam to bukit aman? cannot protect her in bukit mertajam meh?


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