A small candle attempting to light the bigger lights

I am very touched by the comments and support shown in the previous post, the Thorn is trying to go deeper. And I agree with A True Malaysian and romerz that perhaps, a little campaigning on my own blog is not unfair since this is my personal blog.

Although there is no resolution on Party future direction this time, many top leaders are now agreeablte for a EGM just to discuss this. Since as Romerz has mentioned in one of the comments (romerz is Dr Koh’s personal friend), that before this Dr Koh was acting and has no mandate. So now that he is confirmed as a president , by virtue of being unchallenged, he has got the mandate to call a EGM to discuss the issue of Gerakan going back to its ideology, its grassroots and the people. And that means , the party will have to let members decide its future direction, in or out BN.

No one is challenging Dr Koh since firstly, even if someone won against Dr Koh (whish is unlikely ), let me call this someone rebel,  the party ‘s decision on its direction is set by the Central Working Committe, an inner circle of the  Central Committee. If most of the CWC votes against the ‘rebel’ president, the ‘rebel’ president would be a lameduck . not unlike Pak Lah.

I hope to go into the CC to bring the voices of the grassroots inside and argue with all CC members with logic and common sense and those points that I have listed in my articles in my blog. I hope to change the mindset of the decision making leaders.  Without changing the mindsets, just by changing the head but the whole body and tail still against you, no reform can be carried out.

My campaign theme is : I am a small candle hoping to go in the CC to light up the biggger lights. And that is to change the mindset. If I can change the mindset of many of my members, i hope to be able to change the mindsets of the leaders too. Let us debate the pros and cons, let us speak without fear or favour, let us put the people’s interest before party and self.

The whole party has known me as a person who has never wanted any positions and speak from my heart. . Now, Gerakan has no “Kang Dou” to offer, and my going in will not be view as an oppotunist, but as a reformist. And that is what I am, bringing the voices of the blogosphere, and the people into the  leadership,  if I can surmount the almost impossible task of this contest.

I am thankful to some members who have already circulatig sms to help me campaign, without myself asking them so. I am thankful to them. Some have come forward to offer to distribute my campaign cards, and many encouragements via phones and sms. Thank you.

This is my campaign card:


Vote for   39


Dr Hsu Dar Ren      徐達人醫生


我像一支小蜡烛, 希望能以本身微弱的光亮, 尽一份力,協助點亮更大的明燈, 使这个世界变的更合理更公平.


I am a small candle, trying to use my light , to help light up bigger lights, so that we can get back our brightness and a fair and equal society.


Please read my blog  請讀我的blog : Dr Hsu’s Forum https://hsudarren.wordpress.com)   





This is my platform

After much considerations , I have decided to offer myself as a candidate for the upcoming Party Central Committee Election.


At this moment , the whole party is at a crossroad, and I feel that I should be able to contribute to try to make certain changes to strengthen the party, and to speak without fear or favour, as in what I did consistently in my blog“Dr Hsu’s Forum”,  to bring the voices of the grassroots and the people into the party leadership.


I believe and I have voiced out repeatedly that the Party should go back to its ideology, its grassroots and to the people. I would certainly voice out on these:


1.     Go back to the ideology:

·        Fight for a fair and equal society

·        voice out against the continued implementation of the NEP;;

·        voice out against race-based politics which has contributed to the polarization of the various races;

·        voice out on the right to religious freedom.


2.     Go back to the people

·        There must be better governance, transparency and accountability.

·        We need to call for the establishment of a ICAC and IPCMC;

·        We must push for a really independent judiciary, a first step would be the establishment of a Judicial Appointments Commission;

·        We must push for a freer press and do away with the Printing Press and Publications Act, as a free press will give feedback of the people to the government.

·        Abolish the Internal Security Act

·        Bring back the excellence that we have lost in the fields of education, economy, sports, civil service and everyday life by  emphasizing meritocracy.



3.     Go Back to the grassroots.


·        To push for more dialogues and consultation among leaders and grassroots

·        to call for a referendum to determine the direction of the party if and when the above objectives of going back to our ideology and the people cannot be achieved. This must be done within a certain time frame.


The leadership must really consider the option of coming out of BN if we cannot push through any reform within BN and UMNO based on the above 3 main agenda.



These are the main objectives that I am seeking, and for more of my thoughts and my ideas, please refer to my blog : Dr Hsu’s Forum ( https://hsudarren.wordpress.com) . There are over 600 articles which I have written on the above points.



I  believe that Sdr and Sdri would consider supporting me and I thank you in advance.



Thank You.



Dr Hsu Dar Ren


經過一番仔細的思考后, 我決定參與中委會的選舉.   


國家和我黨, 正面對着許多問題. 我希望可以本着我一路來 在我的網站 Dr Hsu’s Forum (https://hsudarren.wordpress.com) 的作風, 無畏無私的把基層黨員和人民的心聲, 帶入領導層.


我希望能協助黨領導層, 貫徹 3個回歸:  回歸到黨的理念, 回歸到基層, 回歸到人民.


1.    回歸到黨的理念

·        創立一個公平合理不分種族的社會

·        廢除新經濟政策

·        反對走種族路線的政治

·        保護宗教信仰自由的權利


2.    回歸人民

·        推行好的政務, 要有透明度, 要有公信力, 改善行政偏差

·        消滅貪污, 爭取設立 ‘廉政公署’.

·        還我三權分立. 爭取保障司法界獨立, 不受干涉.

·        爭取新聞自由, 廢除現有的  “印刷出版”法令

·        保障人權自由,廢除 ISA

·           還我 “優積制度”.


3.    回歸到基層

·        爭取更多領袖和基層的交流和對話, 聽取和接納更多基層的意見.

  • 如果我黨在國陣內,不能貫徹, 回歸到黨的理念,回歸到人民, 我黨應要進行一項 公投, 讓全體中央代表,決定我黨的未來方向.


我像一支小蜡烛, 希望能以本身微弱的光亮, 声音和力量,尽一份力,使这个世界变的更好更公平。你会笑我不自量力,但我不会介意。一支小蜡烛,光亮虽弱,也会为在黑暗地方的人,带来一线光明和希望。







24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. klm
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 15:58:15

    You have my best wishes.

    Your strong point is that yo have thought a lot about the issues.


  2. LHHeng
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 16:04:38

    Dr. please go ahead and do what is require to knock some sense into these guys.
    Pardon me for my crudeness.
    They are floating like leaves not knowing where they are going to land for too long.
    I am sure you are needed to save Gerakan before it ends up in a garbage truck.
    Good luck.


  3. Rashid
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 16:33:07

    You are a ray of hope of Gerakan. You are honest and articulate and though I’m not a Gerakan member, I must say had the party being led by visionary and brave men (and women) like you, it wouldn’t have sunk. It will never recover when all concentious people from BN are leaving and joining the forces of good. Why would Zaid Ibrahim, a towering Malay leave BN and Umno to join the PR bandwagon and Gerakan remain subservient to Umno? Isn’t that self infliction?


  4. Rashid
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 16:37:51


    To add what I have said, there is a Kiswahili) proverb which says: Msiba wa kujitakia hauna “pole”. (A self inflicted pain doesn’t grant you “sorry”) If you want to be trampled upon (by staying with Umno), then you shouldn’t expect others to feel any pain for you. That’s why an Arab poet said:

    Whoever wishes to be humiliated, humiliation shall become easy for him. And a dead goat doesn’t complain of skinning. It seems Gerakan has died that it doesn’t complain and bcoz it has bee declared “dead officially.” As a medical Dr, you may (alongside the moral beings in Gerakan), you may do some resuscitation and see if the child can be saved. Wish you well Dr Hsu.


  5. Gary Yeoh
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 17:44:35

    Dr Hsu,

    I hope there are still some good people in Gerakan that understand what you are attempting to do. As I have said before, Gerakan has truly lost its ideology.

    However, I admire your valiant effort to resuscitate Gerakan. I hope you are not on a lost cause. Even if I think you are, you have to give it the best shot you have.

    Good Luck.


  6. A true Malaysian
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 21:09:09

    To me, Dr. Hsu’s ‘manifesto’ sound more like the one of Pakatan Rakyat. Perhaps, Dr. Hsu’s one touches more precisely on bringing back ‘meritocracy’ into our system.

    Just presumed if Dr. Hsu manages to convince Gerakan and Umno to adopt his manifesto, irrespective whether Dr. Hsu being elected as a member of CC, would it be nice for Malaysia as a whole? Then we proudly say 2-party system are born in the true sense of the word.

    If we can be in that kind of ideal situation, then Rakyat can vote according to calibre of the candidates, and not party. If Dr. Hsu succeeded in his attempt, then very soon he shall be elected as MP or ADUN on ‘calibre’ basis, not on ‘party’.

    But if Dr. Hsu not succeeded, then I can safely presume the central delegates of Gerakan are all blind.

    I am not campaigning for Dr. Hsu here since I am not belong to any political party. All I wish to say that Dr. Hsu’s view points are ‘universally’ accepted by any people with the right frame of mind.


  7. CYC
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 13:56:30

    Dr Hsu,

    As much i admire your courage and perseverance to help or save Gerakan, i feel sorry for you as the ship already sunk.

    Malaysian always live in an dream world, hoping every bad/bias episode can miraculously transform into something perfect just like that. We always lean towards something in existence irrespective of its usefulness. Hence, we are afraid to let go something which may outlive its relevance. I am afraid we need some kind of mental revolution rather than evolution. Its kind of complete change rather than just changing its appearance only and not its soul.

    I dare say that Gerakan, MCA and MIC’s survival are solely dependent of UMNO. If UMNO can survive its factional in fighting in the coming party election, it may leads to its revival and hence MCA, Gerakan etc. Otherwise, i don’t foresee any of these “pendatang” parties to be relevant anymore.

    However, with the spirit of free speech and independent thinking, may i extend my best wishes to Dr Hsu in achieving his noble aspiration.


  8. VoiceOfPolitics
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 14:34:30

    Dr Hsu,

    I hope that one vote on my hand, can make a change for Gerakan.

    You have my vote.

    More importantly, walk the talk.

    Whether you voted in or not, you shall always speak for the member, people and the nation.


  9. A true Malaysian
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 15:15:42


    I have the same view with you that Gerakan, MCA and MIC were dependent on Umno to get votes to win seats allocated to them. I mentioned this point before March 8, 2008 GE. A recent article in Malaysiakini with statistic to back up his points also concluded our views on this matter.

    Even it is so hard to convince Gerakan leaders to opt out of BN, the task is definitely harder to convince voters at large to vote Gerakan while it is in BN.

    Perhaps, if Dr. Hsu is voted into CC, scenario may be different? His task may be easier if more ‘new’ Gerakan leaders think like him.


  10. AY
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 17:37:43

    Great to meet you last Sat. Best wishes! Keep up the great job!


  11. cruzeiro
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 17:58:49

    By all means light your candle, Hsu!

    IMHO, those you light it for have long been blinded and desensitized to any ideals that you speak of.
    And to reform as a component of a racist BN is delusional at best – akin to flogging a dead horse ….
    No offense intended, Hsu.

    For what it’s worth – all the best.


  12. Killi Valavan
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 18:02:37

    good luck Doc . Also , though not directly stated in your campaign message , pls strieve to pull more members and leaders from different races into GR . To many lay people GR sounds more a chinese party . Wish you all the best !


  13. Michael Ng
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 20:40:33

    Dr. Hsu,
    You have my vote and hope this vote will bring more solid changes to Gerakan and BN. Good Luck


  14. King Crab
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 23:38:48

    Dr. Hsu,

    You will have my vote.. I have urge Gerakan to leave BN 4 months ago to salvage some little dignity they may still have after March 8 GE. Gerakan much get itself into the correct platform before any reform to the party can be make.

    Good Luck to your quest for the CC past.


  15. King Crab
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 23:40:44

    Dr. Hsu,

    You will have my vote.. I have urged Gerakan to leave BN 4 months ago to salvage some little dignity they may still have after March 8 GE. Gerakan must get itself into the correct platform before any reform to the party can be make.

    Good Luck to your quest for the CC post.


  16. romerz
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 02:50:44

    Met Dr Hsu tonight for the 1st time tonight. He is tall!!!

    Judging from the people we met tonight, doc should be in. I would like to vouch that he is as vocal in real life as he is in this forum! We had an interesting conversation with the president as well. Full of banter but with undertones.

    Anyway, the president suggested a debate amongst us before month end which I’m looking forward to.

    I won’t say much more until after the debate but there is a time frame. Longer than I would have wished but reasonable nonetheless.


  17. Taikohtai
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 09:41:10

    Dr Hsu,

    Good luck to you with your dreams of salvaging a sinking ship with a single life preserver. I happen to believe that UMNO is merely rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic goes down.
    But should you fail, I hope you realise that you do have to move on. There’s another pile of wood waiting to be lit. Unlike BN’s stinking pile of damp, foul, smelly and rotting dump, Pakatan Rakyat’s a bit on the green side – a freshly pile of chopped timber waiting for action. Yes, the rakyat’s starving and need your candle fire to cook their next meal.


  18. A true Malaysian
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 11:06:21


    It was good for you to meet Dr. Hsu. I said before the tv serial that I like most is ‘Jewel’ in the ‘Palace’. Dr. Hsu is indeed ‘Jewel’ in the ‘Gerakan’.

    Coincidentally, the one in ‘Palace’ was Zhang Jin (长今) who fought for justice for her country and was ultimately became a famous doctor and being conferred as Da Zhang Jin (大长今), our ‘Jewel’ in the Gerakan is also a doctor.

    The tv serial ended with good ending and I believe Dr. Hsu, who has the same kind of spirit in him to fight for ultimate justice of our country will be voted into the CC of Gerakan.


  19. A true Malaysian
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 11:15:30

    I forgot to add, Zhang Jin was a kitchen maid before she became a doctor.

    Dr. Hsu was a ‘poor student’ (窮书生) and survive in unfair condition to become a doctor.


  20. Vincent Ho
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 12:18:18

    It only takes a spark to get the fire going. A light in the darkness by a lone candle is what needs to shine thru these gloomy days after GE 308.

    A voice how faint is still a voice, as silence can be deafening. Be how small, how alone, you can always count that there’s always people by your side.

    I’ll be there not as a delegate to the main body but a delegate to the youth who would also wish the same be the outcome in PEMUDA.

    Come the day of battle, arise all men who stands for change, Arise…and bear arms and be counted.

    Dr. Hsu you are not alone…SATU HATI!


  21. Rights for all
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 21:38:01

    Dr. Hsu,

    Congratulation on your win. Keep up the good work.


  22. langchiapek
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 19:18:29

    Congratulation for your entrance to the central committee, hope that you can continue what Dr Toh Kin Woon had been fighting for all this while.

    Regards – LCP


  23. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 21:53:47

    What Lim Kit Siang said about Gerakan was indeed very true. The just concluded NDC has missed the opportunity being a party that “has finally come of age as a political party”


    Your total votes (2nd highest) that you get have sent a very strong message to Gerakan leadership that a lot of Gerakan members are ‘unhappy’ with the current set-up of the party since your platform for your contest are more like the one of Pakatan Rakyat.

    I count on these members who voted you into CC. Please continue giving your full supports to Dr. Hsu. You guys have proved me wrong, you are not ‘blind’.


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