5 crucial months

The Prime Minister has decided to step down after March 2009 . This has been expected given the maneuvering and politicking in the past few months , following the disastrous results in the March 8 GE , especially in West Malaysia.

Now he has barely 6 months in his term.

These 5 months can , however, be the most crucial period of his political life. He can choose to step back and relax, in which case history may not have kind words for him, apart from the fact that he has opened up Malaysia a wee bit, following the strong man rule of his predecessor.

Or, if he cares for how history views his legacy, he can push through the reforms that he has advocated in 2004 as well as the 2008 GE.

At the very least, he should push for an ICAC and a Judicial Appointments Commission. An ICAC will slowly change the culture of corruption that is now so rampant, that even certain MP can ask the authority to “close one eye”.  To have a truly Independent Commission of Anti corruption will go a long way to tackle the corrupt practices that have added cost to doing business and that have contributed to so much of our nation’s woes. Get a few big fish and the rest will feel the pressure.

An Independent Judiciary is the basis of democracy and the foundation stone of the concept of “Rule by Law”.  All men, irrespective of his social status, must be treated fairly and equally under the law, and an Independent Judiciary will be the best guarantee for that basic right.

 Our Judiciary, as we all know from the Lingam Tape Royal Commission report, has been subjected to influence and interference from the executive, which runs counter to the concept of separation of powers, the basic tenet of democracy. So, the PM  must really push through the establishment of this Commission, which will be the first step toward the long journey to gain back the past glory and respect of our Judiciary.

Another thing which the PM should push is to abolish the NEP. There is a recent survey by Merdeka Centre that the majority of Malaysians wanted NEP to be abolished, including 65 percent of our Malay brothers.

The NEP which has good objectives of restructuring the society and eradicate poverty irrespective of race but has been skewed to suit certain interests,  has been the main reason for the polarisation of the various ethnic groups and the loss of meritocracy as well as the decreasing  competitiveness in the economic arena. While it is difficult to dismantle something that has been in place for so many years, at least the PM can take certain steps to initiate this change. Affirmative actions should rightly be based on ” merits” and “need”.

As PM, he still has the power to do so, and since he has already decided to step down, there is really no eed to please anyone in UMNO anymore except to lay down the foundation for the betterment of the country and the people. Push these as hard as possible, and the people will be behind him in this war against the corrupt warlords and little Napoleons.

With five months to go, those who are pessimistic will say that he would be a lame duck PM, but those who are optimistic consider this the best opportunity to carry out reforms. How history views him will depend on his resolve and commitment in these few months to initiate change.


30 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. petestop
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 12:29:54

    At the height of his popularity after 2004 GE, with the same promise of reform, yet nothing is done.

    What do you think he can do in 5 month, without even support from his own party ??

    He is just a lame duck PM for next 5 month.

    Mahathir is right, he should just step down immediately, instead of making an embarrassment of himself.


  2. Brian Fong
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 13:34:00

    i want to be optimistic but i cant given that he has “never” deliver on his promises and have most time did the opposite of what he promise with the straightest poker pot-marks face.

    besides, pushing thru reform is not akin to switching on / off your remote.

    we are talking about major change management – not a transitional one but a transformation.

    the only minister who wanted to practice what he preaches have left/ousted – with AAB standing alone there – how can he affect change when he dont have the project team, when he is unable to even sustain his position?

    no sir, i dont think anything will happen. it will be just another of his rhetoric.

    our best hope is a change pushing from the outside. (by the people power and the opposition parties)

    internal change will never happen.


  3. Peter Yew
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 13:56:11

    I am hoping against hope that he will indeed carry out the reforms he promised. But then again, he was very good in making promises that he could not execute. If indeed he can initiate some of the reforms we will not see them implemented by the time he steps down. It will be left to the new PM to enforce them and that is a big question.

    Pak Lah is a nice guy with the wrong job. He did not have the strength to carry out his reform agenda in the 5 years so I have my doubts he can in 5 months. If he can then he has only himself to be blamed for losing the March 8 election for lagging on the reform timetable.


  4. klm
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:26:16

    This just prolonging the misery. It is slow dying cancer. We should remove the remove the cartharsis quickly. Remove the source of misery
    fast and let the curing start.


  5. nick
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:39:28

    AAB is the Master Commander of the ship. We have been sailing for 5 years with him at the helm. In the beginning, we were all excited as we listened to all his promises of new lands and new opportunities hidden in secret corridors. But then, the ship never docked. We have been sailing and we never approached any promised land. In fact, throughout the entire journey, we were repeatedly lied to. One day, he said “yes”, next day, he said “no”. This went on repeatedly like the sea waves “flipping” and “flopping”. After 5 years of sailing to nowhere, we are all tired. Our supplies are dwindling, our medicines are running out. The quartermaster kept dorking our pay as the cost of supplies kept going up. Recently, to quell the rebellion, he resorted to use a draconian act called “I Simply Arrest”. This is beyond fairness. We now want to go home. Most of us common sailors have grown up and now we are tired of empty promises. You ask me what will happen the next 5 months? Enough! Just let me go home, please.


  6. KongKor
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:44:57

    I am sorry but have to think it’s all hype and as usual, No Action Talk Only.

    Pak Lah is well known for saying one thing and doing the exactly the opposite.

    Write off case.


  7. CYC
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 17:26:59

    Sorry to hear that so many intellectuals still dream about changes may arrive right in front of us miraculously. Are there so many smart people out there who still believe in creating wealth through magic? I m dumb founded by the wisdom of all those Gerakan thinkers.

    Wonder why intelligence is not equal to wisdom ? Perhaps Justin could explain that. May all be well and happy always.


  8. Justin Choo
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 17:45:44

    Lame duck?? DEAD DUCK.


  9. clearwater
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 17:57:55

    I believe Pak Lah means well but he does not have the gumption to push through any meaningful reforms. Faced with strong resistance from reactionary forces within Umno, the Police and Judiciary, he will probably choose the path of least resistance and do nothing [much]. Sad but that is how I have come to judge his character. I would be pleased to be proven wrong.


  10. A true Malaysian
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 18:40:03

    Reports in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insiders indicated that Pak Lah could not care less how people will remember him as a PM.

    From these reports, my bet is that Pak Lah would waste his next 5 months.

    Our hope is with Pakatan Rakyat. Justin is right, the duck is ‘dead’. 😎


  11. A true Malaysian
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 19:55:15

    Yet, I hope Pak Lah will prove me wrong.

    Court cases involving RPK and DSAI will see more skeletons come out from closets, just keep our fingers crossed.


  12. zztop
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 20:02:56

    I sincerely wish this guy can really accomplish at least 50% what he has promised. However, with his “incredible” credentials I have gave up all hope.
    By the way, here is one good comments from one blogger in MT today. Good piece of info:-

    Meanwhile I have pasted comments from one blogger in MT:-
    “When it was highlighted that an ex-child genius was working as a high-class prostitute in UK, so many UMNO people offered to help her, but when so many young Penan girls were raped and taken advantage of, what do we have – silence????? Why – is it becoz there’s no glamour in protecting the native rights? Or you think it would be too troublesome? Or was it that you guys prefer to deal with cases that allows you to travel abroad or go holiday on the reason that you’re helping these people?

    So to the Puteras and Puteris of UMNO – you placed prostitutes and Mat Rempits above rape victims? Yeah – Again, your hypocrisy has shone ever so brightly again.”


    – miniaturz at Citizen’s Blog, The Star


  13. bolanliap
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 23:24:01



  14. Mr X
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 05:59:35

    Three new Polls on UMNO Elections: –
    1. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
    2. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?
    3. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
    HERE – http://thexblogs.blogspot.com/


  15. klm
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 14:13:32

    I just read this in Malaysian Insider:

    Koh dubs Pak Lah ‘Father of Democratic Reforms

    What kind of bottom licking idiot is this Koh Tsu Koon. Pak Lah had not done anything – not to mention a single reform.

    I would blame Gerakan members for letting KTK become president without opposition. See what you have done.


  16. for nikki
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 17:36:44

    Dr Hsu,

    The PM could have done so much for us these few years but he lacked the courage, fortitude etc to do it. We were waiting for the commander in him to step forth but he chose to let others do the bidding(and planning) for him.

    I still remember him running off to Australia for a holiday when parts of southern Malaysia were severely affected by the floods. I will never understand why he did that. He didn’t have it then and he won’t have it now especially with everyone deserting him and coalescing around the so called new leader.


  17. goldenscreen
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 21:31:05

    Abdullah will definitely not be able to do any meaningful reforms. The center of power in UMNO has already shifted to the Najib-Muhyiddin-Mahathir-Rosmah axis. All senior civil servants, politicians, warlords, police officers, generals etc. will now be gathering around the new axis of power. Who cares what Abdullah says now anyway? Nobody within the institutions of power will follow his reforms.

    The future is bleaker than before March 2008. With Rosmah as the all-powerful first lady, Mahathir pulling the strings of the ultras, Muhyiddin controlling the warlords..we are in for one hell of a ride. My prediction is there will be a massive repression against HINDRAF soon. Mark my words.


  18. james
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 03:34:22

    That FOOL made himself the biggest brownnoser in Malaysia!


  19. EvanAlmighty
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 08:49:27


    Congratulaion for elected as Gerakan PCC. We hope that Gerakan new elected leaders can come out with their better action plans.

    We rakyat in Penang will evaluate PR state government performance. At the same time, will evaluate state BN/Gerakan roles as oposition. In my opinion, the BN/ Gerakan performance so far is very very unstatisfactory!!!! What can I recalled is UMNO leaders “Pendatang” issue & their proposal to cancel Pg few mega projects. This already badlly hurt our feeling.

    Gerakan has no choice, either do much more better or die forever……..


  20. pohwatchdog
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 10:36:50

    Give a chance to Gerakan to play their role as opposition in PR led state. Just like other bloggers beg to be different for PR government. It is time for Gerakan to restrategise their role not as government in State but government in Federal level

    Everyone of us as voter will decide who ever or which ever can perform for a fair and just society, we will give them a chance. Gerakan team in the latest party election had decided by delegates. Is it not time we will see Gerakan need to work harder coz voters getting wiser?


  21. clearwater
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 10:45:45

    Congrats. There is still hope for Gerakan . The grassroots can still think for themselves and the party. Your election to the PCC shows that. I think of you as the candle in the wind that won’t go out; always showing the way, sometimes dim, sometimes bright, but always lit. So that others may follow, some with torch lights, some with searchlights till the path is illuminated for all and sundry to follow.


  22. Justin Choo
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 15:32:26

    Dr Hsu,

    I did not follow current events in Gerakan, but understood that you are IN. Congratulations!

    Now I want to wet blanket a bit, knowing that you can take contrary comments. This is also one of your virtues, otherwise you wouldn’t get to know my inner thoughts.

    Ok: Your thorn may be sharp, but as I said the flesh is putrefied. Your small candle may still be flickering, but the others have no wick in them.

    You cannot change the mindset of the current incumbent simply because of their skeletons, baggages, and/or vested interests in the cupboard.

    The only way left for you is to “reinvent” and bring in a completely new set of wardrobes.


  23. klm
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 15:47:42

    Sounds like our Dr Hsu in the CWC. Congrats.
    Please sharpen your thorns. Sounds like our non medical doctor Koh Tsu Koon had eaten something bad. Hope it is not contagious.

    Dr. Hsu. Go stick your thorns into him and make him wake uo.


  24. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:04:47

    Really, Dr. Hsu in CC?

    Any link to this news?

    Can Dr. Hsu confirm?


  25. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:45:54

    It is confirmed Dr. Hsu is elected into CC with 977 votes. 2nd highest, if not wrong.


    3. 谢顺海(1174票,当选)
    38. 徐达人(977票,当选)

    Congratulations, Dr. Hsu.


  26. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:50:01

    Did you consider this an ‘upset’, Dr. Hsu? Not to me at least, I know you will be selected.

    Gerakan central delegates are not blind, after all.

    Next step, fight for Gerakan to be out of BN.


  27. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:54:55

    “The delegates have urged the leadership to be more vocal. That is the direction that they want,” said newly elected central committee member Dr Hsu Dar Ren.

    Extracted from Malaysiakini.


  28. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 18:58:47

    Newly elected Women’s wing deputy chief Ng Siew Lai chose to look at Gerakan’s new role in BN from the perspective of a family.

    She said it now behoved Gerakan to be the “bad son”, that has to speak out against other family members such as the “big brother” or “bad father” even if that meant being “disowned” one day.

    “It means that as a concerned as member of the BN family, we have to criticise when we see our family members doing wrong.

    “Maybe some of the family members in the family won’t be happy, but it doesn’t matter because in the long run, it has to be done to look after the family,” Ng said.

    But what if a resurgent and critical Gerakan doesn’t gain acceptance with the BN family?

    “It doesn’t matter. Even if it makes ‘big brother’ unhappy, it doesn’t mean we should keep quiet, that is not our way,” said another delegate, on condition of anonymity.

    Further extracted from Malaysiakini. Sound good, but why remain ‘anonymity’? Shouldn’t right if you decided to speak without ‘fear and favour’?


  29. A true Malaysian
    Oct 12, 2008 @ 19:03:44

    Irrespective of the above, I still hold on to my opinion that Gerakan cannot do much within BN.


  30. zztop
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 20:19:46

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