Hollywood, politics, religions and HIV carriers

Last 2 days I was  very busy. SO many people are down with the flu bugs that I have not been so busy for a while… Added to this , 2 of my desktops in my clinic went crazy, one restarting and restarting all the time, and the other one restarting and asking for password which is not installed in the first place… So I have to send them to my friend at the “Computer War” shop in PJ SS2 (free advertisement for this great shop)..

The restarting one was condemned; something wrong with the mother board. The other would have to be reformatted, possibly due to a virus which attacked while opening emails, despite the free AVG anti viral software that i use and update regularly — my eldsest daughter would be pestering me to change to Apple , “NO virus attacks apple lah”–  So i have to put on the moderation mode in the blog yesterday.

Now I am writing from my old but reliable workhorse –  touch wood I hope it won’t fail me now-  a notebook I bought many years ago.

A few things I wish to comment today.

Firstly, I would like to comment on the suggestion By Husam Musa, PAS vice president , that if Pakatan wins the Federal government , Hudud law would be introduced.

I am glad that DAP came out strongly, especially the old lion Karpal Singh who had once famously said “over my dead body”.

I am always fearful of the intention of PAS in the Pakatan coalition. I am of the view that no matter how good is the religion, and Islam is certainly a great religion, politics and religion should not be mixed.

60% of Malaysians are Muslim, which means that 40% are non. This is a sizeable number. To subject this 40% of non under the law of a religion in which they do not practise is not fair and is against their will and their respective religions .

Malaysia is a secular country and should remain as one. This is because religion is something personal. No one can force a person to believe in a religion other then his own.. Even if you can forcibly convert someone, you cannot convert his inner thoughts… And religions depend on a person’s inner thoughts and inner acceptance of its teachings.

I have advocated Gerakan to pull out of BN and be on its own, and not join Pakatan. It can support the good policies of Pakatan, but for hudud law, it is a big no no…By not joining in a coalition like Pakatan, it would not be caught in the position like DAP now, having to rebuke its partner’s view and at the same time has to ask for the stand of Anwar and Keadilan. The whole hudud issue in Pakatan is like the Sword of Damocles, ever ready to drop and cut loose the coalition.

PAS and DAP join hands because of a common enemy, UMNO. If this common enemy loses power and is no longer relevant, can these 2 parties work together? That is the big question.

PAS should abandon its hudud agenda; it must realise that in a multireligious country, to impose religious law of one religion would not be well accepted.


Local film makers are asking the authority to raise the movie tickets for Hollywood shows to RM 20 per tickets, because local films cannot compete .

I was shocked at this request… Protectionist mentality again.. I am an avid film goer, and take my family to see shows regularly, and many in the cities are like me, as this is one entertainment that whole family can go together.

If local movie makers want to sell more tickets or attract more people to see its production, it  should improve its quality, and not by asking authority to raise movie ticket prices for Hollywood movies. This is like punishing the local movie goers for the incompetency of the local movie producers.

This is exactly the same case like our Proton cars.

Malaysians must get rid of this protectionist mentality. If you want customers , you must go the extra mile to get the customers, not by imposing restrictions on your competitors… That way, the local film industries can never improve.

When will Malaysians learn this important lesson? The world is rapidly becoming globalised and we are still inside our cocoon, depending on the outer husk to protect us..

What the local film producers can do is to reduce their ticket prices by RM2 – at the momemt , they are charging the same price for their tickets as those Blockbusters movies from the West- , since their production cost is much much lower ..

I remember in the 60s, there was one good Hindi movie showing in Penang, and almost every Penangite then, irrespective of race, went to see this show… This shows that if you are good, you can attract people to come and see…


The third thing is the HIV suffers. Someone -MB of Perak whom i have much respect for – has suggested that HIV sufferers be quarantined. He may have good intention, but this will not work and would only drive all the HIV cases underground.

HIV carriers look normal before the illness strikes. There is no way to tell except for a blood test. If you lock them all up, who would come go for the HIV tests?

Those who are carriers would deny their illness and go undergound . They would not get proper counselling and there is no way to track them.

The best way top control STD is actually contact tracing, like what is done in Singapore and overseas. You treat the person, and ask him how many contacts he had (sexually), track these contacts and check their blood status. If positive, give them counseling , ask them to use condoms and so on. If negative, they must be kept under surveillance until the window period is over..

Drug addicts from a major proportion of HIV carriers in Malaysia. This group too must be given help to kick the habits.   This is  the ‘ i couldn’t care less’ group because they feel that they are hopeless, and society has abandoned them-which is not really true- and the stigma of being a drug addict is the main reason that they go back to this habits again and again, even after repeated rehabilitation. Society must help this group… It would do the MB a lot of good if he can initiate a fund to help the HIv sufferers, especially those with drug addiction, instead of suggesting to shut them up.


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  1. A true Malaysian
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 15:20:46

    Romerz touches on the topic of hudud laws as well under the title “HUDUD-IS IT POSSIBLE”. Below is my view on this,

    Hudud Law is not possible for the following reasons:-

    (1) No one actually know what is this Hudud Law, even Muslims themselves themselves are unclear

    (2) If the people supposed to introduce Hudud Law are full of sin, they themselves will be implicated by this law. Just look at selective prosecutions like rape cases that involve Muslims. Why not prosecute under Syariah Law?

    (3) RPK also say not possible in his article ‘THE CONSTANTLY GRUMBLE CHINESE’

    To me, Hudud Law always been playing up during election. It is all these politicians gimmick.

    As Kuala Trengganu bye-election is coming soon, this Hudud Law issue is being playing up again to distract non-Muslim supports that have shifted to Pakatan Rakyat. I personally feel that majority of Muslim in Malaysia do not support to have this Hudud Law implemented.

    The voters of KT should not be distracted by these gimmicks of politicians but to go all out to vote for Pakatan Rakyat candidate. Just leave this issue aside for once.

    But having said the above, PAS should drop the idea of having Hudud Law as gratitude of non-Muslim supports to the party.

    It is a matter of time grassroots of Umno, Gerakan, MCA and MIC will leave their respective parties, so, even if these parties leaders refuse to pull out of BN, these parties will become party without grassroots.

    Latest news in Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider, Umno members start leaving the party now.


  2. andyksyong
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 15:33:19

    To give is the greatest blessing. The highest use of the senses is to express the self in the most generous way possible. Good actions reveal truth and can inspire. You have been consistent, great job. Happy New 2009!


  3. A true Malaysian
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 15:47:32

    Dr. Hsu and family, all readers, SB(s), agent provocateur(s), etc, etc,

    ~★★   ★★~
    ★  ∴ ★   ∴°★
    ★        °★
    ★° ° Merry X’mas  °★
     ★’ ‧ °∴°°☆☆★ °☆☆
      ★ °∴°°☆°∴★ °☆∴聖°∴ ☆
       ★ °∴°°☆★∴°∴ °誕°∴ °☆
        ★°∴★☆∴°∴ 快∴ °☆
         ★  ☆∴ 樂°∴°☆
          ﹨  ☆   ☆
           ﹨   ☆
            ﹨ /
               ■\ and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

    from me, A true Malaysian. Lets put our differences aside and be ONE PEOPLE for once. All of us aspire for a ‘true Malaysia’, don’t we?


  4. Dr Hsu
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 16:15:04

    WOW, HOW DID YOU DO THAT , A True Malaysian?

    It must have taken a lot of your time. I am really touched.

    I will post a merry Christmas greeting as a Post.

    But before that , let me wish everyone in this world a very merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday.


  5. A true Malaysian
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 16:35:54

    Dr. Hsu,

    I am not so artistic. The creation is not mine. Internet technology is so advance nowadays that these creative people are willing to share their creations.

    I got it from a friend of mine but this friend of mine got it from the other friend of his, and his friend of his got it from bla, bla, bla….at the end, no one really know the original source.

    The important thing is to revive this spirit of sharing during this festive season, and bring joy to mankind.

    That is why, my greetings are also to the SB(s), they are just doing their jobs. Hopefully, they find back their conscience and go back to the correct path. We did mistake, we are just human.


  6. CYC
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 17:20:28

    The world goes round and round. We mercifully follow without realising the motion set-in on us. Our position may be static with reference to the spot we step on but we are constantly move around in tandem with earth where we are residing. The same applies to political opinions, we may wants say the same thing repeatedly thinking it is useful forever. But sad to say, certain repeated saying may not be useful anymore today. Only unwise people don’t realise it.

    In short, everything in this universe is dynamic and not static. Similarly, our thinking and strategies must also in tandem with changes of time and space. We shall the light at the end of the tunnel as long as we maintain a wholesome objective and perseverance.

    Gerakan may not be my cup of tea but i will not dismiss the usefulness and fragrance of some of the tea leaves within. Good to have some independent view like yours.


  7. Jimmy Loong
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 22:56:34

    What is wrong with the Hudud law? If you have done nothing wrong or you have no intention to do things against the laws. Why are you worry?
    I would like to suggest that let us have a memorandum with the Muslim that Hudud law should only be applied to Muslim and not for other religion followers in the country.
    Hudud law is definitely not relevant in this country. My main reasons are as mentioned below,
    1) We are all sinners according to the Bible. Sooner or later the punishment will come, that is death sentence.
    2) No sinner would agree to implement Hudud law. Even all the PAS, 60 seats were elected into the Parliament, they would not get the Hudud law implemented as in our Constitution, we need 2/3 votes in the Parliament to pass a new law. Again, Hudud law itself is against humanity, it is contradicting with the Islamic teaching.
    3)Definitely the GERAKAN Munafiq/Hypocrites Movement, mainly make up of, UnitedMunafiqNationalOrganization + MunafiqChineseAssociates + MunafiqIndianCompatriotes would not vote for the Hudud law. If they agreed, I hate to say 100% of these hypocrites would have their hands chopped off.
    4)As a non-Muslim, I am 100% agree with Hudud law. as I have admitted that I am a sinner and God have cleared me of my sins.
    Merry X’mas!!!


  8. A true Malaysian
    Dec 25, 2008 @ 23:02:45

    RPK has the following to say about Hudud Law in his latest article titled “The hypocrisy in men”,

    ‘Hudud can be humane if you want it to be. But has this been explained? Are the people aware that Hudud can improve society where common law has failed? But who cares? Who cares that Hudud can be better than what we have now? Hudud is not about religion. It is about politics. And politics is about exploitation and deception. And that is because politicians are prostitutes. And Hudud has been prostituted for the benefit of politics. That is what Hudud is all about, political prostitution.’

    The above also confirmed what I commented earlier ‘To me, Hudud Law always been playing up during election. It is all these politicians gimmick.’ But RPK put it on a blunt way, “political prostitution”.

    He is very true indeed.


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