A very Happy Ox Year to all

I am going away for a few days .

So tonight I will wish all my CHinese readers and friends and their families a very Happy and Prosperous OX Year. Wish you all a very uplifting year with success in your work and endeveurs , and of course good health and plenty of good luck.

For the non CHinese friends, a very Happy and successful 2009.

Thank you for all your kind words and support all these months….



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  1. romerz
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 01:42:57

    Happy Lunar New Year Dr Hsu and the rest.

    Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.


  2. Atila
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 02:50:53

    Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year.
    May God bless all of you with good health & prosperity always.

    Will miss Dr Hsu you for a couple of days.
    Happy Hols.


  3. cYee
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 14:50:08

    Happy Chinese New Year! didn’t know it’s today! thought it’s on 26th… haha… no credit to call home… happy new year to mommy and sis and bro!


  4. zztop
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 15:07:49

    Dr. A Very Happy Chinese New year to you and your Family.


  5. Meng
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 16:28:33

    Hope not driving but if you do, take along plenty of Ang Pows..for those op sikap boys and you will get all the wishes Kong Hee Fatt Choy uncle.

    A Happy Chinese New Year to all


  6. klm
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 00:17:25

    A mooing happy Chines new year to one and all. May your hopes and wishes come true.


  7. soohuey
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 02:46:47

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone 🙂


  8. nick
    Jan 25, 2009 @ 12:36:00

    The more you give the more you will receive, many measures back. Loosen the purse string and remember to be generous to all your loved ones this New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all netizens!


  9. Frank
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 19:45:08

    I decide to change my tone to ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ than Happy New Year! For what i think might be what others’ similar thinking, not ALL will be happy amid the economic recession is looming and the alleged ‘murder case’ of Kugan in Selangor brutally by the police goons!

    Most people’s wishes are yearning to be ‘Fa Cai’ which is said to be as happy as new year everyday when you have money in your pockets aplenty!

    Pressure of bad economy, retrenchments and bad times are ahead and how to feel ‘happy’- it sounds sarcastic indeed to many of the poor and scanty income earners! Some might have to borrow to make their family happy, the naive children revelry! What a bitter happiness this is?!

    For those rich and wealthy, those connected with the power that be they still enjoyed lucrative projects in the year of rat surely will shriek in laughters like the ox and feasts like the bull! For the family of Kugan, the poor ‘suspected thief ‘ who was tortured to death irrelevantly and relentlessly by the police definitely will be in a mood of great contrast, sad and gloomy is real and heartfelt!

    Yet again, they are under threats of the police not to ‘politicize’ the burial procession tomorrow short of any repent and apology expressed by the wild and woolly police chief despite the fact that his subordinates are the culprits and the ‘suspected murderer’ leading to the death of an innocent youngish life!

    Even in the most auspicious first day of CNY when the news was published in the Malaysian Insiders, the readers have not been able to restrain from cursing and condemning the Selangor police chief though traditionally only good words and blessings are supposed to be uttered!

    Is this the Change brought in to our beloved Country by the ox?! How to be HAPPY, when there is something missing here in our great Nation??!…


  10. Tedewin Ngumbang
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 12:15:05

    Have a great holiday Dr Hsu!


  11. A true Malaysian
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 12:44:03


    I share with you your sentiment on Kugan case. Just imagine if this case happens to our love ones, what would we feel.

    In this festive mood of ours, let’s have a thought for those unfortunates and share our concerns with them.

    Wishing all of you a peaceful year of ox.


  12. petestop
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 21:36:47

    Happy Niu Year, Doc Hsu.

    Keep up the good work!


  13. klm
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 10:59:46

    After the niu year, it is silly season for politics again.

    The much vaunted BN Convention had been called off.

    From Malaysian Insider “……The Prime Minister when announcing the decision to call the convention after an Umno Supreme Council meeting said the ruling coalition has been listening to the people’s grouses and was ready to respond.”

    So much for BN talk about change.

    Gerakan and Koh Tsu Koon specially had talk so much of the convention and the input that Gerakan was going to present. This had gone to naught. Changing BN from within. Opposition inside BN. Blah. Blah Blah.

    Now that the legs had been swept from under the chair, what is Gerakan’s and Koh Tsu Koon’s response? Wait and see. I am quite sure he will say the same thing as Pak Lah.

    Now, Gerakan dont even have an avenue to give its input.


  14. petestop
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 19:15:37

    See, UMNO Supreme Council decides that BN convention will be called off.

    Is’nt it obvious enough, there is no equality in BN. Only UMNO calls all the shot.

    And UMNO can’t even get support in Malay heartland.

    Why KTK still wants to hang on to UMNO’s coattail, I wonder ?
    I can only speculate that they have something on KTK, that is why he can NEVER act according to his conscience and talk.


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