Politics is about perception

I wrote a comment on a fellow blogger’s (voice of politics) blog. I will just post it here with certain modification:


To win the right to rule, you have to win the heart of the people. Most people on the ground are now very fed up with BN for enticing these ADUNS to hop, even though Anwar tried to do the same thing in 916.

 Most people did not object so vehemently then, in fact some welcomed it, despite the fact that all of us know it is against democratic principles to hop.

This is of course  double standard. WHy is it so?

The big difference between now and then is that BN is perceived to be ‘evil’ and ‘bad’ whereas PR is perceived to be the hope for change. Whether such perception is right or wrong , I leave it to your judgement  ( as I have said before, there are certain good initiatives from BN, but even such good initiatives are viewed with suspicions , so much mistrust has built up over time– and BN has only itself to blame).

Unfortunately, politics is all about perception, especially the perception of the people.

Until and unless these perceptions can be done away, it is impossible to win the people’s hearts.  And to change this perception, BN must really look at itself and adopt strong measures to reform, from top to bottom.

The million dollar question that I often ask in my blog is that can they do it? 

 I have always believed that only with losing power at the federal level, can UMNO and BN institute real reforms….In fact, those in BN should not be too bother about winning, because ironically, by losing at the Federal level, BN can then be expected to adopt real reforms and come back strongly again…Not unlike the situation in Taiwan .

 Until such time, we have to bear with all these sandiwara being played out..And the more these happen, the more mistrust among people will build up….

Unfortunately, Gerakan  will be the sacrificial lamb as long as it remains in an unreformed BN.


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  1. andyksyong
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 14:03:11

    Well said. A belief, a religion, a game as well as an art. Allow me to quote:

    “The Government of the absolute majority, instead of the Government of all the people, is but the Government of the strongest interests; and when not efficiently checked, it is the most tyrannical and oppressive that can be devised” – John Caldwell Calhoun.


  2. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 14:06:29

    Dear Dr Hsu. I dont quite agree with your closing comment.

    “Unfortunately, Gerakan will be the sacrificial lamb as long as it remains in an unreformed BN. ”

    Gerakan is just a mosquito party inside BN. There is no more need to accommodate Gerakan, now that Penang is lost. UMNO and MCA have no time for Gerakan, anymore. They can win back Penang without Gerakan.

    Making Gerakan into a sacrificial lamb causes too much hassle and too much pain. Just muffle it inside BN and let it die a natural death. Today, Gerakan is good only for a few Press Statements. In time, it will fade into oblivion.

    In an unreformed BN , Gerakan may be accommodated simply on momentum. In a reformed BN, Gerakan has no more role.


  3. Dr Hsu
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 14:34:27

    maybe you have a point there. Maybe all our efforts will be in vain, but I have to make a try to let my leadership see my point that Gerakan has no place, whether ideology wise or people’s suuport wise, in a BN that will never reform.

    If i fail, at least I can answer my conscience and that of my associates who support me all these while.

    A sad day of course.


  4. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 14:41:55

    Dr Hsu. I am glad you agree with me, may be hesitantly. Honestly, A reformed BN will not need the smaller parties. These are just nuisance.

    I think KTK’s view of a reformed BN is over optimistic, where the role of Gerakan is concerned.



  5. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 14:50:40

    I agree with klm. Gerakan is only a mosquito party now, in or out of BN. Gerakan has breached people’s trust especially the Penangites.

    The million dollar question is, why MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others BN parties can tolerate Umno to such kind of extent, stoop themselves so low? They can actually regain people’s trust on them by opting out of BN, and yet, they choose not to do so. Why?

    When Anwar wanted to initiate 916 by defection, that was actually perceived as bringing ‘hope of change’ to the whole of Malaysia. This cannot be equated as defection of the ‘infamous 3 Aduns’. I don’t agree to this as ‘double standard’ in the eyes of rakyat. When Anwar planned to do that, his only consideration was to open the eyes of BN MPs and Aduns so that we can build a brighter and better future for Malaysia. But, apparently, these people’s eyes are just blinds and not because they have ‘high moral’ not to defect to PR. Thus, this is the different here if look at morality angle (even though, personally, I do not agree with defection).

    Anwar’s mistake is that he is too impatient to wrest power at Federal level. If only he listened to Karpal Singh’s and Kit Siang’s view on defection, the scenario will be definitely different.

    But, all is not lost for PR, but a great lesson learned. PR is expected to win the forthcoming Sarawak election and the way Najib handled this case definitely increase PR chances in winning Sarawak election.

    One caution advice to Anwar, PKR has many ex-Umno members. These people have lived in Umno for so long and Umno’s way of doing thing are still fresh in their minds. PKR leaders must be aware of this fact and build PKR to a more solid platform.

    “Politics is about perception”, I don’t agree with such statement. We should discard such perception if we are one of them.

    We must educate our children, “trust” is the most important that we should have in all our dealings, not “perception”. To me, once “trust” is breached or broken, that’s end of story.

    Dr. Hsu, it seemed you still have ‘trust’ or ‘faith’ on Gerakan, Umno and BN after all these? I hope not. PERCEPTION IS DANGEROUS.


  6. Dr Hsu
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:01:22

    A True Malaysian,

    i have given up on UMNO long ago.. I have always stated that it is impoosible to change them unless they lose a Federal election.. Until then, an entrenched culture cannot be changed.

    But if they lose a Federal election, and chances are they will do so in the next GE, then there is a good chance that they will change for the better, just like Kuomintang in Taiwan..And in that case, it can play an important role as an opposition watchdog, a better check and balance that Malaysia lacked before 308. It will then see a true 2 party system emerging from Malaysai.


  7. Sani
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:04:00


    “Justice must not only be done, but must be seen done”

    In this Perak Episode. It is neither done or seen to be done.

    Looks like the Pakatan Government will fall, it is over. Another black mark in Malaysian history.

    As for Gerakan, for me + many others, it had been long gone + belong to the league PPP.


  8. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:04:08

    Indeed a very sad day as a Malaysian, and especially as a Perakians.

    We have been left in the ditch not only by froggy traitors but by the one person we look up to for decades, effectively taking away the vote from the Rakyat.

    I predict there will be very long drawn struggle in Perak….


  9. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:19:06

    Dr. Hsu,

    You said “i have given up on UMNO long ago.. I have always stated that it is impoosible to change …”

    You should have said “I have given up on GERAKAN long ago….” Why still being so emotional or sentimental on GERAKAN? This is a farce to me.

    GERAKAN, if claimed to be “conscience” of BN, SHOULD PULL OUT FROM BN NOW. If not, you members should resign in exodus, now. Forget about convincing your leaders, Dr. Hsu.


  10. kplee
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:32:59

    I repeat, MCA/MIC/Gerakan are no longer relevant to the whole rakyat of Malaysia.
    They are history as far as rakyat are concern.
    The way those Umno bums especially that Mr.C4 wrest power from the Perakians was downright immoral to the core.
    What was more painful was the way the Royalty who is supposed to be the people guardian acted. It was disappointment and disaster for the perakians.
    God help perakians and all of rakyat.
    A big big letdown to the all the rakyat and the country. Seems that now not only PDRM, judiciary, military etc.. are running dogs of BN, so are others who rakyat has the highest regard and respect.
    A bad history mark for the country.


  11. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 15:39:44

    This whole episode is so so…stupid….ridiculous….unimaginable

    So hard to find wise people around? Especially those in position of authorities?

    Trust, credibility, integrity, honestly……not exist at all in Malaysia? or we don’t even know the meaning?

    Perception? What a joke to me, Dr. Hsu.


  12. Heart Attacks
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 16:09:11

    Joining you with a few words:

    Gerakan is now of no value unless it chooses to change its course and political principles..

    I believe Dear Diligent Leaders of Gerakan will wake up from the winter sleep and restore people and members’ trust, otherwise, Gerakan will soon become a part of a sad history or a romatic old Chinese song “The past is only rememberance”- Wan Shi Zhe Neng Hui Wei..


  13. eugene
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:01:48

    “(Bernama) IPOH: Sultan Azlan Shah has decided not to give his consent to the dissolution of the Perak state assembly and has ordered Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and his state executive council to step down with immediate effect.”

    I am very disappointed with the decision from the self proclaim care-for-his-subject Royalty.


  14. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:14:28

    Nvm guys, lose this small battle.

    Let’s gear up for PRU-13, which will be the big war.

    Make sure that we kick out BN and never give them a chance to bully the Rakyat again.


  15. Kenny Gan
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:17:02

    Dr Hsu,

    The role of Gerakan in BN now will mirror that of PPP. It will be at loggerheads with MCA just as PPP is at loggerheads with MIC.

    Gerakan may be given a few seats to contest in the next G.E. just for tokenism…just like PPP.

    One day, some high level Umno leader will say to Gerakan as what has been said to PPP, “If you’re not happy, Get Out!”

    Gerakan’s star is on the decline. It has no more future in BN. Gerakan can choose to fill this mosquito party role in BN or it can bravely strike out on its own as an independent party or join PR.

    As for you, Dr. Hsu, I hope you do not waste your time in Gerakan if it chooses to stay in BN.


  16. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:24:52

    If you take emotion out. The sultan don’t have much of a choice. As it stand based on facts, BN do have the simple majority, no thanks to the frogs.

    Based on the the 1982 court case, the predated resignation letter is null and void. That was a judgment presided by the Justice Azlan Shah.

    The only reversal possible is a new court judgment.

    This is democracy. But if other rules are used, then we can have a Thai solution. Or maybe even a real vacancy or two. You know what i mean.


  17. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:30:57

    Those froggies now have majority Perakians hating them.

    I could forsee we will have a buy-election in very near future.

    Then we will truly have a FLIP-FLOP government.


  18. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:31:47

    05 February 2009. Malaysia’s darkest day in history.

    Hee, is this what you want? How are you going to tell your offspring, your grandkids this episode of your life? You, a hero? 民族英雄?


  19. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:35:32

    Let’s commemorate it by telling any would be traitor… “Don’t HeeYitFoong me…!!”

    This way, this frogs name will forever be remembered.


  20. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 17:45:55

    Who knows? Heaven is just and Perak might have the vacancies.

    Holding demonstrations and shouting slogans will not help. This is rabble rousing. This is the Bolshevik’s way. It is sacrificing people as cannon fodder.


  21. Peter Yew
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:11:42

    Looks like BN ‘won’ but I dare say it will be short. Defeat stares in the horizon. The resignation of the 4 assemblymen does not make PR a weaker government, it just exposed the hollowness of these frogs who jump for their personal gains. If BN dares to fight like a man, Najib should have asked the sultan to dissolve the state assembly, NOT build up a case to take over the state, which he did successfully. If he does not ask to take over will the sultan decide as such?

    I dare say that most people are dissappointed with what is happening. It may be a dark day but dawn breaks tomorrow. There’s hope yet.

    Read further http://mrsbrowndaughter.blogspot.com


  22. Kenny gan
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:12:18

    The Sultan does have constitutional choice to dissolve the state assembly and call fresh elections if the incumbent MB no longer enjoys the confidence of the majority in the assembly.

    However, HRH has decided to side with BN and hand over the state govt to them.

    A sad day indeed for Malaysia!


  23. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:27:39

    Peter Yew,

    Very graceful of you to give your advice in your blog.

    Yes, all is not lost. Just a hiccup and treat it as valuable experience.

    Even if the HEEshe willing to come back, tell her to go fly kite instead.


  24. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:27:48

    As demonstrated today, democracy is but a deception.

    You think you got one vote that will make a difference.

    But in reality, you don’t. You think the Rakyat got power, they just demonstrate that you have none.


  25. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:31:34


    A new term for your consideration for cases of betrayal, “don’t HEEshe me”.

    I don’t like Yit Foong. Someone I know named Yit Foong also, but she is marvelous. She won’t HEEshe me.


  26. Justin Choo
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:40:20

    DR Hsu,

    The latest shit is the last “straw”.

    If this “battle” is won by BN, it will hasten the death of BN come next election.

    As events turn, it’s becoming very dizzy, I wouldn’t know where I am standing now.

    It’s really sickening.

    My dear doctor at least do your part, to make your “protest” and “ideals” visble. You said give you one year. That was last last 2008. In simple arithmetic 2008 + 2009 = 2 years.

    No point writing anymore!!!!!!!!


  27. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:51:14

    Doc Hsu,

    This article should be titled “Politicis is about deception…” instead.

    We have been deceived by the 4 froggies, and we will never forget comes PRU-13.

    BN Beware!


  28. Dr Hsu
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 18:55:41

    Dear readers,

    We are all very sad, and some very angry. BUt remember, attacking royalties is an offence under Malaysian Law.

    I have to take those comments attacking the sultan off this blog, sorry…

    Under the Constitution, The Sultan has the right to decide the way he sees fit….

    The fault is with the hopped and the one who induced this hop…


  29. EvanAlmighty
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 19:12:03


    I don’t totally agree with your statement that
    “The big difference between now and then is that BN is perceived to be ‘evil’ and ‘bad’ whereas PR is perceived to be the hope for change”

    Is the BN abuse of power,discrimination,corruption & …………..which really make our rakyat really really angry/ upset/ disappointed & desperate for changes (regardless the so called changes is good or bad for our country). We are hunger for the leader like Obama which can lead our country away from darkness/ hopeless. We not longer accept the leader like Najib, PakLah, KSK, OTK…

    Let our Malaysia regardless your are PR or Gerakan, we shall not allow the “sendiwara” to be repeated again. We shall totally reject BN during next election.


  30. Sani
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 19:20:02


    What is happening in Perak, as had happened in Sabah + Sarawak, is an accumulation of in action by civil society to correct what is wrong.

    “It is the inaction of the right, that gives rise to the evil”

    Shame on educated people who side with the evil.


  31. Monk
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 19:58:05

    Dr Hsu,

    Malaysians are getting more matured in their thinking on politics and while you’re quite right to say that “politics is about perceptions”, it is changing.

    What can you say about a coup against a democratically elected state government? That goes beyond perceptions, it is downright unethical and should not have been part of a political culture.

    The “sick frogs” were elected by the people under their party banner and when they decided to hop, were the same voters given the right to agree or disagree? This is not just perception. It is about political morality.

    How can a party which was rejected by the people (to be in majority) now can claim “majority” control merely just because these “mere” sickos decided to jump ship, on the basis of claiming a mandate? What mandate?

    Something is not right here, regardless of perception.

    I just received several calls from Singapore, my young niece and cousins working there. In normal times, they couldn’t care less about politics…but surprising they called and vented their anger and frustrations what their PM-to-be of UMNO has done. And many more of their friends have expressed the same “perceptions” that Malaysian politics is primitive to that of the cavemen.

    And lastly, a mild statement–“perception: disappointment to the ruler’s decision in so-called protection of the constitutional process.



  32. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:09:39

    I was told that people in Perak is referring to Hee as Wu Sangui (吳三桂). This is a much better name than HEEshe. This has a deep historical perspective and carry with it great shame.

    For those not familiar with Chinese history. Wu Sangui was a general of the Ming emperor. In 1644, he open the gate in Shanghai Pass, part of the Great Wall, to allow the Manchu army to come into China proper. He did this out of anger when his concubine was taken by the Ming emperor.

    The Manchu became the Qing dynasty.

    This deed of Hee is now compared with that of Wu Sangui. She opened the door to the enemy.

    Only thing, we don’t know what she sis angry about.

    See, opening the gate to the enemy is part of the Chinese history.


  33. Meng
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:13:31

    Hi guys say what you want, but the bitch Hee Yit Foong is laughing all the way to the bank. What!, loyalty to the party, no, Money mah. Or another Lim Lam Thye in the making.

    I pity those chinese who have not received their land titles. Back to square one for chinese new villages. Perhaps Ah Foong will play that role now.

    Well DAP don’t be confident, Ah Foong has shown the way..Hee Yit Foong all the way now in Selangor and for Penang don’t be over confident with your politicians. Greed…anything can happen.

    I have a bad feeling some drastic things would happen to her???


  34. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:21:56

    Judging from the way FRU is building up at the Perak’s MB residence, I just hope there is no bloodshed.

    Any bloodshed will be on these 4 kataks hands.

    They really should be hang as traitors.


  35. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:32:56


    At first, I thought HEE is a he, but turn out HEE is a she.

    Whatever, HEE is not fit even to be a she.

    So, better to be labelled as HEEshe because HEE is neither he nor she.

    Can KTK works with HEEshe?


  36. CYC
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:40:33


    Time and again i have voiced out in your blog of the fallacy of “elite mind set” of those “highly qualified” leaders and members of Gerakan out my little respect to them. But, please treat this as the final reminder. You are a part of a corrupt and idiotic government. Being a conscience within a corrupt practice will not make Gerakan an angel party. Your boss KTK has not answer my 9 question till today. I wonder you still remember your promise to forward all those question to him. All these 9 question is most relevant to the Chinese especially. Being kind and honest is just not good enough to be a politician, more so as a leader.

    To me, it really does not matter whether you are still with Gerakan or out of it. I understand that you are the minority and the majority are those who still subscribed to fear mongering as a political tactic. This is not hearsay, i witness it by my ears. If Doc still insists fighting within the corrupt system, you become irrelevant as well. It may sound bitter but history has proven it right time and again, KTK is the finest example. i rest my comment here, getting tired and feel unproductive.


  37. Justin Choo
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:55:59


    I also sokong your comment.

    And this is my final, as well.

    Now over to you, A True Malaysian.


  38. Ken
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 21:58:58

    Hee Yit Foong may be best described as a ‘political prostitute’ selling herself to the highest bidder.

    She may have acquired some material wealth (why else would she jump?) but she is being cursed by the Chinese community. Her family and relatives will also feel the brunt of the community’s wrath.

    Money alone cannot make a person happy. You also need a network of friends and relationships. Hee Yit Foong is about to become a very lonely person and she will soon discover that money is NOT equal to happiness and fulfillment.


  39. A true Malaysian
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 22:11:33

    I sokong penuh CYC and Justin Choo.

    I have no more saliva, no more stamina

    Dr. Hsu, lead your fellow comrades to resign in exodus. A nice man like you should not be seen as associated to KTK.

    KTK is not even your patient. He is a WALKING CORPSE. Autopsy need to be carried to see why he behaves this way? Honest? Forget about it.


  40. zztop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 22:17:13

    Wasting time talking about this unethical, greedy HYF. As a matter of fact this bum has zero moral values. She will go down in history as the first female politician who betrayed the rakyat in Bolehland. Meanwhile just wait and see how she handle all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. If she is not careful, the $$$$$$$$$$$ will buried her alive.
    I used to have great respect for royalties especially from one state for their views on the rakyat. However, siding with people who are greedy, unethical and evil politicians has changed my perception of some of them.
    God help Perakians!!


  41. petestop
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 22:52:19

    Doc Hsu,

    It is no longer time to talk and blog…. it is time to act.

    If Gerakan still have any decency left, get out of this corrupt BN now !!

    We still have some respect for Gerakan from the LCE days… please don’t kill them totally…


  42. dr. who
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 22:59:54

    The Sultan has spoken. Go fry the King of frogs!

    Talking about emotion and name calling, you guys should look at the mirror and see for yourself.

    Obsess in bashing Gerakan or KTK is not going to get you anywhere. You all should re-direct your energy in cleaning up the Patakan Rakyat stinky pond.


  43. romerz
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:00:57

    This is part of what I wrote in my blog today.

    On 8 March 2008, during the 12th General Elections, 871,736 Perakians went to the polls together with fellow citizens across Malaysia to choose a representative to represent them in both parliament and the state assembly.

    5,644 Perakians chose not to vote and did not return the ballot after registering at the polling stations.

    20,421 votes were rejected as spoilt (whether intentionally or unintentionally we will never know).

    1,635 chose to cast their votes for independent candidates.

    Now come the important part. Of these 871,736 Perakians who went to the polls;

    400,682 voted for a BN candidate
    443,354 voted for a PR candidate!

    If you put it in percentage terms, 51% of those who went to the polls voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT whilst only 46% voted for BN.

    Coup D’etat.



  44. romerz
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:05:29


    I can’t speak for the others but I’m already engaging those sensible and noble ones within PR on what you just suggested. And they realize it too and are very receptive!

    Mark my words, the PR you will see going into the next GE will be a different lot all together!


  45. cilipadi
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:07:43

    dr. who? Who is this dr. who?

    keep your mouth shut before I feed you with cilipadi

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  46. Dalbinder Singh Gill
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:14:32

    Hi Dr.HSU, remember meeting you once when you met romerz at the gerakan state HQ, its good to see tht u r really working ur head up as a gerakan CC member, but even romerz has denounced gerakan n bn, especially in his recent article on tsu koon. sorry, romerz, m just quoting you not insulting, oh yeah, i support romerz ideologies, i will continue to monitor your progress in gerakan dr.hsu, any help i am willing to lend my help as a youth, but i just hope dr.koh will wake up or else,its just like never finding a cure to cancer.

    Yes what happened in Perak is really sad, but i am still analysing the entire scenario but trying not to really go back to 916 plan, we cannot jump to conclusions, there r many factors to look at, the structure of pakatan before march 8 n so many things, before march 8 it was a dap against PAS , remember? what happened in Perak is an eye opener to so many things. My statement here does not mean I am criticising anyone. No. But of ocurse what BN did is undemocratic. But i respect the HRH Sultan of Perak not because i cant criticise the Sultan under the LAW, but sincerely I feel his decision has a lot of reasons to it. Lets see how the Pakatan Appeal to the HRH Sultan goes about.


  47. dr. who
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:22:07


    stuff your own sillipadi up your ass!

    siapa makan silli, dia rasa pedas


  48. cilipadi
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:26:05

    dr. also can be so rough one, cheh. Sorry lah.

    dr. makan cili, dia jadi silly, boodoh

    Anyway, sick to see Malaysia got such kind of dr.

    None of my business, I am not a Malaysian. Bye, till I feed your ass with cili again.


  49. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:26:41

    I dont like the tone of dr who. But he has a point.

    PR and in this case I refer to PKR and DAP need to fix their internal problems.

    The people expect a more professional setup. Better candidates. It has to start now. Not after the next election. Start organising now.

    Rabble rousing don’t win votes. It is preaching to the believers. It must expand its appeal to wider circle.


  50. klm
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:30:30

    In the case of DAP, it must improve its leadership style. It is time to be real. It is time to play big time.
    It is no longer a guerrilla outfit. It must arm itself to fight a conventional war and win.


  51. cilipadi
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:39:58


    I admire Dr. Hsu a lot (not dr. who). People like him should join DAP instead of hanging on with Gerakan.

    So, can you blame DAP or PKR for short of qualified candidate?

    My observation of your country politics is, even your Umno candidates are not much better. They are even worst than that of DAP or PKR. At least your PR have honest, not corrupt candidates, minus the 3 frogs.


  52. EvanAlmighty
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:47:52

    Dr.Hsu said “Gerakan will be the sacrificial lamb as long as it remains in an unreformed BN.”

    Why choose to become sacrificial lamb???????
    We should admit Gerakan is just a mosquito party inside BN. But, 10 mosquito party like Gerakan inside BN brave enough to stand up against BN. It will shown the differant.

    Don’t hide yourself in black then speak loud your actually like White. A long as you still with black, you will always be black.

    If all malaysain can follow their heart, do & advocate what they feel right. Then, we can expect better Malaysia tomorrow.


  53. Meng
    Feb 05, 2009 @ 23:59:56

    “” Hee Yit Foong is about to become a very lonely person and she will soon discover that money is NOT equal to happiness and fulfillment.””

    She has plenty of friends now from MCA and UMNO.

    Feeling lonely she has najis for a belakang mari punya style. On video she has MCA sex hero. She is the darling of BN…With money she can also pay to be screwed…

    What more can she ask for??


  54. A true Malaysian
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 00:10:04

    Below is my parting message to Dr. Hsu’s Forum.

    I told Dr. Hsu how lucky I was when I found this blog of his. I like Dr. Hsu’s writings. He is a ‘True Malaysian’ to me. His writings ignited me to think and write like ‘A true Malaysian’, so as to encourage others to think and do likewise.

    During the course of contributing my ideas, I was insulted here and there, but I keep my cool, so to live up to Buddha’s teachings, and be a true Buddhist who learn how to co-exist peacefully with others, in real and virtual world.

    As the day goes by, my patience has reached its limit, critics of Umno, MCA, Gerakan, BN, KTK, LCE, OTK, Ahmad Ismail become insults to them. To these, I wish to say sorry, and thousand apologies to them, and to Dr. Hsu if I messed up his blog in anyway, any extent.

    But, having said the above, my trust in Dr. Hsu is still there, still intact. Just that I could not concur with him anymore for his reasons (or excuses?) to remain in Gerakan. My thinking is still very much the same as his.

    Last but not least, I count myself lucky to know Justin Choo and romerz. They are ‘A true Malaysian’ as well. To cilipadi, you are just great….for helping me in one way or another.

    Good luck friends. This 050209 was the darkest day in Malaysia that I lived to experience it as a thinking adult.

    A true Malaysian is dead in blogosphere.



  55. romerz
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 00:15:01

    Guys, one of the problems my MP YB Liew talks about to me is the lack of upstanding ordinary Malaysians who are willing to stand up and take a more active role in politics.

    Even amongst my friends, I have problems convincing them just to meet with YB Liew to share views (and they have some good points).

    Much as I think dr.who is a asshole, he is right in some ways. We all know that this country is not short of talents but how many of us are willing to walk the talk?

    Having said that, I would like to remind him that the people he will encounter in PR in the next GE will not be the same pushovers he found in the last GE.

    Whilst not many, he better be prepared to get his ass stuffed not with chillies but with intellectual discourse!

    dr.who, I would love a debate with you. Please contact me at romerzpg at gmail dot com (had to write it this way to thwart the spammers).


  56. veon
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 00:28:17

    Dr. Hsu,

    This nation has certainly gone to the dogs, especially after the latest “unbelievable change” in Perak. I agree with you that it will take a change of power at federal level to really wake UMNO up! And it seems that the latest development will only hasten that process.

    Unfortunately, in this process our beloved country has become so divided and confused until a lot of us got so irrational and emotional.
    And, this no good for Malaysia. We want to see changes in Malaysia for better and definitely not for worse. That any hard landing of UMNO would spell disastrous consequences to the nation is so evidently clear.

    We have no choice but to hold fast to the middle path, not to be swayed to the extreme ends. to which i have no doubt Dr is trying your very best to stay the course. In a way, people like Dr. has to face unimaginable pressure and even criticism from both extreme ends.

    The rational people of the middle ground is fast diminishing. Dr, you are a very few left. Stay the course, no matter how intense the pressure. Eventually, the people will understand and appreciate the unenviable job undertaken by Dr.


  57. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 00:31:05

    dear cilipadi

    I like to address some of your remarks.

    1. UMNO

    Typical UMNO candidates are strong arm warlords.

    Many of these are no better than thugs. Nice guy dont get voted to position in UMNO. This is the public face you see. Behind the public face is quite a large pool of smart people.

    Dont be surprise, UMNO actually go out to recruit talents. As far as I know, it is the only political party to do talent spotting. These are people we dont normally see.

    Dont under estimate UMNO.

    2. DAP

    DAP have always been a guerrilla setup. It has a small cadre of good dedicated people. It is short of qualified candidates. What to do if good people like Dr Hsu want to cling to Gerakan instead of joining DAP. And there are many Dr Hsu in Gerakan and MCA.

    Now, DAP is a big boy. It has to remove its Guerrilla uniform and put on real army uniform.
    China and Vietnam had this problem. How to build an effective conventional army.

    The problem, I don’t see DAP doing this. I don’t see DAP recogising this problem. This is the fundamental weakness of DAP. Still depending on the same small number of cadre to do all things. It get very extended.

    I think DAP should catch frogs from Gerakan, MCA, MIC and even UMNO. Of course there are pros and cons with this strategy. The point is, DAP has to go out and actively recruit good people, potential candidates for the next election.

    By the way, DAP must move away from ejecting good people just because they disagree with Lim Kit Siang. Many people don’t like to join DAP because of this practice.

    3. PKR

    PKR has a rabble rousing background because of the Anwar issue. Other than a small group of good people at the top, PKR is essential made up of ex-UMNO rabble rousers.

    PKR need to be re-structured to be a big time political party capable of handling national issues.

    4. Non Corrupt candidates

    weeeel. I am not sure.

    Many of the present candidates are there because of ideology. At this stage, people don’t join DAP or PKR for money. It is for ideology or they have an axe to grind – ie BN. Many are reluctant politicians.

    How uncorrupted? It is hard to tell once you scratch the surface. This is is even more difficult when the parties grow big. PR is becoming an alternative to BN. So people with money objective will start joining. Nothing like the smell of money to attract mercenaries. Businessmen are beginning to sponsor PKR, hedging their bets. (you can check this out yourself).

    Just a short answer to your remarks.


  58. romerz
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 00:56:31


    Sorry I left the Middle Ground! Hard times requires hard measures.

    The sooner you realize this the better for all of us. You still choose to talk to your big brother as if they can change. They can’t and not only they can’t, they wouldn’t know how if they wanted too.

    So what are you afraid of? What is your president is afraid of? Violence between the races?

    There will be no violence between the races simply because true Malaysians understands how precarious our nation is. Only those who would divide and rule would fear racial violence.

    May 13 again? Please read the book by Kua Kia Soong. It was not a spontaneous eruption of violence but an engineered coup d’etat by our bastard future PM’s father!


    Veon, Its been a long time since I met you and KTK. Why don’t you suggest to him that we have a debate on the morality of what happened in Perak?


  59. dr. who
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 02:20:22

    Look who’s talking!


    Next time you call someone name, look at the mirror and see, it’s YOU!

    If you can’t respect other people’s opinion, what makes you think that they’re going to listen to you.

    Change come from within. Do you really think other people can change your mind? Your parents, your spouse? If you can’t respect other and refuse to accept the reality, nobody can help you.

    Understandingly, a lot of people are upset about the outcome in Perak. A decision has been made by the Sultan, like it or not, we have to respect his majesty’s decision. Why not channel one’s anger to help strengthen the PR if he/she thinks that he/she has the talent and skills to help PR in whichever ways instead of throwing insults after insults.

    Intellectual discourse, not a bit. Chillies from my ass will splash all over your face!

    Can’t blame your friends from turning deaf ear on you. You have no idea what friends are for!


  60. petestop
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 08:10:18

    Unfortunately like this country, this blog have degenerate into a farce……

    For me, as for A true Malaysian…

    …being a true Malaysian is but an illusion and deception….

    it is Sayonara for me too…. as it is just a waste of time being a kopitiam or blog politician.


  61. cilipadi
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 08:13:35

    Look who’s talking? After talking cock so much, keep short, what is your stand?

    Before telling people to look at mirror, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “is that me? shit!!!”

    siapa makan cili,dia rasa pedas


  62. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 08:21:41

    Some of the people in the background in UMNO and even MCA are well versed practitioners of the Sun Tze’s Art of War. (I have seen one or two of them before). Winning the political battle requires wit and strategy. Bull headed approaches will not not work.

    There are many fire brands in PR. That is their nature and they cannot help it. But this do not win battle.

    PR has the ground swell. It has the moral high ground. It need organisation, good troops and strategy to win the next election. It need precision, planning and good generalship to win the war.

    Impatience is PR weakness. And it is exploited by the other side.

    romerz. you know the people in PR. tell them.


  63. cilipadi
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 08:26:51


    I am in Malaysia for so long. As an outsider, I believe there are a lot of nice good guys in Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, as u mentioned, never get voted in their respective parties, yet, as A true Malaysian said, emotionally love their parties, and choose to stay one.

    If these nice guys are not so emotionally attached and join PR parties, would it be better? Why not rational and not emotional?

    This kind of nice guys, Romeo and Juliet?


  64. Rhan
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 09:15:28


    If Gerakan still hold the power in Penang, I would say those clown who ask you to leave Gerakan are giving you a good piece of advice. This people blame 吴三桂 a traitor but don’t they know the facts that Ming Dynasty under 崇禎 is near to perish? Reading all the comments, I think you are right to say politic is about perception.

    Joining the DAP dynasty? You would turn out to be another 邓章钦 or 李万千。Why not choose to become a 张居正?


    Again I say this, ignore all the ill advice from the clown.


  65. Dalbinder Singh Gill
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 09:55:28

    was just reading all the comments , not really comments but somewhat like a debate going on here, Dr. Hsu’s Debate ARENA, no more Dr.Hsu’s Forum, but it is good to see this healthy debate.




  66. dr. who
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 09:59:06


    you do have a pea brain. cum eat the cili from my ass.

    if you’re not a Malaysian, it’s none of your business to talk about Malaysia politics.

    siapa makan sili,dia rasa pedas


  67. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 10:07:43

    dr who.

    This is very un Malaysian. Please be civil. No one will think less of you by being so.

    Much Appreciated.


  68. dr. who
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 10:28:32


    How un Malaysian can one be when I responded to non-Malaysian who asked Malaysian to shut up? As I said, if one is not a Malaysian, butt out of Malaysia policits.

    Do you really know what civil means?


  69. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 10:29:40

    dr . who.

    No. I don’t. Please explain.


  70. dr. who
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 10:32:58

    Go get a dictionary!


  71. Dr Hsu
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 10:54:43

    A True malaysian,

    As long as there is still a possibility of Gerakan quitting BN, as well as my time frame is not up, I will still fight my war inside this party…Do not discount the party from coming out.. .

    I have , just 3 days ago, in an interview with a web paper, called upon the leadership to take the party out of BN. I also voiced out that it is wrong

    It is now 4 months after myself getting into CC . My timeframe is not up yet..

    Once the time frame is up, you can be sure that I will just fade away… I have never wavered from this stand since getting into the CC.


  72. YKS
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 11:06:21

    Let put it this way:







  73. YKS
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 11:08:43



  74. bolanliap
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 11:32:15

    I always admired Gerakan for having the most educated intellectuals members among its rank as compared to the DAP and PKR where most member are so “unpolished” and “unrefined” I hope one day, Gerakan members will contribute to the betterment of Malaysia by leaving Umno and joined the people.


  75. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 11:45:48

    Hey people. If cilipadi, live in Malaysia or he has family in Malaysia, he is very much a stakeholder like you and I. He has every right to comment on Malaysian political scene. You cannot and should not stop him from making statements.

    In fact as outsider, he can see the silly things we do much better. Are we afraid of that?

    As Rhan said, some of us are clowns. I think I am one of the clown mentioned. Just to set the record right.

    1. Whether Dr Hsu leave Gerakan or not, that is up to his conscience. I have no advise.

    2. My view is that Gerakan should leave BN.

    Lastly, this is the Internet. I have an Internet skin 10 cm thick. No amount of scorn or uncivil words can penetrate the thick amour. I dont know you and you dont know me. But your friends know you. They will know what kind of person you are from what and how you write.


  76. for nikki
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 12:22:30

    Dr Hsu,

    Humbly, I am in agreement with what your friends said here. Being a thorn in Gerakan will not serve much purpose unless you can rise to an influential position. Sooner or later “they” will chop you off. What can one deduce when your party leader do not listen to 60% of the members who want to leave BN?

    As you have said, UMNO will not change. Similarly parties aligned with UMNO will not change as well. UMNO’s raison d’etre is ketuanan and money, whichever appeal first. MCA, MIC no need to say lah. Gerakan’s ideals are good but when one mix with unsavoury pals, peer pressure will get to you. I had a dr friend who mix around with people who frequent brothels and the like, and later got sucked into it as well. All that pleasurable ventures led to a pregnant mistress, a subsequent divorce and children who shunned him.

    We need to head hunt people of calibre, like what Spore does. Political aspirants are vetted and put through a series of workshops and what have you; and finally an interview by LKY himself. It takes a certain kind of person who, when offered a full briefcase of dollar notes, to shun it for the greater good of the country. We must find these people, groom and nurture them to be future leaders. Intelligent, patriotic and moral leaders (of whatever racial origins) are what our country desperately needs, not a bunch of pretentious charlatans we have right now.

    Maybe, your present political affiliation is just not so conducive for a decent person like you. Just my 2 cents.

    Best wishes.


  77. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 12:36:23

    My2sen on Gerekan leaving BN

    There had been a few instances when Gerakan can declare it was leaving BN, with its head held up high and still maintain credibility with Malaysian public. Had it done that, Gerakan could be a political party respected now. Here are the instances

    1. After the last election

    After the last election, Gerakan could have left BN saying that its constituents do not want it to stay in BN.

    2. After the Ahmad Ismail Saga

    Gerakan could have left saying it did not agree with the racial politics in UMNO

    Finally, Gerakan can leave BN now, saying it do not agree to the unethical takeover of power in Perak.

    If Gerakan do this, it will have the respect of the people.


  78. Dr Hsu
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 13:37:06

    When i mentioned that BN is perceived to be bad and pakatan perceived to be good, the term perceived means how people view it .

    This is because Certain BN leaders were saying that why during 916, the same people that are objecting to the hopping now, did not object to the enticement then… That is why I write this to answer these BN leaders back, including some in Gerakan…

    Politics is really about how people view you.. and how people view you ultimately depeends on the policeis that are carried out, If good policies are carried out, you are percieved to be good… and people will vote you,.

    That is why I have just emailed to over a hundred Gerakan leaders, top and 2nd line , (those whom I have the email addresses) and I posted these 2 questions to them:

    1. Are we going against people’s sentiment?

    2. Are we going against our own conscience?

    I am waiting for reply. I am doing my very best to convicne the middle rungs abd the top about the importance of Gerakan moving out of this “bad” association.

    As i have often said, it would be much easier to just pack and go, rahter than getting brickbats from those in Gerakan who view me as a non team players and those outside who view me as a ‘supporter’ of BN, which I am not… If I am a supporter, i would not ask gerakan to move out.. the logic is simple..

    there is still some hope that the party might go out,,, the hope is not dead yet, from internal discussion and meetings, most members , inculding the top, have not discounted the option of leaving…

    If I pack up now, the chance of getting the party out will be slimmer, and those who supported me will feel led down..And believe me, not many Gerakan members have left, and even in KL, those who have left numbered less than 20, and even if i leave now, I donot foresee a big exodus leaving, but rather, if i leave now, the forces that are trying to get the party out will be weaker…

    I will leave when there is either no more hope to see the party out, or when my self imposed time frame expires….. Before that , I will fight my own battle …. I am sorry to have disappointed some of you,…


  79. cilipadi
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 13:38:56

    Yes, I have no right to comment if that is what you want, dr. who and YKS.

    My advice is, stand in front of mirror and ask yourselves how you look like first before asking others to do so.

    I am long enough in Malaysia to know how’s your country politics being played by big brothers Umno. Others in BN are just tools for Umno to manipulate. If you still cannot admit to this, go ahead and Malaysia will be even worse than now.

    Like someone who is so respectable nationally and internationally can do what he deems fit in Perak, what more an outsider like me can do? I may be issued a ‘May I’ order to leave this country if I continue to offer my views as outsider.

    If Malaysian like dr. who and YKS who cannot accept good views or critics, so be it. The rest of Malaysian are still good, but please outnumber these people with pea size brains.

    As an outsider, DAP is the real political party Malaysia can have. You may not like Lim Kit Siang, but the fact is he has been through so many of your Umno PMs and still standing tall. This in itself, a track record that your grand old man could not compete with.

    If you guys think that DAP has flaws here and there, go ahead and help. Don’t hang on with your MCA or Gerakan so emotionally as what A true Malaysian said. You guys have lost your rational thinking after so long being brain washed by Umno.

    Go see yourselves in mirror, if you can scream, “I am a true Malaysian”, then only debate with me. You are just novices to me.

    Go think about before I feed you guys with more cili.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  80. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 13:51:23

    Dr. Hsu

    The windows for Gerakan to leave BN with its dignity, credibility and respect intact is getting less. As opinions and feeling against BN hardened, Gerakan will be a definite casualty.


  81. Dr Hsu
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 14:02:36

    that is why i have written in my previous posts that time is running out fast for Gerakan……


  82. Richard Loh
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 14:20:07

    All politicians are human being. There are the good, the bad and the ugly among human beings and each human being has its own mind of thinking.

    The number of politicians are small compared to the millions of other non politicians. Its hard for the politicians to view and see the crowded people but the crowded people can see clearly the politicians.

    What we have today is politicians, through the perception of the people, are putting themselves first instead of the rakyat. It comes to the point that even if some of them actually want to reach out to the people and help them but the people minds will always think and ask what will the politicians gain for themselves first.

    The questions always in my mind is “Why Do Politicians Especially In BN Want To Fight For High Positions After Winning In Election In Their Respective Constituency”. Are they sincerely fighting for the positions to help the people or for themselves?

    We know somehow that anything the government does, the price tags are always double or triple or even more than the normal cost. Where do the extra costs go to?

    As Dr.Hsu mentioned, umno will not change if they are not thrown out, but what I can say is they can never be thrown out if their component parties are still happily clinging on to their pants.

    Many people have written the how, the why and the when umno should change but it will not take place if the present group of cancer ridden umno leaders are still holding on to power.

    Things that I can suggest to all bn component parties to get umno to do.

    No one person can hold on to the cabinet positions for more than two terms.

    Find a way to elect the PM, not just by a small handful of umno members and the PM position is also for two terms the most.

    All top government posts must be rotated, just like some banks shifting their people around, so that they do not have much time to plan or do anything hanky panky.

    And of course the hardest part for them to do is, to be transparent.


  83. zztop
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 14:54:01

    This Dr who, please dont pollute this blog. Please dont call yourself a Dr. Otherwise I will send James Bond to whack you to smitherrins, “Dr. Who”!!
    Guys, lets move on. Not worth wasting time on this so-called “Dr.” bum.


  84. eugene
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 15:13:15

    ” Opinion is just like ass hole where everybody has got one, and just like ass hole you always think yours is better than others.”


  85. Trackback: Short term gain and long term loss « Dr Hsu’s Forum
  86. Dr Hsu
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 16:48:25

    i think cilipadi , even if he is a foreigner, has a right to comment here…

    His comments have been sharp and to the points.

    Just like Michael Backman, he is an AUstralian, but his comments are sometimes (most times) better than us…

    Some times it takes an outsider to see things clearly.


  87. ahoo
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 17:15:34

    Dr Hsu, we have only one life here on earth to live and do live it well according to your own conscience alone. Even if you have taken a road slightly out of the middle-way, please do not feel bad as you have your own reason for doing so.

    I’m very very upset with what is happening in Perak. Born in Perak with family and relatives still in the village there, I can only say that the people thus far want change. For 50 years, we have hardly any development in the villages EXCEPT always during the election time. Roads and drains will be thoroughly taken care off. This is just for show as what we sincerely wanted is for villages with leasehold title to be given freehold. What is holding them ( BN ) back if it is not greed for self without thinking for the rakyat at large ? Why it is that with pakatan in state govt for only 10 months, they are ready to give to people what is due to them i.e conversion of leasehold to freehold.

    My question to the BN as a whole, what have you people been doing for the last 50 years ? Beside playing politics of money, wheeling, dealing, plundering, wastages, corruptions, scandals, racial discrimination, religious discrimination etc. Can we expect any good things to come out of BN ? If I remembered clearly, even the former President of Gerakan mentioned that many parties BN have to beg from UMNO to get things done. Can this kind of partnership thrive in modern Malaysia ?

    The reason many people are so angry with BN and in particular UMNO is simply the fact that they are in politic to enrich themselves. Not by any chance to serve the rakyat as the word ” to serve ” is not in their book. As such what we are witnessing the last two days is actually UMNO against the whole rakyat of Perak that voted in a legitimate state govt only to rob in broad daylight . This is very similar to the Somalian pirates that hijack and held ransom any ship that passes them. No logical reasoning is needed as long as the end justify the mean for them.

    Tough times ahead both politically and in economic sense. For that only tough people will survive and it remains to be seen how long can this new Perak state govt last before another mayhem takes place. As long as the people’s choice is not honoured via by-election or snap election, this new govt in Perak cannot be stable as the line is just too thin for comfort.

    Will catch up with you next week as I’m heading into the jungle tis weekend for our bi-monthly welfare work to the poor and needed. At least in that part of the jungle, we only have to face nature and friendly people who welcome us. Hopefully, political sanity will return after this weekend and the people will have to accept the fact that nothing is fair in this world. Let us remain calm and not be too emotionally charged to the point where it robs us of our joy.


  88. Rhan
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 18:57:12


    Only a clown will do the same stunt over and over again, Are you one? If Hsu already response, why still giving the same advice again and again?

    Malaysia need a balance and we have BN and PR. PR need a balance and we have the three party. Within the party we also need some balance and we have people like Hsu. Is this a bad idea?


  89. dr. who
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 21:05:50

    Dr. Hsu,

    It’s your forum, nobody said who has what right to comment here. Have you read who started the “shut up”?


    I always laugh off after reading your comments. Remembered you once wrote KTK killed people? Fortunately, he has the wisdom to ignore your garbage and forgive your ignorance. For other, they might sue you and laugh all the way to the bank. And you want to talk about civil.


    You want to know what an asshole is?

    Per your blog, you were out with your family for dinner/supper one evening and a little girl approached you on selling something to you. She spoke Mandarin to you in which you don’t understand. You asked her to speak in English but you don’t understand her broken English. So you test her in Malay which she can’t speak. You then shoo her away. You see, it’s not her fault that you can’t speak Mandarin. It’s more ashamed that a Chinese can’t speak Mandarin than a Chinese can’t speak English. You could have just say no to her at the beginning instead of testing her language skill and humiliated her. You just show that you’re even tinier than that little girl. Now, that’s what an asshole is!

    FYI, KTK is not your friend. KTK finally realized that what you SMS him are purely rubbish. Most likely, he put you on his ignore list. Somehow, you’re like an annoying tiny pest incessantly bugging him. Still don’t have a clue and you’re college educated, how pathetic.

    Dr. Hsu,

    You do write good articles. Your forum are lively because of some clowns and mosquitoes, otherwise it would be too boring and serious.


  90. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 21:41:41

    Rhan. Thank you for your comment. I may sound like a broken record, sometime.

    dr. who> touche


  91. klm
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 21:44:19

    But Dr Hsu has such an interesting discussion/debate going on. It is a joy to put comment in here. Only wish is that some people can be more polite and more civilised. Sigh!


  92. cilipadi
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 23:19:49

    someone don’t even dare to mention cilipadi.

    does not has the gut to stand in front of mirror to look how he (or she? or HEEshe?) looks like

    Go sign online petition if you have the gut

    I know you are a Gerakan member. Who is KTK, by the way?

    I think you are not medical doc. Medical doc. should not so bad temper, else, wrong diagnostic, how to be a good doctor then?

    This is my last dose of cili for this someone, unless he (or she? or HEEshe?) cannot control temper again.

    who makan cili who rasa pedas


  93. Dalbinder Singh Gill
    Feb 07, 2009 @ 11:59:03

    more personal attacks going on here


  94. VoiceOfPolitics
    Feb 07, 2009 @ 12:47:52

  95. Atila
    Feb 10, 2009 @ 05:30:12

    Dr Hsu,

    Why Gerakan choose a path of a scarificial lamb to retain in BN?

    When Gerakan failed in Penang for March GE 2008, I was hoping that it would be a cataclyst for BN coaliation to wake up.

    When KTK re-branded Gerakan in May 2008,
    I was hoping that Gerakan would be mould
    seriously into multiracial injected spirit…like
    how PKR did…although PKR with hiccups
    here there…

    Now is February 2009, almost 11months gone after GE2009, all my expectations for Gerakan is gone…kaput…dead.

    Gerakan is proving itself more a chinese oriented party, not sensitive to race and religion.
    Forget it on how to spread your wings into
    the Malays.

    Dr. Hsu, Gerakan Penang only “laku” valid for the Chinese and some Indians.

    I m without any political party attachment, Gerakan “was” one of my many choices except UMNO. “Was”..means now no more attractive.

    PKR offers platforms to social work that were never looked by UMNO.

    UMNO’s definition of social work is all the time listed by the division top down. Voice from the branch up is “cut off”, when one asks, one will be labelled anti-establishment & worst mocking-humiliating the members with statements “you have no support”.

    The best part working with PKR life members
    is you dont need to be their political member to do this. They never come in threats & force.

    Feeling sad is a wasting of time, time is short, one must look forward, will contribute within means for PKR until it gets into Federal Govt. Insyaallah.


  96. Atila
    Feb 10, 2009 @ 06:05:46

    Dr Hsu

    Maybe Gerakan may want to consider evolution
    to be the 3rd choice for rakyat after BN and PR
    by GE2017/22. 2017 is not too far away, less than 10years.

    By then we wouldnt know if BN still existing or dead and PR may turned into BN culture, offcourse Gerakan must be with mega changes and revamps.

    A view.


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