An encounter of the insolent kind

A few days ago, I was driving in Sea PArk and came to a junction. There was just a SUV in front of me waiting at the junction, so I stopped behind this SUV, like any fellow resident would do.

After some time, the SUV was not moving and I reaised that the driver was talking on a phone. So i politely gave the SUV a honk, hoping that it can either move on or at least go more to the side. When the SUV refused to budge, I reversed my car and move to the oncoming lane and out of the junction.

 It would have been an ordinary event we experience  almost daily if not for the driver of the SUV, a young man probably in his early 20s, pointing his middle finger of his free hand at me, while still holding his handphone to his ear with the other hand and chatting. I just drove away.

This incident made me feel sad that some of our youngsters have become ‘kurang ajar’. Not only they do not respect older people, they do not even respect rules and laws, and when someone points out thier mistakes, instead of feeling shameful, they get angry and agitated.

Look at what society has become. Anyone here would have experienced motorcyclists or even car drivers or bus drivers who never wait for their set of traffic light to turn green. They will drive across a junction even when the traffic light is red… sometimes , right in front of traffic police, who of course will do nothing to stop them..

In my younger days, cars that stopped beyond the white line in a junction would be hauled up and summoned…

In the West, pedestrians will wait patiently for their pedestrian light to turn green before crossing the road, even when there is no oncoming traffic.

Malaysians have become more insolent as a whole. While in the past, we would hold a door when exiting for those behind us , even when we do not know them, nowadays, it is not common to see that..

How often do we see a young person standing up to give his or her place to an old person in LRT trains? Rarely. How often we see people standing in a line while waiting for their bus? rarely.

I am perplexed as to why we behave like this. Is this because of our culture? our genes? our upbringing? or peer influence? or our education system?

I really do not have the answer.


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  1. petestop
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 14:32:47

    Young man in his 20s already driving a SUVs… can only be someone born with silver spoon in his mouth.

    As demonstrated again and again in this country, those with money can get away with anything… even murder.

    Imagine the only guy with the motive to see the Mongolian gone, is walking free and the prosecution don’t even appeal. In the docks are motiveless policeman, supposingly enforcer of the law in the country.

    On the other hand, RPK who is clearly not a threat to our society (to UMNO perhaps), the govt persisted in persecuting him, appealing against his overtuned ISA detention.

    With such demonstration of insolent at the highest level and on the mainstream media daily…. what do you expect ?


  2. Richard Loh
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 14:40:18

    You have yet to see the worst in Penang. As you know most roads in Penang are narrow especially at the busy streets.

    They can double park their cars and went on to do their business elsewhere. They can stop their cars in the middle of the road and chat to each other.

    And the same thing goes for the motor cyclist, they simple zoom past red lights.

    It is inconsiderate mentality, feeling ownself has the right to do what ones want to. Wrong upbringing, not by the parents but by societies whereby law enforcement is lag.


  3. nick
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 14:57:24

    Dr. Hsu, give us the number… I will tell you whether he has unpaid summons or not. And forgive him, he would have just lost his job and he was calling his wife to break the news. And soon the SUV will be no more. There you see, there is justice in this world.

    The Chapter on the mongolian beauty is not over and we need to exhaust all legal avenues. And where is Bala, I miss him.


  4. klm
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 16:00:53

    Ah!. Welcome to the age of the millennials. This Malaysian millennials are very self centered and uncaring. On the other hand, they are politcal activist.

    There are so many sides to the coins. what do we want?


  5. ahoo
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 17:01:44

    As for your unwanted incident, do thank God that you were in a better mood though. Can’t imagine what would had happened if you were not so courteous and stop your car to get even with that young ‘brat’ ? Surely, someone would have ended up in a hospital. In this case, just let him be and with his kind of altitude, he will certainly meets his match one of this day.

    The main question herein is why is our society today in such a state of affair ? Well, it certainly boils down to upbringing both at home and in school. If we do not impart the right altitude into our young ones when they are at a learning stage and make courtesy our way of life, this child will grow up following the TV or peer group’s teaching.

    Smoking becomes manly as advertised and swearing words with F*** becomes greetings ! Hanging out in mamak stalls and bistro till early morning becomes a standard lifestyle. To me personally, all these are part of change BUT not the change that we older citizens are happy about. It is a wrong culture that ends with no value and benefitted nobody. Gone are the days where children are taught to respect elderly people particularly their parents.

    What is wrong with our society today ? To me it is sick to the core and all this is simply due to wrong teaching in school and at home. The school going children are taught moral but what is that when at the very next moment you hear of teacher screaming racist remark at people of other races. Even in Parliament we have politicians who are racist and who talk with fork-tongue. They even talked about women’s anatomy and what will all this teach our young ones ?

    We have been in a state of ‘auto-pilot’ ever since 308. The loser in 5 states (bn) just refused to concede and are using strong arm tactics to wrest control of those lost states. So what can we ordinary citizens expect out of such a govt ? Where the rule of law is selective in their calling. Where power and greed have surpasses all natural understanding and they will continue to attack the PK govt with whatever means they deem fit. This is worrying as the next stage of conflicts after March 09 will see the use of more strong arm tactics. God saves Malaysia !!!


  6. sing
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 18:38:04

    Dr Hsu,

    You wondered:
    “I am perplexed as to why we behave like this. Is this because of our culture? our genes? our upbringing? or peer influence? or our education system?”

    Perhaps: they are evolutionists… with no morality and behave like the beasts they evolved from.


  7. KL Boy
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 18:39:02

    What is wrong with our society today ?

    I think all this mess was created by Mahathir. He has turn our education system from bad to worst after becoming the PM for Malaysia for more than 2 decade, and if not check more “kurang ajar” will be produce.

    May be Najis will be even worst!


  8. cilipadi
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 19:21:16

    Malaysia is definitely more colorful than the ‘Red Dot’, but for wrong reasons. Some of you still so proud?

    Immediate future looks grim to me as an outsider.

    Are Umno and BN using internet? Easily 95% if not more comments are all criticizing them, yet…….

    Ugly faces are coming up one after the other,….just watch out…..exciting

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  9. Peter Yew
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 21:35:03

    Dr Hsu,

    I’ve always blamed education, poor examples by adults, and lack of enforcement of the laws as the primary causes of the decay of our civil orders. There is no more respect for the laws, and the police should be ashamed for this state of affair. The teachers should be ashamed for not teaching children good moral and civic values. The adults, especially the parents, ought to be ashamed and take the major blame for not correcting the misbehaviours of their children.

    Today we dare not take to task those who violate the laws, like smoking in non-smoking zones, parking in bays reserved for the disabled, littering, drivng on emergency lanes or loitering where it is forbidden. The reason is obvious: we risk being bashed up. Recently a man tried to stop someone from putting up stickers in public places in PJ and was beaten up. How can we civilians help enforce the laws when the police themselves are ‘afraid’ as the Home Minister once reportedly admitted about why the police beat base in Chow Kit was removed?

    Something is tragically wrong without the fear of the law in this country. We are degenerating into a barbaric society where peace-locing citizens have to live in fear of those who blatantly disobey the laws and proudly dare the police to arrest them. The police are abetting this culture by giving discounts to those who are compounded for traffic offenses. It is a sick development! In politics are are seeing the same trend. The Mat Rempits are putting up a power challenge as well.

    If law enforcers spend time playing politics and taking bribes and bashing up locked up detainees; if teachers don’t teach but give tuitions; if parents don’t guide their children but leave the job to the schools, and if we adults don’t show good examples to them, then the only route we can take is downhill.

    Forget about 2020. We can be wealthy but we are like a caveman in suits. The ultimate cause of our problems is ‘We are Not Proud as Malaysians’. We have no respect for fellow human beings. We have little love for our nation because many of us feel that we don’t belong, so we just do what is selfishly best for ourselves. Who cares what others think? This is our dark moment.


  10. Disgusted
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 22:00:59

    I agree. Education and family up-bringing. But there are also many cases, children with Victorian typed family upbringing can also cause rebellious people.

    I am an old man. During my younger schooling days ( I am an orphan), my foster mother used to make me kneel on cockle shells in front of the “Teh Choo” diety (old days, most Taoist Chinese family have one) when I was naugthy or mischievous. I have to kneel for one small “joss-stick” burning time: about 35 minutes.

    My mother used to keep two canes, one thin and one feathered dust cane. I had a choice of either one, on my butt if I deserved the punishment.

    School teachers in the 50s and 60s were more committed. So I don’t know. Times have changed. The 21st century became the days of the students whacking the teachers. We (born in he 50s) were not perfect angels, had our pranks and hanky panky but never in drugs and juvenile criminal cases.

    Today, the social environment has changed and virtually gone downhill. The government is rotten to the core. Society members like motorists are stressed in, day in and day out. Traffic jams..etc. These are not justifications for pushing against the laws, double-parking, selfishness, inconsiderate, waving in and out traffic lanes. You name it and Malaysian Boleh has it. Road-rage-bullying, even in extreme cases, manslaughter on the roads. Newspapers don’t report, it’s no longer news worthy. Like dog bites man is normal. Man bites dog is different.

    The government don’t give a damn anymore. Even a road courtesy campaign won’t work. Traffic fines don’t work. Even ministers and prime minister can defy paying traffic offences, remember a couple of years back? So what leadership examples. So what do you expect from Ahmad, Ah Chong and Kukusamy?

    You’re right, cavemen in suits. Education today is not about “educated” to be a morally upright good HUMANs or to be a “great man” (according to Confucius) but how to MAKE MILLIONS AND BILLIONS (like some of your politicians today)!

    We find filial peity, values and principles going down the sewerage pipes. We are living in “cow-boy” cities. Even cavemen have jungle laws.



  11. cilipadi
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 22:48:24

    Peter Yew, monk,

    Well said. The whole nation of Malaysia is very sick indeed.

    I am reluctant, but need to mention again the important of “morality”. Though standard or expectation of morality is different from one to another, a certain level of adherence is needed for a civilized society.

    In pursuit of our material needs, we must also remind ourselves spiritual development of ourselves.

    There is no end for chasing for material wealth or satisfying one’s ego, if there is no corresponding spiritual development of oneself.

    Kelantan Nik Aziz is much more respectable than your grand old man, why?

    If one look into global recession, it has very much to do with what I just mentioned.

    Go back to agriculture, at least we got something to eat.


  12. Dr Hsu
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 23:15:32

    Peter Yew and monk,

    Thanks for providing the answer to my question and i think both of you hit the nail on its head.

    It is sad that everything has regressed instead of progressing.

    The society is richer now. But many studies have shown that those having a richer life style do not necessarily become happier. Yes, initially there is some form of happiness for achieving a status that you long for, but after a while it is back to the previous level.

    Yes, education and parenting plays important parts in influencing how a child will be when he/she grows up.

    Yes, the whole society is sick to the core.

    Yes, we need change , not cosmetic one but a total overhaul of the whole system.

    And change will come.


  13. Disgusted
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 23:43:12


    I love agriculture, I am peace with veggies and fruits. Well, I’d rather be with plants and trees and cilipadi than with people.

    Malaysia has two occasions talking on the “Green Book” just as you have said. Go for it…..plant here plant here, everywhere, fruits, veggies, anything that have leaves…save the country’s foreign exchange, feed the people….for almost one year during PM Tun Razak’s time, I think.

    What happened? Nothing after that. Then later there was another time during a recession. When the recession recovered, people started to plant money (later called ringgit). Nobody plant “plants” except for those who make a livelihood out of fruits (durians, money spinner) and later, organic.

    Most would rather “plant”– runners (like Khairy) into the finance ministry to get government projects. Money comes (or pours in) faster. For a durian tree, you have to wait 7 to 8 years to get a miserable fruit. For veggies, 2-3 weeks.

    But for those staying in slums, low-cost flats, and the rich wealthy, posh apartments, how are they going to “plant” anything inside, except LCDs, comfortable furnitures and maybe, a mistress or two.

    I know, some flat dwellers plant veggies but only to find the idiotic council enforcement, wiping out the plants, saying, it’s improper (public space).

    Or you want dwellers to plant “padi” on rooftops like a stupid Kedah MB said publicly. Maybe he has more plant seeds in his head rather than brain cells. Believe me, no ideas really work in this country except a revolution planted. A “revolution” through the ballot box, of course.



  14. romerz
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 00:15:55

    Dr Hsu,

    How coincidental that you brought up this subject. I had a rude encounter with a rude motorist just yesterday.

    I had parked my car in a metered council parking bay and gone for lunch. After lunch when I went back to my car, I found a motorcycle parked behind me and between my car and the car behind me.

    Needless to say it made it quite difficult for my car to get out with inches of clearance at the back and only about a foot in the front.

    I was about move the bike when I noticed that the owner was just sitting at the 5 foot way less than 10 feet away from the bike (his helmet on the table gave it away).

    So I went to him, a chap in his mid 20s and asked him politely if he could kindly move his bike so I could get out.

    He told me to move the bike myself. Not wanting to turn it into a ‘situation’ I did so and left.

    I do not know why people behave the way they do when simple consideration and courtesy would go a long way towards a better society.

    Nor do I know the solutions to such problems except that if it is not checked soon, it will be entrenched as acceptable in our mindset as have many bad bad things before.

    Typically, we Malaysians would shrug our shoulders and say “What can we do, this is Malaysia”.

    One other thing that bugs the hell out me is queue cutting. It has happened to me a few times before and when I speak out others who are equally peeved about the queue cutter, just keep quiet and pretend they are indifferent.

    Worse still when I ask the cashier why they allow some to jump queue, 99% of the time, they say they don’t want trouble.

    I think sadly in Malaysia, the bully is tolerated because we are so fearful of ‘situations’ and confronting bullies because most times such bullies have ‘connections’ with the police and we end up on the losing side.


  15. cilipadi
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 07:29:37


    With Umno around, whatever plan will turn sour as they think for their interest first, people last or never.

    Agriculture is the basic or foundation for other economic activities. Remember, many farmers are the richest in developed countries. They have the technique and expertise in agriculture.


  16. Khir hoho
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 10:27:55

    If you think you have met the worst kind of people, read this – today’s NST. I don’t know what the world is coming to.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Is business in Malaysia looking down the barrel of a gun? Judging by what an independent power producer (IPP) tried to pull with a Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) subsidiary recently, it looks like it.
    The incident occured during negotiations between TNB subsidiary Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) and the IPP on Thursday afternoon.

    The IPP is also said to be Sabah-based.

    Present were 14 people, including TNB officers, representatives from the IPP and the TNB subsidiary, as well as lawyers and an official from the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry.

    The discussion was to thrash out a deal for TNB to purchase power from the IPP, which has a 100MW capacity.
    The going was tough and one of the SESB officials told the IPP representatives not to twist their arms.

    “The leader of the IPP’s team said ‘arm-twisting is nothing’, then took out his pistol and brandished it in front of them,” said a source. ——-


  17. monsterball
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 11:23:45

    Watching too many such movies ..churned out mostly..from America… our lousy government…leadership with gangster like attitudes….foremost of all……..Toyo…Khairy…Husien….2 eyeing to be Youth Chief…one already is….with his kris show.
    Population explosions……from less than 10 millions…..60 years ago…now almost triple….yet…UMNO is going backward…not forward…working non divide race and promote race and religion out-dated politics.
    Being proved to be corrupted…applying double standards…totally no manners..arrogant..what do you think young Malaysians learn from them?
    In schools sub standard …..not qualified teachers are promoted and allowed….as long as the are UMNO members…and keep telling students…how good UMNO is…..thus the male characters look to UMNO as heroes.
    The only good part…..they know how idiotic they were….when they grew up.
    So nature takes its course….for the better in Malaysia.
    If not…Malaysia will be doomed to be the most backward country is SEA.


  18. klm
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 13:54:20

    Dr. Hsu. Back to your early posting on “Bracing for severe recession” …. I was told by a friend that the total loss figure in Singapore is more like SD 100B. Temasek is responsible for SD 58B.

    Singapore is in for much tougher time.


  19. Peter Yew
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 16:56:38

    Dr Hsu,

    In my reading of many of your blogs as well as comments made, one common trend stands out, which is we know the causes of the problems, we agree but WE DON’T HAVE EFFECTIVEL WAYS TO OVERCOME THESE PROBLEMS.

    This is our real problem. We all can agree that our government is ineffective, our police force is prejudiced, even the MACC now; and do you all noticed that the verdicts from judges recently have almost all become pro-BN again?

    When people take to the streets to protest, it tells us that they have reached a breaking point. Something has to give. When someone has a stroke, it means he has a very serious hypertension. We don’t want our nation to be a state of paralysis one day from a stroke caused by popular uprising. This is an ugly thought that no one hope to even materialise BUT my fear is if we continue to sit back and just complain, judge and offer paper solution then nothing will ever change.

    We are all wise and concerned people. We know what is best but we do not know how to act. Just like a patient, who was given the medicine to take regularly but choose not to follow doctor’s advice.

    People, please share what must we the Malaysians do to stem the dangerous tide of political and social ills that have reached a level we have never seen before? Don’t wait for popular uprising to happen!


  20. klm
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 19:57:10

    Historically, when a nation is at boiling point, a destructive process will take place to change direction. This is inevitable. This is a law of nature. It happens in every natural process. In human society, it is called a revolution.


  21. Disgusted
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 21:17:27

    A drop of water cannot put out a bush fire. Individuals, too cannot be effective.

    Interestingly, individuals can network to form an influential group to provide the “tipping point” when the appropriate time comes: the next general elections.

    Keeping records, blogging is a positive move to keep the momentum going, like slow boil a chicken or a frog. Keep it simmering until the boiling moment is needed. Remember to increase the numbers (networking), join NGOs, keep yourself abreast of developments.

    I am afraid that’s all individuals can do, for the moment. Send out emails on information, disseminating the truth.



  22. ross
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 23:30:49

    Dr Hsu

    Our towns & cities are way over-congested plus no town planning; combine with bad attitudes of these trashy people, inconsiderate & selfish. We all had bad experiences all the time on the roads; the worst encounters are those who own more than 2-sen – ever been continuously flashed at by a bmw or merz who wants to overtake while one is overtaking a slow vehicle on the left?

    Msians are generally very “larn see” & arrogant on the road. I always thought, Msians shld try driving in the US; the American would get out of his vehicle & bitch-slap that SUV driver.

    We also hv another problem which is not discussed / addressed – this country is way way over-populated. The reason I think Dr M wanted us to have 70mil pop. is that more protons will be sold, more drivers take the highways, more toll will be collected. Other than that, I see no reason for this ridiculous increase in pop. – as usual, this pathetic 3rd world country is focused on quantity, never on quality.


  23. cilipadi
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 23:32:26


    Malaysia has no hope under Umno and its tools. You guys just need to ensure PR is in power in Federal level. Winning in state level is still not enough to introduce changes nation wide.

    Just look at the so-called newly minted MACC. Kit Siang is right, MACC=Malaysian Agency for Cow & Car.

    As an outsider, I had a good laugh.


  24. Peter Yew
    Feb 21, 2009 @ 23:41:10

    monk, klm,

    you are right of course. we are in the internet age where open communication has made us all politically active. if we keep the momentum going, with UMNO stupidly reminding us again and again by their rhetorics how much they need to be disposed together with the rest of BN, then these memories will stay fresh come the 13th GE.

    we don’t need a physical but a mental revolution. but my concern is that PR may not be ready to take on the mammoth job of running a nation tainted by the BN culture, as well as undoing the pro-BN police and civil service. they need to get their act together or else we may put up a new government with ill-prepared expertise to run an entire nation.


  25. anon
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 00:16:23

    Dr Hsu…

    in case you miss this. Malaysia had a couple of cases of our women caught in foreign countries for smuggling drug. maybe bring this to the attention to the right people for more stricter surveillance. the drug war in Mexico is spilling over to US through Texas…a lot of things are happening right now including Malaysia being mired in political instability. Do we need this kind of thing? If we don’t change we may find ourselves like many other nations in the world today…starring in the abyss.

    Price of cocaine set to plunge, UN warns

    The price of cocaine is set to plunge further because Europe is being flooded with the drug through new smuggling routes, the United Nations drugs chief Hamid Ghodse has warned.



  26. ross
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 00:43:06

    peter yew,

    i really disagree with you on that statement abt PR not ready to take on the mammoth job of running the country; i don’t think anyone can ever do a perfect job given the circumstances but this is not PR’s fault – i think doing the best they can is good enough.

    i also don’t think, given 10 yrs, PR can straighten up the mess left behind by Mahathir & his successors. this country is deeply wounded & in some instances, beyond repair.

    have you ever tried cleaning up a big company managed by corrupt individuals for 20 yrs. no matter how talented you are, the task is frustrating & impossible.

    that is what PR will face once it takes over the federal govt. at some point in time, those corrupt bn ministers must be given their day(s) in court. if they are lucky, they would drop dead first instead of spending their old age in jail.


  27. clearwater
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 05:30:47

    Many young people today have little experience of painful hardship and deprivation. Many are also immersed in pursuit of mainly materialistic goals without a moral compass. Perhaps this is a reflection of our decaying institutions and a perverted system that over values money, titles and other trappings of success.

    I find young people today to be more self centered, impatient, hedonistic and intolerant but then they are also more creative and knowledgeable about the world than I was at their age. They have the ability to make changes for a better Malaysia. And I hope for their sakes they will.


  28. jeff
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 05:36:52

    For your information, it is not ‘we’ behave this way, but less educated monkey in the country behave badly and uncivilly.


  29. cilipadi
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 09:57:06

    Peter Yew,

    Inexperience of PR in administration is expected, but you should not be overdue worried on this. Inexperience should also not be the excuse not to support PR simply Umno and its tools are beyond change, beyond repairable.

    Civil services should be impartial in their duties and responsibilities. You can see their bias and favortism over Umno / BN.

    As an outsider, I can see this, why not you Malaysians?

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  30. Chauncey Gardener
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 11:47:13

    While education and upbringing are the longer term solutions to correcting this type of behaviour, the short term fix is ENFORCEMENT.

    Of course, there are some dynamics involved in actually getting it done but theoretically, if everyone who commits some infraction like the SUV driver faced by Dr Hsu or the arrogant punk motorcyclist cited by romerz, is penalised for his behaviour, then it is possible that such behaviour modification can succeed.

    But before I get tembak by other commentators, I did say this was theoretical !!!

    The problem really is “monkey see, monkey do”.


  31. jughead
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 12:30:23

    PR state governments started to rule and tried not to follow the ways of UMNO and BN. Yet there are many still critical and wanting to go back to the ways of UMNO. Or some wanted the ways of middle ground. Actually, I can see PR Governments do have not many talented administrators or vision leaders. just look at Ms Hee – Deputy Speaker? Can she managed the job when the Speaker is away? Gerakan on the other hand has more than 40 years governing in Penang and there are politicians started off with junior posts like PR.

    So what is there to be in middle ground or trying to change the unchangable? Would it be better to be on the side who is willing to listen and take up the changes? After all it is the change that we wanted and vote for? Like LKY and Liew Chin Tong said, many may be armchair critics and not willing to serve.


  32. klm
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 15:21:52

    Did any one watched a commentary about Egypt traffic problem on BBC. It showed a car going against the traffic, a policeman yawning and not taking action,.

    Look at the bright side, we are not so bad yet. 🙂


  33. Peter Yew
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 15:52:32

    ross, cilipadi,

    Let me clarify. I don’t doubt that PR will put in their very best to govern our beloved country. From the sincerity and transparency of all the statements made, plus the absence of any malicious intentions shown through their administration, I certainly believe that PR should be the government of the day after the 13GE. Barring any emergency rule or military takeover I believe responsible voters should exercise their rights with clear conscience and open eyes as to who they allow to run the country.

    Yes, it will be terribly difficult to undo the years of rape, selfish culture indoctrinated by the BN style of rewarding their cronies to get their votes in return. There is absolutely no professionalism in the way our country is run, and I don’t mean this as an attack on those professionals who really give of their best in whichever agencies they are working for. What I mean is the sort of ministers without qualification and experience making all kinds of remarks and implementing policies at their whim and fancy. So when the PR state government tries to emplace professionals in executive positions they face resistance. This sort of culture is present not only within BN but also in PR itself. It has permeated down into the way Malaysian politics are being fought and applied.

    We Malaysians will be at the side of PR to rally them on as and when they take over but as I’ve expressed before there will be tons of resistance, sabotage and defections to sidetrack and undo whatever good they want to implement.

    I honestly think that PR must have no less than 3 terms to make a real improvement to the quality of governance. The public, the NGOs and the bloggers must continue to exert pressure and correct any misdemeanours. I am not holding PR to be the fault-free replacement for BN but I certainly believe with greater transparency and information free flow today, it will be a lot harder for them to be corrupt and get away with it. Of course UMNO will never give up. They will fight with claws and underhand tactics to regain what they’ve lost (assuming that to be the case) and it will not be nice I am assure you. What we read of Elizabeth and Khalid are just starters to the main course.

    My major concern is also with leadership transition in PR. We cannot depend on PR standing on the one leg, i.e. Anwar Ibrahim. What if something happens to him? What other plans are available to keep PR upright? We must be concerned about this and ask PR to openly declare their contingeny plan in the event of leadership crisis.


  34. Bujang
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 17:15:10

    Do not lament. This is the “new times”.
    We used to help our neighbours; look after their house when they were away, pushed their cars when they won’t start….these days all these wonderful spirits have all gone.
    We did not care much about $ as we had enough, today, if you want to get anything done you have to pay for it!
    Why, cos our country born a devil who brain-washed a certain group of people not to trust other s and wrang all their could on the others blood!
    I cry when I thought of the past. The evil wheel has turned us topsy-turvy, will it even turn back????
    My answer is “no”. So brace ourselves up. Face the new scenrio. Adjust oursleves to it.
    Just remember, these days, it’s survival of the fittest!
    If the government is sincere,treat everybody equal ther would be a chance to sruvive. If not one section the of community would be squeezed dry and die first, the rest would also follow. No two way out of it!
    How could you treat your own people as two different groups, those with A Saham 12% interest, those in the bank including retirees less than 3% ???
    How could you ask everybody to work together as a whole?


  35. cilipadi
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 17:22:58

    Peter Yew,

    Well said and thanks for clarification.

    Undeniably Anwar Ibrahim is the man who hold PR parties together but lately we can see people like Nizar, Khalid Samad of PAS showcase their leadership and mature mentality. This bodes well for PR and acceptance of PAS amongst Malaysian.

    Nevertheless, PR needs help and support from righteous people to join them to make them stronger in their line-up.

    We can see many well qualified people in Gerakan, one of them is Dr. Hsu, but they are too sentimental attached with Gerakan. To many, these people are wasting their time to change Gerakan from within, simply because Gerakan is ‘unchangeable’. To many, Gerakan is just being used as a tool by Umno. Umno do not put a damn on them.

    Beside that, let’s look at BN. There are no credible leaders that is respectable. They are facing leadership crisis as well. My view is that theirs is even more severe than PR.

    On PR side, beside Anwar Ibrahim, we can see people like Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Seng Giaw, Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi, Teresa Kok, and Malaysian, especially the Malays, are getting more receptive of these Chinese Malaysian leaders to lead Malaysia for a brighter future. At least this is my feel after reading readers’ comments in blogosphere.

    Let us see whether my feel is correct in time to come. This trend of multiracial politics will serve Malaysia well in future, and I believe, this is real.


  36. Peter Yew
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 22:01:13

    11 months is long enough for the BN component parties to find out how sincere is UMNO in revamping itself. Instead of showing remorse and making sincere efforts to be more people friendly, it has morphed into a fearsome party that is unredeemable. Yet leaders of MCA, MIC and Gerakan seemed rooted and unable to take courage to leave. Perhaps they are thinking that under Najib things will improve. If they are so concern about saving the nation they should be bold enough like Dr Tan Tee Kwong to say enough is enough. Don’t let your immobility and lack of courage be condemned by future generations when you failed to move when it is time to do so.

    Dr Hsu, there have been many suggestions that you do so as your conscience lead. I hope you know what to do.


  37. Disgusted
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 00:15:33

    Look at the malaysian agency for cow and car, publicly judging Khalid guilty over the “cows’ when the MB don’t even eat breef.

    Anwar today at a function at SJK(C) Sin Ming blasted UMNO, for forgetting the corruption under the idiot Toyol and now making national issue over the killed cows.

    You think UMNO will change? You think MCA will reform?

    Wee Ka Siong, the uneducated education minister is alleged to have stop development funding to Sin Ming school. Why? Just because the school board invited Pakatan leaders to officiate a fund-raising event for the school.

    You think UMNO will be angels overnight? Look at the UMNO Youth candidates, something like MCA Deputy candidates. Toyo-yo-yo, Moohriz and Hairy son-in-law.

    Look at the debate and the content. Malay-rights, NEP and all the crap to keep opportunities of self-enrichment.

    Well, these guys are more dangerous and insolent than the SIV drivers.



  38. Disgusted
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 00:23:10

    Ha, ha, PR really inexperienced.

    Just brought in RM11.87 Billion for Selangor foreign investment. Surpass amount compared for the past 8 years. Toyol-yo-yo, what say you?

    PR raised RM350,000 for Sin Ming school whereas the BN-MCA educated (?) minister only willing to give RM120,000 from the govert coffers our tax payers money).

    PR really inexperienced-lah!



  39. petestop
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 03:36:10

    This guy really ambitious, not only he wants to be PM, he also wants to take over Transport Ministry, on top of his existing Finance Ministry post.

    No wonder Big Momma is appearing freqeuntly on TV nowadays..


  40. Shower
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 05:29:16

    Of cause ” no answer lah!”.

    we are still dreaming in this “Okay” land.Look at the policemen, they are now accepting lot of reports for a similar crime/or no body business issue.

    Even the sleeping F** Lah! also instructed the new” Obama from Bang-kock” to make a police report on “Pakat Society”.


  41. cilipadi
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 08:58:07


    Look like Malaysia has no credible lawyer around for Umno to consult. They even need to go as far as England, Malaysia’s former master, to consult QC. Perhaps this is another advice from your Big Momma Rossie.

    Anyway, at least they know how to consult or get others’ opinion. But why they refuse to hear their own people’s views? Perakian’s views are loud and clear, aren’t they?

    Whatever, if Altantuya shadow is still in their minds, those involved directly or indirectly, will never have peace of mind, even if the kangaroo court pronounces you “not guilty”.


  42. cilipadi
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 09:16:48

    Malaysia Judiciary, to regain past glory, credibility, integrity and people’s confidence, from my point of view as an outsider, need to allow the “PRIVY COUNCIL” as the apex court again.

    If you allow this, Malaysia will gain confidence of the international community. This will boost your economy and foreign investment.


  43. Disgusted
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 09:50:30

    QC, top judiciary was demolished by the “M” during his days, everybody in the 50s know he was responsible for the executive eating the police, judiciary, agency for cows and cars, and controlling every damn thing opposing him and injustice.

    If the monster “M” still in charge, I doubt there would be a Perak coup as more would be in Kamunting. No consolation, yeah?

    I thought Malaysia Boleh is better than privy council, maybe top guns only know privy purse….ha, ha…

    You are right, but how could “they” listen to PR, their arch enemies. Often, truth in life is at the “tip” of our nose but still, there are people who still consult fortune tellers and bomohs. Same thing. Go to London or or belakang mati island etc for consultation.

    Cilipadi, AMNO is 63 years old, Money Chinese Association is also 60 yrs, Gerakan is too young, 41 and Semi-Value is also senile. Where to source expert views? They are good at collection and not much wisdom. Quite bankrupt of wisdom. So, Cilipadi, no apex court. AMNO is supreme. Nothing above them, ok? Ha, ha…



  44. Disgusted
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 09:56:12

    The Chinese imperial court used to pay highest respect and homage to their Emperor.

    So they say, “May Momma Rossie” lives a thousand years, thousand years, thousand thousand years!

    Hail, our next future prime minister, Mama Rossie…may you live a thousand years!

    Ha, ha…also may divine laws take care of you soon so we don’t suffer for long…..


  45. Disgusted
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 14:37:42

    Somebody claimed that the son (a air pilot) of the agency of cows and cars was prosecuted in a foreign land for child porn.

    Is it true?

    That the homefront government was supposed to prosecute as a followed up action, but nothing happened.

    Is it true?



  46. Chauncey Gardener
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 04:46:04


    I am not sure whose son he is, but yes, a Malaysian pilot was prosecuted in a foreign land for having child pornographic material in his computer. adelaidenow/story/0,22606, 23179728-5006301,00.html


  47. pohwatchdog
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 20:13:59

    Are our teachers committed lot? They are a still a numbers who are dedicated, committed and diligent carrying out their duties. But nowsday children are different because they are pampered by their parent. Imagine their parents will come after you if you cane their child.

    Furthermore with the present teacher training, do we have a meritocracy system to select those are really keen? Maybe we should revamp the system. Is our education too examination oriented? Are we having too many subjects overlapping with one another? Have Moral Subject examination for Form 5 level? Is it relevant? Then another civic education and citizenship subject plus history. Is there something wrong with our MOE? Is it high time our education is not really world class? Pushing down a lower passing marks and stressed on unnecessary science students that is not really qualified.

    We need a good vocational training school for those who are not academic inclined. Too many paper works or kertas kerja or kerja kursus for those in lower secondary. Wake up for MOE


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