Instill the culture of the ‘white sheep”

 I remember when i was a small kid, my dad bought a puppy for me, not one of the pure breeds you see nowadays, but a mongrel dog with yellow fur.

 I grew up with that dog, which was named  “Happy”. We were not rich, my parents were mere teachers in those days, and teachers in those days did not get any side income from tuittion classes, simply because at that time, tuition was a luxury that few parents could afford.. So we could only feed the dog with left over food ( we  made sure that there was enough for the dog) , but there was a strong bond between us. Through looking after the dog, we were taught the importance of empathy, compassion and kindness. We learned that even an animal has feelings, even an animal  could feel pain.

That is why I have allowed my children to keep pets, specifically dogs. By learning to care for the animals, they learn the importance of responsibility, empathy and be compassionate to fellow animals  and human beings .

What prompted me to write all these is because of the sketches down here:

post-mortem-findingsdiagram from Malaysiakini

This is a sketch , post mortem sketch probably, of the body of a detainee who died in a lock up. ..The shaded parts were briuses (the blue black things that we would get if we had a hard knock). 

My younger kid posted this question to me: How could anyone cause so much of agony and anguish to another fellow human being?  He correctly said that even with a quarter of such injuries, a person would be moaning in great pain and asking for mercy.. Who in this world could still continue beating his person and inflicting so much injuries?

When I was a medical officer in a district hospital in the late seventies, we had to do post mortems because there were so few pathologists who were all based in big centres.  So I had some experience in doing post mortems

In a post mortems, internal findings can be disputed because it is not visible to our eyes, but external injuries cannot be faked.. Bruises cannot be faked after death, because after a person dies, blood is no more flowing and after-death marks will be very different from those inflicted before death.

From the diagram alone, the exteranl injuries itself would indicate injuries that would certainly lead to profuse bleedings and muscle injuries, and when so much of muscles were injured,  the myoglobin that was released from  injured muscles would clog up the kidneys and cause death.  And when kidneys fail, fluids can accumulate in the lungs..

 I hope this case will be thoroughly investigated and all those responsible should be punished. Even a supposed criminal cannot be treated like this, and under the law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

In any organisation, there are white sheeps and there are black sheeps. What is important is to instill the culture of the white sheep and do away with the culture of the black sheep. Once a culture takes hold, whether white or black, it would not be easy to  change an entrenched culture. That is why those in the civil society is harping on IPCMC, which will help the force to gain back its glory , and let the culture of white sheep triumph over that of the black sheep.

I also think that as parents, we must realise that education is not just about sending children to school , but more importantly, we must educate our children at home too, with emphasis  on compassion, empathy, sympathy, and other virtues of life . If evryone can do that, if every family can do that, then there would be muc less crime and much less violence in the world. There would be much less black sheep in this world.

(some will again say i am naive and talking nonsense, but a thousand mile journey starts with a single step, and there must be someone to push for idealism).