Foreign workers and the sick-to-the-core system

20 years ago, I did some renovation in my exisiting house. We added a wing to the building, so that my parents could move down from penang to stay with me..

The contractor was a Chinese called Ken… His workers then were all old Chinese men with one or 2 Indonesia workers.  The old CHinese men were called “Sam Hong” experts, meaning that they could build concrete buildings, able to do wood work for renovation and able to do water work, too. 

The work was well done, and I had no problems with the added part of the buildings..

The about 6  years ago, I did a minor renovation again. This time, Ken’s workers were all Indonesians.  My clinic also underwent certain renovations and again his workers are all Indons.

I did ask him what happened to the old Chinese SiFus.. He answered that all the SIfus has either retired or switched to other jobs, because as SiFu they commanded quite high pay and contractors being business people, they naturaly choose not to call these SiFu but rather use those Indons that were trained by the SIFUs over the years.

My friends in the construction fields are telling me the same thing. The old Chinese Sam HOng SiFU is now as rare as 6-carat diamonds..

Most of those who work in the construction of roads, buildings, residential houses etc are all foreign workers.. Without these skilled and  semi skilled foreign workers, the skills being imparted by the disapperaing SamHomg SIFUs, the whole construction industry is going to grind to a halt.

Recently, there were calls to replace all these foreign workers with local workers, since many of the local people are going to be out of job.

Well, it is a correct move and no one could fault this call to reduce the local unemployment rate. With the service sectors, like restaurants and retail shops , this can probably be done quite easily. In the plantation sectors, this would be a problems, but if many of those who come from rural areas are out of jobs, i suspect they would not mind  going back to the plantations to work. SO it is not a big deal either, if the recession is bad enough, these people will have no choice but to go back to where they come from.

But for the construction industry, the change cannot be done overnight. So much of local expertise have been lost that it would be a disaster if all the building projects are to be manned by locals.

We have only ourselves to be blamed. When we are having sunshine, we neve thought of keeping umbrellas for the raining days.. It is exactly the case with the construction industry. While we were having impressive growth, no incentives are given to train local people to be Sam HOng Si FU, and when the storms come, we have no choice but still rely on the Indons and the Banglas.

Another aspect which was told by the contractors is that Indons are much much more hardworking than the locals. If you ask them to be at some place at 8am, you can be assured that they would be there at 7.50am. BUt the locals? some will come at 8.30am and some will come at 9…and they will be the first to go off…

Many of our policy makers do not see far enough. During periods of sunshine, they never think of the rain.  Perhaps , some of them see only the money aspect of any policy being implemented…

The whole system is now sick to the core… One year after 308, the system is not much better, if anything , it is getting sicker now… And sadly, we do not see any real cure for all the ills  that we are facing….


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  1. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 13:06:31

    The most of out jobs are Malays.
    Yes…it was their trademark to be slow…lazy and after awhile…keep producing sick leave chits.
    Have they changed?
    Who made them that way?
    52 years governing the country….those are the Malaysians UMNO guided them to be so.
    To cover up…sure…must allow foreign workers in…applying one cover up for another.
    If not..factories owned by foreigners..will move away.
    Just look at Germany….England…applying complete automation….depending so little on workers…except checking and QC work.
    That should have been for Malaysia long long ago…to cut off foreign workers intake.
    Having more than a million foreign workers….in a small country with much more Malaysians no job….clearly shows…Malaysians are lazy and demand too much.
    Which father teaches these Malaysians to be so lazy and choosy??…UMNO or their real fathers??
    Chinese are mostly self employed..thank God…they do not depend on UMNO.
    And Indians can match foreign workers small salary..willing to be employed.
    It’s always the Malays…accepting the sufferings as “God’s will”….blaming no one.trained by UMNO and PAS..through their race and religion politics.
    Check out..the poorest of the poor in Kelantan and Terengganu…mostly Muslims…quietly being fed by UMNO/PAS government…to over up their political evils.
    It is always the people suffer with a bad corrupted government.
    Who is suffering most?..the Muslims.


  2. klm
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 13:29:38

    My comments

    The local sifu is passing on. There are no locals to inherit their skills. The Indonesians and Bangladeshi are picking up these skills. The issue is not with the foreign workers. It is with Malaysians, whether Chinese, Indians and Malays. This is not eh government’s fault. It is our fault.

    a. Chinese say it is too hard work and low pay.
    Want to be boss. So they become contractors and organised the indonesian labour. The Chinese contractors may get the sifu once a while.

    b. Indians say it is too hard and low pay. Easier to join the gangsters. Now, I see them organising India indian labour on grass cutting jobs

    c. Malay say it is too hard, low pay and no style. There are other alternatives from the govt.

    Soon all craft skills will be lost. We Malaysian do not DIY. Iy is now hard to find anybody to repair anything in the house.


  3. Dr Hsu
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 13:48:01

    we have lost the skills in almost all fields.

    We used to have great medical schools to train competent doctors,… now the standard is worrying and we are mass producing them..

    We used to have good footballers, now we are ranked , the last time i was told, around 160.

    We used to have great teachers and our students used to be the top wherever they go, even against Singaporeans in University fo singapore. Now so many JPA scholars repeat in universities overseas.

    We used to have very good craftsmen, now there are so few of them.

    We used to stop our cars before the white lines in a junction, and now, we dash across red lights as if in formula one race..

    We used to run after snathc thieves, but now , we just stand there and watch robbery happening right in front of our eyes.

    We used to rise and give our seats to old people in public transport, but now we will push them aside so that we can sit down while the old men or women have to sway like a coconut trees aboard the public transport.

    We used to work so hard without thinking of overtime pay, but now, nothing comes free anymore.. Every minute counts..

    A lot of these are failure of our system, but I agree that we are also part of the problems as you so eloquently pointed out.

    I have often asked : is this because of our genes? But look at those Malaysians who have migrated to other lands… They are so law abiding that it cannot be genes….

    Is this because of culture?maybe,, as those migrated have to adapt themselves to the local culture..

    Is this because of the affirmative policies?Some aspects, yes.

    To me,lack of meritocracy is one of the causes of this behaviours, because we no longer reward the good and the law abiding but rather we reward those who have ‘jalan”.. Have ‘jalan’ will travel…ANd if you have ‘jalan’, everything can be short cut… and no one would like the long and tedious way to work themselves up…


  4. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 14:12:23

    It is due to a tidak apa UMNO government….out to please his own race…now everyone is doing the wrong things.
    It is going backward….because UMNO politics is to please his race…to brainwashed his race….they are all landlords…so defend the country with their if other Malaysians are Muslim’s enemies.
    The brains are controlled. The stage is set….so they start their big time corruption acts…allowing small the police .judges…government officers…to take whatever they can get..with eyes long as the takers are all Malays.
    Others will be caught and punished…..even being punished for not giving bribes to Malays.
    For more than 30 years…how not to breakers…lazy blokes…from a lawless government?
    Mahathir is the biggest contributor to lawless Malaysia…with his art and craft to stay in power for 22 years…pleasing Malays and showing how to cheat…calling millions stolen as commission..very legal.
    I still blame MCA …MIC..Gerakan for supporting a proven crook..hurting their own races…inspite of swearing they are defending their own races…making all of them…lawless too.
    Those are proven corrupted crooks…serving their masters…bringing shame to their own race…no matter….as money is all powerful to them too. These are the betrayers of their own races.
    It’s a band of robbers…controlling and fooling the weak and less educated.


  5. Peter Sng
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 14:19:15

    “We used to run after snatch thieves, but now , we just stand there and watch robbery happening right in front of our eyes.”

    You are spot on Dr Hsu.
    Last week I was at Pandan in Johore near Carrefour. While I was crossing the road,in a flash I saw two youths on a bike passing me by. But I also saw a Muslim lady fallen to the ground. Instinctively I pointed and shouted at the youth and shouted “Robbery”hoping to draw attention.

    Opposite the road some staff from a ceramic shop stand at the doorway and look. At the Mamak eating outlet, some patrons also just LOOK.Nobody came FORWARD! This happen in broad daylight.

    I attended to the Muslim lady and inquired whether she is injured; but she was traumatize. I told her to rest and she walk a few steps to the bustop nearby to sit.

    Albert Einstein said-

    “The world is a dangerous place, NOT because of those who do Evil.
    But those who WATCH, but Do NOTHING.”


  6. klm
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 14:55:26

    Dr. Hsu. It is not in our genes.

    The problem is the system which is corrupted, the parents who dont teach their children morals and enforce them when they are wrong. The one upmanship of the people, and on and on. In summary, the environment, the parents and the schools are the causes of the problem.

    In the western countries, one is expected by people around you to conduct yourself in the accepted way.

    (a) help your fellow citizens in trouble
    (b) give up your seat to the elderly
    (c) mow you lawns and keep your neighborhood clean

    you will be penalised or given a talk if you don’t behave.

    In Malaysia, where do you find this happening.


  7. klm
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 15:03:10

    Back to the sifu thing.

    My biggest beef on lost skill is plumbing. Did you notice that people dont do plumbing in a standardised way. I call it cut and glue. Every time the plumbing go wrong the whole damn thing got to be replaced because the last bloody plumber did not do it in a standard manner.

    This is costing us a lot of money. Wasteful and unproductive expenses.


  8. Dr Hsu
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 15:49:59

    klm, yes.

    I my tour of the North Island recently, we went out in a boat to see the Cathedral COve, some where in a peninsular in North Island…

    The boatman was also our guide and he was a young man of about 20plus.
    During our journey, he saw a boat doing fishing (that area is a marine park and fishing is prohibited), he shouted at those people on that boat, about 3-4 big size guys.

    here was he alone with a bunch of Asian tourists, and yet he had the courage to confront those people out of his love for his environemnt. The boat sped away, after the encouter, but our guide wet back to the same spot twice during our hour long tour, just to make sure they dont come back.

    This is what the extra mile is about.. This is what civil consciousness is about,. This is what Malaysians are lacking nowadyas…

    the whole system is rotten to the core, but looking at both coalitions, looking at the budding 2 party system, do we see any hope?

    Change is inevitable but if repressive regime comes back, then change may take a long time to come…


  9. Dr Hsu
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 16:05:42

    let me relate one personl experince to you.

    Just beofre the Chinese N Year, my clinic water tank overflowed , because of a faulty float . Because it was high near the roof, i called the Pudu Plumber A Loh to do the work. He came with his Indonesia worker who went up and changed the float and charged RM 180 for it..

    The 2 weeks back, the tank overflowed again. I called A Loh to enquire why so fast his new float gave way. He screamed over the phone that replacing float does not come with guaranttee, and that he would not attend to my clinic again. I was taken aback by his abusive language, all i want to know is why and i was willing to let him do the repair again…

    Luckily, that day, an old electrician friend of mine came to chitchat ( he was the secretary of the RT sector that I helped to set up in Pudu). I mentioned this to him, and he immediately went up to see. After that he went to buy a new float, and replaced the newly fixed one by Ah Loh… He showed me the float, It was rusted to the core…. and he told me that this cannot rust to the core in just a month. So he deduced that AH Loh replaced an old one for my tank and charged me for the price of a new one..

    So much for plumbing….


  10. Richard Loh
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 17:25:01

    I was in the construction line during my working years. I had seen skilled workers doing their jobs as compare to the imported workers. The difference is so great with the finish products.

    The contractor will always claim that our local skill workers are very expensive but do you notice that the price of a project does not come down. If you really look into the details of the pricing, the cost for labour is rated as what the local skill worker would get but they engage the foreign workers to make more profits. They blame it on the increase of building materials and here again if you check, they have ways to get cheaper materials and salvage materials from those demolished old buildings.

    Many who are not in the construction line will usually be suckers of these contractors. I am not saying all contractors are bad but a majority of them are.

    Its about time that we have to learn to use the DIY method as some one mention above. We need to learn how to fix leakages in pipes, basic electrical works and minor repair to our broken home. I fix all my plumbing, electrical and wear and tear within my house. You save a lot by just investing into some basic tools and willing to dirty your hands.

    During my short stink in US, I saw the Americans renovating their homes during weekends and after works. The time taken to complete may be longer but in terms of money, they save a lot. They are very learned in many fields and they apply the DIY in almost everything, including car repairs, painting, plumbing etc. The cost to engage someone to do the jobs are very expensive even though the workers are also foreigners from Mexico and elsewhere.

    Coming back to the foreign workers issue. There is no way that this country will rid off these foreigner workforce especially the construction and plantation sectors. The government should stop allowing foreign workforce in the service sectors as you highlighted and especially the private security firms. How can we allow foreigners to work as security guards. The law is not fully enforced, especially corruptions, to prevent and stop the inflow of illegals.

    While I agree with Kim @ 1:29, it is also the government fault not to raise the minimum wages. Our wages are so low as compare to other developing countries but of course the government would want to compare it to Uganda, Sudan or Zimbawi that we are still better off.


  11. chinseng
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 18:03:35

    Dr. Hsu,

    Our construction industries cannot do without the indon and bangala.

    In 20002 when the government come down very hard on the illegal indon. and deported all of them, my bridge project site was without a single workers for 6 weeks until i can get my permit and 60 legal workers direct to arrive from indonesia. But alas! these new indon workers knows next to nothing about construction site. They say they are carpenters but they are as bad as me in planting nails.

    The Immegration department in Putrajaya are pack with contractors everyday applying for permit for foriegn workers and have to pay a good big sum of money. The Foriegn Labour Supply Agent also having very very good business and we the contractor are the one who have to pay and pay.

    I have to hire old Kapala, age 50+ to 60+ ( we do not call them sam hong sifu like you ) to start to train these new indon workers all over again. We cannot find good Kapala ( or chinese foreman ) for bridge project site who are less then 50 years
    now a day.


  12. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 19:35:06

    There are two kinds of unreliable services…that are mostly managed by Chinese with foreign workers that I do not trust….plumbers and air-cond services.
    Fortunately…I have friends that are dealing with properties and they helped me to get the reliable trustworthy ones.
    Yes…everything seems to get from bad to worst.
    What’s wrong with Malaysians?
    Usually it is a sign of desperate lowly educated ….poor people…out to make fast bucks…out to find suckers. Reputations no more important.


  13. pohwatchdog
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 21:16:37

    Foreigner workers are cheaper and not demanding as one of my friends told me. It is all part of development and attitude problem of today Malaysian young blue collars workers. Nowsday our youth like our counterpart in developed country don’t want to do jobs in construction, Chinese restaurant employing Indonesian or Vietnamese waitress and waiter, fast food chain, Our education in Malaysia had overlooked the important of vocational training in school for our youth. Too much emphasis on academic excellence and academic inclined subjects. Overlapping of subject such Moral Education, Civic Education and History. Even teachers overburden with their own examination and in house training until neglecting their core business that is teaching. There is something wrong with our education system expecting to churn out a lot of paperwork and unnecessary course works in our students.

    What we need is hand on experience for our today youth? We can’t blame the origin of races that are lazy or not. What I can say that it is the complacent attitude of today Malaysian youth? They are pampered by their parents. Even teacher can’t scolded their children or cane their children. What do we expect if they are too protected, pampered and complacent? Maybe time for the Ministry of Education to plan and replamn vocational training for our not so academic inclined youth. Maybe it can overcome our depende on foreigner workers. But the problem lay in the implementation by the autorities in charge.

    No doubt foreigner workers finding it easy to come in even Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman is known as mini Jakarta. Is it due to lack of enforcement by the autorities or too profit oriented among businessman? It is time for our government to take note and put up enforcement to protect our people. Economic hardship do cause increase in various petty thief, snatching of bags, and etc.

    It is time for us to have a real wake up call. It is time not to blame whoever but we are committed to put up a notice to our government to improve a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. Godwill….we can overcome this hardship caused by the political divide and sense brought in in everyone of us.


  14. Disgusted
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 21:17:46

    The government should have set up a vocational school, for plumbing, electrical wiring, construction etc years ago for those who did not make it to tertiary education. many old hands have left rather to highly paid countries like the Middle East and even migrated with their children for greener pastures.

    Leaving behind those unscrupulous and dishonest ones behind. These bosses hired a battalion of foreign workers who do all the core jobs with third rate workmanship. Once, I saw an Indonesian worker following two Chinese workers doing re-innovation job. The two were scolding the Indonesian and made him carry all the heavy load while both refused to carry their equipments.

    But that’s a small matter, look at the hawkers stalls, a horde of foreign workers, frying mee and running the stalls, while the Chinaman sit back to collect money.

    Where in the world do countries like this Bolehland are allowed to bring in so many millions of unskilled workers?

    Why? Because certain top civil quarters collaborate with working permits and making billions in approving applications. It is a multi billion ringgit scam bringing in foreign workers involving highly placed napoleons.



  15. jason
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 21:31:15



  16. klm
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 21:35:18

    I find it fun to do home repair in US. Except for specialist job such as fixing the garage auto door, everything is DIY. You cannot afford registered repairman as it is expensive for small repair. You cannot be sure of the amigos (in the south) workmanship though they are cheaper than the registered contractor. They are more like Malaysian contractors.

    One thing that is different in US is that :

    1.the housing materials and supplies are standardised. You can buy stuff of the shelf and they will fit.

    2. the construction e.g. electrical fittings, plumbings etc are all standardised.

    There are strict building codes to follow.

    As for Malaysia, everything is boleh. Few things are standardised. And they dont sell component. I was looking for a rubber gasket for the sink and
    the shop said I have to buy the whole damn sink, because the manufacturer refused to supply the components.

    I was referring to the cut and glue plumbing. Malaysian contractors love to use PVC piping. But instead of using correct installation procedure they take short with joints that are cut and glued.
    There is no way you can repair.

    But having said all these, it may be good, the govt dont regulate the contractors. Else NEP rules and more mess will enter into the picture.

    And having said everything else, I find Malay repairmen and contractors do better jobs than Chinese contractors. They are more sincere and if they cannot do a job they tell you upfront.
    Chinese contractors are out to scam you.


  17. Disgusted
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 22:01:45

    The BN government “yo-yo” policy on foreign workers is no big deal. Just token attention.

    As far back as during Dr M’s time, he was talking on cutting back foreign workers in factories, urging for “robotics” operations in manufacturing, leaving open estates and construction for foreign workers.

    In 2003, news reports surfaced that 6.4@ crimes committed by illegal foreign workers. Famous were the Bardos gng (preying on VVIPs). Foreign pick pockets from Philippines etc.

    Then the amnesty period in 2004, press reports quoted 106,972 illegal immigrants returning home. Largest group obviously was Indonesians some 97,907.

    Then came 2005, reports saying some 382,000 illegals came back to Bolehland (NST May, 2005)

    Then the big “U-turn” policy came in 2005, opening all doors for hiring foreign workers. They can return during the amnesty period, remember?

    Including Pakistani workers (with Cabinet approval) March 24, 2005 NST report.

    Then on Mrch 22, the Agung then, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin even expressed concern over the large population of foreign workers. His highness called the government to lessen dependence. It turn on deaf ears.

    MyKad had fallen into hands of illegal workers, but officials denied. Despite these cards allegedly sold for RM10,000 each.

    In October 2005, official figures said foreign workers’ remittance back to their home countries totaled (net out flow RM5.4 billion) but justified that they contribute RM17 billion to GDP here.

    Today, the population of both legal and illegal workers easily totaled more than 3 million, a conservative figure in Peninsular alone, excluding Sabah and Sarawak. Surpassing the population of the police and army population or even Indian population. Trusting official figures??

    Just imagine, go to Port Kelang…and see how many boats arriving from Indonesia DAILY. On social visits but they remain here and work or other activities. Before slipping out under our so effective eyes of the you know who.

    Enforcement? Ha….ha….so many stories, catch here and release there…..after greasing hands.

    And mind you, so far excluding friegn housemaids…that’s another story…

    It’s really sickening, this idiotic government….enough is enough.



  18. Disgusted
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 22:15:41

    Wake up call?

    After sleeping for more than 60 years? You must be kidding.



  19. cilipadi
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 22:49:28


    Umno a.k.a BeEnd had spoilt the whole soup as far as foreign workers policy is concerned. If not because of foreigner like I, the economy of Malaysia is long gone.

    Many foreigners come here to work and not ‘buat kacau’. Many Malaysians indeed are spoiled bred that only want to work short hours, in air-conditioned rooms, and with high pays.

    I read somewhere that someone with name M even operated kopi-o vending machines in cafe and fast food chains on “Ali Baba” basis, and now keep on bashing his master. So, what is so great about himself. There are more & more stories….

    Ali makan cili, Baba ras pedas


  20. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 23:30:06

    The C is back!!
    Usually start off very nice to boss.
    Whosoever love a monk is on the safe path to paradise.
    But with a MOUTH that spurns out bad rumors creating bad vibrations….my C4 is ready.
    Let C makes more hot stuffs…not siokl enough.
    Siapa rasa Monsterball tarok….rasa bola sakit!
    PS:i sense monk is laughing!
    Yip..migratory bird will be C4ed…sooner or later.
    Let the blog rumble and tumble…with joy. The prodigal son..C has come back!!


  21. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 23:35:20

    Take frog said.
    Another said..take your own medicine.
    I say…sweat it out. Make greatest love…without aircond.
    All cured and 9 months later…another junior comes…make monsterball godfather…….hahahahahaha
    Takes killing two birds with one stone plus reward for me.


  22. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 23:37:16

    By the way…you know who… is back with same old style and news…said before.
    siapa rasa monsterball tarok….rasa bola sakit


  23. monsterball
    Mar 10, 2009 @ 23:52:22

    Malaysia never depended on foreigners to be what it is today.
    Malaysians employ lots of foreigners….toe the line or get lost.
    Malaysia was built by Indians and Chinese…thus Merdeka day…all are automatically citizens of Malaysia.
    Few thousands came AFTER merdeka….worked and still cannot get citizenship. Many are sad cases…but one a young fut…keeps citizenship.
    So mart..why get bullied?
    Employ the lawyer…M..hentam govt. properly.
    But M will never take the C..talks give facts to win.
    Kecuridgan dia tak phaham tulisan dan chakapan.. ..Bahasa Kebangsaan.
    Otak ada sikit tak centre.


  24. anon
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 10:05:29

    Voices From The Past
    Speak Of Current Events
    By Dr. Harrell Rhome

    Secret societies and occult conspiracies influence world history. I have no intention of “proving” this. Do your own research; it’s not all that hard. This essay addresses readers who already know the basics and want to know more. I’ll share some sources you may not have seen before. Once we realize the extent of what has already happened, we see more perils on the horizon. Who is behind our current crises, economic debacles and wars of one kind or another raging around the world? We begin with a modern-day German author.

    “There are two levels of historical reality. The first is the general so-called public opinion that is served to the average citizen by the mass media and will later, because of the persons writing it down, become history. The second one, though, is made up of the happenings that are not revealed to the public. This is the world of the machinations by secret lodges and secret societies which interlink capital, politics, economy and religion. On this level, nations are made, wars are instigated, presidents and leaders are put into office and, in case they don’t function, eliminated.” Jan van Helsing, Secret Societies and Their Power in the Twentieth Century, Geheimgesellschaften und ihre Macht Im 20. Jahrhundert.

    “There is a power in the world we seldom mention…. I mean the secret societies…. It is useless to deny because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe – the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries – is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government; they do not want ameliorated institutions… they want to change the tenure of the land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and put to an end ecclesiastical establishments. Some of them may go even further.” Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, House of Commons, 14 July 1856.

    While renounced, refuted or simply rejected, many feel that if you don’t know what is in the Protocols of Zion, you have a knowledge gap. “Forgeries” or not, they speak to what is going on. Some are put off by the Freemasonic references, and say this was just an anti-Masonic document or something written by Maurice Joly. Again, I have no need to “prove” anything. Read the Protocols, read some other opinions and decide for yourself. As to the Freemasonic imagery and phraseology, Nesta Webster puts it in perspective.

    “Freemasonry is not to be taken seriously, but may serve as a mask and a means of preparing something quite different. How is it possible to ignore the existence of an Occult Power at work in the world? Individuals, sects, or races fired with the desire for world-dominion, have provided the fighting forces of destruction, but behind them are the veritable Powers of Darkness in eternal conflict with the powers of light.”

    The Protocols from over a century ago (or earlier) speak to the world scene today, things happening even as you read these words.

    From Protocol 3: “In the present state of knowledge and the direction we have given to its development the people, blindly believing things in print-cherishes-thanks to promptings intended to mislead and to its own ignorance a blind hatred towards all conditions which it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of class and condition. This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an ECONOMIC CRISIS, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, A UNIVERSAL ECONOMIC CRISIS WHEREBY WE SHALL THROW UPON THE STREETS WHOLE MOBS OF WORKERS SIMULTANEOUSLY IN ALL THE COUNTRIES OF EUROPE. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot. ‘OURS’ THEY WILL NOT TOUCH, BECAUSE THE MOMENT OF ATTACK WILL BE KNOWN TO US AND WE SHALL TAKE MEASURES TO PROTECT OUR OWN.”

    And, from Protocol 21: “We shall replace the money markets by grandiose government credit institutions, the object of which will be to fix the price of industrial values in accordance with government views. These institutions will be in a position to fling upon the market five hundred millions of industrial paper in one day, or to buy up for the same amount. In this way all industrial undertakings will come into dependence upon us. You may imagine for yourselves what immense power we shall thereby secure for ourselves….”

    Does this sound like a socialized economy and nationalized banking system? A financial New World Order? Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, a nineteenth century world leader and creator of the Second German Empire, had a clear picture of financial machinations then and now. Notice his focus on America. What he speaks of has happened. The Obama Bail Out rewards the same banksters who got us in this mess in the first place! Think about the leading lights in the White House, Treasury, Federal Reserve and IRS: Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke and Doug Shulman. This is a partial list, and we mustn’t overlook premier Ponzi perpetrator Bernie Madoff and a host of other globalist wheeler dealers. Not only that, think about the interminable Mideast wars, including a possible conflict with Iran, all to the benefit of Zionists and Illuminati world planners.

    “I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos, in order that the earth should become the inheritance of Israel.” Bismarck.


    Usury is the essential and primary tool of the Illuminati world planners for controlling and manipulating the international banking structure. The ancient Hebrew Scriptures forbade interest, but when Judaism emerged, the Talmud changed the rules. The church didn’t allow usury until the mid 1500s when Christians wanted to get in the game. Secret societies employ useful folk of all cultures and backgrounds, but Judaics seem to stand out. Martin Luther, a skilled translator, read the Talmud in Hebrew. The two verses below are but brief examples; the Babylonian Talmud contains much more. They follow Luther’s comments.

    “It is the same kind of boasting when the Jews boast in their synagogues, praising and thanking God for sanctifying them through his law and setting them apart as a peculiar people, although they know full well that they are not at all observing this law, that they are full of conceit, envy, usury, greed, and all sorts of malice. The worst offenders are those who pretend to be very devout and holy in their prayers. They are so blind that they not only practice usury not to mention the other vices but they teach that it is a right which God conferred on them through Moses.” Martin Luther.

    “It is allowed to cheat a Gentile and take usury from him”. (Baba Mezia, 61a).

    “God has commanded us to take usury from the Gentile and lend him only when he consents to repay with usury.” (Sepher Mizwoth, 73a).

    Yet another nineteenth century European leader and statesman had an uncanny sense of these things.

    “The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. Meanwhile, the Christians were only rarely usurers, falling into disgrace when they did so. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it… The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people.” Napoleon’s Reflections and from speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806.

    Nesta Webster’s Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1924), is an exceptional book if you want to understand the nature of occult conspiracies. It is here I first read of Henri-Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux (1805-1876), a mid-nineteenth century French Catholic author (knighted by the Pope) who exposed the Talmudic religion and occult conspiracies. Unfortunately his classic work, Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, The Jews, Judaism and the Judaisation of the Christian People (1869) has never appeared in English. It was translated into German by Alfred Rosenberg, the philosopher of the National Socialist movement, and published in 1921 as Der Jude, Judenthum und die Verjudung der christlichen Volker. This is an influential book. Both Hitler and Dr. Rosenberg were impressed by it. Some say Gougenot des Mousseaux was poisoned by Judaic assassins or Freemasonic agents, and he may have been. He exposed many secrets. A brief example of his work appears below. Has the scenario he described back in the 1860s already taken place in the “formidable crises” of today?

    “There will burst forth one fine evening one of these formidable crises which will shake the earth and which occult societies have long prepared for Christian society, and then perhaps will suddenly appear in open day, throughout the entire world, all the militia, all the fraternal and unknown sects of the Cabala. The ignorance, the carelessness in which we live, of their sinister existence, their affinities, and their immense ramifications will in no way prevent them from recognizing each other, and under the banner of no matter what universal alliance, giving each other the kiss of Peace, they will hasten to gather together….” [End quoting.]

    The Protocols and plans have proven success in the past and present. The Golden Rule is in force; those who have the gold rule. The globalist chess masters are rarely seen and almost never identified. National debts are their usurious creation for world control.

    “The Illuminati have the world in their grip through the international bankers together with the elite societies and the empires built by them. They are in the process of strengthening their possession of this planet. Their main means of control are the national debts….” Jan van Helsing.

    The voices of yesteryear seem prophetic, way ahead of their time. But they were not really prophets; just close and astute observers of historical trends and current events. The more things “change”, the more they stay the same. The Dark Forces and their Illuminati familiars rely on our overall impotence instilled through our abysmal ignorance of key facts. As long as we passively play the role of submissive cattle (goyim), the Protocols will continue to unfold and things will get worse. I don’t mean to end on a grim theme, and I do think things can change for the better. Western culture can survive and prosper and fortunately, more than a few of us are doing what we can, but time is limited. Look around you. In some ways, the sands of the hour glass seem to be running out.

    “What appears to be the established order of present-day civilization is actually the inert but spectacular momentum of a high velocity vehicle whose engine has already stopped functioning.” Jose’ Arguelles, Earth Ascending.

    Copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved.


  25. Disgusted
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 11:14:51

    I don’t blame Dr Hsu for closing the comments, you know, Dr’s tolerance level has already reached beyond limits. Despite repeated gentle reminders, and warnings.

    Cilipadi and monsterball, better kindly cool off. History being repeated here.

    Check Cilipadi’s reference blogs.



  26. peng
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 12:37:08

    Dr.Hsu, the Indonesian construction workers have become ‘tarik harga’ over the last couple of years. My company’s constructed a building 2 years ago and we have to deal with Indonesian workers who come and go whenever they like, work for a few days, absent for several without informing. And they know how to ask for higher wages, asking for RM!00 a day. On Fridays, they take 2-3 hours off for prayers. And the worst is their work is bad. There wre so much mistakes made and repairs or reconstruction were required.
    I agree that the Chinese ‘sam hong’ are good but they are also difficult to work with due to their demands.
    In the end, it’s the owner who has to pay higher wages for good workers. Still there’s no guarantee.


  27. klm
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 15:16:32

    The way out is to change construction technology. For too long we build houses the same old way. Maybe it is time to change. Then less Indonesian workers and no need for sam hong

    But the construction industry dont want to change. Addicted to cheap labour. It is the same music always.

    If Malaysia is to move forward, it must break away from the cheap labour mentality.


  28. chinseng
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 23:48:28


    Why the construction industry connot be more innovative and change as what you say….

    simple, all the contract players are in for quick buck only and many of them are ali baba… first, we must change all these ali-baba


  29. klm
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 10:16:30


    you hit the nail on its head. quick buck. The whole nation is on quick buck. make money as quick as you can. dont worry about long term. As most projects depend on political patronage, one wont know when the godfather will loose power or be sent to jail. Some construction example : Talam, Equinine, MK, ……

    This quick buck will kill the country.


  30. Disgusted
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 10:56:00

    Yes, Kim,

    There are hundred thousands of Bumi contractors (various classes) especially with their hands-out waiting for tenders under the umbrella of political patronage.

    I had the figures actually.

    Both you and chingseng are right.



  31. sosong
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 14:31:58

    Share what I notice.
    It is a result of NEP, we have so many trade/ vocational schools, but U know who are the teachers/students there, so it is obvious after 39 years of NEP, we cannot produce our own competent tradesmen, i.e. electrician, wiremen, plumbers, concrete casters, carpenters, steel bar benders, tile layers etc. Our young ppl from those trade/vocational schools do not want (or cannot) do all those works. U know all those schools only take students with certain colour (kulit). They look at kulitfication


  32. jughead
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 16:17:02


    All the problems are due to UMNO’s policies. First, they all talk about more and more Unis but less and less Vocational Schools and Polytechnics. They are just interested in getting Degrees. The BN does not care for those who finish school after F5 or drop out of school. Remember, how can Human Resources continue to give retraining for those finishing Unis and Colleges when they cannot get a job? It shows the schools fail to teach them for real world and jobs. Taxpayers have already give them a subsided education. Compare to the tiny dot, LKY has already channel human resources to those do not do well in O Levels by sending them to Vocational Institutes. They are allowed to do part time at the Polytechnics to get their Diplomas.

    As for jobs, why Burmese and Banglas can get a job at the kopi tiams or selling pirated goods in Petaling Street? Why can’t those in higher education, do P/T jobs just as many Malaysians who study overseas are washing dishes, check out cashiers for Supermarkets, do cleaning to cover their living costs?


  33. A true Malaysian
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 17:46:22

    What we witnessed over here is a good example of the ‘ugly Malaysian’ where certain Malaysians are going all out to protect their political masters even conciously they know their masters did wrong on moral or legal ground.

    We used to laugh at ‘ugly Singaporean’ for being kiasu but for the past decades, they advance further than us economically & politically, even they are much poorer than us in term of land size and natural resources. Did we ever ask ourselves what had gone seriously wrong with us? Do we still want to have ‘Taikoh’ attitude to Singapore and refuse to learn from ‘adik’, a country much smaller than us in land & population size?

    A recent flash flood that happened in KL, though we have the most expensive longkang (as desribed by cilipadi) in fact, is a big joke. Some of these ‘ugly Malaysians’ went all out to protect their political masters for this apparent miscalculation that BN administration committed. Can’t we lose some face and sincerely learn from Singapore who has excellent flood avoidance measure that enable them to suck-out excess water (not money) to a reservoir right in the middle of the city (if I not mistaken, near to Marina).

    As a Malaysian, I am ashamed and sick of what are happening right now in Malaysia, and if you ‘ugly Malaysians’ still want to remain ignorant, then, things happening right now will be even worse than now.

    There is no more hope we can hope on Umno and BN. Please be realistic and change our mindsets. Political parties do not own governments (State & Federal), but owned by Rakyat.

    By all means, give your votes to Pakatan Rakyat in coming by-elections as well as 13th GE. These are the only ways we can rescue ‘ugly Malaysians’ from ignorance. What is being so proud as Malaysians if outsiders’ ideas are more brilliant than us?


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