What do you make out of these?

Last 2 months, so much have happened that are not right:

first, a state government toppled through hopping

Then a group of youth members from a certain party went into Parliament to confront an MP..

Then photos of seminude pictures of a ADUN surfaced, photos taken while she was asleep

Then there is the use of Sedition Act against an oppostion MP, a former lion of Jeluton, giving a perception of selective persecution prosecution,

A would be contestant for a top post of UMNO was barred from contesting, while others under the investigated under the same offense were given warnings, giving a perception that there is selective punishment even for its own kind,

What do you make out of these??

The signs are there that a different style of government will be in place after the change over..

I have hoped (against hope)  that a more liberal and people friendly and fairer policies would be adopted… BUt looking at the above incidents in the past 2 months, i think my hope will not be realised and certainly there would be more control and suppression of freedom of speech . ..

I have posted the Iranian experience in my last post ( Lessons from a theocratic state)  hoping that the new incoming leadership  would learn something from it… That suppression of human rights and freedom of speech could not stifle the masses from changing the government….That a government cannot go against the wills of the people for long…. The Shah had ordered its army to shoot on sight and into the demonstrating crowd, but in the end, he was overthrown..

The best way to gain the trust of the people is to practise good governance, be more liberal and fair, cut down on corruption and abuses, manage the people’s money well, be serious in improving the standard of living… etc etc and not by adopting suppressive measures nor using the state apparatus to selectively persecute political opponents…

History has shown time and again, a corrupt government cannot last long…