Accountability and the rule of law

UMNO Disciplinary Board Chairman, Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen, in meting out the punishment to bar a candidate to vie for the NO 2 position, said that the board decision is based on hard EVIDENCE.

If this is based on hard evidence, then the logical thing to do is to make a report with the MACC to investigate further and pass on all materials to the investigating team.

For the country in general (and UMNO in particular) to remain credible, there must not be the perception that there are 2 sets of laws in the country. Any wrong doings must be investigated, and any wrong doers punished , using the existing law in the country.

In the meantime, while the investigation is going on, the person involved (apa nama dia..Oh.. UMNO-will-govern-for-another-50-years-alone) must resign from all party and government positions, since money politics is considered a criminal offence, a type of corruption..

Similarly, the other person who received a warning should be investigated as well.

That is the logical and honourable thing to do…

Let us look at these photos:

japanses-finance-ministershoichi-nakagawa Feb.09:

Shoichi Nagakawa, Japanese Finance minister resigned because he was drunk at a press conference while in Rome

iceland-minister-of-commerce-bjorgvin-sigurdssonJan 2009:

Iceland’s minister of commerce, Bjorgvin Sigurdsson, resigned because of ‘poor’management of its economy

indian-home-minister-shivraj-patilNov. 2008:

Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patil resigned because of the Mumbai bombing…

These 3 resigned not because of criminal offence but because of certain mistakes they made..There were many many other such examples. This is what accountability is about.

In our country, nothing of this sort happens… No one resigns over his or her mistakes.

However, even if no one resigns over his or her mistakes (since this has already been the culture),, surely criminal offences should not be let off easily, if we still claim to be a country practising the rule of law..

If there is to be ‘rule of law’, then what is deemed an offence by the Disciplinary Board of the party must be investigated by the relevant authority constituted under the law and action must be taken if there is proof beyond doubt.

There cannot be 2 sets of law, one for the common people and one for the ruling elites…If we want people to respect us, and if we bother about self respect..


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  1. klm
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 16:08:31

    After 50 years, UMNO elites see themselves above the law. Because they can get what they want with no questions asked, they have lost moral bearings. In other words, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    In this environment, there is no longer sense of responsibility to the people. There is no sense of letting the people down. There is no more sense of honour. Only a sense of megalomania

    The classic case of this megalomania syndrome is of course Robert Mugabe. Another case is Samy Vellu. In the case of Samy Vellu, given half a chance, he will behave exactly like Mugabe.

    The preservation of personal benefits overrides all sense of honour and duty.

    These people will never leave the scene voluntarily. They are usually forced out of the picture in front of the barrel of a rifle.


  2. pilocarpine
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 16:47:37

    the ‘bao qing tian’ rule of law rarely apply in malaysia.


  3. Richard Loh
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 17:21:45

    Rule of law, WHAT LAW, umno is asking back. umno is the law and “We can do what we like unto you but we will not tolerate anyone doing the same unto us.” That is our rule of law, period.


  4. jazzylips
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 18:45:07

    only if you have brains and conscience will you accept wrongdoings and resign. you think umno ministers have them?


  5. Disgusted
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 18:56:43

    The Minister of Consumerism and Domestic Trade claimed that his ministry has scored a great success in price reduction.

    But wait….check out the hawker food prices…simple char kwei teow and the likes of food along coffeeshops and road sides.

    Now the plate of char kwei teow costs RM3.50 to RM4.00 and a sugar cane juice (per glass) is RM1.70 at Peel Road.

    Wan ton mee is RM5.00 or slightly less in Loke Yew.

    I think this minister should also resign. The price of cooked hawker food has gone up regardless of the petrol price coming down. The ringgit has shrunk.

    Yes, many cabinet ministers should resign regardless of money politics…for being liars and inefficient. The housing and local government minister should also resign and many more.



  6. Disgusted
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 19:23:49

    Elegant Advisory company seeking court case over RM218 million owing to them by UMNO for 2004 election campaign paraphernalia and election materials.

    That’s accountability for the biggest political party that talks so much about integrity and accountability and role model leadership for the young.

    Preaching without practicing, UMNO current leadership is law unto itself. It is the world’s worse tribal political party to date.



  7. Kenny
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 20:21:00

    Of course there’s one law for Umno and one law for others. A few examples:

    1) Ahmad Ismail was not required to face the law but the reporter who reported his seditious speech ended up under ISA.

    2) Karpal Singh charged for sedition on frivolous grounds but Umno protesters in Terengganu calling the Sultan names got nothing.

    3) No police action on Umno Youth members who mobbed Karpal in Parliament compound. If it was done by PKR/DAP/PAS youth on an Umno MP, do you think they will enjoy such inaction?

    4) No MACC action on many serious complaints against Khir Toyo but speedy investigation against Selangor MB Khalid over ridiculous cases of cows and cars.

    The public is sick of all the biased treatment by police, MACC, A-G, EC and other public institutions. Their disgust will be reflected in the next election.


  8. cilipadi
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 21:17:52

    Hahaha, now you Malaysians can see clearly how messy now your country is facing.

    Their ‘accountability’ is true only to their pockets and they suddenly realize chilies in their pockets getting lesser and lesser when they do their ‘accountability’ examination by their own ‘rule of law’.

    Yet, they still said someone sacrificed under their ‘rule of law’ not a scapegoat, ‘scapelamb’ perhaps is more appropriate under their ‘rule of law’.

    I expect their own ‘rule of law’ will sure to backfire in their coming party election. In the end, they become their own ‘scapelamb’.

    Both way, scapegoat or scapelamb, good for people of Malaysia, let them play their own ‘rule of law’ game and you guys do the ‘accountability’ examination then.

    scapegoat makan cili, scapelamb rasa pedas.


  9. Taikohtai
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 10:28:22

    G’day Doc,

    A former Australian judge was sentenced to three years jail over complications after a $77 traffic offence:

    Yet Lingamgate hardly made a dent on the stony walls of Malaysia’s Laws of the Hutan Rimba.

    Today, I am very proud to exercise my democratic right at the Queensland state election. I think Labor will retain the state government but outcome will be close.


  10. annoyed
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:03:39


    You made the right choice migrating to Australia, but Malaysia is still where your root is.

    Yours and ex-Malaysian Australians’ supports are still very much needed by us, your unfortunate fellow brothers and sisters.


  11. eugene
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:21:01

    1. ” . . . .I remember, back in 2001, when ten of us, all Reformasi activists, were detained under the Internal Security Act. The Special Branch goaded us and asked whether we really think we can take over the government. You can take to the streets, said the police. You can even win the general elections. But we own the guns and we decide who gets to form the government . . . ”

    2. ” . . .We were shocked by that reply and, after a few minutes of deafening silence, we asked them, “Isn’t it the job of the SPR to guarantee fair and free elections?”
    They replied, “No, the job of the SPR is to ensure that the Malays do not lose political power.” . . .”

    3. > Email from BTN participants to some important persn . . . . . .
    ” . . . Their purpose is to convey THEIR Message to us but I think they are absolutely wrong. It made us more irritable towards BN government and make us more stronger to vote opposition.

    Here are their messages:

    (1) Kontrak sosial about Kerakyatan and Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu

    Effects: Non-Malays should appreciate and cannot expect more. They use Malay toleransi us and also “Terhutang Budi terhadap mereka”.

    (2) The country is not safe after 308. The government is not strong enough to maintain the safety. The oppositions is creating chaos in the country. They give a lot of examples. If we continues like this, it might explode another 513 or war in Malaysia like in Iraq. They show us the pictures and videos of Iraq. Therefore we need to vote BN for the peace.

    (3) To protect Islam and Malay special rights Malays have to bersepadu for Ketuanan Melayu.

    (4) Indians and Chinese contribute nothing to this country. It is the non-Malays who wants to join the Pakatan that time and we beg for that. Throughout the course they only emphasize on Malay’s contribution and say nothing on non-Malays.

    (5) Their perpaduan means Ketuanan Malay and never sama rata because they said this is according to Kontrak Sosial. They conducted every facts on Chinese Malay and Indian and not mentioning Malaysian.

    (6) They claim oppositions is a spy from America and going to attack Malaysia soon. . . . ”

    The above is actually cut & paste from RPK articles. To me they are THE reality that we have to face in Malaysia. I’m very sure MCA, Gerakan,MIC etc are very much aware of the situation. The change that Amno has been talking about so far is to win back Malay support, that’s their priority, they do not really worry about non-malay support.Ofcourse there will be sporadic cases of assisstance to us which you’ll see published in front page of newspaper and RTM hopefully to change our perception.I guess you still remember the infamous Malacca CM ranting in 2007 at the PPP convention, I believe he is telling the truth, his view represent that of Amno.

    The fact that they have this organization BTN on one hand and talk about unity on the other is self explanatory.

    ” . . .Muhyiddin said he hoped that the reform to be instituted could be felt by the Malay community, especially in the third and fourth years, when Umno was ready to face the people in a general election. . . ”

    We are talking about commom sense here but we are dealing with a bunch of extremist who are insane . . . ..

    Amno will not change . . . prove me wrong!!


  12. Nick
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:42:17

    Black is black and white is white. This is what we were taught when we were growing up. Morals are inculcate in us so that we know what is wrong and what is right. Most good religions go further. But inside UMNO and BN, their ground Rules are changing by the day. The powerful and big guns are always excused. there is selective persecutions. It is so obvious. It starts with the Head Fish I suppose. If it is rotten, the entire body starts to rot beyond redemption. There is no more hope for UMNO. The rot started with TDM, maintained by AAB. The next PM and all those around him stinks. Wonder how they can go to their mosque and pray to their God? And these guys sleep with “clear” conscience???????


  13. EvanAlmighty
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 11:56:18

    Dear eugene,

    Well said. It’s not our wrong perception about AMNO wrong doing, It’s 100% true facts.

    I believe MCA/Gerakan know better, but they still willing to serve as AMNO loyal servant.

    Prove me wrong if you dare to answer my follows question:-

    1) Is Ali still fit to be Melacca CM? If not, what have you done to against it?

    2) Are you agree the ways AMNO took over Perak Government? If not, what have you done to against it?

    3) Our PM announce that Malaysia is islamic country? Do you agree? If not, what actions have you done?


  14. annoyed
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 12:13:29

    That is why, Tok Guru Nik Aziz of PAS, a true Malay and Muslim, insisted and persisted that PAS should not join force with Umno to form whatever government, which is being spinned by MSM to form a so-called ‘Unity Government’.

    Umno is totally rot, new flesh can’t even grow from these totally rotten flesh. How to change or reform?

    If Tok Guru Nik Aziz never trust Umno, those in Gerakan, MCA and MIC still insist in hanging hope on Umno.

    Funny or stupid? You choose.


  15. cilipadi
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 12:24:40

    Well said, annoyed.

    I choose stupid. MCA, Gerakan & MIC are ‘stupid’.

    clever people makan cili, stupid people rasa pedas


  16. eugene
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 17:05:58

    “…Hello everyone. I have some interesting news.

    I was in Pizza Hut (Sunway Pyramid) yesterday and suddenly my friend showed me the bill.

    The bill contains normal things la (number of person, bill. number and what is ordered). But, what shocked me is that they had space called ‘RACE’.I guess since we were all wearing tudung, they labelled us as 0, which means MALAY. Later, when we went to pay…we had no service charge and no tax charge.

    Still in shock, I peeped into another bill in the counter. In that bill, under the race space, it was labelled as C (which I guess means Chinese). That bill had service and tax charges!!!

    I started investigating. One of my Sri Lankan friends was labelled as Indian it seems and she also had to pay service and tax charges a few weeks back. What I’m wondering is that…does anyone know about this? I find it rather strange that they charge service and tax charge using racein Pizza Hut, out of all the places!


    – – – The article is cut and paste from Peopleparliament, Haris Ibrahim’s blog. How about Kentuckey Fried Chicken, The Chicken Rice Shop.Mcdonald Fried Chicken, Sushi King . . . . will someone help find out.

    We should all stop eating at Pizza Hut.


  17. monsterball
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 19:57:56

    Eugene….You have contributed good information.
    Keep it up….stay healthy and alert.


  18. monsterball
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 20:00:22

    Eugene…why don’t you paste the two excellent articles you wrote… to all blogs?


  19. monsterball
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 20:06:27

    Love to get Doc’s comment on Eugene’s messages.
    Doc is championing right over wrong and all things..good for Malaysians.
    How about he help Eugene by pasting his messages into all his friendly bloggers?
    But first..your comment please….Doc…especially on the first one.


  20. desmond
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 21:53:54

    UMNO and the MACC’s response so far to the corrupted money politics is a further indisputable fact that this country practices 2 set of laws. 1 for UMNO and those who walks in the corridors of power and 1 for those who are neither. All the rationale and appeals for fair justice has and will continue to fall on deaf ears, so long as this corrupted government remain in power. All citizens who aspire for fair justice must do all they can to rid ourselves off the present government for our hope to come true.


  21. Disgusted
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 23:11:30

    I am sorry folks, the worse has yet to come under the new emperor who will be taking the throne.

    Just watch.



  22. chinseng
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 23:13:50


    i agree

    the worse has yet to come under the new emperor who will be taking the throne.

    But i hope it will not be too bad or we may have a new political landscape in Malaysia by Next year


  23. annoyed
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 09:21:18

    written by longjaafar, March 21, 2009
    Just pause for a moment and imagine………Muhammad Mohd Taib gets the number 2 post, and is appointed the DPM. Then something big blows up (such as the emergence of incriminating evidence, and Najib resigns). The number 2 becomes the PM.
    I’m already shivering through sheer fright! What about you?


  24. eugene
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 10:59:39

    Dr Hsu,

    You are such a good person, too nice and human to be involved in party politic. Like I said you are talking about common sense, but we are dealing with a bunch of extremists who are insane, you will be overwhelm by those rats in BN.
    For the last time I’m asking you to leave Gerakan, but continue your contribution through working with the youth, especially non-malay youth to get them interested in – politic, concept of democracy, nation building, our cnstitution etc. believe me working with youth is very satisfying. Or team up with Zaid Ibrahim, he has got a very interesting project of similar kind goingon.


  25. Disgusted
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 13:15:41


    The discriminative pricing is well known among bloggers already and there has been this circular going round informing this digusting practice. many have already boycotted pizza, almost one year ago.

    It’s not new except many customers (non-Malays) don’t check the bill.

    I have boycotted for 3 years now.



  26. eugene
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 15:55:06


    You are right , the message above serve as a reminder. You knw people tend to forget overtime.


  27. Disgusted
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 20:56:44

    For bloggers and commentators,

    It’s important to compile the “sins” of UMNO cum BN for dissemination during the next 13th general elections. It worked well in the 308 and should continue to be circulated to millions of cyber Malaysians.

    Keep compiling and adding on…….



  28. Disgusted
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 21:17:19

    Ibrahim Ali, president of Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa, a right-wing group to UMNO threatened non-Malays to behave themselves and not to question Malay supremacy.

    According to this poltergeist, the Malays have yet to enjoy freedom and rights since the British colonised the country.

    Dr M campaigning for his son gave a speech at this racist event and made threats that Malays could lose their rights. The old fox also campaign against Khairy and Toyol for fear of his son’s defeat.

    So much for these racists.



  29. klm
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 21:32:09

    I am actually not aware of this discriminatory practice in pizza hut.

    What I would like to know is how would KTK and Gerakan’s people would react to this. Shrug their shoulders and ignore it? This is a very good test on the feeling of the members. Maybe a survey of their reactions.

    Please. Gerakan readers. What do you say? Is this not too much for you too.


  30. Dr Hsu
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 23:36:17

    My response to all thiese comments is still mys tand that Gerakan should leave the coalition and be on its own.

    I have just came back from a meeting in the pearl of the Orient in which I argued that BN is like Titanic. Gerakan is a small life boat on deck. either we get the life boat out onto the sea fast and survive or remain on deck and sink with the Titanic…

    I am not going to explain anymore as i have mentioned sometime back,,, Just read the earlier posts for my stand and reasons….

    I am not going to answer anymore to the person that was banned in many blogs…….. This person I am now very sure has some ulterior motives….


  31. annoyed
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 23:49:37

    Voting out Umno / BN is the last resort.

    I can understand Dr. Hsu’s, monk’s and many people’s frustrations.

    Vote in hands is the ultimate, last and invisible weapon that rakyat have.


  32. monsterball
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 02:35:53

    deleted -not relevant


  33. Chauncey Gardener
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 04:58:07


    That article on Pizza Hut has been around for more than 3 years and I believe there was a response from Pizza Hut on Haris Ibrahim’s blog as well.

    Please provide Pizza Hut’s reply and actions so that readers in this blog are informed of both sides of the story. I believe it is important to hear what the “other side” has to say before readers go into a tizzy based on lack of information.

    As for me, I don’t eat pizza anyway, so I don’t really care much about patronising Pizza Hut. But I think they deserve a chance to be heard.


  34. oct
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 08:09:07

    Hi Dr Hsu. When have we seen any UMNO chief being charged for corruption and/or misdeeds? The perception is that they can do no wrong. Even the supposed independent MACC, Police and Judges are on their side. Just look at the decision of JC recently. So how can the rakyat seek fair play in such situation.

    On the other hand, why are MCA, Gerakan and MIC so quiet about this situation? If as component parties in BN don’t voice out that this is not the right way to manage, then the whole of BN will be affected? Please don’t treat it as it is not your business. If you don’t, MCA, Gerakan & MIC will be looked upon as ineffective parties who dare not stand up to UMNO. All of you will lose creditability. Time to stand up for your own right and be counted!!!


  35. monsterball
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 09:19:51

    deleted- not relevant.


  36. cilipadi
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 09:56:01

    Look at who is who here. A sly fox playing with words.

    It is good that you banned him from this forum once and for all, Dr. Hsu.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  37. Dr Hsu
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 10:19:17

    I am putting on the mederation mode to prevent someone from starting a war again. He has done so many times, that I have to issue warnigns repeatedly to no avail.


  38. klm
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 10:19:49

    Dr Hsu.

    I was watching the tele and one tag line caught my attention. This tag line said “This recession is changing the world”.

    I wonder what are the changes and how these will impact us in the coming years. What is you view and what are the views of the others?

    I believe Malaysia has not given enough thought to this question, Hence, we will not be prepared.
    The nation is just about to start tackling the economic crisis. Come 2010, 2011, when other countries start on the recovery path, what will happen?

    The politicians are fighting each other. They dont have time to think about this problem.


  39. Dr Hsu
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 10:58:39

    will try to give my take in a post…
    I think there will be definitely be changes in the world,… Economic de[ression always lead to upheavals and wars…..


  40. klm
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 15:25:05

    Dr. Hsu

    A second financial tsunami is about to come, this time from Europe. The Eastern European countries are bankrupt. Credit have dried up, huge debt loads to pay and Eastern European currencies in free fall.

    Eastern Europe’s boom over the past few years was fueled in part by heavy borrowing from Western banks and easy access to foreign currency denominated loans.

    According to Time Magazine,

    “Western banks have huge exposure to emerging European economies, either directly or through local subsidiaries. Austrian banks alone have a more than $293 billion exposure to Eastern Europe, roughly 80% of the Austrian GDP.”

    Without intervention by the Western European govts, the banking system in western Europe can collapse. This will trigger the second wave of the financial Tsunami. With these govt fighting the current crisis, I wonder how much can they do to save eastern Europe.

    I wonder how many countries can survive this second wave.


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