The green Hour

Today, WWF is asking all people to switch off all electrical appliances for one hour between 8.30pmand 9.30pm.

This is  a laudable effort. IT is symbolic. By switching off one hour, we may not achieve much saving of electricity, but it is a reminder to all of us, the inhabitants of this planet, that we cannot keep on doing what we have been doing.

Homosapiens , especially the North Americans, have been adopting a very wasteful lifestyle. It is time that we take stock of the depleting resources of Mother Earth and be more responsible in our utilisation of commodities and other goods.

Once it was said that planet Earth could only sustain the lives of 6 billion people. We have already hit that target. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to produce higher yielding crops ;  modern farming technique have helped us produce enough proteins to feed the growing population. The demand on food especially on meat will be disproportionally high in the coming decades, as reater proportion of  people become more affluent, especially in CHina and INdia , and these people would adopt a lifestyle that consumes more protein than before.

Water shortage will be a big problem if conservation is not practised. Clean water, perhaps more than modern medical treatment,  is said to be the single most important factor to raise the average life expectancy of the people. In the early 1800s, life expectancy was around  38. My favourite pianist, Chopin died before 40, otherwise we would have more etudes , preludes and nocturnes from him.

In the early 1900s, life expectancy was around the late 40s. Now in Japan, it is around 80. In Malaysia, it is around the high 70s, and rising.

Ultimately, there will come a day when the Earth’s support system simply cannot support the number of people. What will happen then? Famine, wars, epidemics will occur .

All of us have a duty to remind ourselves and our next generation that we must change our lifestyle.

This switching off for an hour is  good to impart on the younger mindsets the importance of conservation and preservation.

It will be good for those with young children at home to drive the message across why it is important to conserve energy, water and all things around our house including toys, gadgets, furnitures, papers and so on. . Teach them not to be wasteful. Teach them to treasure things at home.

When the nation plunges into darkness tonight, it will be the best time to imprint on the young minds the importance of ” reduce, re-use, recycle”. On top of  these 3 Rs , i will  add a 4th R “regenerate”- we should perhaps start to plant some fruits and vegetables in our garden for those of us living in landed property. All these will help to buy us time, perhaps with more time, we can move up to higher technological levels and delay the onset of the time when Earth can no longer support the increasing population.


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  1. romerz
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 11:57:47

  2. Chauncey Gardener
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 08:32:47

    The Earth Hour project is laudable as are all conservation efforts.

    In the next 20-30 years, the plug in electric car (such as Tesla’s vehicles ) may be possible and cheap and clean energy from LIFE might also be the way ahead for the next generations.

    Will they still adhere to the 4 Rs ?


  3. Disgusted
    Mar 29, 2009 @ 13:40:32

    Whatever being done now can only delay the final destruction of planet earth and probably another million years from now.

    The stage is already set, a little too late.

    Physical pollution of the 5 elements, overdose extracting minerals and atmospheric damage to the layers of protection of outer space close to earth by man-made wars and volcanic activities. A host of irreversible damages acting as catalyst to climatic changes, industries, agricultural activities….90 per cent of it caused by Man, so called developmental progress and improving quality of life are taking a serious toll.

    Too late….cycles of deteriorating changes all to be inherited by later generations. As oceans depleted with food resources and available water resources running extremely low….there is not much optimism unless Man reforms in totality. Can He? Divination says, impossible.



  4. wassup
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 14:32:54

    The whole deal is honourable. But there seems to be lack of urgency. We can see its ad making fun of languages and getting celebrities to smile on national TV. No National Geographic Specials on the subject on TV programmes. They treat it like a one shot event and even Y2k phenomena years ago are more scary although it’s not.

    No wonder many think it’s a way to promote participating cities than to instill awareness.


  5. iamyuanwu
    Apr 03, 2009 @ 15:36:30

    I cannot help but feel that it’s a hype.
    You know, the kind of activities participated by glory seeking bloggers/corporations and hippie type of people participating to brag about it later (sounds like me =P ).

    Malaysia needs a lot more of Earth Hour. Our awareness to protect the environments is cacated at best.

    As wassup said, there’s a serious lack of urgency.

    -How many of us still accept the plastic bags when we go grocery-shopping in Jusco/Tesco? Sometimes we even take 2 layers, or when buying only 1-2 item. Seriously, a plastic bag for a can of Coke or a chocolate bar?
    -Does your office turn on the air cond at the coldest setting when it’s not necessary for that cold? (Even a China lady told me that the offices in Msia are so cold it’s like early winter)
    -Do we segragate our rubbish, recycle usable materials and ferment biodegradable waste?

    Anyway, I’m still proud that Msians are willing to do it! Way to go, baybeh! Some awareness and hype is better than nothing.


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