English language and vision 2020

One of my nurses is on maternity leave.  I took in a temporary staff, who has just completed STPM, and is waiting to go to college in June/July. So temporarily she worked as a stand in.

She is quite intelligent and learn things fast. However, I was horrified that she could not understand very simple English conversation. Things like “please take the temperature”, ‘check the weight and the height of the patient” seem to be incomprehensible to her. SO I have to speak to her in the dialect and Bahasa, since she is from National school and does not even comprehend Mandarin, despite being a Chinatown Chinese Malaysian.

My other nurses have all worked for me for many years- I think all over ten years.(one of them about 20 years now).. They are also of StPM and SPm standard, and all from the National Secondary schools but one of them was educated in a CHinese primary school. Despite that, I remember when they joined my clinic more than 10 yearsa go , they could at least understand my English, which is not the high powered type , but rather , simple and down-to-earth English.. Even though they do not speak well.

So from this we can see what a difference in the standard of English from the National secondary school graduates , in the span of about 10- 20 years.

I am comparing the product of the same system, not with those coming out from Independent chinese Secondary schools or private International schools.

This girl has passed her STPM and had a fairly good grade and is going into one of the government universities.. I asked her what she wants to be. She told me that she wants to be a teacher , if given the choice. Imagine if she becomes a teacher, and she is so poor in english, how is she going to source for latest information through either english journals or the net?

If the products of our secondary schools (preuniversity satndard) are in such a shamble, how would we expect our productivity to go up?

To raise productivity, we must raise our technological as well as knowledge level. Without the increase in productivity, our economy cannot be expected to grow fast or move up the techonlogical ladder…  How are we going to achieve our dream of becoming a developed nation if our students are so poor of English? Bearing in mind that English, more than any time in the history of mankind, is the main medium to acquire skills and knowledge. We cannot be a nation of small traders and hawkers and yet aspire to be a developed state.

Even if we go back to agriculture, we need knowledge to use technology to help us to modernise our farms. Without understanding English,  we will always lag behind others. While the Thais and the Indons and the Chinese are speaking better and better English, we seem to be going backward.

This poor command of the english language must be rectified, through engaging foreign teachers , increasing the time for english lessons, and making English a compulsory pass subject at major Examinations such as SPM and STPM. The present batch of English teachers cannot even write a proper English paper, and it would be just like the blind leading the  blind…..

If the majority of our next generation cannot have a passable comprehension of the English language, then I think we can say ‘bye-bye’ to our ambitions of becoming one of those in the front rank of the world ‘s nations.

(instead of vision 20/20, (or 6/6 vision),we might end up as 20/60…)


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  1. klm
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 16:19:28

    Ah!. But Dr Hsu, you supported teaching maths and science in vernacular languages. Or at least Gerakan do. See the consequence.

    Is she in science or art stream?


  2. Dr Hsu
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 16:35:24

    art stream.

    for those in rural areas or those urban poor where English is not used at all in the family, teaching science and maths in the first 3 years in mother tongue is important for them to acquire the basic maths and science concept. After that, perhaps , we can introduce english terminology. BUt for secondary schools, Scienc and maths must be taught inEnglish…

    For those middle class people in urban areas where they have contact with English and where the parents have contact with English, teaching science and maths in english from the start is not a problem…



  3. ordell
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 16:54:00

    my observation as an expat (32, not a native english speaker): it’s much easier to talk to older generations than to the younger people.. a real english conversation – besides yes, no, maybe, ok lah – is nearly impossible with people in their twenties here.

    but i can’t judge if that’s only an english language problem, or a general lack of conversation and argumentation skills.


  4. klm
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 17:18:18


    I think it is all of the above.

    Dr Hsu. This girl will have a problem. If she is only fluent in Bahasa and dialect and in the art stream,

    I wonder what major subject can she do. Malay linterature? History (but I think she need a good knowledge of English to read the books of knowledge)? English literature (she has to learn English first). Pure Art (definetely). Physical Training (definitely) She can learn Pedagogy (but what specialist subject can she do beside Malay literature). Oh, yeah. She can do communications
    (PR, advertisement etc – but I think English may be needed because all the technical books are in English)

    Without English, there is limited path of progress in the art stream as well.


  5. Rhan
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 17:41:37

    I don’t think she will have any problem to further her study be it in English or BM. Malaysian especially Chinese lack communication skill in all the three major language, similar to Honkies. Understanding is generally okay.

    Hsu never believe in mother tongue education. Most Singapore graduates don’t, he pretends he is one for political sake.


  6. klm
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 18:22:31

    Rhan. I chose my words wrongly. I should say, she would have limited opportunities. Other than subjects with limited materials translated into Bahasa, she will have no exposure to other thoughts. How can she explore new ideas? How can she expand her mind?

    This is one reason why graduates of local universities are so stunted in their development. Their minds do not soar with different ideas and different views.


  7. Dr Hsu
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 18:25:56


    Do you know me? or are you me? How come you think I do not believe in mother tongue? All my children went thru mother tongue education in primary school. My family is a very confucianist family and chinese scrolls are everywhere. Even my consultation room I hang chinese calligraphy…

    I sent my children to chinese schools long before I joined political party.

    I think you are overboard to say that I do it for political sake… If I do it for political sake, what do I expect? To be MPs?to be Aduns? I have never canvassed for all these positions in all my years in Gerakan. And if I want to be somebody, why should I be asking Gerakan to go out of Bn and antagonise UMNO people? Logic, Rhan…


  8. cilipadi
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 19:34:14

    Blogosphere is full of all these unscrupulous elements of twist and turn people’s words like R—n, if not, how nice.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas

    Those youngsters with good command of English have no place in Malaysia. They are all in outside Malaysia, or aiming to migrate out of Malaysia.


  9. desmond
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 21:37:13

    Dr, the situation of the girl is no longer a surprise to anyone. And with the current debate about the teaching of Sc and maths in English or mother tongues, in my view is barking up the wrong tree. I have little, if any, confidence that one’s command of any language can actually improve by using it in the teaching of just sc and maths. Hoping that one’s command of English will improve by picking up some scientific or mathematical terms in English would be naive, if not ignorant.

    If one is serious about seeing an improvement in the English language, it must be taught as a subject with more hours given to it. Reading for pronunciation and comprehension is indispensable to improve one’s command of it. Every student must be made to read at least one chapter of any English book of their choice during their English language period.

    From Secondary 1 onwards, all off subject conversations/communications should be in English to further boost confidence in its usage. Such an enhanced environment for the English language will without doubt see some significant improvement in the standard of the language.

    From personal work experience, I have colleague who joined with very very poor command of the language. Since English is used in all internal work environment, ie normal conversation, memos and meetings are held in English, these initially English handicapped colleague has been able to pick up the language within a year of working in the company.One ex-colleague of mind is in fact now automatically uses English with me, even when I initiate a conversation in BM.


  10. Disgusted
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 22:34:55

    A friend of mine runs a PR company and it took him 2 years to finally employ a local graduate whom he felt is proficient in English. Well, but not before firing about 3 others who had proven a failure in the language.



  11. ahmadjek
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 22:36:02

    I was from national school. For spoken languages, I was only fluent in dialect & BM (spoke Malay like a Malay 😉 ). From primary to secondary school most of my classmates are Malay since I studied in SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh).

    When I went into form six, learned to speak a little English as there’s some bananas in my class. After STPM, I went to work in Singapore while waiting for my results. Polished up my spoken English as well as learn how to speak Mandarin there – befriended some Chinese from China.

    Well, I have no worries for those who’re adaptable eventhough our education system sucks. What we should worry are those unwilling to learn. The spirit counts more than the syllabus.


  12. asiseesit
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 00:57:47

    this issue have been quite dear to me for the past few years after seeing so many graduates joining my company with very reserved skill in using english both written and orally. some really do take their time to converse but you can always see them trying to figure out the next word to use. and mind you, even a few graduated from overseas have this problem.

    the hostel concept in foreign universities built by our government did not help matters as they tend to revert to their group right after classes and all ‘things’ malaysian are there to make them feel at “home”.

    i came from a full national school vernacular system where all subjects are taught in bahasa except the english language subjects itself – 122 & 121.

    but due to my after school activities, i mingled with seniors who were still in the earlier system since i’m actually the second batch of intake where bahasa reign in all subjects textbooks.

    it was these exposures and coupled with a hunger to pick up the english language and a fondness for reading have gotten me where i am today as for as the language is concern.

    it is not so much of which language to use, really. but because english itself is considered a commerce language here in malaysia, having to deal with foreigners and mnc’s itself, there is this need to excel and capture the true essence of the usage proper.

    the french practise their own national language in their own rights with much pride. even becoming a very sought after language to learn by students from many countries. think japan and germany too. i’m sure you have traveled to these countries and spoken to locals in english and their response in the same are broken to the tilt.

    to me personally, is whether malaysia itself can become a sought after country, appealing enough for students, investors, dignitaries, expatriates, researchers and even hollywood, to draw the kind of attention including culture in the same respect of the three countries i mentioned above.

    being well versed in english will certainly help no less. it is a distinction between confidence and ignorant of what’s happening around us and accesses to media and everyday life that influence a person’s perception of our knowledge in us. some may be good and some may not.

    i myself send my kid to chinese primary school and converse with him in english at home. though the mother tongue suffers, i truly believe he will be able to pick them up as he grows and mix with his friends at school and with relatives. it is always a question of desire and mindset of how one wish to take their own course in life and how society demand for the english proficiency for one to survive in their chosen trade.

    i have to agree finally, our education system still sucks!


  13. romerz
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 02:42:21

    I speak only English, Malay and Hokkien without any Mandarin whatsoever (much regretted) and I still get by and still very much Chinese.

    The only setback (to my wife’s delight) is that the “China dolls” GROs will never be able to earn some of my $$$.

    On a serious note Doc, racial pride will one day undo us if we cannot distinguish between what is practical and flavor of the day.

    Some argue that China is fast becoming an economic powerhouse and it would be to our advantage to learn Mandarin but I only have this to say. Economic powers are transient as can be seen from history.

    Remember Latin?

    Until China starts manufacturing its own technology, we still need English to learn current advances in science. Maybe one day who knows, but for the moment, I think my command of English will suffice. And I can’t live that long!

    Don’t even talk about Malay. As a people and a country, what technologies have we contributed to our world?

    Having said that Malay is needed if you intend to go far in this country but that is all.

    As a Malaysian living in this country within its framework of laws and practices, I still think English is a must, Malay a convenience and Mandarin a bonus.

    Before I’m whacked by Mandarin speakers, let me remind you that my shit smells as awful as yours!


  14. Rhan
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 09:27:59

    Hsu, first of all, my apology. Honestly I don’t know you at all. I put in my writing in such a way out of frustration. I don’t believe human capability will be limited simply because he / she can’t grasp a certain language. I try to anticipate where you stand since you keep on emphasis the importance of English. Probably our belief system is different.

    By the way, what I mean by mother tongue education doesn’t mean our kids went through Chinese primary school, it should be more than this. When I said political sake, I don’t refer to what is the expectation from the top, but rather, what is the mass expectation especially from the Chinese community. No political party in Malaysia support mother tongue education, they do so because we don’t give them a choice. I used to be one who are against mother tongue education when 黄俊杰 was the deputy education minister. I change my stand.


  15. klm
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 09:40:44

    romerz. China is producing its own technology. Huawei, China’s largest telecom manufacturer is numero uno in filing new patents.

    It is interesting to note that patents filing is in English, at least for international filings. Technical standards are in communicated in English. International standards meeting are conducted in english.


  16. Chauncey Gardener
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 10:13:49

    In the 70s and 80s, Malaysia was well sought after by foreign investors due to

    a) ample natural resources
    b) tax incentives
    c) good infrastructure (compared to neighbours)
    d) low cost and trainable labour

    The labour force was considered a tipping point as most people back then understood and could converse in English.

    Now …. Malaysia is not the destination of choice of FDI. We still have (a), can tweak (b), still have (c) but we definitely are not in a position to compete in (d).


  17. Rhan
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 10:56:05


    Nothing is wrong if you can’t speak or write Mandarin. No natural law said you should. The mandarin speaker (so-called Chinese educated) is more humble or even lack confidence in some situation. Hence, most of them don’t whack people unless there is an act of arrogance from the other party.

    Not only Latin, the world used to have trend to learn Russian, Japanese and so on but ultimately, English still remain the champion. Therefore the argument that Chinese language as economy language may not be true.

    The Japanese Meiji, China May Forth movement all talk about modernization and reform but none of them agree to the change of language. Racial pride is one of the pushing factors for success. Practicality may work in the short term but a strong bond among your people could only work through national and racial pride. In Malaysia, due to our unique ethnic mixture, English could be a good choice but we must not forget most of our policy is political driven, it can change easily base on popularity and sentiment, and therefore, to insist diversity is the way moving forward.

    Klm is right to say China produced it technology but they are without a strong brand to move forward. If HP insist 70% of his vendor must be American or Sony insist 90%, the China manufacturer can only remain as OEM. Huawei and Lenovo are trying to change the rule of game, but I think it is still a long way because American was never a stupid.


  18. Dr Hsu
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 10:58:19

    Rhan, thanks for taking time to clarify…


    I think the first 3 years in primary schools, it is important to learn maths especially in mother tongue.

    Until now, when I have to multiply I still do it in my mind using my mother tongue.

    For example, 8 times 8, i will say in my mind, ‘pak pak liu si shi” (translation 8 8 64 in mndarin). I do most of my thinking ow in English since I am using it more in my work and writing, but when it comes to counting and maths a, I will switch to Chinese . It may be ue to the multiplication table that i first learned was in Chinese, bu the fat that Chinese multiplication table is fast and convenient is a plus, consisting only single vowel most of the time.

    Haiving said that, English is very important.

    The skill to put forward your idea can be acquired, but first you must have the basic understanding and basic grammar to use .

    One of the most effective place to learn to cummunicate effectively is the Toastmasters’ Club.

    I was the founder member and the second president of a Toastmaster club in Cheras, based in PGRM building but not politically affliliated since Toastmasters are non political.

    Most of the members are public and we have been able to see people improve by leaps and bounds in thier communication skills just a few months after joining.

    You only pay a joining fees, and member subscription which is much lower than Rotary club and Lions club.

    There is a guideline to follow, the one used in malasyia is the same as the one used all over the world. You learn to give speeches, you learn to give impromptu talks, you learn tog ive feedback to other speakers and so on… Along the way, you slowly become a better communicator as well as better thinker, not to mention that you will make a lot of friends.

    Due to time constraints , I have not been involved int he activities for a long time , but I intend to go back to the club when I retire one day….. But some say, old doctors like old soldiers, they just fade away…


  19. annoyed
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 10:59:49

    CIMB urges staff to take unpaid leave

    You know what to do,…….


  20. petestop
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 11:03:18

    Language shapes the mind. It can liberate you, or it can also confine you.

    If we want to be Katak Bawah Tempurung, then only insist on learning your own limited language.

    However, the rest of the world already have a lingua franca, called English. Most of the sum of the world knowledge is written in English.
    Just try to Google up anything nowadays, most likely you will be directed to a Wikipedia page.

    Throw in Chinese, which is increasingly an important trade language spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, you can’t go wrong.

    So, although, I studied in a national primary school, moving on to a full-boarding school where almost 100% BM is spoken.

    I will be sending my kids to vernacular school, not only for the language aspect, but also for its competitiveness and dedicated teachers.

    Frankly, in my line of work, it has been decades since I have to write or communicate in BM.
    And I don’t need any political patronage to run my business, which is essentially all done overseas.


  21. klm
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 11:16:20

    petestop. You did the right thing. Competitive Malaysians do their business overseas. This is the trend I am seeing. Dr. Hsu “Mou Gan Tai” spirit is extending to our good entrepreneurs.

    The lousy environment in Malaysia is actually helping to develope entrepreneurs like petestop. One key survival tool is flexibility and independence. This is the key difference between a Singaporean and Malaysian businessmen.

    So there is a silver lining.


  22. clearwater
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 11:18:28

    It was never a realistic goal for Malaysia to vault into the top ranks of the world’s nations, by whatever reasonable yardstick. Misled by certain egocentric and parochial leaders the past 30 years, divided by ethnic and religious differences, its natural and human resources depleted by greed and indifference; with a population of only 27 million, how can this country pretend to be anything but 2nd rate in almost anything it does? It did not seek excellence in human endeavor. It did not celebrate human diversity. Though blessed with good fortune, it fumbled time and time again, basically its own worst enemy. To undo the damage will take decades of superhuman effort and frankly, it appears beyond Malaysia now. We should be contented to be only 2nd rate, it could be worse.


  23. klm
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 11:18:43

    Dr. Hsu. By the way, do you know if your girl uses the Internet for useful purpose. It will be interesting to know how she gets information in this age.


  24. Dr Hsu
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 11:36:49


    When my eldest was doing medicien in Auckland, her world after lectures and hospital/social rounds revolves round the computer. Her flat has a TV, but most of the news and entertainemt is from the net and youtube……

    She never reads NZ newspaper, yet she knows about the happening,She reads Malaysiakini….And that is how she gets the newsin malaysia.

    She skypes with friends and family all over the places….

    I thin that is the trend of all youngsters studying either locally or overseas. Increasingly, they depend more and more on computer for news, entertainmet-good and bad- , musics, shows, etc. They know why to download movies, even those not shown here….

    This is the group that will not vote for BN. This is the same group asking for change. They will be the biggest voting bloc next election.


  25. wassup
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 14:01:36

    Lack of knowledge in English is not a problem in this world. If a Bangla can work in Malaysia and buy a bunglow in his kampong. Anybody can succeed in this world..

    I have a friend with Form 3 education who used to be a wet market helper, mostly pulling fish basket but now a businessman in electronic industry. As long as you are a chinese, you’ll be ok.

    Too much knowledge is dangerous.


  26. cilipadi
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 15:54:54


    I agree fully “as long as you are a chinese, you’ll be ok”. That is the reason why we can find Chinese in most corners of the world.

    That is the reason why your country Umno and BTN are playing psychological warfare with Malays on the fear of losing their rights to Chinese if not ‘protected’, eventhough such rights are enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

    Umno, if sincerely want to help Malays, should promote progressive thinking of enriching the Malays by improving their skills and knowledge instead of playing this psychological warfare, that polarized Malaysians of various races and religions.

    Not encouraging its people to be proficient in English language, which able to widen one’s perspective maybe one of the hidden agenda. That also maybe the reason why those in power could not care less the seriousness of brain drain that Malaysia is facing.


  27. jughead
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 16:27:10


    When you were studying in Singapore, LKY in the 70s to 80s was aware that Singaporeans were speaking Singlish – a kind of pidgin where Englishman or Americans can hardly comprehen. LKY realise that it is similar to the people in Mauritius – they speak a mixture combined French, English, Chinese etc.

    Without a powerful command of language, how can the people effective in communicating in international trade and closing a deal? Just look at Engineers. They can hardly express themselves when their jobs are dealing with nature and society such as hillslope developement, highways, clean water, flood. How often do you hear engineers speak out such issues affecting the general public. That is why LKY employ many British and Australian teachers teaching languages in Secondary schools. In fact, teachers, lecturers are highly paid unlike in Malaysia – only grade 3 SPM or jobless are employed. I have secondary teachers who cannot understand standard 6 maths.


  28. Rhan
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 17:21:44

    LKY is far too anglophile and opportunistic. The moments he noticed his monolingual English policy create a generation without roots and the revived of the Communist China strength, he start his speak Mandarin policy. And today, he got no choice but to keep on importing people from the mainland to fill up the population. Regardless how, LKY is lucky enough because there are many Malaysian who perceive Singapore as heaven especially when the Dollar is more than double of Ringgit, this people move their arse over the causeway and start to behave like a foreigner telling us Malaysian how bad we perform. This group of people indirectly contribute to LKY continued bull shit on meritocracy while real intention is to keep the balance of race to ensure his kingdom stay.

    LKY is a racist. His kindness is only toward his Master from the West. No wonder all the Ang Moh laugh when Singapore start to buy up a rubbish bank.

    I thought all the contract and accounting data is drafted in Enggalish?


  29. sosong
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 20:39:45

    Why??, jughead, why do you pick the engineers to whack? Were you offended by one of the engineers around?? Even so, you should not whack all the engineers in Malaysia or Singapore??


  30. pohwatchdog
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 21:26:05

    Teaching of English Language in school need revamp. Are we neglecting our National Language if we stress on English Language? I believe the standard of English Language dropped because of unqualified teachers, misuse of incentive allowance,
    lack of passion, unsuitable syllabus, proper supervision by superior, poor qualities of teacher and compulsory pass in English Language.

    Is it time the high up go down to the ground to investigate the real reason behind all this fiasco? Imagine ask the young charge to draw picture from the literature book whereas the teacher should teach proper grammar and construction of sentences. Remember my English Language teacher used to give us spelling, dictation, grammar exercise, essay writing and etc. What happen nowsday is the lack of supervision can caused the standard of English Language going down the drain? With the SMS, blog and etc, our standard of proper English sentences have be “malaysianise” or what we called as “Rojak English”.

    It is time to look for the best and not employed half hearted teachers in the profession. God save Malaysia if our educators are not passion to educate the young charge.


  31. Disgusted
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 22:05:45

    Pretestop, I share most of your views and you’re right. English language is one of the top 5 international language. Language is a tool and knowledge in English open up a horizon in seeking knowledge and it’s a pity most (like me) cannot read and write Chinese, otherwise an extended horizon in learning Chinese philosophy.

    Some think that it’s not important as long as in life, you can learn your $$$$. But is that the real purpose in life? Like a coin, we spend our lives once.

    We can be like frogs in a well and in fact, many are like that, myopic and couldn’t care less anything beyond their nose. That’s their right, of course, to live a life like that. Knowledge floats around in reality but it is language that is the tool that fertilize our brains.

    Of course, unless we dive deep into our “being” like meditation without using any languages. But what language do we think? In pictures? How do we communicate with ourselves?



  32. klm
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 09:36:45

    Want to improve your English. Saw this in the Star. Johor GRO offering English lesson to their clients. Learn English in a relaxing environment. 🙂


  33. wassup
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 14:21:34

    Yo monk, meditating is not to dive deep into our being but to be free from it.

    We are spirits having human experience and not human being having spiritual experience. Agree?


  34. ahmadjek
    Apr 01, 2009 @ 22:18:35

    Ummm, the teachers need better pay. Not many of them choose to be one because they love the job or the money is great.

    The parents nowadays are giving more freedom to their children therefore producing students that question the authority of the teachers too.

    It’s hard being a good teacher. You pay peanuts, monkeys will come.

    Education is a problem too hard to solve. Japan’s system is far from perfect. The Americans aren’t any better at it. China take no 1 or 2 spot for maths quiz every year but sucks in other fields.

    I would be glad if my kids can understand things logically and can utilise a few percent of their brain. Like Dr. Hsu here.


  35. pohwatchdog
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 20:48:44

    Is teacher pay that low? Investigate their salary scale from http://www.jpa.gov.my or http://www.nutp.org.my.
    MOE have improve a lot of fringe benefit and salary scale for teachers. What I feel is that the standard teaching of English Language need to improve in term of syllabus and approach. Nowsday youngster are too complacent, pampered lot and more exposed compared back 10 years ago.

    Teachers need to upgrade their profesionalisme, ICT knowledge, general knowledge, EQ technique and psychology knowledge. With the present economic tsunami, teachers too have the hard time
    but the MOE have done their part to improve the image of teaching. More than billions have spend on them. Even Minister of Education ralised that teachers can play an important role in politic and draw support from the people for the government of the day. Is it right for teacher to involve in politic?

    Teacher need more passion, commitment and dedication to educate their young charge. A lot of them have done their duty well to the nation. Maybe a revamp in policies taht encourage meritocracy and more supervision from the top to bottom. What do we expect if there is lack of coordination for the need for overlapping of teachers in rural and urban area? Whereas in urban area the weak students can go for their private tuition classes? Who to blame for this circunstances? Even a number of untrained teachers have to teach in premier school and what we expect with this situation. Do you know even lawyer, accountant and engineer resigned from their job to enter teaching profesion? Is it peanut pay? More supervision and enforcement from superior. Hopefully the new Minister can take note to improve and bring in more qualified teachers. Maybe keep out dead wood from the teaching profession with transfer after a few years.

    Parents play a lot of role here for their children education especially supervise their whereabout after school. Is it possible with this economic tsunami? Time to reflect whether we need single session. A smaller ratio student and teacher. No point keep blaming the government for all that have been done for this knowledge based economy.


  36. Disgusted
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 22:37:08

    Sorry, waasup, you have screwed up the logic. How can you be free from your spiritual being?

    “I am thou I am,” you are the center of the universe. We are NOT spiritual beings though we should, otherwise you (we) shouldn’t be here.

    Although we should be spiritual beings on a human path. Sorry not yet.

    Meditation is the way to “get in touch” with your being in you. If we don’t understand our “real” selves, how the hell can we even try to understand others.

    Do not do to others what you don’t want others do to you. Simple wisdom.

    You want to be free from being. Sorry, energy (being) cannot be created or destroy. Only transform. If it is hard to understand, forget what I said.



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