The Tales of the 2 mountains

This is a different article from my last post, which was hastily written, even though the title may sound similar.


The results of the April 7th by elections are not unexpected. While the status quo was expected to remain, what was surprising was the increased margins of the winning sides, especially in the battles of the 2 ‘Bukit’s .


BN leaders have been telling the people and their grassroots that Malay votes have begun to return to UMNO, what with the charges of “derhaka” against the ousted MB of Perak Mohd Nizar being floated around and working up the feelings of the people on the ground.


Even though I do not have the breakdown of the voting streams yet  and hence would not be able to tell how much of Malay votes have returned, common sense dictates that with the increased margin won by PAS and PKR respectively in Bukit Gantang and BUlit Selambau, it is unlikely that significant Malay votes have returned to BN.


This is despite the awesome BN by election machinery, the catchy rhetoric of the new Prime Minister, and the return to the fold of UMNO of  a former Prime Minister who also campaigned on behalf of BN candidates in the 2 Bukits.


Why is it so? 


Whereas during the time of the 12th General Election 13 months ago, people in West Malaysia simply wanted to teach BN a lesson for being arrogant and corrupt, this time around, they sent a message that they want to see changes which has not been forthcoming. The people are getting smarter, and unless they see real changes, they would not be so easily bought by the rhetoric which to them is more ‘hype’ than anything else.


 It is also significant that despite the huge amount of money promised to the Chinese schools and temples, non Malays still voted the other way. This is because of the perception of the people that anything cannot be worse than the present. Before, when non Malays treated PAS as poison, now they have no qualms at all voting for this party, an unthinkable act just 2 years ago.. This shift in mindsets will be a big factor in the next general election, especially with a million young voters expected to join the voting fraternity.


UMNO, as the dominant component of BN, has to initiate real reform and must be seen as being sincere in reforming. The million dollar question is always whether the top leader  have the will and can be  strong enough to initiate a total overhaul of the whole party. Given the entrenched politics of patronage, it is indeed a tall order for any leader to change the party..


As to the components, the writing is very clear on the wall. In this by-election of Bukit Gantang, Gerakan had worked very hard , especially its wanita chief who had practically camped in the constituency even long before the nomination period. Its members from Perak had campaigned hard. It is noteworthy that one of the state constituencies under Bukit Gantang, Kuala Sepetang, was a former stronghold of Gerakan, and used to be won by Gerakan candidates before the 308 tsunami. This time around, despite the efforts, the party had failed to convince its former supporters to come back to support BN..


The same is the case for MIC in Bukit Selambau.


The result of Bukit Gantang is a clarion call to Gerakan  that the voters in Gerakan’s former strongholds, as represented by Kuala Sepetang,  will not vote for Gerakan in the next GE  if Gerakan remains as part of the BN coalition, unless UMNO adopts real reform. This means that Gerakan fate is no longer its own to decide, and that the longer it takes the big brother to change, the worse would be for Gerakan to survive as a viable political entity.

The party needs to re-evaluate its position within BN and re-strategise, failing which it may face annihilation in the next General Election and go the way of the PPP.

The silver lining for BN is perhaps the win in Batang Ai, which shows that the strong wind that is blowing in Peninsular Malaysia has not reached East Malaysia. Nevertheless, this would not guarantee that come next election, the thinking of the people there may remain the same, especially if there is no reform from BN in general and UMNO in particular.

Perhaps as the first step of reform, BN should heed the voices of the people and seriously consider dissolving the Perak State Assembly so that a new State wide election can be called and let the people decide once and for all who should helm the government of Perak State.



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  1. Richard Loh
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 14:15:42

    Dr. Hsu,

    It does not matter whether you wrote in haste or through thorough research before writing, the basic argument remain the same.

    umno must change and reform through real actions and not rhetoric. Component parties need to step out from bn either temporary or remain independent to force umno to walk their talks.

    The most important thing that umno must reform is to discard the race and religion issues from politics.


  2. klm
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 14:18:12

    Quote from OTK in MI.

    “MCA will analyse Barisan Nasional’s losses in two by-elections yesterday although Ong pointed out that both constituencies have never been with MCA.”

    In between the lines – Gerakan failed in Bukit Gantang. From what I heard, Bukit Gantang’s Chinese votes did not increase for BN. UMNO and MCA’s conclusion, Gerakan failed to carry out its task.

    Increasingly, I hear UMNO and MCA calling Gerakan irrelevant.

    So, now it is proven that the voters dont want Gerakan to represent them. Increasing it partners in BN also dont want Gerakan.

    The window for Gerakan to re-start it engine is to pullout of BN. It should throw its voice -ahem squeak to support the calling of a snap election in Perak to determine who the people want as state govt.

    This is probably the last chance. Otherwise, it will be consigned to the rubbish dump.


  3. petestop
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 14:31:52

    I doubt Gerakan will do anything.

    Its leaders like KTK still waiting for his ministership handout from UMNO. Its Youth leaders, Lim Si Pin already start to angkat Najib’s balls…

    With the next generation Youth also hanger ons to UMNO coattail… the only thing for Gerakan grassroot to do (if they want to do anything at all) is to kick out their leaders and elect someone like Doc Hsu into top leadership to take charge and turn the fortune of this party.

    Gerakan’s original ideology and their past history under LCE still very much resonates with the people… although they have very much lost their ways nowadays.


  4. klm
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 14:45:13

    petestop. I fully agree with you. I was just stating the obvious for the benefit of some of the g readers.


  5. klm
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 15:24:56

    Chua Soi Lek blame Gerakan in Bukit Gantang – see his blog:

    “—-but it is obvious that in Bukit Gantang, where the Chinese voters were concentrated in Simpang and also in Kuala Sepetang, longstanding local issues that were neglected by BN state assemblyman (Gerakan) and MP was a sore point among the Chinese voters……”

    Gerakan lost its marbles.


  6. annoyed
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 15:41:02

    “The silver lining for BN is perhaps the win in Batang Ai, which shows that the strong wind that is blowing in Peninsular Malaysia has not reached East Malaysia.”

    Dr. Hsu, I don’t agree with this statement of yours. I don’t think BN’s win in Batang Ai is a silver lining mainly because Batang Ai is a small constituency with about 8,000 registered voters. After taking into account the % of voters turnout, say at 70%, the figure is lower.

    Teresa Kok’s winning margin in Seputeh was even more than the total registered voters of Batang Ai. So, how can you regard the win as silver lining, no way.

    I expected PKR will challenge the result taking into consideration what was reported in Malaysiakini

    I see the relatively lower registered voters in constituency in Sarawak and Sabah as kind of weakness in current electoral system. Total number of seats won by BN don’t actually reflects people’s support to them if we look at total popular votes as a whole for Malaysia.


  7. Nick
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 16:09:48

    The only lesson anyone can learnt from Batang Ai is how to cheat? For that, you need to task Taib to do the job. He must have utilize any means to rob and pillage the poor ignorant iban folks.


  8. Kenny
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 17:15:47

    “But more ominously for the BN, the consistent and continued shift of support of the non-Malay voters to the opposition spells the technical demise of BN’s component parties. The lacklustre Gerakan, a party that so far has not been able to demonstrate thought-leadership at any level, will be the first to be wiped out. The MCA and MIC should follow suit if the trend continues.”…..Neil Khor (malaysiakini)

    Can anybody argue with that?


  9. kennymany
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 17:46:59

    Kenny. I would dispute on Gerakan thought leadership. They came out with the pom pom girls in Kuala Sepetang. Other than that, I concur. 🙂


  10. Kenny
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 18:06:43

    BN has not only lost the non-Malay vote, it has also lost the vote of young educated voters which transcend all races.

    To win back the non-Malay vote requires real socio-economic reforms to ameliorate or roll back the myriad of government policies which discriminate against the non-Malays.

    To win back support from young voters require the repair and rejuvenation of all the damaged democratic institutions which have been abused by the ruling party.

    “Can BN do it?” The short answer is “No”. The first would be fiercely resisted by the ultra-nationalists in Umno while the second would threaten Umno’s hold on power

    As Umno is unable to implement the necessary changes, Malaysia now enters a dangerous political phase where the ruling party is fearful of losing power, yet cannot reform to save itself.

    We may find increasing repression and oppression of democratic space as the ruling regime tries to maintain its hold on power in the face of decreasing political support.


  11. Dr Hsu
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 19:12:46


    just a question unrelated to this topic. My blog is listed under the top blog category of Malaysiakini. However, whenever I post any new post, the link does not appear …Unlike others, their links will appear. Just curious…


  12. petestop
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 20:03:14

    Oh, boy, MCA is really pulling out the dagger to finish Gerakan off.

    OTK is practically saying the 2 Bukit is lost because MCA was not there, but Gerakan was there and lost it.

    CSL is directly saying Gerakan did lousy job at Bkt Gantang.

    What the hell is Gerakan hanging around these guys for ?

    Still waiting to get the Ministry of Cocoa ?

    I’m sure MCA is pretty pissed at Gerakan as Chang Ko Youn have ursurped them to become “Chinese Affair Advisor” to the illegitimate Perak MB, Zambry.

    How stupid and pigheaded can Gerakan leaders continue to be ?

    This story will be told and retold to all our decendant.


  13. Disgusted
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 20:47:17

    Dr. I suggest you send a note to the editor.

    The monk has left the monastery, so to speak. But I can bring the matter up with the chief abbot.



  14. aca
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 22:17:14

    no batang and Taib can celebrate with glee?

    remember ijok?


  15. A true Malaysian
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 22:30:48

    Dr. Hsu,

    Your blog has somehow able to inspire people to write good comments. In order not to lose sight of the so-called poem that started by me, inspired by Justin Choo’s “Tonight IS the Night”, I took effort to combine the good ‘poems’ as created by fellow commentators here. Maybe you can consider having a post by itself. Your choice. I did the same on Justin Choo’s blog, who has new bold look, in celebration of the 2 Bukits success.

    These poems summed up the sentiments of many people, which I think, very meaningful.

    Tonight IS the Night,
    to show them our Might,
    just sit Tight Tonight,
    to celebrate our Might,
    and begin new dawn with Light.

    With new dawn with Light,
    Our future shall be bright,
    Lets show them our Might,
    Tonight Is the Night,

    Reveal what is right,
    Erase wrong with right,
    That’s also our rights,
    Tonight IS the Night.

    Tomorrow is in sight
    New dawn in light
    New hope shine bright
    Life journey in daylight

    Life journey in daylight
    Make Malaysia bright
    Tonight IS the Night

    We`ll sit tight,
    a starry starry night.
    A champion in sight,
    soaring new new heights.

    Nizar, the brave knight;
    shouldering the rakyat`s might.
    Fighting the people`s fight;
    putting wrongdoers in flights

    Bright light is in sight
    Umno better hold tight
    Admit the people’s might
    Recognise their rights

    Cilipadi is right
    To vote PR with might
    To fight, fight and fight
    Till victory is insight

    BN is not in sight
    are they still in fight?
    or go holiday in flight?
    wonder where are your mights

    Cilipadi is not always right
    but this time he or she is right
    Malaysians need to fight
    Insist what is right

    the results are good tonight,
    Yes, tonight is the night,
    pom pom girls and
    maggi mee cannot
    change wrong to right,

    pohwatchdog is in fright
    ’cause Umno lost its might
    cilipadi is right
    vote PR with might

    Tonight Is the Night
    Malaysian has shown their might
    Nizar is Malaysia’s pride
    He fights for Malaysian’s plight

    send pohwatchdog in flight
    ’cause he is in fright
    its master lost its might
    cilipadi is right

    monk is not in sight
    maybe goes celebrate tonight
    with his hot chillies and might
    cilipadi miss him tonight

    2 Bukits show the light,
    Gerakan has no might,
    Kuala Sepetang used to be its likes,
    People have abandoned the party alright.

    For Malaysia the future looks bright
    But for Gerakan, it is not so right
    despite its members working tight
    It cannot win the NOnMalay’s likes

    The sky is bright
    Another BUkit will be in the fight
    Lanjan is the name of the blight
    The coming fight does not look right or bright…

    Fight, fight and fight
    When can we stop the fight
    KTK still think he is right
    but he has lost his might

    Justin Choo is right
    Tonight IS the Night
    Without Justin’s Night
    No poem tonight

    Cilipadi is right
    Monk is also right
    Vote PR is right
    To fight for Malaysian’s rights

    PAS moon is bright
    PKR eyes give us light
    DAP rocket is might
    PR leads Malaysia to right

    Gerakan, where is your pride
    If you know the meaning of pride
    Pull out of BN tonight
    If you still care of your pride

    Umno not care of all Malaysian’s rights
    It cares only of Malay’s pride
    2 Bukits proved Malays are right
    If not, why PR won 2 Bukits with might

    Another Bukit fight is in sight
    Cilipadi again is right
    Vote PR with might
    To keep Malaysia sky bright

    Fight, fight and fight
    Till Umno is in flight

    You are right,
    But no celebration tonight,
    Although my heart is light,
    Everything is back in sight,
    From dark to bright,
    I am not in flight,
    Here, I am here alrightt,
    AAAhhh, I can sleep tight tonight.

    I know you are not in flight
    Of course you are alright
    Lets sleep tight tonight
    Begin new dawn with light

    Let us relax tonight
    Since no celebration tonight
    Recharge battery with might
    To make sure we are still in fight

    I hope I am right
    I share Malaysian’s plight
    Outsider’s view may not always right
    At least I hold myself with pride

    Mighty M is has no more might
    Like M, N is in fright
    Still ignorance of Altantuya’s plight
    Umno is sooner in flight

    Good night tonight
    My heart is also light
    Recharge battery with might
    To make sure we are still in fight

    UMNO cannot add right
    They are not so bright
    The night that was the night
    Gave them a hugh fright

    Gerakan did no right
    was the losing blight
    Pom pom girls its only fight
    It has lost it bite

    One step into the light
    Make the state upright
    But cretins knows no right
    Still think might is right

    Charge the battery with might
    We still have to fight
    One step to the right
    We will feel alright


  16. Disgusted
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 22:41:28


    Beginning in May, there will be sights.

    In July (22nd), the eclipse of the sun will block the light.

    I hope I am not right.

    Tsunami, people write.

    Sit tight.

    Watch the fright.

    Remember, earthquakes will not be light and tsunami reaching great heights.



  17. cilipadi
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 23:00:20


    You are a man of many talents. You are a good poet as well.

    I believe many people will chip in here to continue with what A True Malaysian did.

    With you people around, Malaysia’s future is BRIGHT.

    I agree with what you write
    Please carry on what is right
    To make Malaysia bright
    Write and fight with our might


  18. Atila
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 23:30:12

    Dr. Hsu

    With such results from 07April, Gerakan still want to be in BN (Bee-End)? Mayhap Gerakan wants to watch PM’s adminstration this time.


  19. Justin Choo
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 00:15:52

    Dr Hsu your time is running out
    Not your life
    But the Party you like
    This is the time to shout!

    What the hell are you doing KTK
    Don’t be like the katak
    Sitting in boiling water
    Awaiting slaughter!

    There is no hope anymore
    You suckers and eunuchs
    All you want is more and more
    Like monkeys begging for peanuts!

    No more Gerakan for me
    What about DAP?
    Just you wait and see
    It will be ,It will be!!


  20. klm
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 10:42:13

    Reason why Gerakan is thrown out of Bukit Gantang.

    At the end of the day, local issues closed to the heart determine the sentiment. Reading the reports and looking pictures from Bukit Gantang, I am amazed that in the villages, houses are unsafe, no land titles, no running water and no electricity. This area was represented by Gerakan ADUN and MP before for many terms. I just wonder what the bloody hell were they doing.

    Now, I realised why Zambry appointed a Gerakan rep in charge of chinese affairs. Not that I agree.
    He needed Gerakan to face the people and they are responsible for the bloody mess.

    Now, is this a responsible political party. Nice slogan and all that. Not in a thousand years.


  21. jebat's fren
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 10:44:12

    Gerakan was once fighting for justice and people. now gerakan is fighting for UMNO and for their own coffers. KTK is a disgrace to gerakan and the founders.

    gerakan might as well fold up or join MCA. if gerakan wants to change, it should have changed many years ago and not now. pls, gerakan don’t bring your liabilities to PR.


  22. klm
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 11:09:33

    I summarised here the % of the votes for PAS in Bukit Gantang, taken from many of the articles in the Net.

    Malay : 43%
    Chinese : 75%
    Indians : 60%

    Translating this to Penang in the next election. Gerakan cannot even smell a chance. The only hope for BN is for UMNO to the lead. This means Gerakan is only a supporting act.. er maybe with their Pom Pom girls.


  23. petestop
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 11:48:53

    This one from the horse’s mouth.

    In the 11-month PR Perak govt, it has been a struggle between taking care of the Rakyat’s interest, versus the interest of the entrenched institution.

    The PR govt have always put Rakyat’s interest first, irking the institution, as these entrenched institution can’t get their grubby hands on the state coffer and assets.

    Thus the accusation that PR govt gives freehold land title to Chinese.

    They just trying to resolve the Rakyat’s squatting on state land, not only for Chinese, but to all races.

    PR also try to resolve vernacular schools who have been perpetually underfunded, with schoolchildren always having to run donation drives, by giving them state land that they can generate income from.
    Is’nt these laudable objectives ?

    However, BN but twist it to a racial issue, claiming land title is given to Communist sympathiser.

    What BN (including Gerakan) is telling you is that, you Chinese are Communist and does not deserve anything from the state ?

    Still wonder why BN lost ?

    You tell me, all these years with Perak under BN, Gerakan DARES to do anything for these Rakyat who been squatting on state land for centuries ?

    Most likely they will just be told by UMNO to get lost, and they did get lost.

    Losing their ideology and dignity.

    Just for the sake of Ministry of Cocoa.


  24. cilipadi
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 12:05:46


    New Cabinet announcement
    Death sentence pronouncement
    Coincident announcement & pronouncement
    Divine tribulation / intervention?

    Any more surprises and coincidences?


  25. annoyed
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 12:28:45

    whoever appointed to the Cabinet
    should from those electoral appointed
    if selected from those not electoral appointed
    rakyat will be disappointed
    what is the use of electoral appointed
    might as well not fight for electoral appointed

    those appointed should not be corrupted
    if not rakyat will be disappointed
    Cabinet minister should not be manipulated
    if not, not better than being corrupted
    those under M should not be appointed
    because they are easily manipulated

    see how N appointed
    New Cabinet corrupted or manipulated
    minister may be manipulated
    rakyat will not be corrupted
    don’t let rakyat disappointed
    at 3.00pm, see who are those appointed


  26. Hamba
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 12:47:34

    The usual rhetoric has come out again ” we will do a thorough postmortem and will act accordingly”…What postmortem and what reform?…Look at Kugan’s case..2 different postmortem and then come this Dr I’merican dollar and proclaim death of natural causes. UMNO and BN is finished/kaput/beyond repair/titanic/…. Postmortem not to find the real cause but to manipulate and spin the actual fact…They will never change…


  27. Disgusted
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 14:21:59


    Yes, more will unfold in time, divine intervention. Karma takes no rests.



  28. aino
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 15:51:31

    Many UMNO people gotten rich because of rich Chinese money(tax, AP etc).But average Chinese cannot get job in civil service (iron rice bowl with life long pensions). Also got to bargain for basic stuff like new schools. Can’t even get hawker license. These ungrateful people forget how they gotten wealthy and whack the Chinese with insulting statements. I think Chinese have had enough.Did u know early on the Blacks in US had their own radio stations and many whites tuned in.
    One White businessman said that if he could a White man who could sing Black music then he could make a lot of money. And then there was Elvis !!!


  29. pohwatchdog
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 21:01:37

    What we want is a multi racial civil service? We want efficient and better delivery system. As long any colour that can work, it doesn’t matter. If a Chinese civil servant cannot work efficient, there is no point for his or her presence. We have to think like Malaysian first, race second.

    Everyone who are willing to work hard have a chance to move up in life. Work hard is the key word. Aino, you think non-white is not discriminate. It depend on the survival abilities of a particular person. As long as we work hard, Malaysia is a paradise for everyone. Can we satisfy everyone with perception only? Do you think PR is 100 percent fair and practise equality? You know the answer very well.


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  31. Atila
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 10:30:34

    Dr Hsu,

    ……i refer to pohwatchdog…”..what we want is multi racial civil service?…”

    Gerakan past 38years cannot even balance up multiracial in FTZ Penang, only the Chinese holding post from execs to top managements, Malays only deserve post like operation operators, drivers, etc.

    Cina graduate terhegeh2 even to speak and write English pun can be given the chance but Malays graduates is always a hindrance there.

    Go take a look now. Statistics dont lie.

    Malay Penangites who want to move up corporate ladder got to migrate to KL and many Malay Penangites made it well KL. But WHY
    SEKATAN tio us in FTZ Penang. Its “discrimination” in the finest way?

    I approached on senior gerakan pax past 5years in Penang to tell this, but he deafened dgn alasan FTZ competitive this la that la…bla bla.
    What this? Is he saying Malay malas by saying need competitive worker?
    Why protective? EXCUSE ME!! NO VOTE FOR BN.

    For as long this scenario in FTZ Penang not corrected, NO VOTE FOR BN GERAKAN and its components. Majority Malays realised this. Are we Malay Penangites supposed to condone to this from Chong Eu’s time to Tsu Koon’s time?
    Sorry, its all answered in votes.

    Sorry lah Dr Hsu, BN Gerakan kaput, gone in Penang is Gerakan own doing with UMNO ala kerbau cucuk dihidung in view getting Gerakan’s vision materialised.

    Malays still at 41% in Penang. Tell me are all so stupid can even make it to FTZ. Tell me as to why we voted DAP instead.


  32. Atila
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 10:35:43

    Malays are angry at Gerakan Penang.
    Malays voted DAP in GE2008 a swing to kaput

    Who in Gerakan Penang take initiative to know why Malay Penangites are angry at Gerakan?

    To us Malays in Penang, UMNO was a convenient tool used by Gerakan since days of Wong pau nee and eusoff latiff.

    Gerakan must change not just umno.
    Will you all? haha haha


  33. A true Malaysian
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 11:18:40


    You have good points on the Penang Malay dilemma especially in Penang FTZ. This dilemma was there when Gerakan was in power.

    The root cause to this Penang Malay dilemma, apart from the racist policies of Umno / BN, is due to our education system that generate a lot of unemployable graduates and students. In fact, Malaysian of all races fall victim to this education system that “look nice outside, look ugly inside”.

    Dr. Hsu has some of the articles touching on this weakness in education system, in particularly in standard of English among our students as well as generating examination results of 10 As or even 20 As, where the quality of As are not there. These straight line As have created an impression in our young students mind how ‘genius’ or ‘clever’ they are by scoring so many As.

    So when they come out to work, they faced rude surprises that their As have no value at all in actual sense of the real world. JPA students sending to overseas universities facing the same problems as well. The syllabus that covered in Malaysian schools and universities are simply not at par with that of overseas counterparts.


  34. Dr Hsu
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 11:20:07

    You are right to say that Malays can be competitive if given the chance. I have posted before one article on a successful Malay entrepreneur in New York, doing well there despite tough competition.

    What our Malay brothers need is fair competition to toughen them up and they can be as good as anyone. That is why I have always believe that the best way to move forward in this country is to do away with affirmative actions, in whatever forms.. In the private sectors , Malays must be given a chance to prove themselves.

    Gerakan lost in Penang because it had become too complacent , thinking that people would not vote them out … How wrong the party was, and the party paid a heavy price for that.

    Without true reform, which can only be done when it severes its umbilical cord with UMNO, it cannot achieve true reform….

    But it is getting more difficult to severe the umbilical cord with the acceptance of this appointment of a minister position, even though the intention might be good to try to go inside to change from inside; but intention being intention, past actions have proved that BN cannot be changed from inside … since 82 till now..


  35. robertchai
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 21:32:43

    Give due respect to KTK. Give him the time. Our education system need a boost with new minister that stress on Key performance Index. Give a boot to those deadwood, parasite, virus, bacteria or leaches


  36. pohwatchdog
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 21:35:46

    No point blaming other. A win is a win. A lose is a lose. Work harder, give better service, commitment. dedication and serve. Maybe Gerakan will get back the support. In any democracy system, there is up and down in support.


  37. Atila
    Apr 10, 2009 @ 21:39:29

    Dr Hsu,

    my admiration to the way you think. nevertheless what you said in your write up isnt what Gerakan did when ktk in power in Penang.

    even until today when i speak the topic of imbalance race ratio in employment in FTZ to this gerakan senior from penang, hes still

    i m party-less after i quit umno last year, 23 year membership. thinking of joining gerakan penang at one time last year. but with such attitude from that gerakan senior pax ala chong eu, its a turn off lah.

    when he is like this, how to “ambik hati” undi melayu next GE? malays in penang is somewhat at 41% plus.

    i believe gerakan penang must reform seriously not just make the party ala cina india. the heartache-hatred of poor-average mid class
    malays towards gerakan since chong eu still lingers today, in my generation & i am in early 40s.

    for as long as gerakan penang do not repair this, its difficult for bn to make a come back when malay still at 41% plus population in penang.

    umno penang is still at old thinking cap, when KJ not appointed minister & TS mohd nor yaacob confined to JPM, some of my friends in umno exco level in penang said PM made mistake by taking in Mukhriz.

    Yuccks!! Whats so good of KJ? He cant even handle mat rempits, as rakyat i always view mat rempits are back up by him & mat rempits are
    above law.

    now how to reform revolutionise gerakan penang and manouvre it into the poor malays?
    make an impact when umno penang dont.

    Dr. Hsu, pls dont “sink” with umno penang.


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