A poem dedicated to all Malaysians

On the 4th of April, I have written a post called ” repeal the Act, PM !” directed at our prime minister asking him to abolish the ISA.

The Act of course is still around since we are all small people and we would have non of the influence of the big people.

However, an unexpected thing which surprised me pleasantly has happened.

My friend  A True Malaysian started a few lines of well rhymed poem. Other readers who are all so creative continued and it became a spectacle of sort. I thank all the readers of this blog for this poem…

A True Malaysian also took his time to compile all the poems written by the readers and make it a long poem, which I will like to dedicate to all Malaysians wishing to see change in our country.

 For who wrote what, please go to the post and read the comment section.  The title is from Justin Choo, who actually started the inspiration by his verse: Tonight is the night.

Tonight IS the Night,
to show them our Might,
just sit Tight Tonight,
to celebrate our Might,
and begin new dawn with Light.

With new dawn with Light,
Our future shall be bright,
Lets show them our Might,
Tonight Is the Night,

Reveal what is right,
Erase wrong with right,
That’s also our rights,
Tonight IS the Night.

Tomorrow is in sight
New dawn in light
New hope shine bright
Life journey in daylight

Life journey in daylight
Make Malaysia bright
Tonight IS the Night

We`ll sit tight,
a starry starry night.
A champion in sight,
soaring new new heights.

Nizar, the brave knight;
shouldering the rakyat`s might.
Fighting the people`s fight;
putting wrongdoers in flights

Bright light is in sight
Umno better hold tight
Admit the people’s might
Recognise their rights

Cilipadi is right
To vote PR with might
To fight, fight and fight
Till victory is insight

BN is not in sight
are they still in fight?
or go holiday in flight?
wonder where are your mights

Cilipadi is not always right
but this time he or she is right
Malaysians need to fight
Insist what is right

the results are good tonight,
Yes, tonight is the night,
pom pom girls and
maggi mee cannot
change wrong to right,

pohwatchdog is in fright
’cause Umno lost its might
cilipadi is right
vote PR with might

Tonight Is the Night
Malaysian has shown their might
Nizar is Malaysia’s pride
He fights for Malaysian’s plight

send pohwatchdog in flight
’cause he is in fright
its master lost its might
cilipadi is right

monk is not in sight
maybe goes celebrate tonight
with his hot chillies and might
cilipadi miss him tonight

2 Bukits show the light,
Gerakan has no might,
Kuala Sepetang used to be its likes,
People have abandoned the party alright.

For Malaysia the future looks bright
But for Gerakan, it is not so right
despite its members working tight
It cannot win the NOnMalay’s likes

The sky is bright
Another BUkit will be in the fight
Lanjan is the name of the blight
The coming fight does not look right or bright…

Fight, fight and fight
When can we stop the fight
KTK still think he is right
but he has lost his might

Justin Choo is right
Tonight IS the Night
Without Justin’s Night
No poem tonight

Cilipadi is right
Monk is also right
Vote PR is right
To fight for Malaysian’s rights

PAS moon is bright
PKR eyes give us light
DAP rocket is might
PR leads Malaysia to right

Gerakan, where is your pride
If you know the meaning of pride
Pull out of BN tonight
If you still care of your pride

Umno not care of all Malaysian’s rights
It cares only of Malay’s pride
2 Bukits proved Malays are right
If not, why PR won 2 Bukits with might

Another Bukit fight is in sight
Cilipadi again is right
Vote PR with might
To keep Malaysia sky bright

Fight, fight and fight
Till Umno is in flight

You are right,
But no celebration tonight,
Although my heart is light,
Everything is back in sight,
From dark to bright,
I am not in flight,
Here, I am here alrightt,
AAAhhh, I can sleep tight tonight.

I know you are not in flight
Of course you are alright
Lets sleep tight tonight
Begin new dawn with light

Let us relax tonight
Since no celebration tonight
Recharge battery with might
To make sure we are still in fight

I hope I am right
I share Malaysian’s plight
Outsider’s view may not always right
At least I hold myself with pride

Mighty M is has no more might
Like M, N is in fright
Still ignorance of Altantuya’s plight
Umno is sooner in flight

Good night tonight
My heart is also light
Recharge battery with might
To make sure we are still in fight

UMNO cannot add right
They are not so bright
The night that was the night
Gave them a hugh fright

Gerakan did no right
was the losing blight
Pom pom girls its only fight
It has lost it bite

One step into the light
Make the state upright
But cretins knows no right
Still think might is right

Charge the battery with might
We still have to fight
One step to the right
We will feel alright

    (pic of dawn from BBC.com)

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A true Malaysian
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 14:56:23

    Thank you, Dr. Hsu.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 15:01:19

    A True Malaysian
    Thank you…


  3. pohwatchdog
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 17:36:57

    What to fright
    Another day to come
    What to ran
    Sunshine coming right
    We meet again
    Another battle to fight


  4. klm
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 20:36:39

    pohwhatdog. You are a sport. What!


  5. klm
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 20:37:31

    Good show. A true Malaysian. Tally Ho!


  6. A true Malaysian
    Apr 09, 2009 @ 21:38:31

    Thanks klm.

    When gentlemen fight
    We fight with might
    If we won the fight
    We are humble with our might

    Even if we lost the fight
    We still regard it a good fight
    No excuse for losing in fight
    Because, we hold high our pride

    Not like some, they are not in sight
    Upon losing a fight
    Excuses justifying lost in fight
    Instead of admitting they have lesser might

    Win or lose in a fight
    No big deal if it is a fair fight
    What matter is our pride
    and whether you fight with might

    Please learn from lost in fight
    Improve on your might
    Listen to rakyat’s plight
    God willing, you win the next fight


  7. Justin Choo
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 15:41:56

    Dr Hsu your time is running out
    Not your life
    But the Party you like
    This is the time to shout!

    What the hell are you doing KTK
    Don’t be like the katak
    Sitting in boiling water
    Awaiting slaughter!

    There is no hope anymore
    You suckers and eunuchs
    All you want is more and more
    Like monkeys begging for peanuts!

    No more Gerakan for me
    What about DAP?
    Just you wait and see
    It will be ,It will be!!


  8. A true Malaysian
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 16:42:21

    God willing, you win the next fight
    But unlikely you will win further fight
    You are not appreciative of people’s plight
    How to win the next fight?

    KTK still want to fight
    KPI is his next fight
    he has lost his pride
    how to win the KPI fight?

    Gerakanians still want to fight
    ’cause BN is still their pride
    I don’t see any such pride
    As Umno / BN has lost bye-election fights

    As you lost your fights
    You blame on ungratefulness instead of your own might
    Arrogant & ignorant are KPI for lost in fight

    Cilipadi is right
    Don’t be shy to fight
    Vote PR with might
    Till victory is in sight

    Haha, Dr. Hsu, thanks for the “express link” to this joint poem of ours. I shall use this space to share my poems as and when inspiration is there.

    Justin, continue to inspire me, ok?


  9. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 12:04:27

    Another update of people’s poem,

    People are not blind
    They can see
    People are not deaf
    They can hear
    People are not stupid
    They know right and wrong

    But some spoiled brats
    They are blind
    Though they can see
    They are deaf
    Though they can hear
    They are not stupid
    yet they dunno what is wrong
    They have everything
    But have no WISDOM

    In short, don’t worry, they get what they sow, very soon.

    I know what to do next with my one vote.
    You too?


    It takes a bit of WISDOM
    a bit only, not much
    to “faham” my message

    There is a thin line
    that divides people and spoiled brats
    spoiled brats are people, but
    not all people are spoiled brat

    Umno, MCA, MIC & Gerakan, ie BN
    They are people too, but
    Some are spoiled brat

    PAS, PKR & DAP, ie PR
    They are people too, likewise
    Some are spoiled brat too

    a bit of it, is what BN & PR need
    not to let people see them as spoiled brat

    If you still cannot faham what I said
    You are people, but
    You are spoiled brat too

    In short, don’t worry, they get what they sow, very soon.

    I know what to do next with my one vote.
    You too?


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