Engage rather than isolate

While Malaysians are still arguing themselves hoarse in the legal courts as well as the Court of opinion regarding the Perak issue, a potentially dangerous threat is rising  on the other side of East Asia.

North Korea has undertaken another nuclear test, and this time, the device was enough to wipe off a city equal to that of Hiroshima.

With its missile capabilities, North Korea now has the potential power of destroying cities in South Korea, Japan and China.

This single act has raised the tension in the region, and US and its allies would be hard pressed to deal with this.

We really do not know much about North Korea. even less about the leadership. What we know is mainly from the reports from the West, and those reports might be biased. BUt what if those reports are true?

What if North Korea, with its economy in tatters, decided to sell some of its arsenals to terrorist groups? What if these terrorist group decided to unleash the device in US or Europe?

What if North Korea decides to use its nuclear device against its South, even though they are their own blood brothers? ( already North Korea has warned of military action against the South today ..read this report )

On the other hand, when China exploded its first  nuclear device in the 60s, was it not considered the pariah/danger of the world then? Only when the world made an effort to understand CHina with Nixon’s visit to China in the early 70s, that the world at large realised that CHina was not likely to invade others, and that under Deng Xiao Ping, the country would concentrate more on building its economy and improving the standard of living of its people , more than anything else.

What path will North Korea follow?

It may depend on whether the world is willing to sit down and talk with its leaders , rather than sanction and threat of military action.

Engagement is always better than isolation..


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  1. pilocarpine
    May 27, 2009 @ 15:47:44

    it takes two to tango.

    will north korea engage?


  2. Atila
    May 27, 2009 @ 19:11:27

    North Korea may have the missiles to go as far into california. It wont hurt china and south korea.

    terrorist…its usa themselves the terrorist, lies of 911, lies and blaming muslims,…now usa fear wat north korea can do..

    when israel sent missiles into palestines, its legal for people palestinians to die.
    when south korea has missile test, we get panic…hello????

    we must have check n balance in this crude world.


  3. klm
    May 27, 2009 @ 21:15:59

    The crazy North Korea threatens military action on South. Personally, I prefer to blast North Korea back to the stone age. They only recognised tough action.
    Talking will go no where.


  4. Meng
    May 27, 2009 @ 23:27:57

    We have to look at it in a rational manner.

    Prior to PRC obtaining their nuclear capability. it was the US policy of containment and threat towards PRC. Based in Japan and South Korea, all the exercises carried out were towards countering an attack from PRC and the US 7th Fleet played a major role. Target deep into PRC were registered for counter strike.

    Throughout history PRC or China was invaded by the european powers and Japan and with these exercises held how would PRC feel at that particular time. They were weak interms of air and naval power and nil nuclear capability.

    With the annual exercises held in Japan and South Korea, PRC obviously felt threaten.

    It was only when PRC has built up her air and nuclear capabilities, the threat from US subsided gradually over the years and now even the US has extended her hand for some sort of military cooperation.

    PRC has build up her forces to be reckon with, however her naval powers need more improvement.

    North Korea is now going through what PRC has experienced. All the US combined military exercises held with Japan and South Korea are towards countering an attack from North Korea (PRC included) In these exercises the North Korean non nuclear missile site and supporting industries are registered for total destruction. The intensity of these strike will destroy the North in toto. Land based missile from South Korea Japan, the 7th fleet and B52 from Guam would strike…..

    How would the north korean feels.??? Take it lying down.

    They have no other choice but to build up her arsenal and capabilities and rightly so in the last decade has build up her missile capabilities putting Japan and South Korea in fear.

    Has North Korea ever sent her troops across the border after the korean war. ?? Why the fear of the North? Ask the US? with so much propoganda thrown in, North Korea became a verbal puching bag and threats of econimic sanction etc etc Is this right, for a nation who has not proven to be hostile and has not fired a single round into another territory.

    What choice has she got except to build up her nuclear capability which would certainly earn her some respect and the words are – not to be fuck around.

    With this nuclear capability, the North will be able to level the field and have the surrounding nation sitting and hearing her out on equal terms.

    The time has come for nations not to play to the tune of US, and to know more of the US hidden diplomacy.


  5. Meng
    May 27, 2009 @ 23:56:13

    The North Korean launching a missile strike into Japan or South Korea would not materialize if they are not provoked. They will not fire the first shot.

    Surrounding nation must learn to live with North Korea and ASEAN can play a major role in subduing any hostility. Preferably ASEAN should consider adding one more to make it ASEAN plus 4. in its security and economic forum. The ASEAN Forum is an effective umbrella in engaging the North through its policy of Zone of Peace and neutrality extended to that part of the world.

    Through this engagement and dialogue sessions held periodically North Korea would not feel isolated and hopefully would interact more on regional affairs. They will see themselves having a role to play in this region and gradually their attitude will change and will open up their country more just like PRC.

    No nation would like to be isolated.


  6. Frank
    May 28, 2009 @ 01:23:22

    If North and South Vietnam can merge, the Berlin wall could be torn down, why not North and South Korea be united?!

    It all boils down to politics and powers, the politicians are the culprits, self-seeking and egocentric, the populace are the victims and – the scapegoats to suffer!

    The most cruel thing in politics is – sibling rivalry! For the sake of upstaging to supreme powers, all others could be sacrificed including lives of the siblings, brethren hood and fraternity are all cheap stuffs in the eyes of these power crazy nuts!

    Politics could be the water which floats the boat, can also sink the boat! Our Nation can only be lucky to prosper if we have come across good politicians, statesmen whom they truly take peoples’ welfare and the Nation’s well beings at hearts!

    Have we, for 54 years?……..


  7. romerz
    May 28, 2009 @ 02:00:27

    Nuclear weapons in the hands of a democracy is much safer than in the hands of a despot though I believe they should all be eliminated completely.


    There can be no justification for DPRK’s current actions despite USA’s biased assertion of power and influence, especially after 9/11.

    Your comment only confirmed what I have known all along, that SOME of those who are of the Islamic faith feels so threatened today that they would somehow justify DPRK’s ‘chest thumping’ as something welcomed to ‘balance’ USA’s insecurities.

    Herein lies the problem with our country. whilst non-Muslim Malaysians are ready to go forth and bring our country to greater heights, the majority Muslims are busy defending their faith.

    And may I remind you that your faith is the fastest growing in the present day context. There is nothing to fear but your own shadow and the propaganda our government would have us believe.

    I have asked this before of my Muslim friends, are you Malaysian first or Muslim first? (most of them answered Muslim first). Until you can answer Malaysian first, Dr Hsu and others like me will have a big struggle to try to change Malaysia for the better.

    Please remove your racial and religious blinkers and you will find that we are not much different when it comes to matters of our country.

    The USA has to be countered but definitely not from a despotic led country like DPRK!

    Atila, the end does not justify the means. The same goes for our country.

    Perhaps you will understand our frustrations.


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