“50 steps laughing at hundred”

During the era of the Warring States in CHina, about 2500 years ago, there was this story told by Mencius to one of the head of the Warring States.

This head of a small state called Liang (later Wei), liked to laugh at other warring states for taxing their citizens and then engage in battles against each other. HOwever, Liang State was also involved in some of these battles , even though it was on a smaller scale.

Mencius told this Head of State the story:

 Once, there were 2 soldiers, running away from fighting at the battle front. One had started running earlier than the other and had reached about 100 steps away from the battle front. The other who started slightly later, had only reached 50 steps away from the front.

The one who had escaped to 50 steps called to the one at 100 steps : You, coward and scary cat, why run so fast?.

The one at the hundred steps laughed: it does not matter how many steps we had run away from the battle, we are both the same, both cowards trying to get away from fighting.

Mencius was trying to tell this Head of Liang that he was being hypocritical to laugh at others when he himself was doing the same thing , albeilt to a smaller extent.

Thus came the Chinese Proverb: ” Fifty steps laughing at Hundred Steps”.

The moral of the story is that we sometimes laugh at people without realising that we are of the same kind, or we are making the same mistakes, even tough the mistakes may be smaller.

I brought up this story because a few days ago, I had a chat with a Gerakan  member who was laughing at PPP. He was laughing at how this party, from arespectable opposition party had become a laughing stock of the country, with the latest infighting between 2 factions.

I brought up this to tell the member that  soon, many of the component parties will be like that of the PPP, if nothing changes. ALready, in one of the component parties, infighting has occured in Penang, with one leader criticising another openly…

On the bigger scale, sometimes we tend to laugh at other countries for being supressive, corrupt and dictorial , we fail to realise that we are only slightly better.


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  1. pilocarpine
    May 29, 2009 @ 16:10:51

    i just read this story 1 weeks ago… well said…

    no one should laugh at anyone…

    look at ourself…


  2. clearwater
    May 29, 2009 @ 17:41:28

    If your post is about chickens coming home to roost, I can’t agree more. The Umno led chickens have been flying, strutting, strolling back to Malaysia the last 50 years and soon there will be no room for them. The voters are so fed up they may just replace them with PKR led turkeys at the next General Election. Both are fowl but at least turkey tastes different, not better, just different. You can stomach only so much political chickens and mosquito political parties. As for Malaysians, we can hardly afford to laugh at anyone given the current pathetic state we are in. We only hope others do not laugh at us.


  3. Meng
    May 29, 2009 @ 18:00:41

    Many years ago we used to laugh and belittle PRC..mainland china on her harsh regimes attitudes etc etc so much so travel, business and other form of contact were restricted.

    But now the whole world is flocking there. wow Najib is going to China.

    Talk of Myammar oh cruel regime, wrongful imprisonment of Aung, oh ya Malaysia is very compassionate indeed with many under ISA, arrest of peaceful demo, police brutality, sidelining on malaysian in scholarships, jobs or employment and a long list of nonsense..

    Are we better off than myammar, North korea, or are we in the making of another Somilia. At least Somilia is better in terms of robbing foreign ship but our malaysian BN pirates robbing us malaysian.

    Laugh at ourselves for voting in BN


  4. petestop
    May 29, 2009 @ 18:14:34

    Hi Doc,

    Your VP, Huan Cheng Guan, just say he will quit in 3-weeks time.

    No idea why need 3-weeks to quit.

    Perhaps it is time for the grassroot to speak


  5. A true Malaysian
    May 29, 2009 @ 18:45:05

    There are too many opportunist politicians in Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, and so on. It is about time these opportunists are finding excuses to jump ship as the “opportunity cost” will be much bigger.

    My view is that Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR, should not accept these opportunist politicians. They will join you for opportunities, not because of your political ideologies. If you accept these opportunists, they will be your liabilities, like what you experienced with the 3 Perak frogs.


  6. A true Malaysian
    May 29, 2009 @ 18:48:13

    “……finding excuses to jump ship as the “opportunity cost” will be much bigger, if they jump later than sooner…..”


  7. Disgusted
    May 29, 2009 @ 19:08:55


    Ha, ha, ha………….

    Sorry, make no mistake, I’m laughing at myself. laugh and the whole world laugh with you, Cry…and you cry alone. Ha, ha, haaaaa !

    Yes, Indonesians are laughing at us and soon, Zimbawee will also be laughing at us. Of course, they will be 100 meters ahead.



  8. klm
    May 29, 2009 @ 20:31:14

    Dr. Hsu. I like this story. I like more the part of the two Gerakan factions fighting. It is not close to PPP and MIC. At least not yet.

    A few things interested me about the fatter one.

    1. This guy is ambitious. he seemed driven.

    2. He is status conscious. Look at the way he list his barang-barang.

    3. He seem to hook his future to Najib. He links his website to Najib 1 Malaysia and PM department.

    4. Not surprised he knows on which side is the butter. (umno licker)

    5. I think he is a street fighter , like Gerakan Advisor. I think he has no qualm about stabbing someone in the back.

    6. He will flattened anyone in his way. I think he is the if you are not for me, you are against type.

    7. I am surprised he listed under political activities
    Avionics Technician, Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM), 1980-1993.

    Does it means he joined the air force for politics??.

    This guy is a consummate politician. He is in politics for the sake of politics and power. I think he is gunning for Koh Tsu Koon, after knocking off THN. Both KTK and THN are at the weakest now.


  9. cilipadi
    May 29, 2009 @ 20:59:26


    Why laugh so soon. Last laugh is always the loudest. I keep my laugh for last….:D

    The loudest laugh coming soon.

    siapa makan cili, dia ‘cry’ pedas?


  10. klm
    May 29, 2009 @ 21:07:44

    I read the fatter Gerakan VP who is fighting Gerekan Penang chairman want to move to Pakatan.
    Heaven forbids. He will bring his destructive politics to Pakatan and destroy them. Let him stay in Gerakan so that he can demolish Gerakan from within.


  11. Disgusted
    May 29, 2009 @ 21:25:11


    Ha, haaa that’s wisdom. PKR should stopping collecting garbage.



  12. cilipadi
    May 29, 2009 @ 22:16:18


    Any idea why KPA always chair by MCA guys?


  13. Meng
    May 30, 2009 @ 00:24:20

    Presently Najib has the best laugh. with so much baggage none can touch him.

    Now who is laughing at the 2 chinese clowns who don’t even know their conversation were recorded.

    Sssshh …umno lah


  14. graveyard
    May 30, 2009 @ 00:40:45

    HCG…Why need 3 weeks??

    Just quite lah.. in 3 minutes!

    Be a man lah..


    I have a vacant lot for HCG’s political career



  15. romerz
    May 30, 2009 @ 00:44:32

    Dr Hsu,

    I went to a Gerakan Teh Tarik session just now with Anas Zubedy as the speaker. Originally I didn’t want to go since I already made up my mind to oppose your party and BN.

    What changed my mind from not going was the topic. The topic was “What do Malaysians want?” I was curious to know what Gerakan members wanted, whether it was the same Malaysia I want. So I went.

    Needless to say I disagreed with Anas on a variety of issues but also agreed with him on the core principles of being Malaysian. In short we agreed to disagree. (we both agreed on the objective but disagreed on the path)

    The point of this comment was what happened on the sidelines. I had asked one of the organizers why there were fewer people attending tonight’s forum than in previous forums.

    The answer – We did not publicize it much (through the MSM) because we didn’t want UMNO fellas to protest a Gerakan function given Teng Hock Nan’s position on Chin Peng and the adverse reaction to it from UMNO!

    I couldn’t believe what I heard. Until today still fearful of UMNO who is wrecking havoc on our country? And on Penang soil no less!

    It is precisely because of not standing up to an UMNO gone bad that ordinary Malaysians punished your party at 308.

    Do I need to say more on this psyche of your timid party?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have mixed feelings about Chin Peng being allowed back but I would defend the right of Teng to give his opinion without being fearful of a backlash from the Mat Rempits of UMNO!

    One year plus on and your party has not done anything to show that it is prepared to stand up for democratic rights against those who would deny us those rights!

    I still have many friends within Gerakan but I can smell their fear from a mile away! As Anas said, the change for the country can only come if we are able to change ourselves or those within our spheres on influence.

    I probably will not go back to another Teh Tarik forum no matter how famous the speaker is or how interesting the subject is. If I do go back at all, it will be to prevent ordinary Malaysians from being fooled further with Gerakan’s scare-mongering tactics of upheaval for the country.

    Those of us who are brave enough to fight will not fight! Simple as that!


  16. A true Malaysian
    May 30, 2009 @ 09:41:48

    Dr. Hsu,

    I agree fully with your view to allow Chin Peng come back to Malaysia. Malaysia need to rebuild its reputation again internationally that we honour commitment / obligation under a treaty or contract. In this context, Malaysia need to honour its commitment under the peace treaty to allow Chin Peng to come back to his homeland. Losing of birth certificate is just now a good reason not allowing him back, as PM himself acknowledges Chin Peng is a Malaysian.

    If PM allows people like Samsiah Fakeh, the Iron Lady of CPM to come back, why not Chin Peng? After all, PM wants his government to be fair to all with his slogan “1 Malaysia, People 1st, Performance Now”.

    I read somewhere, that Samsiah Fakeh’s son, Jamaluddin Ibrahim, is educated in China during his mother’s involvement with CPM, and Jamaluddin Ibrahim is the one political commentator that is so fluent in Mandarin that appears in radio talk show. For the benefit of all, I reproduce the article and its link down here,

    Shamsiah Fakeh, The Iron Lady Of The Communist Party Of Malaya
    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 (Bernama) — A firm lady and one who did not give in easily to defeat in pursuing her struggles is how Jamaluddin Ibrahim describes her mother, Shamsiah Fakeh, a former leader of the now-defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

    Shamsiah, who spent almost 40 years of her life in exile in China, breathed her last at the age of 84 at her home in Tropicana, Damansara here.

    Jamaluddin said his mother was a high-spirited and responsible woman who cared about her family and children.

    “We didn’t realise that she was dead until about 9am this morning when we went to wake her up,” he said when met after the funeral at the Tunas Bakti Muslim cemetery, Sungai Besi here later Monday.

    He said Shamsiah was admitted to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) Medical Centre two months ago due to old age and was discharged two days ago.

    Shamsiah, whose parents were Saamah Nonggok and Fakeh Sultan Sulaiman, was born in 1924 in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan.

    At the age of 13, she was sent to study at the Sekolah Agama Rahmah Al-Yunusiah, Madrasah Tuddimiah, Padang Panjang in West Sumatra where she stayed until 1940.

    She was the leader of the Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS), a leftist political party formed in February 1946 to fight for Malaya’s independence, and among her comrades was Ahmad Boestamam, the leader of Angkatan Pemuda Insaf (API).

    When AWAS was banned by the British during the Emergency in 1948, Shamsiah continued with her struggles to fight for Malaya’s independence.

    She then joined the 10th Regiment of the Communist Party of Malaya and pursued her cause and over the years, she and her husband, Ibrahim Mohamad, were sent to China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    In 1968, she was sacked from the party, but continued to stay in Beijing, China where she worked at an iron factory. She also used her knowledge of the Malay language by working with Beijing Radio and the Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages.

    Shamsiah and her family returned to Malaysia on July 23, 1994 following the signing of a peace agreement between the CPM, the Malaysian government and the Thai government in Haadyai, Thailand in 1989.




  17. Dr Hsu
    May 30, 2009 @ 10:06:26

    I agree with your comment totally about the fear of antagonising UMNO, especially among those aspiring to go up.. And of course the very top.

    There are many who are not, too, but these are mainly advocates that Gerakan should go out and fight independently, or stand up to UMNO, and be expelled out of BN..

    My view about Chin Peng is listed under the comments section of the previous post.

    anyone should be able to utter his or her views since this is asupposed to be a free country.


    klm and petestop,
    you right. This guy is a street fighter, but the other one 558 had the support of 228, they are buddies.

    To announce that he will quit but only in 3 weeks time is to buy time for backroom manoeuvre. Since has has not yet submiitted his resignation, he is still a member and he will use this to get his supporters to petition the top. His annoucncement came because there were news that the top leadership may institute disciplinary action against him for speaking against THN, so he preempted them by saying that i will quit…

    He is close to UMNO and Ting of the Back benchers Club and the last thing he would do is to move to PR. I will bet he will be the bridgehead for a East malaysian Party,more likely, if all his manoeuvres fail.

    He is also a very good drinker and a very good drink buyer and vote getter. Don’t write him off yet since the loser of the state contest last year may pull his horses behind this, and Penang base will be split open like a laparotomy.

    But he is still far from the saliva sprayer.. That one can speak so well that he can even ask the birds in the sky to fly down to his palms. No joke.. The best speaker Gerakan has produced. This guy is not half as good as that in public speaking..

    That is why , if you read between the lines, this is eactly like 50 steps calling the one at hundred steps coward.


  18. A true Malaysian
    May 30, 2009 @ 11:04:23







    成功回国的马共人士包括:拉昔曼丁(Rashid Maidin)、阿都拉西迪(Abdullah C.D)、珊西娅法姬(Shamsiah Fakeh)、再农(Zainon @ Ah Yan)、应敏钦(Suriani Abdullah)和阿布沙玛(Abu Samah bin Mohamad Kassim)。





    达沙岸星也透露,前全国副警察总长阿都拉欣(Abdul Rahim Bin Mohd Noor)就曾形容陈平为一个正直、诚实和遵守诺言的人。



  19. Disgusted
    May 30, 2009 @ 13:39:21


    On your query. You see, it’s an unwritten practice that MCA gets representation in some statutory bodies, i.e. KTM, Maybank Finance, Port chairmen, tourist board, Bank Negara board etc.

    But over the years, MCA has been losing ground, many statutory bodies are not represented now. It depends whether MCA behaves or not and prerogative of its political master. In short, these appointments went unheeded and un-noticed by others (even the Opposition parties).

    Rewards or “ice-cream/sweets” whatever. MCA in short is really a parasite, in many ways. So is Gerakan.


  20. Dr Hsu
    May 30, 2009 @ 14:25:31

    Gerakan used to have representation on the boad of Telekom and TNB.

    As of now, i think Gerakan have no more representations on these companies.

    Maybe i am not privy to these appointments since they are decided at the ‘cabinet’ level of the party…


  21. Frank
    May 30, 2009 @ 14:53:17

    Before the fella you know was recruited by KTK, he was one amongst the seven punks (one Ooi fella had become history and past), they had in a most disgusting rendition as the apostates to put Dr Goh on the slaughtering table and they enjoyed to be the audience to see the tussles and sibling rivalry between KTK and Dr Goh to fight for the State high chair many years ago!

    I call him a fence rider and a double head snake, though not as good as the master saliva sprayer, he’s invariably one of the most cunning and venomous cobra, which can spurt killing venom to blind people’s eyes, more so when most of those young chicks Gerakaners are having blur blur eyesights!

    Gerakan consists of many of these kind of running dogs, as Cantonese says it – “sek woon tae, fun woon min” meaning, a betrayer who bites the hand that feeds! KTK’s best hobby is to keep all these as pets and righteous people like Dr Toh and Dr Hsu will be seen as revolting and unpopular in his KTK den, no room for survival!

    He was once Anwar’s close buddy and more like a special assistant who would take care of all Anwar’s Permatang Pauh business and co-ordination matters with the many stooges thence during Anwar was DPM, a self-proclaimed right hand man!

    When Anwar was punched in the eyes and appeared as a purple-eyes panda, he quickly jumped back into the eunuch party and kept a wide distance with the powerless and faltering poor DPM who was sacked impromptu! This character fulfilled the adage – “Tree fallen, monkeys jump”!

    So, unless Anwar is still in fancy of these kind of low life frogs and wish to keep PKR the name of Frogs’ Hypermarket, he could lay red carpet to welcome him home! It will be more disastrous than DAP having one toady bitch in Perak!

    Why 3 weeks to fack off? It’s merely a cheap politician’s stance and posture to propagate and face lifting gimmick! An old trick THN will probably not buy, only that shilly shally backdoor guy may just consider a bargain…..!


  22. A true Malaysian
    May 30, 2009 @ 14:58:30

    I am all the while right to say that these people are just ‘opportunist’, and because of this attitude, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and all will never ever leave BN. They are just puppets, parasites or whatever names you deem right that major decisions are not determined by them.

    But, that is beside the point. What appalled me is such appointments are not based on ‘merit’ but how bright you can polish their masters’ shoes. No wonder these bodies and GLC need bail-out so often.

    Whose money? Yours and mine. So? We are the real bosses yet still need to bail them out willingly. No logic at all.


  23. A true Malaysian
    May 30, 2009 @ 15:33:30

    By the way, “Huan” in Hockkien can means “rebel” or “rebellious”. You know what I want to put the message across.

    My memory is still good. People like Mr. Goh Cheng Teik, Paul Leong, Alex Lee are good Gerakaniers, unless someone can claim otherwise.


  24. batu giant
    May 30, 2009 @ 21:03:17

    Is it true that Penang gerakan is fear of Penang Umno? After all the things that Penang Umno had done and the current penang Umno chief extreme willingness to friend gerakan again, do you think that gerakan is fear of Umno?

    Should send Batu division a smoke signal if you fear of Umno Penang, we will sent them our “support”.


  25. batu giant
    May 30, 2009 @ 21:07:49

    much had being talk of “h” dude, my personal view of this dude is his short memory of who had help and support him in party election. He did promised us not being fear of Umno, but all i heard so far is ” eh call me la, got any kang tau, call me all can be arrange”… sad dude sad!


  26. pohwatchdog
    May 30, 2009 @ 22:50:31

    Let move on. Let Malaysia be a better place for all. Wait for the next GE and the people will be the judge.
    PR or BN, the people will make their choice now. Leaders come and go. History will let us know the answer.


  27. Disgusted
    May 30, 2009 @ 22:55:05


    Gerakan didn’t get cos’ MCA got it. I don’t know if Ong Tee Keat change any after he sat the power throne but it was the ex-Treasurer General Lau Yin Pin who had occupied that seat in TNB for more than 10 years, I think. The fish-head appointed him in the late 1989, if I’m not mistaken.


  28. Disgusted
    May 30, 2009 @ 22:57:56


    You are pretty naiive. In BolehLand, you can’t even trust history. UMNOputras and the goons have changed history by manipulating or excluding facts!!

    So in this muddle land, history don’t tell you the truth only what THEY want you to know. Look at May 13, typical example. Another example of exclusion, the role and contributions of the Malaysian Chinese.

    So forget about “written” history.


  29. cilipadi
    May 30, 2009 @ 23:21:48


    It is a unique political culture. Thank you for sharing.

    I also confused about CC and CWC of Gerakan. Looks like CWC is more powerful than CC. I thought both are members elected?

    Haha, Bolehland indeed.

    CWC makan cili, CC rasa pedas


  30. graveyard
    May 30, 2009 @ 23:43:28



    it is very very simple,

    CC = members just sit in for meetings and need not have to Work.

    CWorkingC = are members selected to do all the WorKing… and being WorKing, they are King…

    I hope i got it right… if not i have to be inside my own



  31. klm
    May 31, 2009 @ 12:25:41

    I wonder if the fatter Gerakan VP is trying to do a Chua Soi Lek. No, I dont mean the x-rated DVD. He is not important enough to mount an operation to film his performance. He could be playing to be appointed deputy BN coordinator for the PR govt states and this mean Penang as well.

    Remember, Chua Soi Lek whispered the word PKR and voila he was appointed to the post. So i guess with this fella shouting so loud, BN may need to do something. KTK will need to give him something to save his face.


  32. Gerakan Watcher
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 07:42:09

    CWC is like the presidential council of MCA. The members are selected from among CC members who are either elected or appointed by the president.

    CWC is the management committee . They decide on all the important appointments and they discuss the most important matters. They decide the candidates.

    The CC is just like the parliament, more or less like rubber stamp. CWC is like the cabinet.

    The president normally chooses his own kaki into the CWC, and this is the way to decide everything in his favour. CC members can voice out, like what doc has been doing.


  33. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:39:53

    My cynical view of the CWC and CC.

    This structure came from the communist party.

    The CC is a rubber stamp that chop lulus on everything the CWC pass to it. Any tiger in the CC is toothless and clawless. It can roar and snarl but cannot bite or scratch. It is a harmless piece of needed backdrop to create a false sense of democracy.


  34. cilipadi
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:49:02

    Gerakan Watcher & klm,

    No wonder we see these nonsenses. Gerakan needs revolution.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  35. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 11:24:08

    A little more cynicism on CW and CC.

    This workings of CW and CC ares actually described in dramatic and interesting cold war stories involving the Soviet Union in the fictions by Robert Ludlum (of the Hun for The Red October fame). These stories described the dynamics of the communist party.

    As mentioned by Gerakan Watcher – members of CW are the president allies, his close supporters and potential competitors that he could coopt so as to eliminate challenges to his position

    CC members are packed with enough members to support the President. Strong die hard opposition’s are eliminated through intimidation or physically. Some harmless vocal dissenting members are allowed to be elected.


  36. Dr Hsu
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:24:02

    Gerakan CC is made up of one president, one deputy president, 3 elected vice presidents, and 18 elected members. (These are all elected).

    The president can appoint 6 others CC members. He can also appoint 5 other vice presidents. 6 other CC members are chosen from Life council members.

    The power of the president arises from the fact that he usually controls the Central committee,since out of the elected members, many are also president’s men. The appointed are all president’s men.

    At the moment, there are 4 appointed vice presidents; namely Chia Kwag chye, Teng Hock Nam, Kohilan Pillay and the one from Sabah.

    There are only 2 elected vice presidents left; Mah SIew Keong and Huan Cheng Guan (The other elected one, Dr Vijayaratam, passed away last year).
    The president appoints the secratary General and treasurer General.

    The members of the Central working committee (CWC) are the president, deputy president, vice presidents (elected as well as appointed), Sec Gen and Treasurer general, and any member deemed important enough to be selected by the president. The National Youth Head and Wanita Head are also members of the CWC.

    I am just quoting the facts and I am not commenting on any individuals.

    During the time of the previous president, CC meets once a month but CWC meets infrequently , so a lot of things were decided in CC meetings. Under the present president, CC meetings are still once a month, but CWC meeting is almost almost weekly…Most things are now decided in CWC…


  37. cilipadi
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:41:27

    Dr. Hsu,

    Good input. I know how to feed them with cilipadi…..If you can come up with an ‘Organization Chart’ of CWC….better.

    What for to have party election? CWC member can be appointed?

    Crows are all black……haha, you get what I mean?

    Opps, why should I care? I am not even a Malaysian.

    crows makan cili, crows rasa pedas


  38. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 15:30:41

    I was referring to Tom Clancy and made a mistake with Robert Ludlum.

    Dr. Hsu. My apology if you got offended with my remarks on the CWC and CC.

    That is what people would do to manage and control the votes in these organs.


  39. Dr Hsu
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 15:45:34


    no, i am not in the wee bit offended…see my comments above.

    What you have observed is very true… In communist party, they called by another name : politburo, members of which are selected from the central committees, which meet infrequetly.

    Even among the politburo, they have different grades… The stading committee is like the CWC and there are the alternate memebrs waiting for the standing members to fall out of favour and then fill their posts.

    Gerakan has these structure since it is supposed to be a socialist party..


  40. pohwatchdog
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:16:54

    Gerakan delegate are free to vote according to their will. If not Dr. Hsu will not be elected into the CC. Am I right?


  41. cilipadi
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:36:15


    This Gerakan dog is quite smart. Dr. Hsu was elected as CC member. Why not appointed into CWC? KTK no power to elect? Dr. Hsu is not in favour of KTK?

    Which is which? This dog can really spin.

    dog makan cili, huan rasa pedas? klm?


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