M n N in divorce court ?

Yesterday, Asia sentinel published an article which i think Malaysians should read. I am going to post part of the article here, for the full article , click the link below:

Mahathir and Najib in Divorce Court

The honeymoon between Malaysia’s new prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, and the irascible 84-year-old Mahathir Mohamad, who played a major role in driving Najib’s predecessor from office, is over almost before it began.

Najib, gambling that the former premier’s influence is waning within the ranks of the United Malays National Organisation, has broken decisively over a number of hot-button issues with Mahathir, who held office for 22 years before stepping down in 2003 in favor of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Many of them involve a cozier relationship with the Singapore government, with which Mahathir carried on a rocky relationship.

So far, Mahathir, although said to be privately furious with Najib, has held back from attacking him publicly.

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(PS: I just hope that M can let someone run the country without too much of an interference. He has run the country for 22 years… enough lah!)


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  1. Frank
    May 30, 2009 @ 17:23:26

    If one was to believe in Karma, what TDM today suffers is the symptom of ‘death rattle’ which makes him gurgle and grumble with unrest until his last agony which will cause him to kick the buckets for good!

    Remember our venerable Tunku Abdul Rahman? He was so much be disrespected by Mahathir until he had to be used as a cannon ball and ultimately died as a cannon fodder in his bid to help the opposition – S46 and DAP to overcome Mahathir in the GE in the early 90s, just two months thereafter he demised! He had been maneuvered like a cannon ball from station to station to speak against the then very powerful and unassailable Dr Maha in the rallies!

    Right up todate, I am still blaming Kit Siang and Kuli to have had used our most respectable Bapa Malaysia as one of their political tools in the election campaign, despite knowing the Bapa was in a serious stage of senility! I was one of the eye witness to see Tunku was carted in his wheel chair to a Honda Accord just parked outside the mansion he lodged as his retirement home, lonely and outskirt at Air Rajah Road, to perform as a speaker in a rally as far as Perlis!

    The past is the past, though angry, I can still visualize the scene with our Bapa who pledged his vows to topple the then PM Dr Maha, and, the scene now has rekindled itself to the present time, Dr Maha, the forced to be retired earlier than his own time schedule, has been obsessed with the curse that he has also been seen as the soul of the late Bapa to unrelentingly accuse and reprimand the each and every successors that come after him as disrespecting and revolting to his will!

    A tit for a tat…probably this is what the bad omen comes true, with God’s willing, a day of reckoning in advance before the death throes
    of a sinful character…….Amen!


  2. pohwatchdog
    May 30, 2009 @ 22:56:20

    One Malaysia, Performance Now, People First – a good slogan. It need support from all level of the civil service. Malaysia need a leader that can act on situation. Time to let go and let the present PM and his team do his job for the brighter future of Malaysia.


  3. Justin Choo
    May 30, 2009 @ 23:33:55

    Dr Hsu,

    KTK still has not enough. M sure still not enough.

    Enough is enough!!


    May 31, 2009 @ 00:02:02

    Tun MM,
    you already have all the monies and your share of power n glory for more than two decades, you deserve a good rest and have a longer life in view of those ‘past achievements.’ Man cap plan, but god decide.

    Therefore, let najib chart his own destiny freely.


  5. A true Malaysian
    May 31, 2009 @ 11:39:04

    It is best that they divorce. They are not husband and wife in the very first place, or are they husband and wife. If yes, then, who is the husband? Who is the wife?

    Such relationship makes people confused who is who is the PM of the day.


  6. Kenny Gan
    May 31, 2009 @ 14:25:03

    A lot of speculation in the article. I don’t think most of it is believable just like the view touted by some writers that Umno will call new elections in Perak.


  7. serendipity hopeful
    May 31, 2009 @ 16:42:19

    If, MM can have the ‘enough lah!’ he would made himself into such a pest and if he doesn’t know it……… he’s is such a BIGGGGG PESSSSST!


  8. serendipity hopeful
    May 31, 2009 @ 16:45:56

    If MM can have the ‘enough Lah’ he would NOT have made himself into such a pest, and if he still doesn’t know it …… he is such a BIGGGGG PESSST!


  9. Atila
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 01:46:04

    Hi! DrHsu,

    you are not going any where during school hols?

    Back to M & N, its boils down to “unfinished objectives” handed over in that file from TunM
    to PakLah when PakLah took office.

    Now must accomplish all during N’s time.
    We see how its done & how it will not be done.

    Phewww!! This is stressfull to N & rakyat.

    The word “enough lah” does not exist in people like M. If we know what/who he is, he has a mission to carry.


  10. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 09:30:49

    Pohwatchdog sounds like Huan Cheng Guan.


  11. annoyed
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 11:27:33

    aiyo, why named himself a dog…..


  12. cilipadi
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 12:24:17


    Someone is in trouble again before overseas trip. This time is about abuses, torture of a teen girl married to a Malaysian royal.

    Divine intervention, monk.


    M & N still no say yet.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  13. Atila
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:05:11

    Some foreigners talk too much and condemn Malaysia and. But its we the malaysian got to go tru the govt and by-e after by-e and walk on the streets, some of us work for GLCs with attitude of UMNO and fight for our justice, we pay taxes, we want to see changes in benefits to OKU just like in U.K, etc.

    Foreigners dont tink the passport country they hold us damn bloody perfect as an entry to condemn Malaysia.

    Manohara’s… one web site one story, her
    stories…we do not swallow one story too fast and condemn govt. We must observe. I dont deny certain characters of the royals from the 1960s still practises til today. Anybody remember?


  14. Atila
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:18:06

    Malaysians had enough of all and now we want to see what is the outcome from China’s visit.
    How many jobs can be created to fit the current unemployed?

    I have too many frends umemployed after retrenchment, eating one meal a day past 2-3
    months to suffice their budget-remaining savings and to accommodate their children at school, rented house, etc.

    I have frends in my kampung, retrenched parents/parents have stopped their kids from going to school. We are finding ways on how to sustain these kids to come to school.

    I see pain, hunger and sufferings of rakyat Malaysian in my kampung and others which are not told here becoz its not link to govt its not sensational…its “unsung music”

    Enough, rakyat comes first this time.


  15. Dr Hsu
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:36:40

    I would advice my commentators to be very careful in their comments about royalty.. Pls refrain from doing so if there is no solid grounds…


  16. Atila
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 14:55:11

    Dr. Hsu,
    sorry, okay noted, next time wont do.
    Forget “menderhaka pada raja”.

    Thank you.


  17. annoyed
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 15:12:08

    Monarchy is a ‘respectable’ institution. I have confidence Malaysian police, Foreign Ministry, Monarchy, PM and those ‘repectable’ know how & what to do next to prevent Malaysia as a ‘laughing stock’ to Singapore, Indonesia, USA and the rest of the world.

    You think so?


  18. Karma
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 15:46:20

    Law of Karma will be with Najib:

    JUNE 1 – It is 2.30 am in January 2010. Najib and Rosmah have just reached their official residence in Putrajaya.

    Their arrival is met with a letter by the King declaring that Najib has to vacate the residence simply because the King has appointed a new Prime Minister to replace him.

    The letter sets out the reason for this act – the Members of Parliament (MPs) from Pakatan Rakyat (PR), together with a few MPs from Barisan Nasional (BN), have expressed their undivided support for Anwar Ibrahim to become the new Prime Minister.

    The letter ends with the following ultimatum: Mr Najib, you are hereby ordered to tender your resignation, failing which your premiership will be terminated forthwith.

    … continue http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/opinion/hanipa-maidin/28197-beware-of-a-serial-constitutional-killer-


  19. James
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 16:01:44

    Dr Hsu,
    what is the latest update on the Huan Cheng Guan, Teng Hock Nan and Koh Tsu Koon issue?

    What is the percentage that Huan Cheng Guan will resign from Gerakan?


  20. Karma
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 16:16:56

    Latest News on Huan Cheng Guan:

    Rebel Gerakan veep to get show-cause letter
    Jun 1, 09 3:07pm

    Gerakan’s central working committee (CWC) has decided to issue a show-cause letter to its rebellious vice-president Huan Cheng Guan.

    This follows Huan’s critical views against the party which were published in the media recently.

    The vice-president, who expressed dissatisfaction with the top leadership, also said that he would resign and hinted about the possibility of joining the opposition.

    In a statement today, Gerakan secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow said the CWC views the matter seriously.

    “While respecting Huan’s right to express his views, the CWC viewed his recent media statements, particularly those ridiculing the party in the vernacular press as having gone overboard and had badly tarnished the party’s image.

    “His action had caused dissension and division in the party, which is unacceptable to the CWC,” he added.


  21. annoyed
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 16:42:00

    You see, I said I have confidence. Our government responded so fast in Malaysiakini, read here

    Gov’t will not interfere

    In a related development, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the government would not investigate the claims.

    muhyiddin yassin meet with chinese association in malaysia 260509 03″I think this is more of a personal matter.

    “To date, we have not been dragged into it, so we want to leave it as it is,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur, AFP reported.

    There has been no comment from the Kelantan royal family.

    Manohara’s lawyer, Yuri Darmas, said she would have a medical examination to back up her allegations of abuse.

    “We need one to two days to gather evidence before we file a report to the Malaysian police,” he said, adding that he intended to pursue both criminal and civil lawsuits against the prince.


  22. James
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 17:24:32

    Dr Hsu,
    looks like Huan is going out from party Gerakan….whether he likes it or not.
    Expulsion or self-resignation!


  23. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 17:26:30

    I actually dont understand this Huan Cheng Guan affair. I always thought he toes KTK line as least, the taking of Gerakan out of BN.

    Why this sudden turn? Huan’s statement of Gerakan’s leaders of not listening to the grassroots would also apply to himself. He was the one pushing to stay in BN.

    Is it because he try to overthrow KTK’s buddy and he failed. Hence, this saga? If it is then Huan is stupid. For a politician, that is a fatal mistake.

    Gerakan has become is a complicated party like PPP and MIC.


  24. Kenny Gan
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 18:51:05

    Huan Cheng Guan’s public hints to join PR reminds me of Chua Soi Lek similar hints not so long ago.

    Reading the Nutgraph’s interview with Chua, it was obvious to me that Chua does not share PR’s ideology or vision. His main grouse seem to be that he was not given a role to play in MCA. Hence I told myself that it’s unlikely for Chua to jump ship to PR although the threat of doing so does get some quick attention.

    Neither has Huan expressed any ideology conflict with Gerakan and he appears to be using the same tactic as Chua. The probability of Huan joining PR is slim and in any case PR should not accept disgruntled politicians who just want to teach their parties a lesson, bearing in mind that these people can hop back anytime.


  25. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 19:28:36

    It it that KTK’s inner circle felt threatened by Huan. Huan declared war on Teng or is it really KTK. Looks like this not listening to grassroots is a sensitive spot in the CWC. After all, they have totally ignored the grassroots and insisted staying in BN. Huan probably has a sizable following in Gerakan.

    My guess is that KTK’s inner circle is taking preemptive step to “kill” Huan to prevent the spread of dissatisfaction. Like in Kungfu stories, first to use the knife.

    No offense to Dr. Hsu. KTK inner circle probably dont see Dr. Hsu as a major threat. He is probably viewed as an intellectual and loyal to the party.

    They would see Huan as a threat as Huan is loyal only to himself.


  26. Atila
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 20:13:34

    I dont understand this HCG. What he wants?
    To be President?

    I also have some umno frends real pro-HCG (but UMNO not changing either after GE2008)
    and some dont like THN & KTK with reasons.

    I always view when UMNO starts to favour one person in another party, its dangerous becoz i view UMNO’s culture may seeped into the original person’s party.

    Oh no!! Dr. Hsu, help! Pls dont Gerakan with UMNO’s culture.


  27. Disgusted
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:06:36

    First visible sign of divorce. Proxy to old horse has fired a round on the economy. Actually the proxy is right or correct, correct and correct. Self-denial, over confident, whatever…..the BN government (basically UMNO warlords’ arrogance) under estimated the economic tsunami.

    And on two counts, the proxy is right. EPU has been the custodian of Bumi rights and many of the “pirate-tization” proposals have gone thru’ this think-tank vault ensuring a tight-fist return for only one race.

    EPU should be revamped to pave for greater representation at the top ranks. On the second count, the newly appointed advisor is not fit for the post, as argued by old horse’s proxy.

    Hope there is more fireworks to celebrate the divorce. And more spill beans in place of confetti.

    Cheers for the divorce.



  28. pohwatchdog
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:10:06

    Let move on. Let the people decide.
    Let the delegates decide. Political parties
    are mean to serve. It is not private entity.

    What the people want? Harmony, political stability,
    prosperity and a place that called my place. Our country need to let go of the previous baggage.
    Time need a leader that can work for the people.
    It is right to have watchdog for a competence and
    transparency government. Isn’t is time we need to check and balance? That is parliament. We need to have a balance view for a better Malaysia, better future for our generation and ways to generate jobs for our next generation. Isn’t education is a important mean for a better government?

    Isn’t political tsunami last GE have wake up BN? BN need to work harder to convince the support back from the people. At the end of the day, the people still want result and not politicians that don’t walk the talk.


  29. klm
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 21:11:05

    Ah! Atila. You got it right. He want to be President of Gerakan. He is fighting with THN for greater influence in the CWC. Next step will be KTK.

    HCG is very ambitious. From what you said, it sounds like he has got UMNO support. Maybe, that is way he is making an open play. Normally, one would play behind a screen – a wayang kulit. A guerrilla war. One fight in the open only when one’s army is strong.


  30. cilipadi
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 22:59:19

    If you can’t beat a crowd, join the crowd. Someone here is smarter than KTK, but he is not so smart to forget non-Malaysians also paying taxes like some Malaysians, could be even more than Malaysians. Paying taxes but no voting rights. Fair?

    This type of Malaysian how to go far, in Malaysia also cannot survive without …..

    someone makan cili, someone rasa pedas


    Jun 02, 2009 @ 01:10:44

    I think it ‘s time Dr Hsu should step in to replace those buggers who have over stayed there. It is either the death of the party or allow the entry of new blood to have a chance to survive


  32. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 01:18:51

    I was working in UK, pay taxes and cannot vote. My cousin married to a Briton, citizen there with a voting rite.

    Does it mean that UK cannot go far for not making me to vote?

    Whats so not right/wrong of Malaysia for having non-malaysians paying tax & cannot vote?
    Its a country policy, if one dont like it, the immigration exit is open all year round.

    I didnt complain of UK Govt like some foreigners in Malaysia condeming my Government to maxmum as if their passport country is the best in the world. If this foreigners are not happy in malaysia, there are other soils on this earth to go & make a living.

    Infact, I learnt pro and cons of British govt and what can be applied here later on as Malaysia is only 50year old govt.

    Theres a saying in Malay “sedar asal-usul”.

    Allah says “rezeki di mana mana di muka bumi ini”.

    In short, “tak sedar diri, makan gaji di tempat orang”.

    aiyooo…dont tell me whats in the CWC meeting also leak out to UMNO? I m not accusing but its a view here….oh no!!

    During NDC last year, coincidentally, i was at starbucks quite late nite. I dont like what i saw on the table where hcg seated in the next door restaurant. Its why frm here that i view UMNO’s culture is seeping into Gerakan. Very sad.

    He can always establish a new party with those pro-hcg..why not?


  33. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 01:24:08

    Does new blood come with a guarantee of no Umno’s culture seeping into the party?


  34. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 01:39:00


    Do you think Opposition PKR DAP or PAS will accept HCG joining them?


  35. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 02:01:40


    THN is penang gerakan chairman.
    (2008 until when…??) I am not well verse of the duration…Is it two year position, is it with some provisions can be extended another year to accomodate coming GE?

    If govt decides General Election on 2011,
    will THN still holding the post, meaning UMNO Penang got to work with Gerakan Penang…
    eeeeuwww…..i can still recall on national TV
    one pax from UMNO tore KTK’s picture…
    …how to work face to face for next GE?

    Is this why HCG this way now…
    “balaci” for “dulu, kini, selamanya”.


  36. karma
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 08:16:39


    I doubt DAP and PKR will accept HCG. Everyone know he is either pro-UMNO or opportunist.

    May be he is welcome to join PAS supporter club as PAS going to upgrade the supporter club as one of their wing.


  37. cilipadi
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 08:38:30

    “Whats so not right/wrong of Malaysia for having non-malaysians paying tax & cannot vote?
    Its a country policy, if one dont like it, the immigration exit is open all year round.”

    That is what I was commenting, with such thinking, no wonder best brains drained out of Malaysia.

    “I didnt complain of UK Govt like some foreigners in Malaysia condeming my Government to maxmum as if their passport country is the best in the world. If this foreigners are not happy in malaysia, there are other soils on this earth to go & make a living.”

    This guy is not so smart at all. Your tax paid is well spent there. Mine goes to wastage, corruption. The world is a free world, we can come and go. We got nothing to lose, you lose our money, you lose your jobs. You are just like…..cannot go far.

    Atila, I thought you are different. What a disappointment.

    You makan cili, you rasa pedas


  38. Dr Hsu
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 10:40:45

    you are right. The leadership has no fear of me, because of a few points:

    Firstly, I always talked on issues and not on persons. I do not attack any persons, only on the issues.

    Secondly, I am not a politician, I view myself as a volunteer, when the time is up, i will just move on and go, and not one who probably will fight them

    Thirdly, i am being systematically marginalised in my own state… and of course since i am not ambitious, i am ot fighting back, just noting the ways they are proceeding in the party

    Fourthly, I do not have the support of UMNO.

    Fifthly, I am not ambitious. My purpose is to voice out unless others whose purpose is to move up

    Lastly , I do not have the unlimited resources , like our fat VP , who in the campaign for VP spent so much on treating members to food and drinks, and on campaign materials. This type of food and drink politics were seldom seen in the party, though common in other component parties… you can say this may lead to the beginning of money politics in Gerakan , and if so, it will be dangerous..

    My campaign cost less than 100RM, my campaign material (half a sheet of paper) were designed using my laptop (the same as the post that I announced going for CC in this blog) and using the photo from malaysianInsider and photostat using ordinary photostat paper….I didnt even print name cards.

    My influence is mainly through my blog and my speeches. And when you speak from your heart, people will listen. But since i am not ambitious, they view me as no threat, that is true…

    Huan has huge UMNO support. It will be interesting to see whether any real action will be taken against him, if Penang UMNO openly supports him. He also has the support of the Sarawak tycoon…So it will be interesting to see how the party will response

    On the other hand, if the party really takes action, I doubt many will follow, maybe a few branches here and there, since the allegiance is by ‘food ‘ and ‘drinks’ more than aything else.


  39. Dr Hsu
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 10:59:02

    But in the last party election, most people were surprised that I obtained such a high votes (the third highest in CC), since the first 2 highest were all state chairmen and ADUNs (2 of the 4 remaining DUNs then),. I was an unknown person.

    That is one of the reasons I am still in the party, since I have so much of support despite certain campaign against me, and that I owe it to members to speak up in CC as well as other party meetings about going back to our ideology…And you can’t sack a member for talking about ideology and good governance…

    I have to at least bring the voices of the grassroots into the CC , and if i have done that and leave later on, I would have something to answers to the support which I received , and my conscience…

    I agree with most of you out there that the chances of the party leaving BN is now very slim, and if that is the case, the chances of the party failing in the next election will be greater and greater… and the example of PPP stares right at us….


  40. klm
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 11:13:12

    My take on the outcome of the Huan affair. I think this is the opening gambit to take on KTK for the Presidency. This is like a computer game.

    1. There are 3 possible outcomes:

    a. Huan resign – unlikely. He invested too much time in Gerakan. Beside he has not sent in his resignation letter

    b. Gerakan CWC sack him – unlikely. A lot of pressure will be put on KTK to avoid this step. I dont think he is inclined to this as it would split the party.

    c. Slap on the wrist of Huan – likely. This will end the affair as a misunderstanding. Every one smile, shake hand and slap the back.

    What does it buy Huan? Until now Huan is a nonentity. No body knows him. Suddenly he is seen as a rebel, not KTK man, somebody with courage to take on Gerakan leaders on issue. It gives him a positive image. A fresh you leader who can change Gerakan. In other words, it position him as an alternate to KTK and his clique.

    Between now and the next Gerakan EGM, Huan can start building his support. After all KTK dont have tight grip on the divisions. He is a weak leader. Huan with the support of money, influence
    and his generous “nature” should be able to wrest them from KTK and his clique.

    The game plan of generosity and the offer of an alternative to KTK will give Huan a good chance in the next Gerakan AGM.

    Like I said, this is like a computer game. Every outcomes and events can be analysed. Now, the thing is to see how the game is played. That should be interesting.


  41. a gerakan member
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 11:43:08

    Dr Hsu,
    I think this is a selective prosecution on Huan Cheng Guan.
    Last year, some gerakan members (that came out openly in the press) have called for gerakan to leave barisan such as Chang Ko Youn, Tan Lian Hoe, Tan Keng Liang. I think that is a very serious statement that have tarnish the image of gerakan in the eyes of barisan. But how come no displinary proceeding that time against them?


  42. a gerakan member
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 11:44:19



  43. Dr Hsu
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:11:14

    well analysed… It could end up like that, but there are many members who are also pushing the party to axe him once and for all to prevent UMNO culture from coming into the party…

    Huan scrapped through the VP contest the last time, and also because THN withdrew .. The reason being that if TNH and huan , both from Penang, both contested the VP posts, both were expected to lose since it was going to split the Penang votes… SO THN who had earlier on fought CHia Kwang Chye and won by a thin margin as State Chairman, decided to withdraw, and at that time , we all knew he would be the appointed VP.

    it is sad that we are now at 50 steps, PPP at hundreds…


  44. a gerakan member
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:21:22

    Dr Hsu, definitely it is good to wipe out UMNO culture…….but don’t you think that people like Koh Tsu Koon and Chang Ko Youn is also pro-UMNO?
    I just feel that the top leadars in Gerakan such as Koh Tsu Koon is taking this opportunity to chop off any threat in future. This sounds like the situation they axe off Tan Kee Kwong last year.


  45. a gerakan member
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:24:45

    For your info, a few days ago, i read a chinese news paper which Lim Si Pin heavily condemned Huan Cheng Guan. I think this is just another unscrupulous person who try to take this oppurtunity to finish off people they don’t like in the party. It is no secret that Lim Si Pin and Huan Cheng Guan cannot see eye to eye.


  46. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:33:18


    “Atila, I thought you are different. What a disappointment”

    You are the disappointment.
    Look at yourself.
    You sit everyday in front of on your notebook
    and condemn me also.

    I m citizen of Malaysia, we are here to stay
    to shape my country as peaceful as posible via general elections, by-elections and we walk on the streets to protest, we have our kampung to look as my part social responsible, we write govt pressure in peaceful manner, change will take place but malaysia is only 50years old..we want better place and we want to change.

    I dont need to be telling here what good do and what we want to do.

    Cilipadi you only come here to work, pay tax and condemn.

    People like you who condemn condemn Malaysia
    and do nothing no suggestion no proposal no hands on helping, YOU ARE THE GREATEST PROBLEM FOR US.

    I do have white frends who dont agree with the current malaysia system in certain aspects,
    but they go all out doing social work help the poor becoz theses rare the group left out during UMNO’s time.

    Cilipadi, wake up.

    To condemn without suggestion and hands on is WORST person you can be living on this planet earth.

    May the know the passport country you come from? What so good your your country?


  47. A true Malaysian
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:34:13

    Dr. Hsu,

    With so little campaigning yet you garnered 3rd highest votes amongst CC members, that shows how popular with the grassroots. That also shows many like minded people, who share the same aspiration and thinking like you and those of Pakatan Rakyat are still with Gerakan. What I don’t understand is that since you and like minded supports knows that those in CWC will not lead Gerakan out of BN, and yet still in the party, i.e. still hoping to see what you know is totally hopeless. Don’t you think it is more worthwhile fighting in another platform out of BN?

    Nonetheless, Dr. Hsu’s writings command much influence on people’s mindset wherever he is. Even people like Huan, KTK, THN and geng more or less agreeable with Dr. Hsu but these people have different priority, this causes them ‘impotent’ or ‘eunuch’ to their masters.

    Whatever happens in Gerakan have no bearing on future politics of Malaysia. The fact is that these people do not represent any Malaysian. They are representing themselves, their own selfish interests, and Pakatan Rakyat should reject them at all cost even if they want to join later.


  48. Dr Hsu
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 12:44:39

    I think while those of us calling for Gerakan to move out of BN,we never attack the party leadership, nor we asked the party leadership to remove anyone… We are merely expressing the opinion on an issues..

    In this case, a show cause letter was given because they think that HUan has attacked another VP openly and hurt the party…

    I never agreed with the action taken against Lee Kah Choon or Tan kee Kwong.. I thought the party is big enough to be able to accomodate differences of opinion …. I thought the party should be able to rise above partisan politics for the common good of the people…

    IN this case, they are using party interest to give the show cause letter…as i said, there are people pushing for support for Huan and there are people asking him to be axed…

    an ice sheet three feet thcik does not form overnight…. The whole issue can be dated back to the last election, when there were 4 candidates for the CM positions, and i have mentioned time and again that this was a big big mistake..


  49. a gerakan member
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 13:14:14

    From me reading of the papers, the issue started when Teng Hock Nan requested the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia. After that, Huan Cheng Guan criticize THN openly for this matter.



  50. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 13:16:36

    Dr. Hsu

    You are a good writer and i like how you think.
    Honestly i get to know you better from this blog.

    Yup Dr. Hsu, do not campaign like the fat VP, its ok i understand, i saw that table w “drinks” & “meals”…what a spoil image during NDC.

    Agree with you. We wait and see party decision and then HCG’s next move.

    Most Umno frends in Penang are pro-HCG,
    they dont like THN KTK. UMNO frend still blaming KTK for loosing Penang to PR GE 2008.

    When THN won a thinly last year for Gerakan Chairman post, UMNO condemn THN becoz
    their choice was CKC, did not make it.

    I think UMNO maybe orchestrating via HCG to housekeep Gerakan from inside out with a deadline to meet.

    First, get rid of THN,
    Second, get rid of KTK.
    Third, HCG=President before next GE2011/12.

    I think UMNO must accomplish this to get full support from Gerakan. In short, UMNO needs a President (sorry to say this…a President “lembu cucuk hidung”).

    On the other hand, PKR has to deal with ex-umno with UMNO’s culture thick in them. Sorry to say our kampung YB is one of them.

    I think DSAI would be extra careful by now after By-E penanti, screen better new members unlike last time when they want to garner suppot.

    If UMNO opens up a wing for non-Malays, HCG mayb kangaroo there..

    Hang on… KTK and THN.

    So what with HCG, if DSAI came out and have his own PKR. Why dont HCG do the same since he condemn Gerakan this that?

    Dont just talk and expect KTK & THN to quit by pressuring and wayang kulit from behind.
    HCG….quit and have your own party. Do it while you are still young.


  51. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 13:30:20

    Issues of Chin Peng if not said / responded properly will be taken advantage from UMNO or via “balaci” UMNO.

    By now we must know how UMNO works past decades when it is desperate (juts before Penanti By-E) , its called taktik “serkap jarang”.

    In this case, we can see the developing pattern.
    Throw tissue paper with bacteria, either you pick up with care with tissue paper, or sweep or vacumm or use robots.

    THN has chosen to pick up the tissue paper
    with his bare hands.After that came HCG with vacuum cleaner. HCG looks like hero to the Malays in UMNO, but its all within the set-up & expectations of “serkap jarang”.

    Please learn UMNO’s taktics, UMNO in desperate need to get support now moreso after Penanti by-E, UMNO is using sentiment race, communism to scan how Gerakan respond.

    THN has chosen to respond where family victims of Ching Peng cannot tolerate. Becareful.


  52. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 13:52:31

    Dr. Hsu

    I got sms 21/5/2009 from umno penang frend “heran thn minta kerajaan bagi ching peng balik malaysia”.

    no brewing storm, no hurricane, no flood….suddenly, this sms just came in, knowing umno dont jump, i view this a race communism tactics umno must do to get malays to pool.

    like i said, taktik “serkap jarang” plus by-e penanti was 10days away, they know pkr will win. frm my view rakyat, “dulu, kini, selamanya” wants to housekeep pkr frm inside out too.
    poke their nose everywhere…


  53. cilipadi
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 19:15:35

    Haha, Atika, Atika. Why get angry so fast? I don’t mean to condemn you in the first place. You see, your kind of people just cannot take criticism in good faith, especially from outsiders or non-Malaysian like me. That is why you can only see ‘Kampung Champion’ around while top creams already migrated elsewhere. You should learn from your RPK. He is the one I admire. You too?

    You can read through all my comments and will thank you if you can point out anything that you are not agreeable. Don’t act like the Penang goon that told fellow Malaysian to leave if not happy.

    You still have feudalistic mindset with you, Atika. But, honestly, you are still much better than your peers. Sorry Atika, I don’t mean to condemn you.

    Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas is so true. I wish to thank my Malay friend who taught me this.


  54. Disgusted
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 22:09:35


    Pedas-loh! Haaa, haaa…..


  55. Atila
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 23:31:35


    Look at yourself……ask what you do here other then condemn in blogs?

    I take critism with good faith not only from you also from others outside, when you only face your notebook to only condemn of my govt (which i dont vote bn but it is still the govt of bn at fed), tell me what else you do for the people?
    If you cant, its better you leave this country.
    As honest as that becoz since Msia is so no good for you, what stay?

    My question is : what are your contributions to people?

    The problem with you is you think
    you know so very much, but have you not
    come down and look at matters and hands on matters with rakyat only type sensational
    stories here, zoom out with words, refer to websites here and there.

    RPK, where is evidence of A’tuya that he claims
    he has, reveal to rakyat now but he now in
    Australia. We are still waiting. Only manage to have the writeup we bought from ceramahs PKR recently with cover page of A’tuya with one eye missing. RPK..we are still waiting….

    We the citizen are here to stay to shape the country, you are only here to work and earn and pay taxes.

    Cilipadi, a foreigner comes here to work earn your salary pay taxes, condemn condemn via blogs becoz its easy job, just type sit on your chair during your office hours and after, becoz you love to do that, thats your nature.
    When your contract ends, you leave to your passport country. Where are your contributions to people?

    We rakyat r the ones making changes with our voting govt coz we chosed to live here and not run away.

    We do not run away overseas like RPK and the previous prime minister having second home at swan river….very elite place.


    Theres nothing to pedas about becoz i have my vision at least although is being said “kampung”
    cilipadi said i have feudalistic mindset better than my peers.

    The matter with you two, too quickly to jump into conclusion, dont know what people do,
    think you are always rite.

    Me and life members of PKR are involved from the macro policies in tangent to dsia’s vision, we found out policies during UMNO which are sick.
    I just dont understand what UMNO means to them, must be “united mamak and naian organisation”.

    Malays are left out badly now and during BN/UMNO’s time, there must be some sort of equilibrium to bring up of all major races in Penang if PR wants to keep on ruling in Penang.
    PR won becoz the malay votes swing to PKR PAS DAP which ceramahs promising Malays that PR will help look into them. If nothing is done, malay votes may swing back to UMNO next GE.
    The structure plans 240 pages will be reviewed in 2012, you two have any suggestion to include.
    Any for me to include?


  56. Disgusted
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 23:58:24


    Please don’t jump to conclusions so speedily too. You don’t know either and what job I had in terms of contributions of ideas and views. We don’t condemn (as you put it). Cilipadi has been drumming on morality in the leadership.

    As for structure plans I have seen tons of it from KL masterplans to whatever heavenly plans which B-end and UMNO don’t give a shit in implementing.

    We give ideas quietly and it’s no point telling the world what we do either.

    Thank you.



  57. cilipadi
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 00:01:35


    I don’t ask someone to show his tail, but he showed. Mole in someone’s……

    Well, confirmed someone is……

    I just fed someone with very little cili, yet rasa so pedas.

    Well done.


  58. Observant
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 01:44:44

    “Arrogance comes from an inferiority complex really.Those who have these complexes will camouflage their weaknesses by aggression. They think that the only way they can put forward their ideas is by treating others as adversaries.”

    Tengku Razaeigh

    Try not to hurt others as every fool knows but try to win them over. It is so easy to condemn , criticise and complain but not that easy to be considerate, constructive and conscientious.


  59. Atila
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 13:10:03

    Thus, please dont easily say i am feudalistic and things when you dont know a person.

    I m transparents when i must, we are trying hard to improve from low upwards. As rakyat, we must fight for change and its not easy to do
    with ISA around, etc.

    I m referring to Structure Plan Penang and many other policies in Penang. Its all UMNO shit compromising to xxx just for their own pockets.
    (no wonder the Malays voted DAP instead of xxx).

    UMNO Penang not helping Malays one bit and not to mention other races too. UMNO Penang better change to “United Mamak-Naina Penang Organisation”. Becoz “786” seems to control that tribe business here and Malay cant penetrate them.

    I m busy now since TKM1 up. Cant surf as much.

    Bye people.


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