Are we any better than birds ?

We pride ourselves to be the most intelligent animals in this planet. But some of us are worse than animals when it comes to  loving and caring for our own loved ones. WHich is a shame really.

What prompted me to write the above paragraphs was a series of photos showing one bird attending to another  which was dying. The healthy bird brought food, stayed around the ailing bird, and finally when the healthy bird realised that the ailing bird had died, it shrieked in sorrow ..What true emotions of love and care!

I strongly recommend my readers to  view this series of photographs, which was first published in a French newspaper.  Please go to my blogger  friend site by clicking this link:


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  1. Atila
    Jun 20, 2009 @ 01:30:22


    I have seen this with my two female cats, one died age 13, the other at age 16. The elder cat grieved at our ‘pet cemetary’ for many months.

    In the end, when the 16year old died on my lap, i cried for two weeks.


  2. Disgusted
    Jun 21, 2009 @ 22:19:29


    Intelligence is one thing and compassion and love for own children is another thing.

    Intelligence is a thin razor blade and the other side is cunning.

    The greatest love on earth is motherly love and the highest in the spiritual plane is compassion.


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