It is now ‘war’

A few months ago, in February, I wrote the following  in an article “still another party fight looming“. There was an earlier article called ” another party fight looiming” and that was why the February article has the word “still’ in it.

The party I refer to has been having fights  once in every few years, and the fights were vicious and no hold bar. If only they have this fighting spiritis towards things that are unjust and unfair, Malaysia would be a much better country. This was part of what I wrote in February:

When I was barely a kid, Dr Lim Chong Eu fought with Tan Siew SIn and lost. Lim left the party. But that fight was about principles , about demanding Tunku to give a third of the seats to MCA in the 1959 GE so that it could act as a check and balance for any Constitutional Amendments. Dr Lim subsequently formed the UDP, the Penang party which was to form the backbone of {arti Gerakan in 1968.

Then after Tun Tan Siew Sin retired and Lee San Choon took over, there was a vicious fight between Lee and Michael Chen, with the latter gaining much of the support from the Chinese community with his eloquent phrase that he would  ” rather die standing than live kneeling “. Unfortunately, the MCA grassroots voted him out and Michael Chen subsequently brought his army of supporters to Gerakan and almost became the Gerakan president when he challenged Lim KY and lost. He then hopped back to MCA and rose to become Senate president.

Then in the early eighties, we had the mother of all fights between Tan Koon Suan and Dr Neo Yee Pan. This fight is well known and resulting in an UMNO deputy leader acting as mediator. In the end , both Tan and Nee faded away, with Tan the winner being sent to jail over a case of CBT.  Like in the Chinese folklore, when a clamp is fighting with a crane, the ultimate winner is the fisherman, and this fisherman is none other than the famed Fish Head Ling LS who became the party president almost without having to lift a finger.

LLS ruled with an iron grip even though he was almost challenged by Lee the Golden Lion in the early 90s.  I said almost , because the golden lion chickened out last minute and all those who supported him were all sent to political guillotines……..Political blood from his comrades was shed for nothing

LLS  the Fish Head ruled till he was almost challenged by his deputy from Pahang, LimAL. The party fractured into Team A and Team B, with Team A leaders not talking to Team B leaders and so on…. Until Both LLS and LimAL came to an agreement to retire together and let OKTing and CKC took over.

OKTing was almost challenged by CSL, who was then very popular with gressroots and was chairman of the biggest state.  Unfortunately for Chua, a DVD of his great “act’ surfaced and he was put out of the equation.

Then came the tsunami of 308, and this party suffered the biggest loss in its history. OKTing knew that he had no more chance so he did not contest hoping that he could pass the baton to his brother  whom the party members decided to reject.

OTKeat became the president after another fight, this time a tame affairs, taming another Chua (CCM) from Johore.

I have thought  that there would be a fight between OTkeat and CSlek, and I have been proved correct now. The latter have been working behind the scene to get support from UMNO leaders and the  perception is that he had the tacit support of the big brother to go for the jugular of OTK. The recent admission of OTK that he faced threat from outside and inside clearly refers to CSL as the one inside that is moving against him.

This comes at a time when OTK is adamant in trying to get to the bottom of the PKFZ, much to the chagrin of the big brother, and for that and that alone, Malaysians must give full support to him. Whether he was given 10 millions as alleged by a BN power broker is another issue altogether and that should be left to the court to decide since a court case has already been filed by OTKeat for a whopping 500 millions.

OTK, having been involved in politics for so many years, is not as weak  as seen. He has the power of the incumbency, and the whole arsenals including the disciplinary committee, and the secretariat at his disposal.

 So when the disciplinary committee called up CSL, it was obvious that the latter would be punished severely. But what shocked most of us, maybe even the PM, is that OTK decided to expel CSL, instead of suspending him as most of us have believed.

Whether the expulsion is justified or not, OTK  has nothing to lose by expelling his deputy, since even if he did not expel or suspend CSL, the latter would still move agisnt him. The split is already there, and even if OTK tries to extend an olive branch to Chua, the fight and the split cannot be avoided.

SO OTKeat did what most in his position would do, axe the enemy and dig in for a fight.

What will happen now? A few scenario may occur:

1. CSL  may decide that at his age it is better to give up and retire. Given Chua’s character and the people below him agitating for a fight, it is the least likely course. Also the external dark force would instigate and maybe even finance him to fight.

2. Big brother may come in and broker a cease fire. Remember once in the 80s, when a deputy president of UMNO was heading MCA to broker a peaceful settlement? Even though the big brother always play divide and rule with other parties, an open split at this time would be bad for the big brother, since this would result in leg pulling in GE and more NonMalay votes would be lost , and even hardcore MCA members may vote opposition just to show their displeasure. MCA would be left with even less seats than now (15 seats at the moment), and it is not impossible for MCA to lose another 6 to 8 seats if the leg pulling occurs. Other non MCA seats may also be lost because of the inability to consolidate MCA loyalists’ votes in those non MCA seats too.

3. An EGM may be called by CSL faction, and a vote of no confidence as well as a vote to restore CSL be tabled. In the event of an EGM, OTK may face trouble, since CSL has tremendous grassroots support. BUt hopefully, MCA members should consider supporting oTK to get to the bottom of PKFZ, and if they do, then they should not vote OTK out.  I am quite confident that many of the grassroots are conscientious people, and they should be able to influence others to support oTK at this moment. This is not because I support OTK, but rather , I think we should all support him on his efforts to get to the bottom of the biggest corruption scandal in the country. We should not let the culprits go free.

One thing is certain. MCA will be weakened and it will be an uphill task for BN to retain the Federal government in the next election.

Please do not forget that even though constituency delineation is due once in 10 years, and the last one being in 2003, no new delineation will be in play since to approve it would require 2/3 of Parliamentary majority. SO the present constituencies will still be in place, and the only demographic changes wil be an additional million plus new votes will be eligible to vote.

Most of the seats after the last delineation are mixed seats, since BN used to win in mixed seats. However, Feng shui has changed and mixed seats are now seen to be the most difficult for BN to win, along with CHinese majority urban seats..

So in order to reverse this, there is no other way but to institute true reforms, doing away with race based policies as well as corruption, and the practice of political patronage and cronyism. Government institutions must regain their independence , and police and other enforecement agencies must not be used as tools …

If these changes cannot be instituted, then the next GE will be a ‘bye’ election for BN . That is not a bad thing for BN actually. It is only when they lose the Federal Government that the big brother can change.





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  1. klm
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 13:01:34

    Dr. Hsu.

    Yes! War has been declared. This war will determine the future of MCA. Actually, it is a war of principles. Not MCA principles but the principles of right and wrong.

    For a long time MCA had compromised itself so that its leaders and their cronies can enjoy power and wealth. Some of them were so corrupted and unprincipled that they supported Mahatir to “kill” one of of their kind – Tan Koon Swan.

    I support Ong Tee Keat because he is willing to fight to change and right some of the wrongs of MCA. Chua Soi Lek represents the corrupted and compromised leaders in MCA.

    Ong Tee Keat should dig in and fight. Looks like some of the old crooks – Ling Liong Sik and Ong Ka Ting seemed to be supporting CSL to oust OTK.

    There are three possible outcomes

    1. OTK wins

    Many may not agree with me. But I think he will start to regain some lost ground for MCA. MCA will be bad bruised and need to be re-built.

    2. OTK compromises

    OTK will be weakened and will not be in a position to change anything. PKFZ may be dropped.

    MCA is weaken. MCA is despised. MCA will be gone next election

    3. CSL wins

    MCA will be an appendage of UMNO. No change and no PKFZ. MCA remains Malaysia Crooked Association. “Pensions” for many ex-MCA leaders are assured. MCA will be despised even more. MCA will be gone next election.

    No matter what is the outcome, the future for MCA is bad.


  2. anun
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 14:06:06

    Go to this blog for more wider perspective to these issues here at

    Justice for Ong Tee Keat


  3. moo la la
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 14:24:06

    I like the pictures of the female porn stars more than that of Chua Soi Lek. They have better physical assets than his.


  4. mycuntree
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 15:39:33

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    I fully agree with you on the following;

    1.All must support OTK on the PKFTZ issue.
    2.UMNO must be removed from the Federal power equation for it to change for the better.

    In so far as we ordinary citizens are concerned, these are what matters to us.Even in the unlikely event that CSL wins his battle with OTK, he must follow up on what OTk has achieved on the PKFTZ issue.


  5. Meng
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 16:05:01

    Khoo Kay Peng has been unfair in his remarks.

    Who is running the federal government, what has Pakatan got to do with PKFZ. It is the Shit from the BN govt, let them sort out the problems why drag Pakatan and Anwar into this and accuse them of playing racial issues..

    MCA has been accusing Pakatan lots of nonsense and when they are in trouble they want Pakatan come to their assistance..what utter nonsense. When umno and utusan played on racial issues, what have you MCA done, kept quiet. Let the chinese being slapped left and right and accept it like a loyal dog. Open up your brains..

    I would rather let MCA destroy themselves. After all they are there wasting the tax payers money.

    Why is umno keeping very quiet..ya its 1malaysia..

    Editor: pls read Khoo Kay Peng’s reply on this below… Meng, what was quoted is not written by Khoo.


  6. disgusted
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 17:22:43

    Ha, ha, my friend Meng, cooool down. But you are right. MCA did whack Utusan but not with a loud voice but scolding it with a whisper. That’s the problem. And PKFZ….why Lee Hwa Beng and OTK only highlighted the Chinese, what about exposing the UMNO linked crooks too. Are they suggesting only the Chinese are involved?

    Anyway, MCA has been a lapdog to UMNO for decades except Tun Tan Cheng Lock. I have his writings which showed he did not compromise on many matters when the British bullied the Chinese to please the Malays. But on the other hand, in Sekinchan (rice browl of Selangor growing padi), the British gave the Chinese thousands of acres of land. Only for that the Chinese are grateful.


  7. klm
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 17:38:02

    A side track. I found this bit of news amusing

    Now, an Indonesian University is freezing entry of Malaysian students because they are of low quality.

    Imagine that. Products of Malaysian national schools are even rejected by Indonesian Us. What a shame on Malaysia. Another third world country rejecting Malaysian students. I dont have to say what type of students.


  8. Rhan
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 18:28:23

    Only a good BN could help to create a equivalent or better PR. A healthy two party system suppose to let the voter have the choice to select one that is better, and definitely not to pick one that is not that rotten.

    This is the basis I back OTK and MCA, even though I don’t see they are in position to reform but at least he make some unexpected daring move. Shall give some strong signal to the other one starting to become complacent Chinese party.

    Don’t ever forget power corrupts.


  9. ruyom
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 18:42:13

    It is clear that Najib and BN can no longer win any open and fair election in Malaysia, and so they have fallen back on the same rotten formula used to engineer the illegal coup in Perak – deploy their MACC thugs on a witch hunt to harass Pakatan reps with potentially problematic backgrounds and combine this with a large bribe to entice the reps to crossover.

    A few black sheep within the Pakatan fold may indeed succumb to this pressure, but the people eyes are open and they will not forgive nor forget another transgression of our democratic process by Najib and his goons. There will not be another Perak.


  10. hanprem
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 20:14:18

    This is a fight betweenTweedledum and Tweedledum. Do you seriously believe that they are fighting for the benefits of Chinese community at large? They should really stand up to UMNO and tell it where to go. Instead, they fight between themselves to save their skins. What a pair of ratbags!


  11. yay
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 21:47:13

    look whats going to happen to LDP, which had ruled Japan for the last 50 years. they will be kicked out by the voters this weekend.

    BN will suffer the same fate in 2013. only that BN will stage a coup to retain power at all cost.


  12. klm
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 21:47:20

    It is nice to watch the fireworks inside MCA. BTW what happened to the Gerakan firework ie Huan’s case. Wont it be fun for this case to start again. Then we have two fireworks to watch. 🙂


  13. Meng
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 23:12:22

    “”One thing is certain. MCA will be weakened and it will be an uphill task for BN to retain the Federal government in the next election.””

    Is this not what we wanted for a change of government.
    Given the choice between OTK and CSL, umno would prefer CSL. CSL has the tainted qualification which is in line with umno’s requirement. Together they will kill off OTK but before going down he must at all cost reveal more…

    Poor OTK caught in a tight spot. To reveal his life is in danger, don’t reveal he is whacked all round.

    What option has he got, except to go down fighting and proof his worth as minister. Stand tall and take what is coming, if he succeed he will be able the harness the chinese into a formidable voting force gaining more respect from umno and not to be fxxk around. It is high time ..

    The end result we will have a cleaner MCA.


  14. Meng
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 23:22:16

    “”It is nice to watch the fireworks inside MCA””

    Agree with you but depends on who is firing the fireworks. OTK’s..very kick.
    CSL’s fireworks ..more kick and syiok. Ha ha ha just for a good laugh.


  15. anonymous
    Aug 28, 2009 @ 23:49:51

    We must bear in mind OKT is the only one won a parliamentary seat in Klang Valley for under MCA-BN banner, while all others won because of supporters of Umno and postal votes by unconvincing margins.

    This shows OKT is different from others and he is one where bit of conscience is still with him. For a righteous person to work amongst Umno controlled coalition is surely not an easy task, and his determination to find till the bottom of PKFZ will earn him respect, not the whole MCA.

    OTK needs to use his trump card, ie 15 seats with care. He must ensure all the 14 MCA MP solidly behind him.

    About Tiong’s threats, everyone knows who is behind. Who is the real beneficiary of KDSB? Tiong only? It is everyone guesses.


  16. Yam Siap Pee Pee
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 10:54:08

    Yes support OTK. How can we the chinese community be lead by an arrogant and tainted wife cheater unless you want to be forever walk with you head bend low. As for CSL’s supporters only one word can describe them = OPPORTUNIST.


  17. ahoo
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 12:37:37

    With so much fireworks, no wonder we do not need to have anymore countdown on 30th August midnight with real firework to usher in the 52nd Merdeka. He (OTK) is caught bewteen the the devil and the deep blue sea.

    Since he had taken courage to leap into the deep blue sea, let us hope that he can outswim all the sharks in that sea. Not sure after he survive the ordeal with the sharks, will he survive when he faces the court to answer the 10 million $ ?


  18. Meng
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:43:16

    OTK should create more fireworks to the extent that will shake umno and BN..war of words will start between umno and MCA. Instability in BN…Umno moves a proposal to sack MCA from BN….MCA sacked…Gerakan moves in …takes over the role played by MCA…

    An unbelievable..but is it possible….far fetched


  19. klm
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 10:57:21

    I heard it is RM 50K for each delegate to vote for Chua Soi Lek in the coming EGM. Wonder who is finacing this?


  20. Dr Hsu
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 11:11:10

    Looks like OTK is going to be ousted, like Neo Yee Pan in the 80s. If CSL can succeed in calling the EGM, then it woud not be good for OTK.

    OTK is fighting the fight of his life. SOme MCA grassroots who are in the middle are now siding CSL, because they view that the punishment is too harsh, and that this punishment is going to cause a split in the party, and nt so much they are CSL ‘s supporters.


  21. Dr Hsu
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 11:19:02

    To get the majority, they need to have more than 1200 delegates. if what you heard is true, 50K times 1200 will be 60 millions, considered ‘sap sap sui’ if compared to the Billions that is now in question in PKFZ fiasco.


  22. klm
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 11:41:03

    Dr. Hsu. This is petty cash to Tiong, considering the money he can take from PKFZ.


  23. Rhan
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 14:12:55

    Hsu / klm,

    Seek your view why OTK take such a drastic step? Most people feel he should pacify the other side and lack aspiration and strategy (宰相肚里好撑船) but I don’t agree. To me, it is a matter of survival for MCA in the long term, OTK did the right thing.


  24. A true Malaysian
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 15:10:28

    CSL need to be a sacrificial lamb. We want to know the truth behind PKFZ, don’t we?

    It is time MCA members rise to the occasion to revitalize their party. It is their last chance for them to do this, to make MCA a respectable party again.

    If not, MCA is better to become a business entity. 😦


  25. klm
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 15:36:25

    Rhan. OTK seemed to be a person of principal. I dont know him personally. But I know people who are close to him and advises him.

    Example. When he was deputy minister, he managed to get some grants – couple million RM for his constituency. He arranged to have the funds given to all the organisations – repairs for temples and mosques, roads etc. Every single sen was accounted for and posted in his website. The only MP who ever did that. He could have easily pocketed some of this money but did not. Not many people are aware of this.

    In the last election, his constituents, Chinese and Malay, told him that they would vote for him, but they would not vote of BN. That was how he won
    in 308. His consituents voted for him as MP but not the BN ADUN candidate.

    OTK believed that for MCA to be relevant, it has to clean up its image. Carrying on as usual is not an option. It is certain death. So, what he did is not a drastic step. It is that or MCA is gone.

    So, OTK has raised the stake. He play the principles game. Ong Ka Ting was described as a compromiser and a trader – you give me this, I give that operator. That was one reason why MCA lost it sense of principles.

    I dont like MCA. But I do hope OTK is successful.


  26. Dr Hsu
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 15:51:25

    OTK did the courageous thing to try to rid the party of old ‘stuff’, without which mCA cannot rejuvenate itself.

    Although many have said that in politics , he should come to terms with the other side and slowly consolidate his power, situation does not permit him to do so.

    If PKFZ is not made public, OTK would lose whatever credibility he has. Although the report was made public by a cabinet decision, the minister in charge could have delay the publishing of the report and he could have influenced the cabinet not to make public the report. That was what his predecessor was trying to do.

    So it was courageous on his part to make public the PKFZ report, knowing that it would rock many boats… And he felt the pressure immediately from outside and inside his party.

    In politics, every thing depends on interest. When the outside power and inside opposition has the same interest not to dig further into this fiasco, they would naturally join hands to try to topple OTK. Faced with this, he has no choice but to take the initiative to try to chop off the inside dissenting forces, and without any other things to use, he had no choice but to use the same old stale DVD scandal to act against his opponent. He could either suspend or expel CSL. The results would be the same , except that the expulsion made many fence sitters go over the other side.

    He has the power of the incumbency, but do not forget, Neo Yee Pan also had the power of incumbency in 1984 and he lost to Tan KS who had money and support from the big brother.

    I talked to some of the hawkers in Pudu who were all branch chairmen of MCA and they are all supporters of CSL, saying that oTK is too aloft, despite the fact that KL chairman Tee , a very rich man, is supporting OTK.

    The general under CSL, TCHo, former KL chairman, is now spearheading CSL’s effort to call an EGM. I suspect, it is because he was not too happy when his KL chairmanship was taken away and given to Tee.

    I thought CSL was a very good administrator. He was a good Health Minister. BUt this issue is now bigger than any person.

    I hope MCA members can cast away their personal likes or dislikes, and support OTK in this , not for OTK personally, but for the digging up of the PKFZ issue.

    After this thing is settled, we can then sit back and let the court case/or other authority determine whether OTK is guilty of taking the 10 millions. If he has taken , he needs to answer for it…

    In the meantime, let us try to influence by voicing out in the blogosphere and trying to influence the midsets of MCA delgates to do the right thing, and not to do the ‘personal thing’…

    Ong is facing tough fight, since the main person involved in PKFZ is a very rich guy.

    If what klm heard is true, perhaps the delegates can pocket the money worse come to worse–taking money is very wrong and so if they can refuse the money, that would be the best– and then vote the other way, since balloting is secret…


  27. cilipadi
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 16:29:40

    Take the money, and vote OTK, haha

    Both side gains, hahahahhaha

    CSL gang makan cili, CSL rasa pedas


  28. klm
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 10:10:37

    Dr. Hsu. You have to note that compared with Tan KS, Neo Yee Pan was a peasant. Tan KS was a slick and polished corporate man. And Tan KS had a better story – a vision for the Chinese community. And of course more money. I was more innocent then but I still remembered the images Tan KS painted.

    CSL has no new vision to offer. He still offers the same Yes Sir, UMNO sir shit. I just dont understand why some MCA members still follow him. He may be a good administrator and organiser. In another period and another time, these skills are good. But in today’s time, we need a leader. we need a new vision and a new direction.

    I believe that OTK is providing the leadership and vision for MCA. Chua Soi Lek will sell MCA down the drain.

    Come On MCA members. Use your brain. Don’t use the other head.


  29. Rhan
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 11:32:45

    klm, nothing to do with innocent or mature I think. More like what aspires us at that point of time. TKS corporate image is the type of personality we all salute in the 80’s while today we want to see a strong and principle leadership. However we should bear in mind that there is no single leadership style that would stand the flow of time. Change is a must. I can’t recall what is the latest amendment to limit the term for MCA president, 2 or 3? Hence I think MCA member should respect the rationale behind such practice and provide OTK the liberty to perform his job. He need to pass the test of party election and general election eventually and there is no more so-called safety constituency. My view is that CSL gang should either shut up or quit the party if they can’t provide a better option.

    I grew up listening to talk from MCA leaders. I respect leader like 黄木良,黄俊杰 and OTK. However I always tell myself no matter how principles, honest and uncorrupted on their outlook, they are still politician.


  30. klm
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 11:55:27

    Rhan. You are right. Politicians are politicians.

    Do you know that only 3% of human beings are able to lie and tell false story without a blink of the eye or give any tell tale sign. They are gifted with this ability that even experienced interrogators are unable to catch the lies. Madoff (the guy who scammed 65B USD is one these exceptional people). There rest are successful actors/actresses, corporate leaders and politicians.


  31. klm
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 11:57:51

    Dr. Hsu your computation 60M is a bit short of the figure I heard. Seemed Tiong put up a budget of 100M RM. The ring leaders get a lot more.


  32. klm
    Sep 02, 2009 @ 12:03:45

    Why MCA should be scrapped clean of barnacles.

    When a ship had sailed in the ocean for a long time, a sea creature called barnacle grows on the bottom of the ship. The accumulation of barnacles slows the ship and uses more fuel to propel it.

    What has this got to do with MCA? MCA has been sailing the political sea for half a century. It has slowed and become lethargic and fuel inefficient.

    MCA need an overhaul. It need to scrap the human barnacles before it can be vitalised and fill with energy.

    So MCA members. Remember to scrap the barnacles. 🙂 😮


  33. Khoo Kay Peng
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 13:58:19


    The additional comment made in red, after a particular paragraph of my article was not mine. I hope you can be more observant next time before dragging my name into your replies.

    Khoo Kay Peng


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