an unscrupulous act

Malaysians should be very calm not to react to the ‘cow-head’ march yesterday in Shah Alam.

Religion is a very sensitive issue, and sentiments can be easily worked up. The person who brought the cow head perhaps intent to stir up emotions, and that is more reason that we should be calm and not to fall into the intended trap of creating emotions which can lead to dire consequences.

Most Malaysians are peace loving and most respect the freedom to practice one’s religion.I am heartened by this comment in Malaysiakini by a Muslim commentator Amir. I think the majority of Muslim Malaysians would not condone this provocative act.

AMir said : ” As a Muslim, I am ashamed at the behaviour of these hoodlums especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. I really wonder who the head honchos are behind this unscrupulous act.”

Our Federal Constitution article 3(1) states that:

Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.

So religious freedom is quaranteed in law. Those who are out to create religious disharmony should be hauled up , since the law is supposed to protected religious freedom.

Police should have acted yesterday to stop the march. While freedom of gathering should be allowed , and that is my view all along, any threat to insult the religious feeling of others should not have been allowed. And there is no greater insult to the Hindus than this ‘cow-head’ incident.

According to the latest news in Malaysiakini that the police has apologised for not taking prompt action . This follows the call of the PM asking the IGP to take action. The junior officer on the spot is now being blamed for not tkaing prompt action, but I suspect he is the fall guy to defray the police inaction yesterday.

I think politicians from both sides of the divide must join hands to settle this issue amicably , and no one should try to fan emotions like what happened yesterday.

We should also go back to the spirits of the Constitution, whereby nonMuslims should respect Islam as the state religion, but other religions must be allowed to be practised in peace and harmony. This spirit of religious tolerance is important if we want to coexist peacefully together in this country we all called home.

(PS. Pls be sensitive when commenting on religious issues. All religions are for tolerance and peace, and it is only the wayward behaviour of certain so-called followers who have hijacked the true spirits of the religions for personal interest and created all the unrest in this world.)


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  1. mccann105
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:03:42

    this is scary 1st no english, then no beer , temples next no non muslim factories offices in muslim no non muslim in muslim driven buses,,,seemed that way


  2. KB
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:18:40

    UMNO leaders have always maintained that the ISA is necessary in our multi-ethnic population to curb ethnic tension. So why isn’t it used now in such a clear cut case? Why wasn’t it used on Ahmad Ismail in Penang last year? Not that I condone the ISA but these events show that keeping the ISA has nothing to do with curbing ethnic tension. The reason for keeping the ISA is clearly political.


  3. A true Malaysian
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:27:30

    Dr. Hsu,

    I always believe religions are not the problem. Human beings that carry the religions are the main culprits. Those involved in the demo should realise that they are not only carrying themselves but the religion that they professed.

    They are far too many protests of such nature by Muslims all over the world, and I believe only Muslim themselves could change the wrong perception that many of us have on Islam. People like Amir, Dr. Rafick, Haris Ibrahim and many more, are presenting very refreshing views of Islam. Kudos to all of them.

    Dr. Rafick’s blog is new to me. He is someone all of us can be proud of and learn from.’t-understand-the-essence-of-islam/#comment-5551


  4. Dr Hsu
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:30:51

    this is exactly why ISA should be abolished . We should not let the power that be have absolute power that canot be challenged in court. ISA is one such power.

    Once ISA is abolished and Police Act amended to allow peaceful gathering of 5 persons or more, Malaysians can then truely voice out their opinion, and that is freedom of expression under the Constitution. I have been told repeatedly by top leaders closed to the very top that these 2 are being done , so let us wait and see whehter what was promised to me is true..


  5. khensthoth
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 13:47:22

    There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about this incident. Certain people has called and questioned the reason the group weren’t arrested – under the ISA, the Sedition Act and other draconian law. Some of these people are the same ones who normally would have wanted the government to do away with these laws.

    I am of the opinion that these laws must go, and I am very much still a proponent of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. I have been questioning myself whether they should be arrested, and if so, under which law. We shouldn’t use the laws we oppose and are trying to abolish to people who might not agree with us.

    They should be ridiculed, and our freedom of speech to ridicule them is guaranteed. If we do not agree with their incitement of hatred, then we shouldn’t be using the same tactics when we are ridiculing and condemning them. However, their freedom of speech shouldn’t be limited by arresting them for their actions. I am not sure if any actions should be taken against them.


  6. Dr Hsu
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:10:22

    As I have mentioned, I am all for peaceful gatherings, but when the police saw someone on a religious march carrying a cow head, they should know that this is provocationwith the intention of inciting hatred, and the march is therefore no longer peaceful.

    I am sure under the police act, there is provision for dealing with and stopping nonpeaceful gatherings, and this provocative march should be considered as such and thus the march should not have been allowed, at least, the people directly involved should be asked to leave the proccesion.

    Maybe any lawyer care to enlighten us?


  7. A true Malaysian
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:24:55

    To many of us, cow is a sacred animal, not only to Hindus. To be born or created as a cow (to many, this is regarded as God’s wish), is unfortunate enough if we stand in the shoes of a cow.

    As human beings, sometime we need to pause for a moment, and ask ourselves, are we any better than a cow, that helps to plough the lands, pull the carts, provide milks to us and finally being slaughtered for its meat that we call beef. What more, to be stomped on its head by these unscrupulous human beings.

    Let’s offer a prayer to this cow.



  8. Surind Raj
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:32:18

    Really? & I wonder what people think about this.

    “The Koran contains contradictory statements like other religious books, but the Koran itself provides the reader with a way to know what to do with contradictions. In the Koran, it says if you have two passages that contradict each other, the one written later supersedes the one written earlier. A passage written later abrogates (makes null and void) passages written earlier that contradict it. It says so right there in the Koran. Most westerners don’t know this. And they are unaware that the peaceful, tolerant passages were written early in Mohammad’s prophetic career. According to the Koran, those passages have been overwritten by later, more violent, less tolerant passages.” (continue reading):

    & about this?:


  9. Dr Hsu
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:35:11

  10. KB
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 14:40:12

    Dr. Hsu,

    A march of 50 people without a permit is already illegal under the Police Act so the police have no excuse for not acting promptly when they are so swift in breaking up and arresting peaceful candle light vigils. What more with a provocative act like carrying a cow’s head? There’s a political hand in this.


  11. pilocarpine
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 16:05:08

    perhaps this is not just the beginning.

    i had Hindus friends telling me experiences of the going through Kem BTN (biro tatanegara) not eating any of the meals because beef were mixed well in it.

    something everyone overlooks?
    or simply overlooks?


  12. Meng
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 18:55:44

    If the PM did not ask the police to take action, would the police apologise…NO..

    One of the core elements of 1malaysia:: Mutual acceptance amongst the races and peoples of Malaysia…. gone up in smoke.

    Now we have 50 cows running around with mad cow disease. What to do with them??


  13. oct
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 22:58:28

    The Polis did not take action is because they were there to protect the demonstrators in case other rakyat were to cause troubles to them. Secondly they were AMNO members. If Polis can arrest candle light people on the spot, why can’t they arrest them. Now they are invited by the Polis to record their statements. What statements do the Polis need when there are video and photos to support their action? Mind you in the end, these people will be given a warning not to do it again and then semua-nya ok. Bet you they won’t be sent to Kamunting. 1Malaysia – 2 Standards!!!


  14. A true Malaysian
    Aug 29, 2009 @ 23:05:10

    My personal opinion is that too much association of Malay vis-a-vis Muslim is bad to Islam itself. That is to say, if you see Malay, you see Muslim & Islam. But, how many of our Malay brothers and sisters really know what are the true teachings of Islam? My judgement is, if base on this 50 odd Malays, is that, many do not understand the true teachings of Islam.

    Unlike other races like Chinese, Indian and others, we don’t associate ourselves as Buddhist, Toaist, Christian, Muslim, Catholics. In actual fact, we do not know much about our own beliefs except for doing good and do no harm to others.

    So, let say a Chinese committed a crime, people do not associate him to his religions and that will not pollute the good names of religion he carries.

    I think it is now time for our Muslim leaders from both divides to look into this matter, as no amount of policing on Muslim could ensure good name of Islam, simply because of human nature. Self regulation and education should be the way to go, not policing and monitoring.


  15. Meng
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 09:50:38

    These two sites will provide more info regarding human behaviour.

    written by Anwar Shaikh :


  16. disgusted
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 18:00:53

    Yes, professionalism of the police is dead long ago and now selective policing. Against the Opposition political parties. Now you know why the incumbent IGP should retire.


  17. robertchai
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 20:19:39

    How BN going to convince the mass for support? A lot of quesion amrk and miscommunication.


  18. A true Malaysian
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 21:49:54

    Dr. Hsu, I copy and paste my comment in BM that I posted in Dr. Rafick’s blog. I wrote in BM for the purpose of reaching a wider audience, in particular, the Malay brothers and sisters.

    Ajaran ugama saya mengajar umatnya supaya sentiasa menggunakan “kepandaian” (wisdom) masing-masing dalam apa keadaan pun supaya dapat menjalankan tugas harian dengan harmoni dengan manusia, binatang-binatang, kehidupan-kehidupan lain yang juga berhak berada di alam dunia ini. Ianya juga menasihatkan kami supaya menganlisa ajaran-ajarannya sebelum menjadikannya sebagai panduan hidup kami. Pendekata, ia tidak mahu kami menerima ajaran-ajarannya secara buta (blind faith) tanpa memahaminya.

    Kalau saya membandingkannya dengan ajaran-ajaran Islam, saya diberitahu oleh kawan saya yang bernama Atika dimana dia beritahu saya semua insan di dunia ini adalah ciptaan Allahswt. Yang bezanya, kita manusia telah dikurniakan “akal”. Perkataan “akal” ini, kalau saya bandingkanya dengan “kepandaian” atau “wisdom”, adalah membawa makna yang sama.

    Jadi, sebenarnya ajaran-ajaran ugama saya sebenarnya berlandasan kepada prinsip-prinsip yang sama. Yang penting ialah kita umat ugama masing-masing sentiasa menggunakan “akal” yang dikurniakan pada kehidupan harian masing-masing.

    Alangkah baik kita semua melihat dari sudut ini kerana saya berpendapat ugama-ugama di dunia ini adalah mempunyai tujuan yang sama.

    Kita sememangnya bertimbang rasa semasa menjalankan ibadat ugama kita masing-masing dan sentiasa peka dengan keadaan yang kita alami. Kalau tidak, apa gunanya “akal” kita?

    Jadi, bagi kes pindahan kuil, seharusnya kita mesti menggunakan “kepandaian” kita supaya memahami latar-belakang kewujudan kuil Hindu dan mengapa ianya dicadangkan berpindah ke Section 23 Shah Alam. Saya berpendapat penerangan yang diberi oleh YB Khalid Samad itu adalah jelas dan berasas.

    Adakah penduduk-penduduk Section 23 Shah Alam sudah membaca penjelasan YB Khalid Samad? Kalau belum, saya mencadangan kamu membacanya, dan kalau tidak setuju dengan penjelasan selepas membacanya, bentangkan sebab-sebab mengapa tidak setuju. Demonstrasi dengan kepala lembu dengan kemarahan dan tomahan benci sepatutnya tidak patut dilakukan dari sudut ajaran ugama.

    Kita semua sayang ugama kita masing-masing dan tindak-tanduk kita akan memberi persepsi-persepsi yang salah terhadap ajaran ugama kita. Berinsaflah kalau kita membuat dosa. Insan mana yang tidak membuat dosa? Yang penting, insaf dan mengaku salah.

    Pendekata, gunalah “kepandaian” atau “akal” yang dikurniakan Tuhan.“orang-ulu”-of-section-23-shah-alam/#comment-5685


  19. Justin Choo
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 11:11:34

    What sort of “head” this person has? Perhaps without a brain inside.

    Do you need a religion to teach you some human decency and decorum? Where is your human common sense?

    The worst is that he is let off the hook.


  20. A true Malaysian
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 12:13:14

    Sudah lama saya tidak guna Bahasa Malaysia dalam tulisan. Harap maaf jikalau susunan tulisan saya ini tidak lancar.

    Tujuan saya kali ini menulis dalam BM kerana saya ingin mesej saya yang bertujuan baik supaya dapat dibaca oleh kawan-kawan kita yang tidak fasih dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

    Kalau kita imbas kembali apa yang berlaku kebelakangan 50 tahun lebih, polisi seperti Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang bertujuan membasmi kemiskinan, tidak kira bangsa dan ugama, sebenarnya adalah berlandaskan konsep-konsep murni ugama-ugama yang wujud di negara kita ini. Tetapi, perlaksanaannya yang jadi masaalah dan telahpun menyebabkan ketidak-adilan yang sangat ketara.

    Kes-kes robohan kuil-kuil yang terdiri di atas tanah estet telahpun dijadi “haram” selepas estet-estet tersebut telahpun digantikan dengan kawasan perumahan. Kalau proses sedemikian mengambil kira hak-hak rakyat-rakyat Hindu, masalah sedemikian seharusnya tidak berlaku.

    Jadi, siapa yang salah? Ugama-ugama kita yang bersalah? ataupun umat-umatnya?

    Bagi saya, saya tidak kira siapa yang menakbir ehsan-ehsan negara ini, tetapi mesti dengan telus dan saksama. Kalau masjid-masjid didirikan dengan wang-wang cukai yang dikutip daripada semua rakyat termasuk Hindu, adakah tidak juga pemindahan ataupun pembinaan kuil-kuil dan rumah-rumah ibadat dibiayai ehsan-ehsan negara.

    Jadi, pendapat saya ialah, jikalau Umno dan BN masih menaruh harapan menakbir negara ini, mereka seharusnya melaksaankan polisi-polisi secara telus dan saksama terhadap semua rakyat, tidak kira kaum dan ugama.

    Rambut sama hitam, tetapi hati lain-lain. Inilah yang sama-sama kita saksikan dimana juga, dalam BN ataupun PR. Yang penting, kita mesti melihat kembali kelakuan-kelakuan kita masing-masing supaya tidak teruskan kelakuan dosa-dosa kita semua.


  21. frank
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 17:55:08

    I had just paid a visit to Singapore and discovered that only demented peoples who call themselves leaders are living in the Bolehland and those wannabe martyrs who constituted to make our Country the axle of terrorists!

    Even Sing Malays are feeling proud of being Sing citizens and they too look down upon the ego centric maniacs and the overly bigoted religious fanatic fringe, good for nothing but to create social unrest!

    Bleak future is what we have!


  22. Observant
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 20:26:57

    A nation 52 years of age.

    The call for Merdeka and Muhibbah reverberated with Bapa Malaysia proclaiming MERDEKA and Malaysia, my motherland took her place as a young nation this day 52 years ago.

    The fore-leaders and forefathers had high hopes and aspirations for Malaysia, unified to claim Independence and endevouring to build a better country for all. A gesture well received and supported by the rakyat which placed their trusts and hopes that their welfares and wellbeings will be taken care of and assured under the Malaysian sun.

    Lets tomorrow be a good beginning, where we forget our differences and strive to build a nation where all Malaysians will be proud to call HOME
    and NEGARAKU.


  23. Chauncey Gardener
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 23:20:50

    We are Malaysians and proud to be in a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural country.

    In this month of Ramadan and as we clebrate our 52nd anniversary of Merdeka, actions by a few raise the question – unity on whose terms ?


  24. Meng
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 00:05:47

    Najib oh Najib how to repair the bridges and tear down the divisive walls when the weather does not allow it. It is stormy every day…thunderstorm and twister. It is umno who creates all the stormy days. Please don’t blame certain quarters…


  25. klm
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 11:09:30

    80 years ago, In Nazi Germany, Hitlers Brownshirt thugs beats up Jews walking in the streets. The police then just stood and watched. They were given instruction from above not to interfere. Today, in Shah Alam, the police just stood and watched. Is it the same as in Germany 80 years ago.

    Looked at what happened 80 years ago in Germany. Can it happen in Malaysia? Yes. It can unless right minded citizens rise in protest.

    This Shah Alam Incident is not about religion. It is about politics. We have in our midst politicians who are unscrupulouse, ruthless and totally immoral who would kill, maim and plunder to get their objectives. These people must be thrown out.


  26. ahoo
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 11:43:18

    Such pliticians can be described as follows :

    ” On their left brains, they have nothing right and on their right brains, they have nothing left.”

    Such pathetic group of people with such low mentality as the herd instints took over. No wonder they can be nothing else other than being a warlord for people of this group. It will indeed shame the proud and righteous Malays.


  27. Atila
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 23:57:00

    In view this in Ramadhan, the 3rd pillar of Islam, the Muslims who brought the cow head…i am disgusted and ashamed of them, this does not represent the whole Muslims in Malaysia.

    Their acts dont abide what Prophet preaches & do not go by Surah AlKafiruun at all.

    These people are answerable to Allah in this Life & Life After, no body escapes punishment from HIM.

    Malaysia is a multireligion and multiracial country, everybody must try very hard to observe and respect each other’s religion, race and cultures during this fragile political scenario.

    I just wonder, “who” is behind the idea of the cow-head?


  28. A true Malaysian
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 09:15:32

    Adakah anda semua masih ingat peribahasa Melayu, “LEMBU PUNYA SUSU, SAPI PUNYA NAMA”?

    Mengapa ada peribahasa sedemikian yang menggunakan “LEMBU” dalam peribahasa Melayau ini?

    Bagi saya, saya berpendapat kerana kita manusia, khasnya orang Melayu menghargai sumbangan lembu selama ini kerana lembu memberi kita susu yang merupakan sumber protein yang penting sepanjang hayat kita. Tetapi, walaupun begitu, siapa yang dapat nama? Bukan lembu, tetapi “sapi”.

    Lebih-lebih lagi lembu adalah objek penting yang digunakan oleh umat Islam dalam korban. Semasa sembelihnya untuk korban, caranya pun berhati-hati supaya ianya “halal” dimakan umat Islam. Saya sebagai seorang bukan Islam melihat cara sembelih sedemikian sebagai umat Islam menghormati lembu dan menghargai jasa-jasa lembu kerana dijadikan makanan umat Islam.

    Jadi, adakah orang-orang yang terlibat dalam demonstrasi ini menghormati benda hidup yang menggunakannya sebagai korban dengan memijak dan meludah kepala lembu ini? Saya tidak mahu kata “ya” atau “tidak”. Lebih baik kamu menggunakan “akal” yang dikurniakan Allahswt untuk dapat jawapan anda.

    Kembali kepada “lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama”. Bagi umat Hindu, lembu adalah binatang yang suci, yang selain daripada susunya, lembu menyumbang mengerjakan sawah padi dan kebun-kebun mereka. Oleh itu, orang Hindu tidak sampai hati sembelihnya untuk dimakan.

    Saya sebagai bukan Hindu dan bukan Islam, kerana sebab demikian, saya pun tidak ada niat nak makan daging lembu. Tetapi kami pun tidak membantah lembu menjadi objek korban dalam Islam kerana kami menghormati hak-hak umat Islam dalam perkara ini.

    Jadi, adalah baik kita umat manusia sentiasa guna “kepandaian” atau “wisdom” yang diajar oleh ugama saya (iaitu Buddha) dalam apa perkara pun dalam hidup kita, supaya dapat hidup aman dan damai dengan umat manusia lain yang berlainan ugama dan kepercayaan.

    Gunakanlah “akal” yang dikurniakan Allahswt, dan dia yang maha kuasa pun akan bangga dengan tindak-tanduk kamu, kawan-kawan Muslim saya ini.


  29. Atila
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 16:40:28

    Very wong to parade allah’s creation the creature named lembu more so the head
    for the interest and its not-parallel to Islam.
    Who is behind this?????

    Islam do not worship lembu, it is not our scared any animal.

    Lembu, kambing & kibas di korbankan during raya haji untuk makanan pada yang kurang mampu and juga dikorbankan untuk tujuan AQIQAH, this ramai non-Muslims tidak tahu.

    Muslims yang terlibat dengan cow-head perlu
    di beri TALBIAH.



  30. Atila
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 17:24:47

    Surind Raj,

    what i m write below may make some unhappy, i believe i saying the truth.

    The aritcle you post was interesting and does make sense, where is Quran was altered?

    The truth was other two religion had their
    books altered as what Quran mentioned and now they want to say Quran is altered?

    The Quran is never altered, we have Tahfiz since 1430 and until today. Know what is a Tahfiz.

    Tahfiz in Malaysia would memorize the same Surahs as a Tahfiz in USA and in Arab in Sweden in China, etc this has been happening 1430 years ago.

    Simple…even i memorise certain Ayats for daily prayers ie : Al-Fatihah, Al-Kursi, Al-ikhlas, Al-Kafiruun, Surah Yassin, etc…when you go around the world today in any where Muslim population today, they recite the same thing provided this are Sunnah Al WaJamaah. Even the past has been the same.

    Attempts to alter The Quran has been since centuries and centuries ago, included the introduction of Islam Hadhari.

    So you know why BN loose GE2008. The Malaysians Muslims would not demo over it…
    yet..but votes was answered.

    The Westerners (esp the other two religion) have been trying hard since 1430 to alter The Quran. Now with IT, some websites containing the translation of Quran are wrong, are not from the Muslims but orchestrated from the other two religions. Some verses the taken from the other Books and inserted. Then these religion claimed Islam in not consistency, all sorts of accusations.

    For the purpose of revision what ustazah taught the translation, I myself read two Qurans at a time : one is certified from Saudi & Msian Govt and the other is the translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

    As Muslims dutifully we observe the originality of the Quran. Dont keep blaming others for attempting the alter the versus in Quran. Allahswt gave us “akal”.

    Attempts to alter other holy books is found in all religions but we as human are given “akal”.


  31. Atila
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 17:26:17

    Its about 5.25pm now, kepada semua
    pembaca Muslim,

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa & Selamat Tarawih.



  32. Atila
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 17:44:00

    Many readers Malaysians here do not understand history or never knew from Roman to European History and Christianity mission and how many millions are dead in Europe and certiain parts of the world.

    Many non-Muslim Malaysians only see Islam is bad but who were the real terrorist from 1,000 years ago until today?

    This history of theirs is slowly erased by the westerners themselves, now they must shift the bad image to Islam.

    You ask a Malaysias whether they know who initiated witch-hunt in Europe in the name of what religion resulting in killing the witch & innocents, mass killing by milliions. Have Muslims in history did that kind of killing?

    what religion is Hitler that he mass killed the Jew? Know his religion first before talking whether it will happen in Malaysia or not.

    Do not take history bits and pieces here there, it is all rooted to one thing.

    It is only when you understand WHO actually controlling the world then you will know why war genocide mass kilings exist.


  33. Atila
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 22:45:05

    The Surah 9:11 in the above video is a LIE.

    Surah 9 At Tauba. The truth in Surah 9:11 is “But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and pay Zakat they are your brethen in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand”.

    A minute example of attempts to alter Quran for western interests & menyesatkan umat Islam.


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