Look at the larger picture !

A few days ago I have written a post “It is now war”‘. In that post, I have written this paragraph:

This comes at a time when OTK is adamant in trying to get to the bottom of the PKFZ, much to the chagrin of the big brother, and for that and that alone, Malaysians must give full support to him. Whether he was given 10 millions as alleged by a BN power broker is another issue altogether and that should be left to the court to decide since a court case has already been filed by OTKeat for a whopping 500 millions.

I am neither a supporter of MCA nor its president OTK.  But this time, i think Malaysians must cast aside their personal likes or dislikes and support OTK as the Minister of Transport to dig deeper into the PKFZ fiasco. OTK of course needs to account for the allegations of the 10 millions as well as the need to take rides on private planes, but that is a different matter from this issue and should be addressed separately.

News has it that CSL faction has collected enough signature for a EGM, and if this is true , it is bad news for OTK. As I have said, many fence sitters are giving their support to CSL, either because of sympathy or they think that OTK should answer for the harsh punishment meted out to Chua.

I would like to urge MCA delegates to cast aside their personal feelings, and think of the larger issues. What will be the consequences of a CSL victory? What would happen if a vote of no confidence against OTK is passed and that CSL is reinstated as the deputy?

1. OTK would have to resign and CSL would automatically become acting president of MCA and with that

2. CSL may become the Minister of Transport. Although the making public of the PKFZ report is a cabinet decision, it would not have happened if the minister in charge is  opposed to it. So, credit must be given to OTk for pursuing this PKFZ issue. WOuld CSL continue pursue this with the same determination and zeal as OTK? Most unlikely.

3. Assuming that CSL becomes the minister, what would happen  if he tries to preach morality to Malaysians when his own moral standard has been tarnished? How is he going to handle any scandals that may erupt later in his ministry or party?

4. Imagine CSL leading a Malaysian delegation for an overseas trip and foreign media touch on the DVD sex scandal, what would happen to Malaysia? How would the other members of the delegation feels when faced with such situation?

5. As a minister, he has to project an image of purity and impeccability. But do you think he can still project that when he has lost the moral high ground? How is he going to talk to the younger generations and give advice to them?

6. HOw is he going to bargain with UMNO over certain national or community interests given that he himself has such a past history?

When the DVD sex scandal was made public many months ago, I wrote to praise him for his courage to own up his misdeeds. I still admire his courage to admit. He could have said that ‘the person in the dvd looks like me, sounds like me, move like me but not me”.

I have also mentioned that he was one of the best ministers of health, and his combination with Lee Kah Choon (parliamentary sec then) was deemed by most of the Ministry of Health staff as the most effective and best ever. However, the issue here is bigger than any person and if we want a continuity in pursuing the PKFZ and nabbed all the culprits, we need to put our support behind OTK.

Remember some time about 3 years ago, OTK digged out the embezzlement of a school allocation? At that time, he was asked to apologise and in the end , his minister (UMNO ) apologised on his behalf only to have MIC president voicing out the same thing in support of OTK. At that time OTK was only a deputy minister and Youth chief , a dispensable position, and yet he dared to speak out. That courage is admirable and is seldom present in BN non UMNO politicians, and for that he should be praised. This time we hope that he will have the same courage to pursue this PKFZ fiasco, which is many many times more serious than the school fund incident.

 The ball is now at the feet of the MCA delegates. Hopefully they do not think of personal ties and relations only but rather look at the bigger picture of national interest.

Leaders  come and go. CSL should have gracefully retired after the DVD scandal. Let OTK finish his work, and then if he cannot bring true reforms to MCA, then have someone challenge him at the next or subsequent party election. BUt in the mean time, we should give him a chance to prove himself. CSl should follow the advice of an old Chinese saying that a true leader  should be  able to take up, and know when to put down…It is time for him to put down his ambitions  and enjoy retirement….


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  1. zzz
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 14:20:38

    It’s a disgrace to all Malaysian especially Chinese if MCA choose an ADULTERER as it’s leader.


  2. cilipadi
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 14:28:44

    Morality is important in politics. Indeed, very important.

    Who else can tell me what I was saying so far is wrong? Now, I am saying loud and clear to you,


    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  3. Dr Hsu
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 15:32:50

    chances are now high that OTK may lose. Look at the CHinese mdeia, which is controlled by another Tiong from Sarawak, the comments were all supportive of CSL.

    What klm said is true. Big money is behind C and not only that even the triads are involved to topple OTK.

    Faced with attacks from 10 sides, it would be difficult to fight.

    A Tan Sri businessman is also said to be supporting CSL, and has alleged that he can influence at least 500 votes…


  4. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 15:49:59

    I praise OTK before
    pre 308 GE, I predicted OTK wins
    and he won

    There are many spoiled brats
    involved in the mud of PKFZ
    spoiled brats need to cover their butts
    But, OTK has the last cards

    Many has joined PR
    and many more still joining
    like this one http://malaysiakini.com/news/112035
    It’s a good sign for coming EGM

    MCA members, vote with your conscience
    not with dangling carrots
    always remember,
    you reap what you sow
    in this case
    you reap what you vote
    vote OTK this time
    you owe a duty not to yourselves
    but, also to your next generation

    Always remember and don’t forget
    you reap what you sow


  5. Meng
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 16:43:05

    If CSL takes over will it be the closing chapter for the complete demise of MCA.??..

    DVD actor is a hard earned title… He feels proud and stand tall among the umno garbage MPs.

    How often do we have a porn DVD actor as a MP.
    I should say to CSL supporters go ahead with the support of CSL ….thats the way to destroy MCA.


  6. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 17:38:10

    Logically, RM10 m hard cash
    Tiong said, I donate to OTK for MCA
    “I”, means what?
    “Tiong’s” and / or “KDSB’s” pocket(s)?

    If from Tiong’s pocket, Tiong can donate to whoever

    If from KDSB’s pocket, any approval? Approval valid? Reflected in KDSB’s books?

    If from KDSB’s pocket without approval, then CBT?

    Money out from somewhere, must be in to somewhere

    Let’s check from “out” first, then only “in”


  7. vic71bc
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 17:46:53

    I hope MCA members and Dr. CHUA S.L. is reading this.
    With this porn DVD circulating all around the world, I as an ordinary family man would be very much ashame to show my face in public–let alone being a MCA president and minister..
    SHAME on Y O U!!!!


  8. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 18:02:12

    Dr. Hsu,

    I always believe DAP and PAS can work together, though their ideologies may be different. My view on this still hold water, even before reading the article written by Boon Kia Meng, a DAP worker, posted in The Malaysian Insider.


    It is a must read article, and I reproduce below some excerpts and comments that attract my attention,

    “Though I belong to DAP, a party committed singularly to upholding our Merdeka constitution of a secular democracy with Islam as the official religion of the Federation, that does not mean that I am unable to accept or understand the ideological stand of our friends and partners in PAS. On the contrary, I have the utmost respect and admiration for PAS, for their dogged and unwavering determination to bring about a more fair and equitable Malaysian society.

    The DAP and PAS, are two parties rooted in their respective histories of struggle and marginalization in the Malaysian political landscape. As such, the admiration is mutual, for how we have stuck to our principles even if it means losing popularity or being demonised by the BN propaganda machine.”

    “written by haslinahasni, September 03, 2009
    Salam to you,

    To tell you the truth, I had goosebumps reading your article. Very well said!!!

    I have experienced the same thing. PAS and DAP work extremely well together.

    Let us get rid of BN ASAP! ”

    Optimism is what we all need, to look forward to 13th GE, and beyond. Though what we see now are “tak masuk akal” or “not making sense”.

    Get rid of spoiled brats among PR, that is what PR needs to do, and do it fast.

    Spoiled brats among BN? Just let them be, as they are not willing, what else can we do?


  9. disgusted
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 19:45:44

    While I agree that OTK must pursue the PKFZ fiasco I cannot understand why OTK must “personally” be tagged with the credit for this courage and gallantry to “expose”.

    Shouldn’t we ask ourselves that “whoever” is Transport Minister SHOULD do the same? Isn’t any BN minister MUST expose any wrongdoings regardless the minister is from MCA, MIC, Gerakan?

    Why must OTK be specifically singled out as the “hero” personality separate from others as the superman against corruption. Not forgetting that he has admitted too for “taking” free plane rides. Would you take free plane rides from someone’s company you know implicated or suspected of wrongdoings? Worse still, knowing finally the case will be dealt with by him?

    All these talks about him “is the only” one to expose PKFZ shows the biggest failure of the Barisan Nasional. Yeah, Ong Tee Keat is the only cleanest and bravest minister in the whole damn Cabinet? Well, it look as though that is the picture now.


  10. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 20:14:51


    OTK may not be the cleanest, but he is the bravest so far.

    OTK and CSL, I pick OTK, not because cleanest or bravest, but simply cleaner, at least he is not a DVD actor.


  11. disgusted
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 21:45:09

    Given the choice, no, both should step down and give the MCA another clean slate.

    I don’t see OTK as the bravest because whatever he does on the PKFZ is given the green light from his political master and the Cabinet.

    I agree that he is a better candidate than CSL has not taken any stand on the PKFZ. Perhaps, he is not the minister in charge but he belongs to the old mindset too.

    The governance in the country must no longer be dependable who is the bravest but an institutionalised values and regulations. A Korean prime minister who told a soft lie had to resign voluntarily and it was not even a crooked lie.

    I know, we are not even a mile closer to this sort of values but it has to start somewhere from idealism and dreams.

    It depends how you view. If given a choice, say, a crooked politician who siphons off billions or a DVD politician. Which one you choose?


  12. A true Malaysian
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 22:07:58

    “If given a choice, say, a crooked politician who siphons off billions or a DVD politician. Which one you choose?”

    I kick out both.

    Who siphons off billions? OTK? It’s new to me. If true, let him open up the can of worms first. That’s what I concerned most.


  13. klm
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 22:15:50

    Seemed Tiong and CSL are now paying money to reporters to to slant news to their side. They are worse than Rais Yatim. This is moral corruption.
    How can CSL be a president of MCA?


  14. disgusted
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 22:58:19


    People change when they occupy the power throne. You think OTK is innocent too, not financing blog-writers to spin stories in his favor?

    OTK has a couple of foundations too. And what about the list of properties “alleged” to his ownership during OKT’s time just before the snoop squad?

    And setting up Malaysian Mirror (include Chinese web) with help of Star CEO to spin stories. I think it’s time for us to wake up, open our eyes too.


  15. stevent
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 23:07:26

    Though i’m not surprised with the hatred against BN/MCA, i’m sad to see that there are many who could not even see right from wrong.
    (1) OTK is facing death threats. If he were to survive politically/physically and stand tall to seek reelection in 2013, he would become the greatest hero our country ever have in the 21st century. Not even Mahathir or any other PM faces the difficulty that OTK is facing now.
    (2) Apart from needing to play political games, OTK hs always been one of our most respected and ‘cleanest’ politician with an interest for the common good. I would equate him to the liberal lion, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. Just look at his political history and any sane and unbias person could see that a good person is risking his life for his party and our community.
    (3) His bodyguards guarding him are the top of the class fit only for PMs and emperors. So i hope everyone could see the risks that OTK is taking. In a close door meeting, he has already said that he’s prepared to go any day. Not even PR are willing to go this far to fight corruption and nepotism. Just think of the stadium that fell that was built by PAS and you should understand politics is and will always be politics.
    (4) Finally it’s a pity that OTK decided to play worst possible hand in politics – bull rush – very old school (but he’s old school). Can’t blame him as most of our politicians are still old school. Though it’s one of the bravest move any politician could make. We, the people, should wish him the best as what happens to him will determine whether PR can get rid of 20 years of corruption and nepotism no matter PR wins or loses the next GE. >2/3rds of our PR politicians got to realize/wipe-clean that the old ways of politics. If OTK fails, PR will equally be as bad or even worst that BN. To make things worse, PR will might not even form the government or it will not last long as 1/3 of the people will break away and rejoin the more corrupted BN.


  16. cilipadi
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 23:11:07


    U read this? The Inconvenient Truth About Why Chua Soi Lek Was Sacked


    “The stage is set, the war chest replenished and CSL is ready for his Armageddon. But he hit a snag: delegates are shying away from signing his EGM requisition, no thanks to the sudden surge in OTK’s popularity after he came out with guns blazing at “evil contractors” who milked PKFZ like a bottomless goldmine. By then, Tiong was angry he had not been able to “reap”, what he had “sowed”.

    Besides, there was a tacit understanding that CSL would be able to get rid of OTK before the Minister of Transport made public the Pricewater House report, which opened the Pandora Box on Tiong like how the “correct, correct, correct… ” video hit VK Lingam. That was the start of Tiong’s nightmare, which could only end, possibly after 15 years in Sungai Buloh.”

    CSL makan cili, TKS rasa pedas


  17. Rhan
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 09:43:57

    Monk, as I said before, OTK is a politician, to emphasize my point again, OTK is a politician and not a monk. Ideally we shall pick one that is morally clean but could we find one among the BN leaders? I prefer not to elect a party that is not open for non-believer and another one with leader that play a major role to cause Malaysia to become less secular while he is in power, what would be your advice on this? Kick out all?

    OTK and CSL tussle is a serial of the two divided team in the past and not limited to the PKFZ scandal alone and I think most of us who are familiar with MCA history should aware of this. To detach politic from the issue is a nice suggestion but do you see what happen to Badawi? Who is behind CSL if not that fish head? Do you really think OTK could become the president if there is no 308? Anyway I am talking politic and not religion teaching.

    Cilipadi, frankly I think that article from MT is a shallow one, however, it seems that these round we are having the same stance. Btw, did you realise that morality cannot kick out a morally tainted porn star and you need party rules, cash and power to do that?


  18. cilipadi
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 10:59:34


    Don’t under estimate RPK. His so-called “rumour” all become “real”.

    As an outsider, I am not interested in who win. On morality ground, of course OTK wins. If not, MCA members will set a new benchmark for Malaysia, i.e. adultery is okay for politician. Shame on them.

    I am not sure the latter comments were from the disgusted monk that I “brick-bat” with. His views are hay-wire with mine. Haha, monk, no insult here.

    real monk eat cili, disgusted monk rasa pedas?


  19. klm
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 14:47:50

    The police has use AMLA to freeze Kuala Dimensi’s 140M RM bank account. That means that they have sufficient cause to suspect money laundering. It also means the police have been quietly tracking KDSB’s money. I heard KDSB have few more accounts but these have a few RM to 2K RM in them The rest of the money had been taken out. No wonder Tiong is feeling the pain from the kick in between his legs and he has been screaming.

    Will Tiong be taken out and Chua Soi Lek with him
    before the MCA EGM. If so CSL will be so tainted that no one will touch him.


  20. Observant
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 02:26:09

    CSL is capable and has enormous reserve of self confidence which would undoubtly make him a suitable choice as president of MCA if not of the sex scandal.

    The scandal ruined his career . He resigned as Health Minister, acknowledged his wrongdoings and apologised for his mistakes.

    Strangely, his party fared poorly in 308 where OKT and CKC stepped down, leaving a vacuum in the MCA leadership which he surprisingly got himself voted in as the deputy president of MCA. This success must has boosted his (already big) self confidence and justified his reasoning that he has been forgiven and is accepted back as a comeback politician.

    The problem lies that he could not mingle and work amicably with OTK which still eyes him with suspicions fearing CSL’s ambition of toppling him.

    The bad loss of GE 12 has depleted MCA and this leadership tussle will surely bring down MCA and might be her Waterloo if we go back to analyse the past 7 by elections where MCA has fared miserably to garner support for BN.

    CSL must think deeply and tread carefully to note wheather he will be accepted and forgiven by all Malaysians Chinese if he succeeded to dethrone OTK although he might be accepted by majorities in his party. By virtue of the position as the head of the second biggest component party of BN, CSL must also see that he will be respected and not ridiculed when faced with tough situations like how KTK were embarassed in the photo tearing incident.

    If his position is weak and vulnerable as the new head, there will attract another fight for the top post judging the past record of MCA infightings.

    We can only comment and leave it to the wisdom of MCA to think wisely in order to sort out their differences.


  21. Samson
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 03:27:13

    Funny that all of you seem to harp on the DVD star, porn star, etc. and not one of you brought up the issue of an unfaithful husband who one hand professed undying love and vowed to love and to….during his own signing( a sacred vow and agreement) of a marriage certificate…tea ceremony to his in-laws and ancestors. No one questioned his infidelity and the feelings of his other half and their children and the shame that they have to carry forever due to this porn star!

    Have we lost our morality along the way on our path to acquire worldly possesions? Not wanting to sound like a prude but when we take a vow in front of whatever religion that we believe, this vow is not taken for fun.

    In the age of the internet and technology, have we forgotten that one day we will have to face our maker and what ever we acquire now will never follow us but evidently whatever blessings and good deeds follow us forever.

    I hope some one will blog on what CSL did was damning and morally wrong, instead of glorifying him.



  22. justice4otk
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 17:02:24

    Dr Hsu

    Can I get your permission to post your article in my blog ….

    My blog is Justice for Ong Tee Keat http://justice4otk.blogspot.com/

    Your have some very matured and well informed commenters here .


  23. yay
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 20:12:07

    imagine CSL wins. his balls, literaly, are held tight by UMNO with the video used as the leverage. He will just be a puppet for UMNO.

    now, if you are UMNO, what would you do? wouldnt you work behind the scenes with the Datuks and Tan Sris to “kill off” OKT?


  24. Dr Hsu
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 12:08:37


    Sure. Pls do if you feel that my article may help the cause.

    All Malaysians are looking at this tussle because certain principles are involved.

    I am lucky to have such a group of matured and thinking commentators here, and this blog would be nothing without this group of moderate, progressive , righteous and fair minded people.


  25. justice4otk
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 13:28:02

    Thanks Dr Hsu

    Looking forward to sharing your ideas and opinions .

    This is the fight for principles and what I can say is if MCA wants to survive , those cancerous growth within the party needs to be removed , soonest otherwise it’ll be too late to save it . A good smaller unbroken bowl is better than a big broken bowl anytime .

    The past and present criminals are ganging up to oust OTK as their rice bowl are about to be broken .


  26. TSH
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 12:32:45

    if you all realise, the only reason CSL insist to have an EGM is solely because, MCA is the one and only Political Party he can be in, in his lifetime currently (other then self establish party).

    No one in the right mind would ever invite him into their own party other than MCA.

    No party, be it BN (Gerakan) or PR (DAP,PKR). MCA is his only chance to continue his political arena.

    I see no reason why mca central delegates should support him. By supporting him = bearing the resposibility and admitting to have a tainted leader to lead.

    MCA has no form of dignity at all anymore that will be legendary in history for being the most “forgiving” party in Malaysian History.

    For his wrong doing, he deserve to be sacked. He could have just stepped down to save himself from embarressment.


  27. justice4otk
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 17:21:16

    Dr Hsu

    I have posted your article ..Thanks perhaps you might want to take a look ..

    cheers Dr


  28. Dr Hsu
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 22:22:34

    thanks for posting this article in your blog.

    Have heard that many members are switching their support to OTK after hearing his side of the story. That is a good sign for MCA.

    I hope that when OTK wins this round, he would introduce changes to MCA, foremost among which will be the ability to stand up to the big brother, as well as change the patronage culture of MCA.

    He needs not fear digging deeper into PKFZ, as all Malaysians will be behind him…


  29. TSH
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 09:58:25

    If u read CSL’s statement yesterday, he seemed much more reserved with his talkings now. Either he has begun to accept his defeat as OTK has the full support of PM Najib/Cabinet to back him in PKFZ and OTK made another police report to clarify his innocence. CSL has no more ammo for his fight currently.

    If by any chance his statement about the disunity struggle of Johor State seems reserved, it seems like he is playing the good man card for unity. Attempting hard to gain sympathy votes for the reverse support that OTK had gained.

    OTK, go all out now to tame CSL, as now PM Najib is at your back on PKFZ.


  30. justice4otk
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 15:15:13

    Dr Hsu

    His campaign is crumbling . According to our feedback , from the number of people attending his lunch or dinners , the numbers are getting smaller and smaller by the day .
    People who have initially signed the call for an EGM have actually called us asking for the procedures to withdraw their signatures . Many have withdrawn after OTK’s explanation to them during his roadshow . They have begun to see the whole picture and the truth of the whole issue .
    Even until today they could not come up with the 800 signatures to call for an egm . Our count was he’s got less than 420 . Recently at his lunch for all Kedah delegates of 175 , only about 40 showed up to fill the six tables . In Penang yesterday , the pics showed less than 30 out of 155 delegates from Penang attended his dinner held at the corner club.
    To overthrow the President , he needs two thirds of the delegates , ie 1600 votes .
    As it is , his supporters are running , like they said abandon ship .. the ship’s sinking fast .

    I also have one commenter who request the article be made available in the mandarin version , they think its a good article . I thought so also .


  31. “没蔡,翁也好”
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 22:29:03

    在不得已的时刻,福建人有句话,“没鱼,虾也好”。马华就是在这时刻 “没蔡,翁也好”。


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