Police must reform

In early August, Cheras Division of Gerakan passed certain resolutions which can be viewed here. The resolutions were sent to every top leader of the party via email, and to the mainstream media as well as electronic media, and certain Chinese papers had carried it.

I am glad that yesterday, Dr Koh TK , president of parti Gerakan, spoke about the need for police to change their way of handling public demonstration especially the peaceful ones.

In a speech given at the Selangor State Delegates’ meeting, he mentioned that police must be fair and consistent, and must act fairly consistently especially in the handling of public demonstration. He mentioned that police cannot act against some and not against others, and he refered specifically to the cow head demonstrators and the candle light vigils the next day.

This was what he said, as reported in MalaysianInsider:

His remarks also come a day after police arrested 16 people in a peaceful candlelight vigil, a little more than a week after standing by while a group of Malay-Muslims threatened violence and stamped and spat on a sow’s head to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood.

Koh said the public was questioning why the cow-head protestors were not arrested.

His words appeared to be at odds with that of his Cabinet colleague Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the Home Minister, who had defended the police last week.

“Current public perception towards the police is that they are more effective in catching demonstrators than criminals,” said Koh today.

“People who carry out candlelight vigils and people who are sitting in mamak shops wearing black clothes are arrested. I think that is not correct,” he said.

Cheras Division, of which I am a member, was the first division to voice out ina resolution asking Police Act to be amended and peaceful gatherings of more than 5 people be allowed.

I am glad that finally, grassroots voices are being voiced out publicly , not by small flies by me, but by a big shot like Dr Koh. This shows that grassroots members indeed can exert influence on their leaders, if only they voice out without fear and favour.  If every division voices out the same things, then leaders will have little choice but to voice out too.

I have been so critical of the policies of the government and our leadership at meetings that I have a feeling that sometimes, the leadership might have wished that I am not around. But this time , where credit is due, we must give credit for Dr Koh for criticising police action and their double standard,, in the cow head incident as well as the candlelight vigil.

The archaic police act must be amended and certain standard operating prodecures be adopted so that for the officers at the lower levels, there is no ambiguity regarding actiona gainst demonstrators.

Similarly, other government enforcement agencies such as MACC must be fair and consistent in carrying out their duties.

They must understand that government servants have their allegiance not to the government of the day but rather to the people, and they should be reminded that they are in the Majesty’s service , meaning that they should act in the best interest of the country and the people. They are supposed to carry out their duties along the spirits of our Federal Constitution, and it is up to them to advice the politicians to act according to the COnstitution.


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  1. mccann105
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 15:27:31

    reformation must not just be words but drastic action ….the poilice within the structure is so corrupted and layers of layers of shit piles..perhaps we need another police force to compete with them..trim down 25 of exisiting police …set up an nazi s s squad…hunt n destroy team….shoot to kill ..strike some real fear


  2. klm
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 15:36:14

    What is KTK up to? I am suspicious of someone’s behavior that is out of his norm. What is his intention? Always look at the gift horse in the mouth.


  3. Meng
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 16:29:44

    I should say credit must be given where it is due and in this case for Dr Koh to speak up is very much appreciated. He should and must speak up more without fear or favour.

    Comparing Koh and Hishamuddin..well you can see the differences in attitude and truthfulness in their speeches. Hishamuddin is a liar and spinning in the video flanked by those cow head demo idiots. He does not look intelligent at all.

    Well done Koh…expecting more from you


  4. serendipity hopeful
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 17:09:11

    It is a step forward for Gerakan now that Koh Tzu Koon has voiced Greakan’s concern on the police’s action. But it must be remembered that Gerakan is part of the govt, and thus it must be able to bring on constructive changes instead of just talking abot them.


  5. CYC
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 17:49:21

    Even though most people view it as better late than never, but I personally view it as noise from empty vessel. Nobody will listen to him especially UMNO. He is a KPI minister. By right he should send a warning notice to Hishamuddin for failing to act in line with his responsibility as Home minister. If he can’t do this then it shows that he is not in-charge but a mere decorative flower pot. His fortune is in the hand of UMNO. It can be broken just like the flower pot when it is smashed by a powerful hand. Perhaps Ahmad Ismail will suffice to carry out that task. Poor guy from a weak party.


  6. mccann105
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 17:51:12

    dont talk ..these are small talks just to stay in the limelight….do something…contructive…action…


  7. Richard Loh
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 17:54:37

    Trying his best to prove his worth as the KPI minister but we will wait and see his actual report on it.

    I concur with CYC comment.


  8. ahoo
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 17:57:47

    Now that Dr Koh had voiced out let us observe whether others like MCA, MIC, PPP and other bn componenets parties will do likewise. What 1Malaysia are we taking about when even an issue like this can’t be handled effectively by the very people that we have entrusted our lives to ?

    These bunch of rogue have the guts to disrupt the meeting for the residents at the town hall last Saturday. What other evidence would the police requires before action need to be taken to stop these people from turning sec 23 into a circus ground ?


  9. mccann105
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 21:16:04

    the whole b n is messed up headless running around….seemed all the chines ebased parties are living on numbered days…watching waiting ….leaderless …enough on gerakan…not worth talking…move on…set up a hit squad …


  10. disgusted
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 21:23:29

    OK, a short political mileage that will not last. Better late than never? Well, a bit too late to reform. Any of his views on IGP’s extension?


  11. Meng
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 00:05:02

    Even if the police act is amended, do you think the police will operate in a more civilized manner. I doubt very much they will change their attitude unless been directed by the government to do so.

    Here the government must also change their attitude first prior to asking the police to change.

    If you have a corrupted government…down the line all government agencies and civil servant wil be corrupted too… that is the norm..

    A corrupted govt is very protective of their agencies and in return these agencies will cover up for the govt….How to reform????


  12. cilipadi
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 00:06:22

    He found back his conscience? Perhaps?

    Keep mooing at the right person, ok?

    He makan cili, TK rasa pedas


  13. Meng
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 00:37:18

    On reading what Koh has said was it directed at the home minister indirectly..?

    As I see it there was some form of anger in his statement..”I think that is not correct”” is a strong rebuke and the home minister should get that message unless ofcourse he has cow’s brain in him.


  14. James Loh
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 08:23:29

    It’s true that we need to give credit to Dr. Koh but I don’t think anything will change. We all know that the police force is very corrupted from top to bottom. Most Chinese Malaysian knows that the Chinese gangster have some control or influence on the police force. Why didn’t Dr. Koh criticize about the gangster infiltrating the top echelon of the Police force? Didn’t RPK provided details information about the gangster cohort with the police. Actually, we didn’t really need RPK detail information to learn about it. In my home town, we all know that the police raid certain club based on the schedules provided by the gangster leaders. So, I would challenge Gerakan to criticize the police force for working with the gangsters. What about the gangster leaders in the MCA? I’m not sure if Gerakan.


  15. clearwater
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 09:22:28

    The Police, the MACC, the Judiciary, other civil service institutions……those whose heads behave like political stooges…..will not reform until its controlling apparatus BN-Umno is reformed. BN-Umno will not reform unless and until they are unceremoniously booted out of office and out of power.

    The solution is clear and obvious. Change the government. Kick out BN-Umno representatives in every single by-election. And in GE13. Then perhaps reform can begin in earnest. A 2 party system with inbuilt checks and balances can then emerge to serve the people, not abuse them.


  16. klm
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 11:08:37

    If Koh Tsu Koon have finally awaken, then he should take Gerakan out of BN.


  17. Dr Hsu
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 11:37:05

    Today, Dr Koh fired a salvo against the MACC boss asking him not to comment on specific cases under investigations. (implying that TBH death’s is suicide when the inquest is still going on).

    I think he should continue voicing out since there is really nothing to lose.

    Voice out along the lines of a fair and equal society, good governance…

    If the warloads cannot ‘tahan’ and decide to kick gerakan out, that would be the day Gerakan is reborn… from the ashes..


  18. klm
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 12:15:51

    Yah! Keep putting pressure on Koh Tsu Koon. He may say something sensible.


  19. batu giant
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 14:17:08

    finally he open his mouth and said the right thing at the right time….keep up the good work ktk….cause appointment of idris jala means that you are just another piece of rock on the road side…


  20. Observant
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 19:32:29

    KTK as a scholar should know the concept of Tai Chi .

    Can be gentle but firm. Soft yet potent.
    Be soft spoken yet clear. Criticise but also seek solution.
    Co-operative but resolute. Humble yet stable.
    Be frugal yet generous. Peaceful but courageous.

    A leader leads not follow…


  21. A true Malaysian
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 20:00:49

    The more I read the news and comments of civil society all over, the more I feel “don’t know what to do”. I think most of you have the same feeling of “helpless” with what going on.

    Federal Constitution is just a piece of paper if no one respect its spirit. If police like that, what about others?

    Police must reform, it is an old story…..


  22. BH Toh
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 11:57:03

    KTK should not be speaking on such issues anymore, having being rejected by the rakyat. He’d been bullied, shamed, etc etc publicly by even small div heads of your big brother party UMNO. It’s too late now, I cringe each time I hear KTK speak. Has he or Gerakan no shame or dignity at all when his position in the cabinet is due to UMNO and not his own standing with the rakyat? Why can’t he resign to redeem what’s left of Gerakan?

    I rather hear Gerakan speak out on issues thro their publicity chief. Dr, I have more respect for your articles than whatever that comes outof KTK’s mouth.


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