what a shame!

“He was handcuffed and taken into a dark room where he saw a tall man with spectacles wrapping an iron ceiling rod in newspapers.

He was told to strip. Several men assaulted him. He was hit with the metal rod, punched, kicked, slapped and caned on his genitals and the soles of his feet until he passed out from the pain.

Sivanesan Tanggavelu, 22, who stepped into the witness box at today’s inquest into the death of political secretary Teoh Beng Hock gave a highly-graphic account of his experience at the hands of the Selangor graft busters.”

Well, I didn’t write the above. It was written in MalaysianInsider.

Though we have often  heard about the brutalities that  suspects were subjected to during questioning and in lock-up, and the recent spades of lockup deaths giving credence to what we have heard, seldom has someone who had undergone this sort of beatings to come forward and testify. However, today a brave fellow stepped up and gave a graphic first hand details of what really happened to suspects under questioning, and this sort of confirm our investigative teams taking the easy way out.

Cases should be solved by painstaking, tedious, and careful investigative work-sometimes employing modern technology to help. They should not be solved by taking the easy ways out : to beat up suspects so that they would admit under duress, both physical and psychological.

Remember those old movies that showed innocent suspects succumbing to severe torture and admitting crimes that they did not commit. This is not justice but rather the most heinous crime that ccan be committed.

How much injustice has been done? How many innocent lives have been lost?

How can we call ourselves a civilised society to permit this sort of things happening?

What a shame!


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  1. klm
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 17:23:15

    Dr. Hsu. Do you know that Malaysia did not sign the UN accord on torture? Abu Kassim, the number 2 man in MACC was so proud that MACC investigators attended 6 months of training. I guess that was how they were trained. Shame.


  2. klm
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 17:25:54

    What do Koh Tsu Koon Have to say on the torture?


  3. ableedingmalaysian
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 17:37:19

    That’s not something unexpected of our MACC.

    Otherwise how could they be known as Umno’s partner-in-crime.

    Tell you what. Since we are in 1Malaysia, this Tanggavelu’s thing will be thrown out la. No big deal


  4. A true Malaysian
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 19:36:30

    What a shame, how can this happened?


  5. klm
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 20:37:22

    Have read about these moron MACC officers. They made police reports to say they did not torture Teoh.
    What a bunch of clowns. They should be in the circus.

    Good God! When can Malaysia stop making fools of itself. Clowns.


  6. Meng
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 21:30:49

    “”What a shame, how can this happened?””

    I don’t think they understand the word shame.

    I fear his life is in danger..??

    I have mentioned before if one is lacking in the technique or art of interrogation and educational background, brute force will be used..

    Education plays an important part. Most of our police man are of SPM or HSC or cukup makan degree for officers…how can a donkey outrun a horse. Pukul pukul mah


  7. Meng
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 21:49:38

    When a man see a voluptuous women so very alluring, he gets sexited and wants her in bed with him. He approaches her and trys to sweet talk in getting her. If this fails what else…force her, beat her up and rape her to satisfy his desire.

    Is this not what the MACC and police doing to the witness…

    Just clowing


  8. Fi-sha
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 21:57:00

    Dear Dr Hsu

    I hope you are in the best state of health.

    Seriously, i feel cheated. We condemned the brutalities of the Nazi, the Israel, the US Guantanamo Bay. Yet, in our own ‘backyard’, such cruelties happened without us noticing. After all the reports made, no actions has been taken.

    May truth prevails for adik BH Teoh and many more souls who have been denied justice.

    May God protect our Mr Siva and his loved ones during this difficult time.


  9. disgusted
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 23:06:48

    Well, Cows and Cars agency lodged a police report. Nowadays, police stations are like picnic destinations, anybody public accuses you of wrongdoings, go to the police station. It is a “Fab” factory, you know like bleaching powder, cleanse your body of dirt.

    Police stations are like stations of “truth” so uch so that even if you had committed wrongdoings, by going there and lodging a report, you will be perceived as the “angel” and of course, soothe your conscience. “See, I never did it.”

    And above all, police got nothing much to do except to receive complaints that someone blamed you. And no worries, the IO (investigative Officer) don’t need to follow up too, especially if the report is lodged by a politician, clean or tainted, no worries.

    Just remember, how many cases lodged by politicians are actually resolved or solve, more like “dissolved” over time, functions better than caustic acid….yes, unresolved reports and cases actually dissolve and disappear into thin air.

    So congratulations to this “wander-fool” culture of ours, and politicians love this…lodging police reports. Take a trip if you are bored…where? To the police stations of course.

    Tell them you don’t have RM10 million, or found a cow-head at your doorstep or whatever….that you didn’t lie or shit in your pants.

    Bravo to our new founded culture. I “pot you and you pot me, a pot pot here and a pot pot there”….don’t worry, this country is filled with police stations. Pick your choice.


  10. romerz
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 02:57:58

    Dr Hsu,

    You are doing a good job with your blog and for that I congratulate you. But is it enough?

    I learned today that OTK will be halted in his further revelations about the big heist of PKFZ. He will be sidelined or chopped before the egm can even take place.

    I learned that if the egm should take place, OTK will win and the UMNO goons can’t allow that to happen, hence the frantic activity now.

    Now that the MACC and PDRM has been ordered in by the cabinet, the mop-up squad will use all their powers to point their fingers at a few fall guys without revealing the extent of UMNO hands.

    And what does your party do? Zilch!

    I know you are a good man with lofty ideals but very soon, I may have to consider you enemy if you choose to take the line that you can do better from within. It cannot work when you have leadership hell bent on aligning themselves to the crooks for personal gains!

    Doc, we started out on the same foot, reasoning with KTK but to no avail. I have now gone over to the “right” side and urge you to do so as well. There is no saving Gerakan or BN. Evolution will destine them to be out of office by the next GE or the one after that, latest.

    The enemy of the state is UMNO and race politics of the big 3. Why do you and your party want to get embroiled in that if you truly have Malaysia and Malaysians at heart?

    Sorry Doc, we do not have much time left. 30% of our GDP s financed by oil money. The oil runs out in less than 14 years and the all important subsidies financed by the oil money will have to be revoked in 2 years when we become a net oil importer.

    The hungry and young urbanites (of all races) will not take this passively.

    Help us Doc, help us make this transition as swift as possible and without bloodshed. UMNO cannot survive without the your party giving it legitimacy!

    The crooks of UMNO would be long gone if not for the wimps of Gerakan and their racists partners!

    Sorry for being nasty but on what grounds can you make the above post you did? You are a Gerakan member and part of their CC. Gerakan is part of the BN which forms the government. The government have jurisdiction over the MACC, PDRM, and what not.

    The MACC screwed up and who let them? The government of which your party helped to keep in place which allowed such excesses!

    Sorry Doc, we are headed for troubling times and the politics sown by your BN partners leaves us no choice but to choose sides. We no longer have the luxury of being kind and fondness for old friends.

    Unless we purge UMNO from our midst, we may soon be at each other’s throats! I wouldn’t want to be pitted against you with your 6 foot frame and all!

    Dr Hsu, you know me and I wouldn’t have written such a scathing comment if I wasn’t madly angry!

    This is what sparked my anger tonight!




  11. Meng
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 08:37:50

    Great showmanship and fine display on the art how to cane genitals. MACC HQ should be on the tourism map. It should be included as a Itinerary for tourist arrival to see macc in actions. How about that???


  12. klm
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 09:45:15

    I agree with Meng. Turn MACC and Makaysia into a tourist destination. Ng Yen Yen should take this opportunity to make Malaysia a holiday destination for sadists and sex perverts with MACC as the main attraction.


  13. Yam Siap
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 10:13:00

    Mr. KLM what do you expect the backdoor minister will do. You can get the answer by going back to the incident where a Pg mamak tore his photos.


  14. Yam Siap
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 10:15:12

    To A True Malaysian Please take note that you are living in Bolihland man.


  15. ahoo
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 11:22:52

    To date there are 1806 death in custody since 2003 !!! What a record and maybe a guinness book of world record. Many times Malaysia achieve world record for the wrong reason. No wonder we don’t have to spend so much for advertising ourselves worldwide.

    Sane people of Malaysia, there is no more time for leisure as far as politics are concern. We need to educate all and sundry that this country need to be saved from those perpetrators of evil. Save this nation for our future generation. Educated our young ones to be registered to be eligible to vote and to vote only those who have our interest.


  16. Dr Hsu
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 11:48:29

    I thank you for your views and I would say that I share many of your thinkings as well as your stand.

    But as I see it, at the moment, there is actually no hurry for any of us to leave Gerakan, except those who wish to be an elected representative under opposition banner, since in my analysis, BN is going to lose (and that includes Gerakan ) in the next General election and the power to rule, which may be just 3 years away.

    As you have mentioned, within these 3 years, BN will still be ruling but time is running out. So we still need people pushing for whatever small change that we may get during these 3 years. We cannot let the country to rot without even trying to slow down a wee bit the rotting process.

    At the same time, once BN loses the next election, real change can be expected in Gerakan.

    As I see it, even MCA would change for the better and there might be a new realignment of forces , if BN loses the next election. True multiracial thinking will surface, and Gerakan would have no choice but to go back to its original ideals, if it loses the next G election.

    On the other hand, I ask myself, if I leave now, what can I contribute that can be more than what I do now? I for one, would not be joining any other parties, since I have told you and my readers many times that I am not a politician and would not go for any elected positions. So as an individual, what can I contribute which I cannot now?

    For your info, I have not attended any UMNo MCA or MIC function since 308. But as a Gerakan member , at least I can push my leaders to say something correct once a while, even though I cannot succeed in forcing them all the time…

    And their voice , even though heard once in a while, will be louder and more headlines grabbing than anyone of us can…For example, KTK mentioned about police must be fair and consistent… Our deputy CKY mentioned that government must get to the bottom of PKFZ… .Their voices get printed out in all media, main as well as electronic, and the impact is greater than if I voice out… It would not even get printed anywhere .

    There is no hurry precisely because BN is so weak now and I foresee it losing the next GE….Of course, in the meantime, I keep piling on pressure on our leaders to remind them that if they stay behind in BN, Gerakan would lose everyhting and perhaps would be left with one or 2 seats only after the next GE… ….Reminders that struck at the core of their hearts that they would be leading the party to its grave if they do not either leave BN or at least, while still inside , push as hard as possibe to get some small changes done in this 2 or 3 years when the big brother is still inpower.

    That is my role, it is not easy and i hope you understand. If you start attacking me- of course it is your right to do so- I would be facing criticisms from both sides, and it would make my role much much more difficult.c But I think I could withstand pressure from people outside my party as well as those inside trying to slaughter me, not because I have any ambitions, but because I choose to speak the truth and influence mindsets of those both in and outside the party.


  17. klm
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 12:36:05

    Romerz. I think Dr. Hsu has a point. Dr. Hsu as a member of Gerekan CC has more oomp! than Dr. Hsu as private medical doctor. That is where political views are concerned. We should let this matter lie until next election. Like the Chinese says, it is easier for Dr. Hsu to be a human being.

    Everybody! Give Koh Tsu Koon a kick in the butt.


  18. A true Malaysian
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 13:19:57

    I can feel romez’s frustration. It is like what I felt upon reading Dr. Hsu’s press statement over the death of TBH last month. How can we feel not frustrating if such nonsensical events keep on happening practically every day or past skeletons keep coming out from the closet.

    Come to think of this, frustration and anger are not confined to us readers of Dr. Hsu’s Forum, but to Dr. Hsu as well. Just imagine, if Dr. Hsu, because of frustration and anger, stop writing altogether, then, what will happen next? Who is be biggest beneficial? I think I do not need to be so direct here.

    Just like you, romerz, I have spoken up my mind how frustrating I was to see Dr. Hsu still with Gerakan. But, on second thought, frustration and anger will not bring us anywhere.

    It is undeniably, sincerity and universal truths of Dr. Hsu’s writings had convinced many of us here, as well as those mere readers, Umno and BN supporters and so on. Dr. Hsu has his flare in this, and if he decided to stop writing, that will be the greatest loss to Malaysia. We need thinkers like Dr. Hsu around, the more the merrier, the better, the more promising Malaysia will be.

    So long as we did not break any laws while commenting, I think we should continue airing our thoughts. Dr. Hsu’s Forum is one such platform we can use for this purpose. We have common aim here actually, that is to make Malaysia a better place for us, for all, and for our children.


  19. Meng
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 18:08:17

    Dr Hsu has stressed his point and the reasons for staying in gerakan, a decision many would not agree. He sees it as his rights to get Gerakan on to the right track which is a commendable effort and a huge task ahead.

    we should respect his decision whether we like it or not. He is a Gerakan man in the committee and has an extensive knowledge and better understanding of Gerakan members. Perhaps he may succeed in his pursuit of the change…never know.


  20. romerz
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 23:00:54

    Sorry Dr Hsu if I caused you distress with my comment.

    Earlier last evening I had attended the wake of one of my staff and met the husband of another staff member. He happens to be an office bearer in MCA Penang.

    Naturally our conversation revolved around politics, that is normal but what struck me as pure ignorance was when he said Kg Buah Pala was Lim Guan Eng’s fault since the transfer of ownership to the land occurred after LGE took office.

    Amazing! A local leader in MCA actually believes that!

    I tried to explain to him that the deal was struck under KTK’s watch and that LGE was obliged to honor the deal when the developer paid the last installment payment.

    I even gave him a simple analogy. I told him that if I sold him an item with payment over 5 installments and I died after receiving the 4th but before the 5th payment, my heirs would be obliged to hand over the item to him upon receipt of the 5th payment.

    They can’t annul the deal just because I died, that is if they want to honor my word.

    I was really shocked by his ignorance since I know him to be a good man and was wondering why such good men continue to remain in BN?

    I got home and starting abusing the bottle and got more angry as the evening progressed which led me to making that nasty comment here.

    Sorry again but no excuses for my behavior as I also know you to be a good man. I just wanted to lash out at anyone I deem as helping UMNO/BN survive.

    So so very sorry again doc. I do understand your position and hope that what I said will not affect our friendship.

    Take care doc. I guess we both have tasks to perform if we are to bring changes to the country for our future generations. You have your way and I have mine, so good luck to the both of us.


  21. Observant
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 00:26:33

    A slight detour,… The Three Brothers:

    Guan yu was epitomised as a righteous and loyal general canonised as Lord General Kuan after his death. He was much respected for his bravery and loyalty to Liu Bei although courted and given gifts by opposing side who admired his abilities and fine characters.

    Zhang fei was a fearless, brave but brash warrior whose weakness in wine affected his judgements time to time. He was killed by his own men because he treated his subordinates too harshly.

    Liu bei was the eldest of the 3 sworn brothers, a straw shoe maker by origin and because of his kind and benevolent nature managed to gather together a group of people who helped him to form Shu. He was ably assisted by advisor Zhuge liang although his faction was the smallest.


  22. Meng
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 10:19:15

    I have not been to the malaysian insider site for 5 days but to day I found:

    “”Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon has told off Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan and other senior officers for making statements which may be seen as prejudicing the inquest into the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock.”” (7 sept malaysian Insider)

    He has not mentioned on the torture proper but he has censured Ahmad for making remarks regarding suicides.

    I don’t like Koh because he is more handsome than I am,… but I have to say well done Koh and keep it up….give us more and show your true self…


  23. zzz
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 11:38:59


    what makes so sure that your friend is ignorance and not the other way around?

    surely, a deal can be annul if the contract is done in a bad faith. at least in u.s., if i bought a lemon car, the dealer has to take it back n refund all my money. besides, if you bought something with instalment plan, u already received the item at the beginning not after u paid all the debts.


  24. Dr Hsu
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 16:05:34


    there is nothing to apologise for.. You are a righteous person and am on a war path to try to correct the wrongs in the country.I admire your resolve.


  25. aca
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 00:07:17

    ask the state apparatus from judiciary to MACC whether they know how to spell the word “SHAME”.

    memang onion face, all these BN officials.


  26. romerz
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 02:27:27


    In the US, the judiciary is independent and held in high esteem. Not so in Malaysia.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Even if you want to annul a previously agreed to contract because of bad faith, you would still have to refer to a magistrate if the other party objects, and I believe that is universal for “democratic countries”.

    Unfortunately for us in Malaysia, we have no such recourse to an independent judiciary because the judiciary had been penetrated by the ruling elites and is not free nor fair.

    And there are many laws which allows the ruling bastards to put us behind bars for running foul of the law.

    Sorry zzz, on this you are mistaken!

    Doc, thanks for your understanding.


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