New Kid on the Block

A new party  is being formed in Malaysia. I do not know any of the registered committee members as well as  whether there is anyone behind this new party although there are speculations in the blogs, read here.

Some said this party belongs to one faction of the 2nd biggest component party which is now in a win-or-die party fight for survival. But the new party, let us call it Parti C, was registered in June 09, long before the dvd actor was chopped… Unless the dvd actor is a very good fortune teller, there is no way knowing that he would be kicked out. Of course, you can say it may be a contingency plan, but I would think that unlikely.

However, the forming of this party may be a contingency plan after all;  only the players behind may be different.

What I am writing below may be purely my conjecture, but do think about the possibilities.

Let us say that in a country there are 2 main parties vying to rule. One party, B, has been ruling for many years, but another one,party P, is coming on strong since many people are fed up with party B.

But as the Chinese saying goes,’ even a rotten ship would still have 3 kati of nails”. This party B, despite losing its popularity , still has sizeable support and also has the advantage of being the party in power, which enables it to have control over many state apparatus.

So for the next election, it would be a fifty fifty fight, with the slight advantage to the opposing party P at the moment.

But do not forget, some of those who support party P are not supporting them for what they stand for, but rather were fed up with party B. Since there is no other choice, they have to give their support to party P not because they like it, but because they dislike party B more than anything else. And so far, Party P has also not giving a sterling performance and is often embroiled in internal squabbles, and many of their supporters who have high expectations of it are beginning to start looking elsewhere.

This group is quite big, and many of the middle ground people belongs to this group.

So, if the new party C comes along and instead of 2 corner fight, there is a 3 corner fight, which party would draw away the support of this group of disgruntled middle grounders?

When you draw a cartoon figure, you do not need to draw the intestines, so i leave it to you to answer this question. If you do not get the right answer, you need to ask your friend to knock your head hard, to stimulate your sleeping brain cells.

Besides,I think there may be another function for party C.  Since many component parties  inside party B are having party fights , party C has another function: to absorb  those who lose in the party fights and prevent the losing factions from supporting Party P. 

So while Parti C is not exactly the third force, being the new kids on the block, it can serve as spoiler. And it is perfectly legitimate to do so, since there is no rule to disallow this .

Actually the secret of winning votes lies in the Confucian saying that ‘ to win   the right to rule, you must win the hearts of the people first”.

Parti P,  if they want to win,  needs to really buck up and improve their acts, and not quarrel over small matters, like who can sell beers and so on.By doing so, they can minimise their loss of votes to Party C, and gain even more support away from Party B.

 Parti B too can still have a chance if only they implement real reforms and not resorting to undemocratic tactics….

The balls are at their respective foot, and how they kick it will decide the ball game comes the next election.


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  1. disgusted
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 15:21:01

    Ong Tee Keat has been claiming behind closed door MCA briefing that his former deputy wanted to set up a new party as an alternative for political survival.

    And the Ong faction has engaged a group of cyber troopers on pay-roll on a smear campaign, attacking writers and commentators whom they think wrote or expressed pro-Chua Soi Lek sentiments.

    The cyber troopers is extensively linked, including dubious bloggers and web-sites even right up to certain highly paid executives in Star and also supervised by his “4th floor boys” including his close aides in the party headquarters and ministry.

    Like “red ants” these cowards write comments under anonymity attacking writers and opinion writers, even personally attacking them if they don’t write or express support for their political masters. All of them are on the pay-roll, some monitoring blogs, news web-sites.

    The initial objective to spin propaganda for Ong Tee Keat has now changed to a smear campaign as the fights intensifies towards the EGM.

    And suprisingly, Ong claimed to be a Buddhist, having two feng shui masters and having a voice of conscience is now playing a sleazy campaign at all cost to run down his opponent, Chua.

    To the extend that Ong innovated his 9th floor office space two times under two different feng shui masters, costing the party more than half a million ringgit to boost his political fortune. The top level meetings are held on the 6th floor instead of the 9th traditional floor due to his beliefs in feng shui.

    He is worse than Ong Ka Ting, another firm believer in feng shui.

    The “superman” as he is tagged is petty and narrow-minded as his detractors had accused him of making lies including accusing Chua of setting up a new political party. Naturally, the Parti Cinta Malaysia was the target of gossips and speculation.

    Like Ong’s accusation that Chua had cathoot with Tiong of a combined RM100 million, the so-called Buddhist leader till today cannot give hard evidence to back his accusations.

    So much for the voice of “conscience, brave and courage” this leader claimed himself to be.


  2. Kenny Gan
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 16:35:39

    The new party will not be a major player in the next general election. It takes many years for a party to get popular. PKR was formed in 1999 and did not do well in the next 2 elections (1999 & 2004) despite the Anwar factor. It only became mainstream after 10 years even with a charismatic leader with excellent political skills. For those without a charismatic leader, it may take forever.

    New parties outside BN usually flounder in the political wilderness. IPF and MUIP are examples. MMSP and Paham will join them. All these are Indian based parties. Even multi-racial parties like PSM have little mainstream support. In the 3 years to the next election, a new party will not have time to build up its power base.

    Politics in Malaysia is characterized by hard core supporters and fence sitters. There’s nothing much you can do to pull away hard core supporters. They will even vote for a party which puts up a disbarred lawyer. Hard core supporters are now aligned between BN and PR. The remaining fence sitters are not huge, maybe about 20- 25% of the electorate.

    A new party will only be able to woo some fence sitters. It will not be able to win any seat and this works against it. Malaysian voters are averse to wasting their vote on losers. Independents usually lose their deposits. The exception was Bukit Selambau where an independent won in 2008. But that was because the PKR candidate was disqualified leaving a straight fight between BN and the independent and the mood was against BN.

    A new party entering the next election will be treated as just another independent with no chance of winning. If the party is composed of ex-BN politicians, it will pull votes from BN rather than PR. However, its impact is likely to be minimal.


  3. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 17:37:56

    I commented before, and I am commenting now that votes for party P because of they hates party B is a well-designed spin by none other than a old goat, maybe this is applicable to members of parties within party B but definitely not rakyat without political affiliation like me.

    It is wrong to say party P has no calibre leaders. If you look carefully, there are more technocrats and professional within party P than party B. Administrative wise, they maybe lacking, but being righteous, cleaner and not corrupted, morally and financially are plus plus points for party P. A plus plus point for common rakyat and disgruntled members of party B to give their votes to. Party P learned its bitter lessons in Perak and gain administrative experience from the states under their rules.

    My advices to party P are :-

    a) get rid of its indisciplined members
    b) revamp civil servant to make them professional
    c) get more voters registered, no point barking here and there, they won’t listen to you. Votes are the ones scarred them most
    d) always remind yourselves of you are not represents only a specific races, but to all Malaysians.

    Come to think of the list of advices, they are actually applicable to party B as well. Take a step backward and look at the list. No one can help you except yourselves, party B. You have to help yourselves in order to survive next GE, if not, you got yourselves to be blamed, not the rakyat.

    For me, I vote party P not because I hate party B. Voters’ eyes are clear, some maybe long sighted or short sighted, but they are not blind.


  4. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 17:42:31


    “morally and financially not corrupted…”


  5. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 17:47:28

    Forget about party C, they are not going any where unless they consist of personnel like Dr. Hsu, romerz, Justin Choo, Meng and so on. Cilipadi also but he she not a Malaysian…. 🙂


  6. klm
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 18:47:29

    Question. How did this party C get approved super fast. Application was out in direct to Putrajaya.
    There must be something funny going on.


  7. Meng
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 20:42:30

    I agree with you Doc, how the ball is kicked?

    When party B has the ball at his feet, there are loud cheers and clapping, but when he kicks the ball, it goes left and right and never at all comes near the goal post.

    Whenever party P kicks the ball it goes straight goes into the goal post. ..followed by loud cheers. …Beautiful shots.

    Party C may not even know what a ball is…or how to kick it, hands ball most of the times and penalty shots to party P, walk over or red card..

    “even a rotten ship would still have 3 kati of nails””

    Agreed, but the nails have been corroded, rusty and can never be nailed into a plank. It would bend or break into two. Have to find new nails, really good ones made of steel to get the job done..Can party B find those nails unless they buy from party P.


  8. Meng
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 20:54:19

    Dr Hsu break time

    A true malaysian,

    I will vote you as the president of the party and we will kick the ball straight into the goal. Dr Hsu can be the coach, Line up forward KLM,disgusted, kenny Gan..wingers CYC and Frank, Romerz center half…..some of them have not turned up to be in the lineup. Imported player Cilipadi

    Don’t you think we make a great team with an experienced coach Dr Hsu.


  9. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 20:55:12

    This is one of the example that I quoted “disgruntled” members of party B,

    “Some expressed anger, saying that MIC would never change and that they might as well support the Pakatan Rakyat opposition.”….Malaysiakini


  10. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 20:58:06


    Good, good. Really good team. You left out Justin Choo, how can man.

    But, Dr. Hsu must agree to be the coach first….hahaha


  11. A true Malaysian
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 21:03:16

    Let’s give a name for the team,

    “Malaysian Dream Team”


  12. Kenny Gan
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 21:42:12

    Dr. M popularized the notion that many voters voted for PR not because they like PR but because they dislike BN but this is really a matter of semantics. There are no angels in politics and voters will choose the lesser devil. Whether they vote for party A because they like party A more or dislike party B more is pointless to dissect. The important thing is that one party has been preferred over another.

    It’s like saying a girl won a beauty contest not because she is prettier than the other girls but because the other girls are uglier than her. What’s the difference?


  13. disgusted
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 21:58:24

    The Superman is no longer the American hero in the Malaysian context. He is the Malaysian “s”uperman with small letter.

    He has thrown that accusation at his sacked deputy again in Sheraton Hotel, denying that he had said Chua was behind it. He said it behind closed briefings to many “Mana Cari Angpow” members.

    And when he is accused, he runs to the police station but he is free to slander and makes accusations. This is the only “cat” which won the 2008 general elections and looks like this cat is useless and should be discarded at the next GE.


  14. Meng
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 22:18:32

    Senility has caught up with DR M and often with foolish infatuations. ..Time to go.

    If one were to ask the ordinary voter on the ground who do you choose or vote for..2 choices::

    BN candidate with experience but corrupted.


    PR candidate no experience but honest.

    The most likely answer is PR candidate.

    The word Honesty is deeply inculcated in the minds of the ordinary voters…


  15. disgusted
    Sep 12, 2009 @ 23:17:22

    Superman has a team of Cyber troopers who called themselves professional journalists (with no ethics) who go beyond their duty to protect the political master as in Star publications.

    And Star is owned by Superman and he appointed Clement Hii who in turn, has selected some lap-dog journalists to rake charge as cyber troopers.

    It is believed those are Wong C W, Ng B L and Tommy L (special assistant to the CEO)

    These people demean and character assassinate bloggers, opinion writers and public members who make remarks siding CSL and his camp.


  16. cilipadi
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 10:18:07

    wow, imported player? I don’t mind, I can kick “balls”.

    Why you so interested in MCA now? Supporting C not O? Support immoral C? Not like you, m…

    siapa makan cili, “balls” rasa pedas


  17. Rhan
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 11:32:57

    If Superman kick out pornstar, not a bad thing. If in the progress of doing so, MCA is weaken, not a bad thing too by looking at the big picture and of course if unexpectedly turn strong and clean, well we shall congratulate each other. So what is the problem?

    Take a good rest in Sunday morning and cease preaching. Let enjoy the show.


  18. disgusted
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 14:55:34

    Cilipadi, Rhan is right as far as the bigger picture is concerned.

    Two of them should go and a new team takes place. But the defection will take place whichever faction wins anyway. Which is a bad thing, Pakatan should not be collecting garbage.

    Superman claims to be Buddhist but behaves more like a Mafia Godfather. Talks like one, sounds like one and really like one.


  19. Meng
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 18:15:38

    Supporting C not O?

    Support O balls get kicked. Support C can score many goals, can also change goal post.


    “”Party P…embroiled in internal squabbles, … supporters who have high expectations of it are beginning to start looking elsewhere.””

    I believe so, but when they start looking elsewhere, they will find the elsewhere have more problems, hidden grouses of disatisfaction and silent infighting for positions and attention…all in the name power and money. This is in Umno.

    UMNO giving an impression of stability but false or shaky and can never be solved. It arises periodically but doused with promises of back door contract..Oh Trengganu grouses please prolong it for a better showing. The DPM and the Keris tried but to no avail.

    PR embroiled in internal squabbles but healthy in is subjective and depends on how one looks at it. From Klang voters..The three with different ideologies must be seen to protect their respective domain. Shout ,bang and kick and ends with a handshake ..a beauty in sincerity of the three working as a team to consolidate their gain.

    MCA, MIC,PPP and gerakan all gone.

    Ya they tried to speak up on the cow head to gain some badly needed points but your guess is as good as mine.

    Instigation to make PKR and PAS to speak up,,did not succeed. Smart move and the burden falls on umno and with good uncle LKS the only spokesman digging away at Kerismuddin. Isn’t this a good tactical move?? Now umno has to carry the burden to Bagan Pinang.

    It looks like PR has a better understanding in reading and handling the emotions on the ground. Only intellectual politicians will be able to do this…the idiotic minister in the likes of Hishamuddin the silly home minister and the DPM have a long way to go…cannot even provide an intelligent answer to LKS…

    On DVD actor’s new party, welcome to join the others …MIUP,Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP), The Malaysian Makkal Sakti (People’s ) Kenny Gan has said it takes ten years… ten years to be on the road..


  20. Meng
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 19:01:31

    “”Since there is no other choice, they have to give their support to party P not because they like it, but because they dislike party B more than anything else””

    This is a favourite way of saying why they lost the 5 states in the last GE. It is rather subjective and one can argue till the cows come home. ..didn’t realise cows got home.

    In the first place why they dislike the party BN. If they dislike the party that means that party is not administrating them well. In other words they do not get a higher or a better livelihood across the board. The promises made every five years have come to naught and at a lost who else to turn to, to provide their need. It is human nature looking for greener pasture and PR could be the answer.

    PR politicians have been subjected to numerous cruel action by the security apparatus..arrest and imprisonment. Didn’t history showed us that leaders who were subjected to these treatment
    finally prevails and provide a better form of governance and security in the lives of her citizen.

    When released they still fight for what they believe in and this is the solid material in the politician that attract the voters. They did not fade away but stood their ground comes what may.
    Psychologically these politicians attract the voters and believe in their cause.

    It is not a matter of likes or dislike but a matter of principle the PR politicians fight for after going through such harsh conditions yet maintain their believe in their cause. Don’t you think this is beautiful in the likes of LKS, LGE and Anwar.

    PR is the answer.


  21. justice4otk
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 19:02:34

    Parti C, was registered in June 09, long before the dvd actor was chopped…

    The writing was already on the wall for him . Since the day he won in the last party elections , he was already planning for an egm to seize power . His target was to become the party president , that led him to label Chua Jui Meng as a spoiler when the later announced he was going for the presidency .

    In regards to certain issues posted here , regarding feng sui and the renovation of his office , it was widely circulated in emails to a lot of people . But that is another matter , the crux of the matter today is who we support the ” superstar ” or the ” pornstar ” . The rests like the emails , asking both to step down are all diversionary tactics employed by the supporters of the pornstar . Trying to create a new issue to talk about .

    On the engaging a group of cyber troopers , well this is war on every front including cyber warfare on the net .

    Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM )

    reg no : 116108 PPG

    Add : 31 Jalan Chain Ferry , Chai Leng Park 13700 Perai , Penang

    receipt No : 454031

    date of reg : 8/6/2009


  22. disgusted
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 20:56:02

    Justice for OTK, cyber trooper?

    Feng Shui, another matter? A leader who spent more than half a million on his political office suite, another matter? You think it is his grandfather’s office? It is the party members’ money. What justice Ong needed?

    Cyber troopers, on every front? I pity you, another lapdog on the pay roll? You are probably just another dog running to your master at the snap of his fingers.

    Your master is a shame to the Buddhist community.

    As far as many Malaysians are concerned, we don’t support neither the suffering-star and the porn star. Both can go to hell.


  23. disgusted
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 20:58:38

    Justice4OTK, please go elsewhere to sell your master. You are polluting this blog.


  24. fearless
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 22:27:44


    Obviously, you are CSL supporter whose actions based purely on emotions and hatred. You as a MCA member should stop your sabotaging comments which will only bring further damage to your party. You should instead sell and support your party strength and not the weaknesses. Your party strength are OTK who have the guts and determination to dig and expose PKFZ scandal. MCA weaknesses are the morally tinted deputy president. It will be foolish to reinstate him, putting him as your president will be even worst. Use your head to think who will be in better position to lead MCA in the 13th general election, the public is that stupid anymore to swallow what ever MCA thrown at them, that trend is over. They will dispose off MCA completely if you are adamant to do that. By now you should be wise to know most people support OTK reforms in MCA and I am certain that he is able to deliver.

    You are nothing but a disgrace to MCA.


  25. disgusted
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 22:40:48

    Fearless, Thanks for your advice. As a matter of fact, your judgement is wrong. I don’t support Dr Chua and I have said before he should gracefully exit the door. I am a disgrace to MCA? I am not a leader, only leaders can disgrace the party, if you have the brains for logic. I don’t give a shit to this party. It’s finished sooner than you think. I share with many Malaysians on a two-party system

    Don’t make assumptions, “obviously” is not that obvious. Emotions and hatred. Commentators here me well. So make try to be so smart, “fearless”, If you are so fearless, you would have used your name instead of anonymity.

    You are not that smart afterall, I know OTK more than you know yourself. That’s all I want to tell you. I reiterate, I don’t support both.


  26. disgusted
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 22:47:57


    The karmic force is spinning again on Saturday 19th in a few days time. Watch more shows! And the whole month is a karmic month.


  27. Meng
    Sep 13, 2009 @ 23:34:32

    With the new input of party C registered in june, does it ring a bell. ??

    Many months back there was a survey conducted by MCA on whether to pull out of BN or not. This survey has had silently hurt the feelings of big brother umno. In BN no matter how you’re friendly with one another,… but the words and perception thought out loudly or spoken out remains in their minds of umno. Suspicion has been created and will lingers on for a certain time frame and mca will be watched closely whether they can deliver or not.

    The same goes with Gerakan whose ground support also voiced out on the possibility of leaving BN.

    Don’t you think umno is not worried, certainly they have lost the strength of these two parties, their only hope of getting the chinese support.
    MCA and Gerakan did not deliver the votes required as shown in the first 6th by-election and later confirmed by the 7th.

    In my opinion …in as far as umno is concerned mca and gerakan are no more an asset but a liability…What do you do..get someone mah you can trust to form a new party hopefully to regain the chinese support….even though that someone with scandalous behaviour.

    Umno is threading finely not to intefere in the present MCA squabbles, if they do, whatever little support remaining with mca will be gone. Umno knows with 20% of chinese in a constituency…will be the ones calling the shot.

    The best bet to get a new party. But then this will not also work. The chinese support have gone to DAP and Keadilan. So what do you do as umno schemers…find ways and means to destabilise DAP. No matter how hard umno tries DAP is still the winner in the end.

    Superstar and porn king, both are clowns and not fit to lead the chinese. In all my trips north and south ppl talk of DAP. Even when I visited Singapore, the singaporean spoke good things on DAP and even made comparison with mca ministers. ..Touch on mca they laugh.

    Justice for OTK is a joke…might as well throw in the towel.

    Sorry if disjointed.. sunday night after a few beers


  28. Meng
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 00:28:22

    “”Your party strength are OTK who have the guts and determination to dig and expose PKFZ scandal.””

    Are you very sure that he is not creating a diversion or a smoke screen to cover up impending moves on the star kitty or scheme to enrich hinself. There is a write up somewhere in the net!!!

    “MCA weaknesses are the morally tinted deputy president.””

    Is there any difference …10 million and porn, both also tinted.

    If you say there is a difference or a variation, I also agree with you in that 10 million you enjoy with your family and friends. Porn you have the pleasure and enjoyment to your own self. Right!!

    Sometimes I wonder why there are chinese still supporting MCA. MCA is redundant or outdated in ideas nor can they give me a encouraging speech. Prior to the last GE, those mca clowns were still harping on the reoccurrences of 513 if BN looses. What bloody nonse …I had the pleasure of screwing them , making them looked silly.

    MCA has sold out the chinese for personal gain. Wake up before they get all the chinese slaughtered.


  29. disgusted
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 02:14:08

    Fearless and Justice4OTK,

    Both of you are typical of the cyber troopers on the pay roll. For weeks, running lapdogs like you both have been sending only one “stupid” and “mentally retarded” message that OTK is the hero and he is the only one who can expose PKFZ. And herein lies your “dog-tail.”

    We are not that stupid to buy your selling point. You can fool some people some of the time but all people all the time.

    Are suggesting all the BN component leaders are impotent including the UMNO leaders except OTK. I challenge OTK to make that statement publicly. He is after all another “dog” to UMNO just like you two, except he is the “top dog.” Did OTK so far cried other UMNO’s names involved except haunting Tiong King Sing and accusing cathooting Chua and Tion in toppling him. Where is the hard proof? He can run to the police stations everytime when someone accuses him but he can hide behind “closed door” breifing accusing others.

    If your retarded brains can understand intelligently what I am saying and not making judgement that every critic is against your master, maybe you can your true self.

    In fact, “fearless”, you are the one disgracing YOURSELF which is worse than what you accuses me “for disgracing my party” (quote) For your information, I don’t belong to any party, only to spirituality values. MCA is already a party bankrupt of morals and ethics just like the rest of them in BN.

    Anyway, OTK has a team of disgraceful cyber troopers linked to Star publications and supervised by his “4th floor lackeys” (remember the sleeping PM who had his) to do the dirty job and infecting all blogs, news webs. The team included his political secretary and a few executives. Never before has a president abused his powers in propaganda to this extreme, not even Ong Ka Ting.

    Double speak on press freedom and carrying a firm control on what and when to write to enhance his own image. I can understand people like Justice4OTK and Fearless has no need to use intelligence and wisdom, or have both of you prostituted your brains to a politician.

    But the warning lies here, may both of you reap the karma you deserve. So be it.


  30. disgusted
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 02:27:10

    To cyber dogs,

    Your time is near, better look for another job and continue your loyalty to new masters. OTK’s time is near too. I knew OTK was to be the president even before the party elections and OTK knew it too.

    I also know his end is near too. So don’t make personal judgement when you dogs don’t know the background. And stop polluting this blog.


  31. Meng
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 08:43:14

    “””that most people support OTK reforms in MCA “” is a sweeping statement, can you provide details on the reforms where and how reform are to be or were carried out, otherwise don’t bark and say he can deliver. Deliver what?? PKFZ…yes he was pressured to do so, as such not delivering in the true sense..

    Who support him, can you give more details.

    When you mention “”most people”” is a connotation or suggestion that nearly everyone or a majority in malaysia supports him. Please don’t joke…barking is the correct word.

    For visitors when you leave, please close the doors. Someone forgot to close the doors and two stray dogs came in looking for food, barking and tried to shit but were whacked and like good dogs ran back to their master.


  32. cilipadi
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 09:32:15

    Simple for me, MORALITY is my yardstick. Didn’t I say all these while MORALITY is very important in politics…..hahaha

    As a non-Malaysian, I see things clearer than you guys (or dogs if you think you are)… MCA, Gerakan, MIC are all no more relevant ….. because, MORALITY is not important to them.

    Monk, leave this mess if you can,…. I mean this dog fights…. When food supply is diminishing, dog fights

    When money supply is getting lesser and lesser…politicians fights…. same meaning

    MORALITY not important? That’s the price you pay, don’t blame cilipadi

    guys eat cili, dogs rasa pedas


  33. klm
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 11:01:07

    This is the month for the ghost in Chinese calendar. Some of the wandering ghosts are MCA members. They may be dead but their names are still in the membership list and hence they are still members.
    I am quite sure they will visit MCA headquarters and offices.

    Is this why there are so much trouble in MCA this month?


  34. ahoo
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 11:03:20

    Most politicians of the ruling regime are into politics to serve their masters, i.e umno and money ! Forget about them whether they are from Gerakan or MCA or MIC and whatnot. It is easier to find the needle in the haystack than to find one true and honest politicians from bn. The moment they acquire power and minister post, they start to see things differently. They thought that the people had givem them undivided blessings for them to wear a ” halo.”

    The only way we can save this nation from further harm and disaster is to change the regime. No two way about it and let the former be a watchdog and I am sure there will be check and balance. At the same time we are able to see more of the corrupt pratices being unfold daily with the expose of more of such files by the new govt. Let those corrupt politicians be publicly shame and sentence to spend their dying days in jail. Without taking such a drastic measure, this nation will not last long as with almost no new investors, drying oil fields, lesser resources, bigger civil forces etc.

    So prepare and play a part to usher in this changes for the future generation sake. We need new ideas and sincere politicians that are willing to sacrifice for the people NOT the people to suffer for the politicians as in the current case. How many more billions debt do we need to account for before we can see the truth ? Can you imagine people proposing the world’s longest bridge to Sumatra ? So that Malaysia can be the no.1 again for the wrong reason.

    Maybe they are real patriots of Malaysia by proposing such a grand plan BUT for sure they are eying the cash piles as they hatched such a plan without fearing that Sumatra is along the fault line with many earthquakes. Do they care for the people ? Change them before they bankrupt this nation with mashive debts for our children to come.


  35. ahoo
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 11:07:37

    sorry, typo : massive


  36. CYC
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 11:34:38


    OTK doesn’t represent the Buddhist community. The same applies to OKT, OKC KTK etc.

    Only those who put their heart and soul in Dhamma works and live their life upholding the 5 precepts may be regarded as Buddhist representative. This is my personal opinion which some of you may disagree.


  37. A true Malaysian
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 12:22:20


    While I agree with your analysis, I am not totally agreed fully. Consciously, we know MCA and Gerakan are unable to deliver Chinese Malaysian votes to Umno, and that DAP has the backing from Chinese Malaysian, it is important for us to be “colour blind” ourselves in our mindsets, because, Umno or BN can in turn accuse PR that DAP is of the role to attract Chinese Malaysian votes for PR.

    So, if look at this way, PR as a whole is not of any different to BN where each of the component party delivering votes of certain community and not Malaysians of all ethnics.

    It is time we throw away our mindsets that parties in PR attract votes of certain community and not from all Malaysians to gear towards multiracial politics that we all desire.

    This should be the direction we should go. Umno and its BN counterparts should do likewise if they still want to play a part in mainstream politics. Put it this way, they have no choice, but it is easy to say ….. doing so is another thing since they have been doing for so long ….52 years.

    Forget about MCA dog fights,….. Rakyat’s eyes are clear, they know what was and is happening to PKFZ even if no one is charged ultimately. The ball is at Umno’s feet.


  38. Rhan
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 12:31:20





  39. Meng
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 13:44:34

    A true malaysian

    Thank you for pointing out to me. Noted with sincerity. Got taken away….at times…


  40. TSH
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 14:13:14


    you claim you know OTK better than anyone?
    don’t kid me.

    do not criticize others for giving their opinion, as you yourself is not the ultimate judge of all matters.

    the truth shall prevail. mind you, what you say maybe wrong too.

    Other opine commentors,

    Be it BN or PR, as long as you’re in politics, they are bound to have corruptions.

    Everyone says PR is honest, BN is corrupt.
    I strongly believe anyone on power will be corrupt.
    don’t tell me when the day PR rule, they will not have any corruption.
    the essence here is to practice morality and transparency.

    Not forgetting human is born sinful, naturally they commit faults be it by intent or by accident. Corruption is somehow the devil’s honey, money temptation happens to living humans. No one is sinless by nature.

    Therefore, I strongly believe by practicing high morality and action done for the past years somehow or rather justify a person’s conduct is truthful or not. (BIG IF, not too sure myself)

    I strongly do not take sides, but by whatever means, peace comes first by not being judgmental.


  41. A true Malaysian
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 14:15:17

    😀 Welcome Meng

    Handling of PKFZ fiasco is what mattered. If this ‘baby’ is not handling with care, severity of it will be shown in future bye-elections, and longer term 13th GE.

    Gut feeling tell me, we will not see bottom-up of this fiasco …. that’s it. Votes in our hands are what matter.

    % of cake is fixed under BN formula. Who get what is fixed. Just that, they seem not aware the cake is shrinking…..funny but it’s real.

    Never mind, keep fighting O and C. O can be humpty-dumpty never fall (不倒翁), C can be tasteless kangkong belacan. It doesn’t matter, really, but still, fighting like dogs. Why?


  42. TSH
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 14:51:19

  43. disgusted
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 16:26:45


    While I agree that others can give opinions, don’t get personal. That someone said I was a disgrace to my party. I left the party upteem years ago.

    Who is being judgemental. When i SAID i KNOW SUPERMAN, it does not matter whether you believe it or not. The truth prevails. Do you know me? If not, what makes you think you are right too?

    Anyway, your believing it or not, is immaterial. I couldn’t care less.


  44. TSH
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 17:50:36

    fair enough=)


  45. justice4otk
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 21:06:12

    Call yourself a monk ?? must have got your robe stripped !
    While my statement was very mild compared to the ferocious comments hitting at me alling us cyber dogs ? What about you ? cyber pornstar monk ?
    You are nothing about a useless human being who cannot tolerate other people’s opinion and beliefs .

    Stop calling yourself a monk , but rather a frustrated and disgusted cyber pornstar monk inhibiting all this while in this blog . so you are not a cybertrooper ? Don’t kid me !


  46. justice4otk
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 21:08:11

    If we are cyber dogs , then you must also be a licking cyber pussy , meow , meow !!!


  47. fearless
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 22:26:38


    You only demonstrate yourself as a bogus monk that lie through one’s teeth and rage with vengeance rather then a person with spirituality values. Your comments speak volume.

    Keep your warning to yourself, you deserve more than us.


  48. fearless
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 22:27:18


    You learn fast from Tiong King Sing……


  49. justice4otk
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 23:01:34

    Sex bombed or Rise of MCA?

    What do you get when a wannabe blockbuster movie director deploys tired, rehashed dialogues and film in antagonisingly slow paced motion? Anybody interested in tired cinematography techniques? Would the eyelids be batting to stay awake if there is no sexing up with CGI to retain the attention of the young moviegoers? Don’t we seriously need a gung-ho hero and his sidekicks to inspire adulation from us voyeurists watchers?


    Undeniably, requests for reruns on the youtube for that movie featuring the unknowing star Mr CSL and Miss X actress have risen since Csl himself has been sacked from the venerable stable of famed movie house MCA.

    The current reruns caused much a dejavu moment for the legions of voyeurists who have already seen the show many a times in 2008.

    So enamoured were the many fans with the actor of the famed voyeurist show, that they are now attempting to re-live their connextion in real life with the star, the man.

    The many devoted fans are now coming out of the closet, to re-align with the star in attempt to reinstate his stalled career.

    The CSL fan club headed by the enthusiastic Tan Chai Ho and Loh Seng Kok as campaign coordinators are untiredly going around town to boost support for Mr Chua’s retention.

    The latest we heard from the CSL campaign team was that 921 fans will be jumping up high in the air to show their devotion to CSL.

    Hopefully, this will melt the MCA’s board of directors’ hearts and bend their minds to sign back CSL in time to star in the next movie blockbuster “General Election the 13th : Rise of MCA“

    P/S: I think I am in depression… must be suffering from serious withdrawal due to lousy films offerings in cinema circuit. Why can’t we have many movies like District 9? I crave for movies like District 9 – good for the brain and humanity. Love the Christopher Johnson character, what a real hero. I’ve watch it twice already in the cineplex, man.

    rest of articles :


  50. disgusted
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 00:30:03


    We know your blog. You r just another running dog. Better be a fake monk than a virus spreading shit. Venom? This is the only way to deal with a mosquito like you, You suck up to your hero. I wish your master well, cos he will be bomb anyway even if he wins the EGM, good riddance and the two party system will rid parasites like you. The scum of BN.


  51. disgusted
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 00:50:54


    What pissed me off is these ball-carriers are invading blogs and news sites. If they want to suck up their masters, talk on issues. And this jerk predicted Chua got about 400 signatures, running down with lies. I am not a supporter of Chua and I agree he should leave and retire early.

    But be balanced in your views. There is no smoke without fire. Allegations of RM10m is being investigated by CCID now but takes time. And this ball-carrier is spreading his propaganda around. Justice$OTK, if this jerk wants justice, go to Penang and help those squatters to get justice when their houses are being demolished. What justice is being denied to your suckerman? Justice my balls.


  52. disgusted
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 01:05:54

    KK, your father is a very nice man and I respect him. So stop disgracing him with your show.


  53. disgusted
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 02:18:28

    Dr Hsu,

    I apologise for squabbling in your house (blog) and you have been very tolerating which shows your character. I have been wrong too for being carried away being over protective of this blog (compared to many others) which provide intelligent and informative and interactive discussion (which is the sole objective). We should not take all these for granted. I am sorry.

    K or Justice4OTK, as a young lawyer, I understand your fire of idealism into supporting a leader at this time. I also apologise for getting carried away. I have walked your path before. Whatever it is, you have the right to believe in your political allegiance. I hope you will reap wisdom as you go along. And I should pay a visit to your office at Wisma Methodist too. I am sorry for my harsh words to the son of a friend, your father (name deleted)


  54. klm
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 12:03:06

    As long as someone can help take down CSL, Tan Chai Ho, Tiong King Singh ( Sarawak Singh is King) and all the corrupt rats in MCA is a good cat. So, why argue whether Justice4OTK is a black cat or white cat. There must be a priority. These rats are top of the list.

    As for OTK. He will be severely wounded after this fight. I am sure there are many sharks in MCA waiting to pound on him after this fight. But that is another story for another time.

    The focus should be on catching this crop of filthy rats.


  55. justice4otk
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 13:50:12

    Justice for OTK, cyber trooper?

    Feng Shui, another matter? A leader who spent more than half a million on his political office suite, another matter? You think it is his grandfather’s office? It is the party members’ money. What justice Ong needed?

    Cyber troopers, on every front? I pity you, another lapdog on the pay roll? You are probably just another dog running to your master at the snap of his fingers.

    Your master is a shame to the Buddhist community.

    As far as many Malaysians are concerned, we don’t support neither the suffering-star and the porn star. Both can go to hell.


    Call yourself righteous ? Disgusted ?

    You have offended bloggers who have called for the cleaning up process in all political parties , be it MCA , Gerakan , Umno , Dap PKR or what not and to those who have demanded transparency in whatever things they do .

    You have come across to me as a troublemaker which my contention and comment on the feng sui matter which I said many have receive it thru emails . That was good enough for you to explode like a 500 lbs C4 .

    Cyber trooper of not is none of your business as long as one can post their thoughts and their point of view . We don’t expect you to buy our opinions as one is entitled to ones opinion unless you don’t believe in the freedom of speech , opinion and democracy . I believe you practise autocratic rules where others opinion in not important only yours that matters .

    Your claims of half a million on his political office suite, another matter? is a farce ! Unless your info is given by those has beens supporters of the pornstar . What ever amount of money spent has been approved by the board , not only for the office but generally for the modification of the whole entire MCA premises including the front entrance which you have FAILED to mention .

    What about Ling LS and Ong Ka Ting who also spent money to renovate the MCA ? What have you got to say to that ? instead of picking your targets ?

    Further , whatever money spent by MCA is none of your concerned as it is not from taxpayers money nor from your contribution . Party members money ? How much do you pay a year for your subscription ? $2 a year ? We are not complaining , why should you ? Do you think the $2 ringgit only goes into the renovations ? Who pays for the administrative costs ? Hotels bills and lunches for every delegate attending the egm and agm ? Your grandfather ?

    Cyber troopers, on every front? I pity you, another lapdog on the pay roll?—- I don’t need your pity especially from lickers like you .

    I feel you need to apologize to Dr Hsu since he has also written an article in support of Ong Tee Keat . You have in a way also called him a lapdog on the payroll for his article Look at the larger Picture . Guess you are another dog hater , by the way I love dogs but not lickers !

    Your master is a shame to the Buddhist community. — Buddhist community ? or have your brains got confused with Taoism ? I do not wished to dwell into that matter cause if you are one it reflects badly on you , not my master . I think you will reap what you sow !!

    On other matters …And this jerk predicted Chua got about 400 signatures, running down with lies. I am not a supporter of Chua and I agree he should leave and retire early.

    Ever know the word ” predicted ” on the 400 signatures ?that I used ? What have you got to say about another lapdog Malaysian Insider which quoted they have 1200 signatures ? not forgetting another lapdog like Mkini .

    Running with lies— Can you prove I’m lying ? or for that matter what about the DAP govt promising the Kampong Buah pala residents that their kampong would not be torn down if they win and form the Govt ? So Lim Guan Eng and Anwar are both lying thru their teeth now that KBP has been demolished ! What have you got to say to that ?

    You must be another liar since you cannot prove that I’m lying ? A great one in fact !

    There is no smoke without fire. Allegations of RM10m is being investigated by CCID now but takes time. And this ball-carrier is spreading his propaganda around.

    What propaganda ? is being spread ? Or you have been paid by Tiong KS to spread his propaganda ? His Lies ? to attack anyone defending transparency ? and to those who expose the corrupt in PKFZ ? You seem like one of those .

    But the warning lies here, may both of you reap the karma you deserve. So be it.— That goes for you too !!!! One who calls himself a monk .. the karmic effect is exponentially very great .


  56. Dr Hsu
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 14:09:28

    All comementators,

    please refrain from getting personal.

    I can feel the heat on the above ‘discussion’ — and this discussion has become name calling– please do not do so..

    From now on, any comment on this issue that becomes in my view too personal will be takne down without any ore warning…

    Please reserve you energy to fight for a better Malaysia….. 😦


  57. Rhan
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 15:24:24

    To those that went through MCA party tussle of TKS and NYP era, idealism become a myth and painful experience. Anyone from the community who holds the belief that we make the right decision to support the 14 sacked members is deemed a “sohai” today. With sick fish being one from the 14 hero that conquest the throne and bring the party into a dog one with everything settle through money, the choice and sinking is both a tragic. But shall this be the reason we back away and live a peaceful life thereafter?

    My opinion is that we should give the youth an opportunity to choose and at the same time educate them what we went through. If a leader could provide a platform for the new generation to realise their dream, I think it is not a bad choice. As I said many times, a politician is merely a politician and the core ideology of politic is to gain power in the name of contribution to society. With this basic understanding, we should keep our role as one who could help to create a system that avoid the reliance on individual and find ways to restrict the leaders thirst of power, which I believe is the major weakness not limited to our community alone.

    Politic needs passion and idealism. Morality, ethics and sermon should adapt to the condition within the existing political frame and play by the similar set of rules apply to both BN and PR. We shall leave aside perfectionism and looking at the bigger picture. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that I have a grasp of where is the borderline and what is the desirable standard. In contrast, I would still prefer to rely on the mass perception as guideline but taking into consideration if there is a lack of full disclose information, or any bias due to personal factor. In short, we still have to make a choice ultimately.

    If one UMNO goon went through the same event as CSL and being elected as Vice President of UMNO, what image does the party and its member portray? Money politic come into mind right?

    To support OTK has nothing to do with where I come from, the reason is being a simple and straight one, to let the politician know what is my expectation of a leader. Better stop here, or else cilipadi might start his lecture again.

    Hsu, a little blaze is ok one la. Otherwise reading blog would become damn boring.


  58. cilipadi
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 17:34:39

    Someone here has changed. Good.

    What he (or she?) said this time is better than what he (or she?) sings.

    MORALITY standard maybe different for different people, environment, situation and so on. No fixed line, no fixed border, no fixed framework, so long as it is clear of one’s CONSCIENCE, then his or her MORALITY level is still tolerable, or I should say, still there.

    Ask O, is his conscience still there for what he had done or claimed to have done?

    Ask C, is his conscience still intact after cheating his wife and family for being a DVD actor?

    That is what I said, my yardstick is “MORALITY”, nothing but “MORALITY”.

    Most likely O & C answer “Yes” instead of “No”.

    I can’t help you to decide, MCA members. You decide, yours president, not mine.

    Haha, MCA should forgo the post of “Deputy President”. Both President or Deputy President never in good term, you look back, you know.

    None of my business, anyway.

    President makan cili, Deputy rasa pedas
    O makan cili, C rasa pedas


  59. justice4otk
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 17:42:22

    These are the names levelled at me by disgusted .

    a) another lapdog on the pay roll?

    b) You are probably just another dog

    c) running lapdogs like you both

    d) He ( OTK ) is after all another “dog” to UMNO just like you two, (calling someone who is unable to respond back )

    e) both of you prostituted your brains to a politician.

    f) And stop polluting this blog. ( this blog belongs to you disgusted ? )

    g) a mosquito like you,

    h) parasites like you. The scum of BN. me ? hahaha

    g) these ball-carriers are invading blogs and news sites — who’s invading who’s blog ?

    i) While I agree that others can give opinions, don’t get personal. — now lets see who’s getting personal , calling me all sorts of names ? double talk , typical of CSL’s supporters .

    j) Kevin or Justice4OTK — btw I’m not Kevin !

    Conclusion : make your own on what kind of education and background he comes from .

    Sad …must have a very bad and sad upbringing .

    Sorry Dr Hsu I need to respond to this ” disgusted ” name calling with dignity . I didn’t start the name calling . Tks for your understanding .


  60. cilipadi
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 18:02:57

    Think again, can have a few combination,

    O – Yes, C- Yes (mentioned above)
    O – Yes, C – No
    O – No, C – Yes
    O – No, C – No

    More complex, if don’t know, or not applicable, or don’t ask me are part of the combination above, typical of politicians

    Maths genius, tell them the answer, any formula?

    Yes makan cili, No rasa pedas


    *** Editor: Comment is now closed for this post.. to cool down the hot temperature.. thank you..


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