It is all in the genes

What I am going to tell you today is a true story.  Different versions of it has been acted out in different times; and it will still be played again and again as long as greed remains as one of the hallmarks of human traits.

This was the story of a tycoon, a very rich person but not much educated . His was a rag to riches story so common among those first generation tycoons.

Because most of his time were spent on building up his empire, he did not have much time for his children, and the bond between father and children wsa not very strong. His children were much better educated, many of them graduated from overseas universities.

Like all the Chinaman family, all the children worked in the father’s company, where each built up his/her own small fiefdom. There were lots of company politics , but as long as the old man was at the helms, there were undercurrents but none surfaced to be noticed by the old man.

One day, the old man was diagnosed to have end staged cancer, and was given a few months to live. Everything changed overnight. The children started to stab each other in the back, jostling to get the attention of the old man and tried to tell the old man that he or she was the best person to take over. None was bothered about the health of the father, and none was bothered about the future of the company and its thousands of workers…

The jostling was so intent that when the father became unconscious and comatose, none of the children spoke to each other and all trying to see the content of wills left with the family lawyer. None bothered about preparation for funeral and so on.

A similar scene to the above story is now being played out in one of the component parties..

 Even before the dust has settled from the EGM last Saturday, jostling has begun. The few so-called next-in-line started to tell the press that the next leader must be  from one of them , with some openly declared that they are ready to take over. SOme of the ex-‘Greats’ had joined in asking for fresh election so that  these supposedly retired politicians can come back, contest  and ‘save’ the party..

Dinners were arranged and intense trading has started, and new alliances being formed,  even before the head has declared his intention; even when the constitution has stated in no uncertain terms that he needs not resign constitutionally, since a sitting president can only be removed in a 2/3 majority.

I find the situation for the party almost hopeless and nauseating. I almost vomited blood when I read and heard about the horse-tradings that had started.. 

Power is intoxicating, like marijuana.. Once they have tasted power, these people simply would not put the party’s , community’s or national interests above their self interest.

 It is so obvious that everything they do now is about self interest. It is most nauseating that when everyone outside the party knows they are doing this for self interest, they ae still trying to project a ‘saviour ‘and ‘holier than thou’  image when talking in the media.

I wonder whether these people would be so heroic when it comes to fighting for the community or the country. Will they be as  hypocritical ‘heroic’ and be the first to come forward if  Malaysia is at war with another country and asks for volunteers to be deployed in the battlefields?

2 days ago,  I mentioned that a new leader might be able to patch things up, and prevent a major split. I am not so sure now looking at the jostlings. There will be a lot of leg pulling, as a result of which , new factions will be created, new enemies made, and whoever goes up will not be commanding enough to prevent factional infighting.

The self  serving culture has been so ingrained in the party , it is like a  dominant gene. The gene is passed from one generation to another and with every generation, it is manifested and no one can escape from tis effects.

This is the sad fact facing the party, and like genetic disorders, there  is really no hope of a cure!


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  1. frank
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 12:11:08

    I see a bunch of hyenas being lured into chasing after some skeletons with some remnant of dead meat attached! The one up the tree behind the lush leaves is a tainted shit (in Bahasa, najis) and a bunch of old dogs beneath his sarong!

    Knowing that the skeletons belong to their siblings, the hyenas keep fighting and jostling amongst themselves, just to make sure they snatch the big bones from the others! This is the typical wild life phenomenon, and MCA is the stage for the wild life circus show!

    Shall we call them – the great Malaysian Circus Auditorium?! If Mana Cari Angpow would be a childish jest, how about this???!


  2. cilipadi
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 14:52:33

    Dr. Hsu,

    The story tells us “MORALITY” is so important. In this case of the family and MCA (Malaysian Chicken Assholes).

    These people can look franks but actually immoral.

    MORALITY is very IMPORTANT in politics. Not all people are frank enough to agree. Except a few commentators that I admire, frankly.

    I am “disgusted” with what’s going on in Malaysia. Malaysian politicians never fail to amaze me. I am frank enough to say this.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas


  3. klm
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 14:59:24

    A very good parable. But it is like casting pearls amongst swine. MCA people would not appreciate this wisdom.

    I agree with you that MCA is beyond cure. No amount of zap cannot remove the cancerous genes. Not only are some of its past leaders and the present leaders unfit – fighting for the scrap before the chief is dead, its memberships as represented by the central delegates are hopelessly self interest and corrupt lot.

    In other words, MCA is rotten from the beam to the floor. No medicine can provide a cure.

    It is open shooting season in MCA. Feel free to back stab. No hunting license is needed.

    May the worst one win, as only the worst of the lot can win. A nice person would not survive a second in this dog eat dog time. That is why as voters, we have to write MCA off.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 15:27:26

    if OTK resigns, and LTL becomes the new president, he is from Bentong where the previous Transport minsiter CKC is from… So PKFZ investigation will be dead..

    Wee KS wold be the next minister, and he and TKS were buddies, (comapratively, Huan only works for TKS, but this WKS is buddy).

    The whole chinese community wants OTK to win, but for the small number of third force, he was force out… Also sabotaged by his no. 2 and no.3 in his camp…

    In hindsight, OTK should not have accepted the first resolution to be voted in the EGM.. Insitead the resolution should be worded to vote for a vote of no confidence on the whole CC.. Then perhaps, his mahchai would not sabotage the boss behind his back…


    morality is important , no doubt about that.. The whole scenerio is being played out because the whole bunch of people have no morality…


  5. klm
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:02:55

    There is no doubt TKS is trying very hard to keep OTK out. OTK is not fully out yet. TKS has yet to get his return on investment. I heard some got paid 30k RM for the vote. Many people will be pushing for TKS to nail this thing, e.g. CKC, whose neck is already on the chopping block. I think he is taking a deep breath now.

    If it is between LTL and KCH, then my money is on the person who can kow tim for TKS, i.e, LTL. If KCH dont play ball, some of his past activities may be made public — that kind of thing. I dont think KCH is that clean. TKS can make life difficult for him.

    TKS have people in many of the agencies. It took people quite some effort to push the seizures of his planes through, over some objections.


  6. klm
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:07:21

    cilipadi. This is the age of the immorals. The fierce and violent will rule the earth. The meek shall inherit it only on judgement day. If we cannot beat them, do we join them. Maybe you can ponder on this. 🙂


  7. Kongkor
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:33:24

    Dr Hsu,

    I supposed the same can be said for Gerakan too. The perception that I have is that Gerakan is also a “has been” party. Don’t you think so?


  8. Dr Hsu
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:51:15

    there is a slight differece, but perhaps you all can call the difference ’50 steps laughing at 100′. The fight is not as vicious, and the factions are not so well defined.. They always abide by the so called Port Dickson spirits and ‘try’ to close ranks after a fight, at least publicly lah…

    Port Dickson spirits refered to 1980 when Lim KY fought with Paul Leong for the president post. AFter beating Paul Leong, Lim KY nominated Paul as his deputy and the factions closed ranks…at least publicly.. We never know what goes inside their minds but outwardly , everyone supported everyone else…Lim KY always cited this Port Dickson spirits everytime there is a fight in the party, and thus a culture of port dickson spirits prevails in Gerakan, close ranks after a fight..

    Comparatively, it is a much better party.. Other wise, people like me who talk straight to the top leaders would not be able to survive one minute.

    The members are mostly volunteers and not involved in any kangdao, that is the main difference.

    In fact, it should have gone out as a third force. People voted for Paktan because of the hatred towards BN.. and for those who do not like either BN and pakatan, a small proportion of people, they can choose a third force. ANd as a third force, it can support wihicever side that is cleaner and better to the people.. Like in Germany.. The Free democrats controled about 10% of votes but they can make or break any coalition government… BOth sides have to court it to form coalition government, and even as minority government , it can still rule with support from the smaller parties.

    BUt i agree with you that it will become a ‘has been ‘ party if nothing is done to change its direction.


  9. Atila
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:57:18

    The world is 4Billion years old?
    She is old.

    Petroleum will exhaust by 2060.
    Whats the next alternative fossile fuel?

    Humans in the crusade called Civilisations, Development, Modernization,
    “Pembangunan “Kemajuan”….
    has dug the soils,
    hacked the trees,
    mined the hills mountains and underground,
    polluted the land air and sea,
    competitively do bomb testing and war w DU238 heartless of genetics consequences in human and animals,
    killed animals for quick cash,
    one by one species of animals became extinct and the list continues,

    Today, too many signs of “tanda tanda awal
    & permulaan akhir Qiamats” has been shown.

    Including immorals, violence, etc.

    I dont want to condemn the immorals too much.
    We live in this world once, we do our best
    for our Lives now for After Life.

    In the context of Malaysian politics, all has happened & happening in some parts of the world, either clearly or discreetly. Nothing amazes me.

    We, the Malaysians who are not cash rich to migrate, have to struggle do our best.


  10. Atila
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 16:58:58

    Dr. Hsu
    I like your story above.
    Its the reality. Thanks.


  11. cilipadi
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 18:07:11


    “This is the age of the immorals”. You want your children to be one of the immorals, frankly?

    To be frank, I don’t. Someone needs to stop the cycle of immoral. It has to be us, if we are in this cycle.

    MCA’s cycle of immoral will not stop there. If OTK can stop this cycle, let him continue President post. He doesn’t needs to resign.

    Haha, too many frank, frank & frank. Nice word.

    LTL makan cili, KCH rasa pedas


  12. frank
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 18:30:14

    OTK is one which had been seen as the only one after decades who could bring about the closer relationship between the Chinese community and MCA, after George Tan KS, who succeeded Lee San Choon.

    Likewise, Ong was immediately grubbed up from the root just like his predecessor George Tan was singled out to face the life of an inmate in the jail of Sing, upon letting his Umno master realized that as threat, the solidarity of Chinese community all together with the MCA members he’s about to succeed in accomplishing.

    Who are the black hands behind the plotted putsch of MCA? It goes without saying! The worms are rolling out from the can, the Ong brothers, together with the former mentor, and the many old dogs are now one by one surfacing to bark at the tree….

    The morally corrupted Chua is still not giving up yet. In his fantasy, he belongs to the same randy creeps, both he and the big banana from Umno can form a club, and continue to jolly!

    As to what is the dignity of the Party, the future of the community, as long as there is doll, there is a reason for him to sweep all these as rubbish under the thick carpet! After all, what is more important than his self-interests, and the prosperity of his own family!

    And the worms in the diarrhea are the brainless members!……

    Come next GE, MCA will be reduced to a name in the history!


  13. Atila
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 18:49:43

    can anyone stop the act of immorals in a political party, organization, etc?


  14. A Single Vote
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 19:28:38

    Dr Hsu,

    May I say a few words towards your “third force” that you wanted Gerakan to be.

    It is fair that a great guy like you, one who is ready to defend your principles and speak up against any wrong, be a third force. We are behind you on that.

    However, when we look at the other members, majority of Gerakan, the way they kowtow to thieves and looters of our nation, even you can not grudge the rakyat for not accepting these people. You know most of them and may be able to even vouch for some of them but their mere association with these thieves and not speaking up means they condone these despicable acts.

    During the announcement of candidacy of the veteran of corruption in the recent by-election, the leader of Gerakan was jostling together with the leader the MCA, to get to the front line in Bagan Pinang so that the camera can get them. They were fighting to get to the front so that they can be seen to be supportive of this tainted candidate. We were watching the TV at home and even my wife commented how digusting the sight was. I thought it was disgraceful.

    We are sorry, Dr Hsu, it is not that we do not trust Gerakan, it is the party that continue to tell us not to trust it.


  15. Dr Hsu
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 19:46:25

    A single vote,

    Unfortnately, what you said about the jostling for photo is very true and you are not the only one telling me.. A few others, including our own members, told me that they are disgusted with that.

    I didnt see that on TV and I didnt go to Bagan Pinang, my opinion was already well known in my post, “winning the penny and losing the pound’, which was published in MI and which was emailed to a few hundred Gerakan members (those that I managed to get their emails).

    HOw people can go to so low as to fight to be near the PM so that their faces can appear on TVs?I really do not understand… Too many years of power politics change some people, that is what I can conclude.

    Power changes a person, really.. I have seen how people change once they become YBs, and that is even true for some of the opposition YBs as well…

    That is why it will do a lot of good to Gerakan if it goes out of BN and has no government positions, and be a oppostiotn again. We can then build up a cadre core of memebrs based on ideology and not on kangdao.
    I am sure if Gerakan opts out, many kangdao seekers will leave the party and join PPP and MCA , because they see there will have no more kangdaos, and that is the time to see the real Gerakanists surface, I like to quote Tun Lim Chong EU, he won the 69 elections with only 300 cadres… real Gerakanists, some of them are still around in Gerakan’s life council ( in their 80’s and 70s) , and these veterans are faithful Gerakanists, and will have no qualms to see Gerakan as a third force.. … I am overtly idealistic, you may say, but who knows, in Malaysia, anything can happen…


  16. A true Malaysian
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 20:31:56

    I think everyone of us should always recall our own humble past so as not to succumb to new found wealth or position, to an extent become immoral.

    A quote posted in Justin Choo’s blog is so true,

    “Plenty of kind, decent, caring people have no religious beliefs, and they act out of the goodness of their hearts. Conversely, plenty of people who profess to be religious, even those who worship regularly, show no particular interest in the world beyond themselves. -John Danforth, priest, ambassador, senator (b. 1936) ”

    The politicians, both in BN and PR, should read this and ask themselves “am I like that?”

    Please don’t ask what religion John Danforth profess. It’s not relevant. His thought is what matters.


  17. Meng
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 21:12:15

    Suggestion… invite warner bros or Hongkong movie makers here to make a movie out of the MCA power it what ever names they see fit. CSL standing lollipopping as introductory. Resigned , made a come back, pkftz. and the present infighting. Good story line. Best seller you never know…satirical


    What about CSL becoming the President and NYY the deputy. Don’t you think they make a good team…Randy CSL and the big mouth NYY…


  18. KB
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 00:27:24

    The jostling is expected from MCA warlords. They are the type of people who join MCA for one reason and it’s not to serve the public.

    However there is nothing to stop OTK from resigning on condition that new elections are held and then contesting the election for the President’s post again.

    However Umno seems to want him out and Umno is not to be taken lightly. But if OTK is determined he could stand up to Umno on this.


  19. Meng
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 01:02:13

    “”But if OTK is determined he could stand up to Umno on this.””

    Two choices, either go to jail because of the 10 million,… macc waiting for instructions or withdraw with promises no action on the 10 million.

    If no proof of the 10 million and if he decides to stay on, umno will create problems and push mca into the corner and eventually he has to withdraw.
    This is bad … reminder of the old days.

    BUT what is the point of becoming a leader of a party that is dying or half dead and will be buried in the next GE. Their interest are on the MCA funds and property..big money there!!


  20. Observant
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 02:25:45

    The problem with OTK is that he has shot his own feet by burning his bridge before he crossed it.

    Although a much better person than CSL to hold the presidency of MCA, he shut his own option by openly stating that he and the president council would resign if the delegates f MCA voted against him in the EGM. As a matter of principle and because the delegates has spoken, he should uphold his words for a gentleman`s word is worth his weight in gold.

    OKT has his strong points and his shortcomings. He would have to understand that being a lone ranger cannot complement his role as the President of MCA. HE must be careful not to antagonise to many people or to overtrust his friends for in politics, friends can turned up to be foes and otherwise. We would have to commend his bravery and righteousness in opening up the PKFTZ report but to what extent if he managed to starve off CSL challenge?

    IF OTK is sincere and genuine, he can always make a comeback after learning from failure and defeat. Defeat can be a stepping stone to a more lasting success if we learn and become a better person after we identified our mistakes.


  21. serendipity hopeful
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 06:07:07

    Doc, we see it as disgusting but these people see it as normal.

    No need for us to waste our time on them.


  22. Justin Choo
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 10:40:36

    Dr Hsu,

    I concur with serendipity hopeful.

    That’s why I didn’t comment at all, so far.


  23. Dr Hsu
    Oct 14, 2009 @ 11:20:36

    Whenever a new person in power is trying to reform a corrupt culture, he will step on the toes of a lot of people and antagonise a lot of members. Only those who follow status quo and smiles all the time to memebrs can get support, but this admicable person would not be able to change warlord culture. OTK is of the former.

    So it is inevitable that he was pushed out… Only thing he made a blunder himself by not being careful about those around him. As an incumbent, he has a lot of advantage,s including rephrasing the resolutions so as to deny any so called third force any opportunity.

    Unfortunately, he is overconfident and he has an inexperienced Sec Gen who should have bargained hard for the phrasing of the resolutions. They are holding the chips and not CSL during the negotiation phase.

    I equate him with the Minister in Sung Dynasty, Huang An shi, who tred to introduced reforms all over the country but in the end, everyone is against him and pushed him out…since his reforms touched almost every court officials and even county officials… No one liked that..

    Even in the setting up of ICAC in Hong Kong, during the initial phase, the police and all other enforcememnt departments went to the streets and threatened to go on strike, and in the end the authority have to give amnesty to everyone (almost everyone was corrupt at that time in Hong Kong) and promised there would be no witch hunt, and only corruptions after a certain date would be considered an offense, and those committed before that date would be forgiven..

    That calmed the police down and slowly, corruption disappears.

    This tells us that to reform, you need to have those whom you are trying to reform to be with you. Unless you are like Mao with his gun barrels, reforms can only be introduced in stages, and human nature is such that no one likes overnight drastic changes.. Especially when one’s livelihood is involved, they will fight toe to nail with anyone who is trying to take their livelihood away.

    I have always advised young people wishing to go into politics to study history, especially Chinese history over the last 2000 years, and one can gain a lot of insight and wisdom from the history..

    BUt please do not learn the ruthless and cruel ways in which the politicians shut off and killed their opponents. Learn the history so as to equip yourself to shield the arrows , but not use the methods to kill off your opponents..

    OTK is a master of chinese history, unfortunately, he has trusted those around him too much; I heard that he has his own sets of 4th floor boys who antagonised lots of party veterans.. 4th floor boys are paid staff and they have no patience and do ot show respect to the elders.. And human nature again that those elders who were slighted would not forgive OTK…After all, when they feel slightly over a small matter (like forgotten to address their titles), they place their self interest (not give ‘face’ to them) over that of party, community and country… That is how the elders in any party operate… They get angry over small slights, and even you do great things for the party and community, they will always remain your enemies.. Those who slapped their shoulders, buy them drinks, even if they are opportunists, the elders will still support them..

    Sigh! Good person does not last in politics…

    Just a few years watching from the sidelines, near the corridor of power, I have seen enough to not want to be a politician… Just a social political volunteer, to give some views…From eunuch politics, leash-holding politics, divide and rule, stab in the back, poison arrows, taking away the plank after crossing the bridge, ‘dog’ politics, open file politics and so on., horse tradings (I suspect, maybe even wife can also trad), sifu trading…etc etc… I can write a book on that… the Arts of the politics perhaps…

    wow, stop now, this is even more ‘cheong hei’ (long winded) than a post… 🙂

    ps.. i have decided to post this comment as a new post.. for the benefits of those who do not read comments


  24. BabaNyonya
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 10:50:37

    Dr Hsu,

    Since you’re interested in how we rank internationally, here’s another one for you:

    M’sia is 50 out of 172. Unfortunately the little red dot has beaten us again, with Lee Hsien Loong coming in at No. 16.

    This of course is not a fair comparison. It should be PM against PM. They should have used Najib. On second thoughts maybe not….


  25. Dr Hsu
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 11:16:39

    Thanks for the list.. Interesting!!

    I didnt know Ukraine PM is so hot!!


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