Happy Deepavali

I wish all my Hindu readers and friends a very Happy Deepavali:




Deepavali is the festival of light. I am a small candle, so Deepavali has a special significance to me…

Just to side track, yesterday, I received a greeting card from a Malay Doctor , a specialist attached to Prince Court Hospital, whom I have never met, and who must  have got my name and addresses from database of some drug companies. The greeting card wishes me a very Happy Deepavali.

Those who have not met me would think that I am Indian judging from my name, which sounds like “Sundaran” an Indian name.. BUt  even though I am not Indian, I am not a wee bit offended since to me , all races are the same , and we actually come from the same ancester….I am in fact honoured to be ragarded as as Indian , or Chinese, or Kadazans, or Malays (even though by constitution, I am not qualified). Best of all, regard me as a Malaysian.

Race and colour difference are due to genetic changes to adapt to the different environments that we are in.. Open up our bell, everything is the same..And 99.9% of our genes are similar.

So  we should regards ourselves as Malays, Indians, Kadazans, Chinese, Ibans and celebrate all the festivals..IN that way, we become a true Malaysian… Do not let the politicians divide us…

All men are brothers and sisters!!


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  1. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 22:36:48

    Happy Holidays Dr. Hsu!!


  2. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 23:05:08

    Dr. Hsu,

    You wanna be a Malay, you can, hahaha. But, I think you rather be a Malaysian. You are “A true Malaysian”.

    Happy Deepavali, Dr. Darren Hsu @ Sundaren Hsu


  3. Meng
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 23:12:01

    The rich ones celebrate, what about the poor and hungry. To them it is just another day fighting to survive and to care for their children. One who has not experienced poverty would not know the feelings of the poor during festive seasons.!!!

    Dr Hsu and the rest Happy Deepavali.


  4. cilipadi
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 23:22:02

    Hindus are people that like “chillies”. Lots of cilipadi in their recipes.

    cilipadi wishing all fed with cilipadi before,



  5. spot red
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 15:15:43

    Happy Deepavali to all who manage to celedrate..

    The pressure of the current poor economy have make many many not even manage to have a smile in a day…

    spot red seeing red everywhere!


  6. disgusted
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 20:28:10


    Don’t forget me, I love Cilipadi(s) and I can’t live without it. I was in Sri Lanka and India, cillies everyday. I frequent Indian restaurants and Malay stalls hunting for hot spicy cillies outlets.

    Happy Cilli-vali


  7. frank
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 20:51:12

    Hi meng,

    Cheers up!

    I can understand your sentimental mawkish feeling reminiscent to the past poverty just like it happened yesterday! Nevertheless, life has to go on, and amid this feeble economy, lets wish everybody here —

    ‘Happy Deepavali’!

    I have no celebration whatsoever but happy to have gained 2 days holidays to rest my very throbbing heart!

    Festival of Light???..Have we seen any beacon of light yet???!


  8. Meng
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 22:35:23

    Hi Frank

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    To see the beacon of light..try meditation, perhaps you will see the beauty of “Lights”


  9. Clarence
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 08:50:36

    There is a saying, “Why curse the darkness when you can light a candle”.

    Dr. Hsu, you are a very bright candle illuminating us with viewpoints and ideas that dispel the evil darkness that has enveloped the social-political scene in Malaysia like a curse.

    Now, more than ever, we need more candles like you to enlighten and empower us with a keener sense of political awareness so that together we can fight to allow good to triumph over evil.

    Some years ago, when I first saw your name and articles in Malaysiakini, I thought the writer (you) had chosen a very pompous sounding pseudonym. “Dar Ren” sounds like “big man”, “V.I.P”, or “high official” in Mandarin. I thought the writer must be vain and have a big ego to choose such a pseudonym.

    Later on, when I discovered your blog, I realized it was indeed your real name. And, I found that your writings truly reflect the great person that you are – wise, intelligent, open-minded, thoughtful, compassionate, ego-less, and a great humanitarian. Your parents chose for you a very good name, and you certainly live up to it.

    If you ever consider adopting a Western name, you have already gotten it by default – Darren. In Western society, your name will appear as “Dar Ren Hsu” since people there place their surnames last. You will simply be known as Dr. Darren Hsu. So, whether in the East or the West, your name is highly versatile and compatible. Lucky you!

    Somehow, when I ponder your name, my mind conjures up Shakespeare’s famous quote: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

    Happy Deepavali to you and all your readers.


  10. Justin Choo
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 12:06:17

    Dar Ren is indeed a very fortunate person, with very good past kamma generating all the good and noble qualities of a human being. And as a bonus, handsome physical stature to boot.

    Not only he was born with such BIG name, his initials already said that he IS a DR (Dar Ren) once born.

    I am a firm believer of the the Buddhist concept of Kamma. Some are born brilliant, while many are born to be evil! SIGH!


  11. spot red
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 12:16:05

    Hi Clarence,

    [ In Western society, your name will appear as “Dar Ren Hsu” ]

    I hate the western society trying to rearrange our oriental way of name to westernise it!


    Say my name is Tan Chin Leong

    Go Western once it will be Chin Leong Tan

    Go western twice it will be Leong Tan Chin

    and I am being adress as Mr. Tan, sometime as Mr. Chin and even as Mr. Leong. What a big mess isn’t it?

    How I wish they can just accept the way our name is and never try to westernise it.

    Please don’t play the role of my father to try to re-arrangement my name. Can we tell the westerner never to rearrangement our name to suit them?
    Just accept the way our name is!

    That badminton player name is Lin Dan or Dan Lin… His name was seldom pronouce as Dan Lin by the commentator over the TV!

    It was Lin Dan all the way.

    spot red


  12. Peter Sng
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 14:17:24

    Deepavali or Diwali means “LIGHT over Darkness, GOOD triumph over Evil”.


  13. Meng
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 15:18:28

    “”All men are brothers and sisters!!””

    Take away religion the statement is correct.

    With religion included, they are enemies..mass murder and killings without end.

    Religion has destroyed brothers and sisters!!!


  14. A true Malaysian
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 19:42:34

    Read the below. It seems RPK having the same idea as me on DAP,:-

    I spoke to Zaid about the possibility of him leaving Umno and, together with a group of, say, 10 or 20 Malay academicians and intellectuals, joining DAP. My wife and those from the civil society movements agreed and thought it was a good idea.

    “Why DAP?” he asked. “I would have thought you would ask me to join PKR.”

    “Not PKR,” I replied. “DAP. PKR is a Malay-based party so you and the 10 or 20 other Malays would just be more Malays amongst so many Malays. I think you should join DAP. DAP is perceived as a Chinese party. As much as DAP tries to shed its Chinese image it is not easy. So, if a group of 10 or 20 Malay intellectuals led by you join DAP, then you might be able to help DAP change its image from a Chinese party to a more multi-racial party. In fact, we should not even be using the term ‘multi-racial party’. We should use the term ‘non-race-based party’. Multi-racial is still racial, only that it is multi-racial. Non-race-based would be more what we would like to see.”



  15. A true Malaysian
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 20:07:00

    I must say, I have very much the same thinking with RPK.

    As I said before, within PKR, there are still quite thick Umno mentality amongst its members. Such kind of mentality should be discarded if PKR want to play its role in balancing PAS and DAP.

    If PKR failed in this role, then DAP needs to work doubly hard to convince Malaysians, especially the Malays that DAP is a true blue multiracial party, or should I adopt RPK’s contention, a non-race-based party.

    A lot of Malaysians, not only the Malays, and especially Penangites, still think that DAP is a Chinese party.

    What are you guys’ thinking? Dr. Hsu, may I have your view on this?


  16. Atila
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 22:42:28

    A True Malaysian

    Stigmatism of a Malay towards DAP is “communist & anti-Islam”.

    When the stupid Jeff Ooi had made remarks on JIM, the “communist anti-Islam” is seen as
    real of DAP.

    Its difficult to shed “communist anti Islam” image of DAP has unless its YB YB change their approach seriously by understand “apa itu Islam and Melayu”.

    When a Malay joins DAP, the Malay will be stigmatised by UMNO, “jual maruah agama &
    bangsa” and PKR would see “not our geng”
    thus the Malay will b outcast from all programs of PKR.

    On the other hand, DAP Penang with Malay members do not value these members, not even sms “Selamat Aidilfitri”. But Gerakan has been giving sms to umno and ex-umno.

    I see no effort much intacling the hearts of the Malays from DAP. Each race has its difference culture & ways to tackle their hearts.

    Simple good gestures many times touch
    people’s hearts. Will DAP learn?

    At this moment, after in power in Penang PKR
    is a racial party, next to UMNO.

    I speak from experience.


  17. A true Malaysian
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 09:26:37


    I can sense there is “very thick” Islamic value in you than your Malay value. My observation here is that, only Malays with “thicker” Malay value than Islamic value are keen or willing to join DAP, which emphasize in “secular” values rather than “religious” values.

    Don’t get me wrong here on the point of “thicker” value. A Malay that has his or her thicker Malayness in him or her doesn’t me he or she does not put emphasis on Islamic value, but he or she prefers to leave that at home, rather than to bring along to office or outside world when exposing themselves to “secular” society.

    For example, if you meet a Chinese, you see he or she as a Chinese, and not a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or whatever. That is all about DAP. It emphasizes on secular values and does not want to bring religions into politics.

    I personally think that if a Malay puts more emphasis on Islamic value rather than Malay value, then indeed this forms a divisive element in uniting Malaysians of diverse culturals.

    It is good for us to put our religions and beliefs at home. Don’t bring them to work places. Just imagine if, let say party leader who professes Buddhism insists of having Buddhist ritual before starting a party function, what would you, as a Muslim would react?

    The best practices, leave religions out of politics, and this is what DAP is doing.


  18. klm
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 15:07:49

    I saw a Starbuck T-Shirt yesterday. It said “I am a mochasucker”. We should apply an almost similar sounding phrase to the people in MCA.


  19. Meng
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 15:57:16

    Most appropriate “umnoballsucker” ..but they do wife trading..”MotherFxxxker”” For a more general one “MCA Running Dogs”” Many more one can think of


  20. cilipadi
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 19:59:08

    Sure you like cilipadi, tiny, hot and spicy.

    MCA Liow likes cilipadi also? He soon to like if he doesn’t now. I know Brutus likes cilipadi. Modern day Brutus also likes,

    Liow makan cili, Brutus rasa pedas


  21. disgusted
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 21:22:28


    ha, ha you playing hide and seek when morality in the political scene is all time low. Luckily for the rain and eating cilipadi is sweaty, good for health.

    Liow is from Malacca (family home town) but his political hometown is in Bentong. Not much cilipadi in Bentong but in Malacca, yes, the Nyona eats plenty of cilipadi.

    Anyway, MCA is fiery hot and there is no justice, no morality and integrity.


  22. Atila
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 21:27:25

    A True Malaysian

    I m not a typical hard core Malay dis hard
    and that is why I left UMNO.

    On my part being a Muslim, if we Malaysians want to practise all religion do “doa selamat” before any functions its ok with me. Becoz I had done it in a MNC where we profess each other religion for doa selamat, etc.

    My matter here is how DAP to make its party attractive for the Malays and how to change Malay mentality towards DAP.

    You see what i mean?


  23. Atila
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 21:30:50

    A True Malaysian,

    i also dont mind telling you here that i need
    only to say, just say my interest to join DAP, immediately all PKR Malays exclude me
    from their email list, program list etc.

    Am i wrong to tell to Pkr friends but isnt DAP in PR? or malays are not ready for another malay to be in DAP? How?

    What do you think?


  24. Atila
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 21:59:45

    A True Malaysian,

    Dear, I have to disagree with you here.
    The Islam you see in Malaysia is UMNO Islam, even you see the most around is PAS Islam like that Hassan Ali. Disgusting.

    There is no such thing as orthodox Islam, modern Islam, there is only one Islam, the Quran & Hadiths.

    When emphasis on real Islamic, there will be more understanding from others to why Islam does this and that.

    The problem here is UMNO fears real Islamic values and the non-Muslims fear from its own interpretation of Islam from TV and media.

    I wear tudung, my boss who is a protestant christian told me to remove tudung or wear a scarf, so i look more pretty.

    I told him, when i can respect his two crucifix
    on walls in my room & his Bible in my drawer (its not a problem for me a Muslim becoz Quran says ok to pray with crucifix around), why cant this boss respect my wearing tudung?

    Ignorance or lack of tolerance or discrimination or forcing me to remove tudung in the end
    of the day?

    Nowadays, i looks like its better accepted for people with lesser clothings to near brink of nakedness (you see more of this in Malaysia today), rather than full clothings head to toe,
    this is considered wrong and old fashioned.

    In this context, it is not me & not my Islam valued wearing tudung dividing, its my boss &
    his perception dividing, shall i say he has discriminated me.


  25. Meng
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 23:12:12


    When you plant roses and when it blooms don’t you think the flower is beautiful and lovely to look at. Why cover up the beautiful flower..


  26. A true Malaysian
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 23:19:41


    Just imagine if, I myself cannot fully understand my own religion that I claim to profess, what about to understand other people’s religions, in your case Islam?

    So, in this respect, why can’t we leave our religions rituals and practices at home while we adopt secular values at places other than our home? Very often we heard Muslims are offended and not people of other faiths?

    As commented by you, even Muslims themselves are divided over who practices true Islam, and I bet you, such arguments will never end. Then what about others look at Islam? There are so many clans, it seemed. That is the reason why we cannot agree on the point of leaving one’s religion at home and practice what one deems fit or true to practise. Nobody has the right of telling you this is wrong that way.

    As to tudung or dressing code of Muslim, personally, I have no qualm in how a Muslim dressed up as how a person dressed up does not reflect his or her moral. Have you seen a youtube where a Malay girl with tudung caught kissing and fondling with her boss in a lift? I did, but it is not right for me to paste the link here. One thing for sure, if you can still recall, many Malay ladies did not wear tudung during the 60s to 70s but this has changed drastically by the 80s onwards. I am not sure, what’s the reason behind this, but such trend do not in parallel with increasing crime rates especially rape, incest and molest cases.

    Frankly, I believe in to dress up decently and not exposing one’s body, especially for the ladies.

    On the point of no one welcomes you since you left Umno, not even PKR or PAS, you may try your luck with DAP. I am sure thing maybe different. Why not visit Teresa Kok’s blog and let her know your intention?

    Seriously, we people of different colours and beliefs should adopt secular values that are acceptable to all, then complain of discrimination will be lesser. Previously, discrimination did exist pertaining to ladies, but now, as you claimed, against you because of tudung. But, really, dressing code of Muslims do pose a divisive factor in many secular societies like Britain, France, USA and even Singapore.

    But, trust me, not all man look at ladies the same way, and man should learn to respect a lady’s body, if not, it is an insult to his own mother or sister.


  27. A true Malaysian
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 15:03:15

    Share with you all some light moment about definition of a Malay as per Federal Constitution. I touched on this subject before and now Art Harun, a true blue Malay himself, echoed this subject as well. Read here,

    “If nobody could practice the Malay custom in its entirety anymore I am afraid there wouldn’t be any Malay left in this 1 Malaysia. The Federal Constitution defines a Malay as someone who, among others, practices the Malay custom. So, without being able to do my big business on a squat toilet, I wouldn’t be able to practice the Malay custom. And I am afraid I would become a non-Malay under our Federal Constitution because of that.”

    For your reading pleasure, read the whole article here. http://art-harun.blogspot.com/2009/10/squat-toilet-please.html

    Art Harun is really good. He is another “A true Malaysian” to me. Don’t miss his articles in his blog. He is damned good.


  28. salim saw
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 22:44:07

    I am not surprised. Even my wife and children thought Dr. Hsu Dar Ren is one of my Indian friends.I had to spell the name and explained that Dr. Hsu’s father was a Chinese educationist and scholar who was a pioneer in using Han Yu Pin Ying.It is also true that Dr. Hsu does not belong to the Hokkien or Cantonese subrace.Hence his name is not spelt as Tatt Jin(hokkien) Tak Yan

    Happy Deepavalee to those who celebrate. And Happy holiday to the rest.


  29. Dr Hsu
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 23:04:22

    missed your jovial manner and laughter in the recent reunion.

    How r u getting on?
    still in car business?


  30. Atila
    Oct 22, 2009 @ 23:47:37


    Thank you for your reply. I will stay cover as i ma happy with it. You think a woman’s body a flower? you so cute laaaa!!! haha!!


  31. Atila
    Oct 22, 2009 @ 23:57:29

    A True Malaysian,

    Sorry. Late reply.

    Today, i have confronted my boss of my tudung and his Bibles & two crucifix in my office room.

    I told him, if he is anti-Islam, please dont
    recruit me in the first place. He said sorry and
    he was testing my Faith as to how strong i
    am in Islam.

    I told him either respect people of multireligion in his office or just recruit Christians in future so it would not offend other religions.

    In gesture, i presented a translation Quran for my boss. I told him to read Surah-Al-Kafiruun, that why ii dont bother me one bit his Bible
    in my drawer.

    Sigh!! Penat lah!!


  32. Atila
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 00:00:31

    Dr. Hsu

    Where can i find the detailed definition/meaning
    of “practising true malay custom” as per in the constitution?

    I want to know how and what.

    I asked UMNO friend they cant give my any.



  33. Pkrius Bonuspolus
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 05:14:17

    Very interesting read. I did not kwow about that Hindu holiday.


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