Will there be a realignment of forces ?

I believe  Ong Tee Keat made a wise move, both for himself and his party, to call for another EGM to decide whether fresh polls should be held.

This is the most democratic way to decide and this in effect has blocked the ascendency of many “Brutus-es”  in the CC, who must be  hoping that by forcing OTK to go, they could do horse trading and support one another to ascend. They must be disappointed by this decision, and with the EGM, these “Brutuses” cannot hope to have an easy way to climb up..

OF course, the coming EGM may decide that there should not be a new election, in which case, OTK would be legitimate to continue as head of MCA to finish what he said was his unfinished businesses..

If, however, the coming EGM decides that there must  be a new poll, then the whole  CC will  have to resign and new CC  elected.. If ever there is a new election, MCA members should use their conscience and not their emotions to vote in a new team of credible leaders, those who would not sell their principles in order to horse trade  to move up the hierarchy.

Simple logic will tell us that if they can sell their principles just to move up, they can sell anything to get government positions , including the interests of the party and the community that these people represent.

I see the chances of realignment of political forces much greater with this uncertainties in MCA. 

 MIC has already been marginalised by UMNO . In fact , UMNO has begun to bypass MIC and  go straight to the Indian masses through an off shoot of Hindraff, Makkal Sathi party.

A drowning man will grasp at straw, so to speak.    So there is nothing to prevent UMNO to bypass MCA and Gerakan and go direct to the non Malay voters, through NGOs like Hua ZHongs and other organisations.
 If I am UMNO, I will even attempt to talk to DAP. If  DAP can cooperate with PAS, there is no reason not to cooperate with a more moderate and more democratic UMNO.

These component parties must be aware that they may be sacrificed at the last minute , maybe just before the next election is due.

If one month before the next election, UMNO tells MCA that  in view its weak position, BN is taking away some of the seats previously allocated to MCA, a weakened MCA would not be able to fight back and would have to accede to this demand like what PPP had gone through not too long ago.

Similarly, the same  thing can happen to Gerakan just before the next GE, , and what if UMNO just gives 2 or 3 seats to Gerakan instead of  the traditional 12 seats allocated ?

What can Gerakan do ?  It would be too late by then to opt out of BN.  People would view it as opportunistic and it cannot hope to survive.

Discontent voices from UMNO divisions are already being heard at the recent Janda Baik brain storming.. If survey continues to show that component parties cannot help UMNo gain votes, why should UMNO stick to these parties?

It is ironic that component parties became weak because of its association with UMNO, and now this association is being reconsidered because component parties are weak…


This post also appears in MI ‘breaking news’ here


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  1. Peter Sng
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 13:04:39

    A well-written piece.
    DAP in BN to replace MCA?
    In politics anything can happen; there is no permanent enemies.


  2. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 13:10:09

    Dr Hsu

    Yes, i totally agree with you. This is the point that i have been wanting to tell you for next GE.

    Take a look at one Parliament Bukit Bendera, Penang. It was breezy win for Gerakan more than 35years until GE2008.

    At the rate with the current political scenario,
    we dont see Gerakan fit to be contesting in any Parliament Bukit Bendera as MP and State, plus this applies to MCA.

    By then what is UMNO offer no seat at P. Bukit Bendera and mayb 2-3 seats throughout Penang, would it be too late for Gerakan to exit BN? Same applies to MCA.

    We dont know what “miracle-magic” Gerakan & MCA can do to strengthen itself within 26months.

    I always view that the BN components must be firm towards UMNO, and not vice versa.

    Only the BN components that can “teach” UMNO, not vice versa. But i dont understand why BN components willingly let itself be “rolled & stepped” by UMNO. For love?

    I m not one bit surprised if DAP re-brand itself into multiracial within this 26 months, wooing Malay members…woops!

    Knowing UMNO, its “material power” interest, we are not one bit surprise if UMNO marries DAP, leaving behind Gerakan MCA MIC to rot.

    During 1st day Raya open houses of this one UMNO Wanita Div Penang where all guests were DAP & some PKR, Gerakan was only invited last minute. I concluded that UMNO is cozy with DAP.
    Coziness do not happen to one day.

    This Wanita is link to the current controversial mega project that one UMNO Div Head submitted its proposal just a few weeks ago. This Wanita also sits in the BOD of a chinese company that supposedly has % interest in the said mega project. This Wanita is already damn bloody rich.

    Dont you think its timely BN components should leave UMNO alone? Should i say “sabotage”
    with dignity and pride creating istory of the century, rather than be “killed” by UMNO.

    This is brave change.


  3. klm
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 13:27:04

    Under 1Malaysia, Najib will work with any Indian party that can serve the Indian community. Same argument can be used for the Chinese community.
    DAP? It is possible.

    The next question is what does it take for DAP to join hand with UMNO. This is negotiation and compromise, and not ideology. Gerakan and MCA are so weak now that they can be negotiation pawns. They are in no position to take care of themselves and they can be traded as negotiation points. (what a shame it will be. Tan Cheng Lock will turn in his grave).

    When I was younger, I had to attend classes on Negotiation. The instructors were from a crisis negotiation center. Any thing can be negotiated if both side wants an outcome. A win win can be worked out. I feel that the current environment is
    actually suitable to work out a deal between UMNO and DAP.

    For example

    Give Penang to DAP and the money to develop Penang. DAP brings Penang to BN. Win-Win.

    As for Gerakan and MCA. Who want to bother with losers.


  4. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 13:38:55


    from my “kawan kawan during Raya” conversations w umno friends the “elite in Penang”, they have already spoken better to work w DAP ie: projects. Gerakan MCA was and is a problem.

    for these group to come to this statement means it is not one day rakyat saw them together at open house Raya “mesra”, this has been going on for past months, & past months also MCA Gerakan was and is messy in it.

    See my point.

    Rite now, UMNO dont bother MCA Gerakan but why MCA and Gerakan want to pledge loyalty to UMNO in BN?


  5. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 14:29:23

    “If I am UMNO, I will even attempt to talk to DAP. If DAP can cooperate with PAS, there is no reason not to cooperate with a more moderate and more democratic UMNO.”

    I totally not agreeable to this statement. DAP is not like that. DAP can cooperate with PAS because of the concept of “PAS for All” and “Welfare State”, which based on the principal of fair play to all.

    Under no circumstances LKS, LGE, Karpal Singh, Gorbind Singh, Tereka Kok, Hannah Yeo, Liew Chin Tong etc, etc will sell out their principles to Umno. They are not like Lim Chong Eu.

    If DAP team up with Umno this way, they are digging their own graves. Past sacrifices and efforts will be disappeared into thin air.

    As I said, Umno is master strategist. Always remember that.


  6. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 14:42:52

    Just look at Umno strong objection for the Malays to join DAP. They are worried that DAP has managed to convince the Malays that multiracialism is the way to go and not Umno’s brand of politics.

    I said before, DAP is a true blue political party with multiracial ideology though its members are mainly consist of Chinese Malaysians. DAP is fully aware of this and thus the recent efforts to convince the Malays joining the party. Such efforts are of “sincerity” and not by bribing. Tunku Abdul Aziz is one good example which opens up the Malays’ eyes about the true aspiration of DAP’s struggles.

    If DAP can be bought out by Umno, that’s the end of Malaysian politics and will take decades to go back to righteousness.


  7. klm
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 14:48:05

    Hah! Every man has his or her price. Here are a list of possible payments

    1. Money
    2. Your life
    3. Your love ones life
    4. Title
    5. Position
    6. PR in another country
    7. Projects
    8. Opportunity to fulfill a person’s wish

    Make it big enough and everyone can be bought. It is a matter of scale. No human being can resist.
    Only a saint can and there are no saints on this earth.


  8. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 14:50:09

    Forget about MCA and Gerakan. I personally think OTK knows about that and he is holding the last straw to do something good for righteousness, something good for the whole country.

    Perhaps, OTK should include a resolution for the next EGM to decide whether MCA should be out of BN. It will be a good reflection of how “righteous” are the MCA members as a whole.

    MCA grassroots should rise to occasion. The time is running out for MCA.


  9. cilipadi
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 14:58:28

    How said I read “Make it big enough and everyone can be bought. It is a matter of scale. No human being can resist.”

    Someone here, are you or will you?

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa “immoral”?


  10. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 15:54:58

    A True Malaysian

    DAP is really talking & nego to rep from UMNO on the next mega project in Penang, under its crusade called “cooperation with Fed”.

    Is DAP caught in the stagnant economy of Penang that its desperaate this way?
    Or is it UMNO Penang all drying up that they too must generate woth own economy?

    Supply meets Demand here.


  11. klm
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 16:01:37

    UMNO cannot join hand with DAP during normal time.
    Gerakan and MCA will both cry foul. Now both are reduced to sawdust and cannot make noise. UMNO can do it. After all this is a smarter way of winning back Penang. Politics is the art of the possible.

    By the way ideologues dont make good statesmen. They are just stubborn mules. I dont think LKS, Karpal Singh etc are idealogues.


  12. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 16:02:31

    “..Just look at Umno strong objection for the Malays to join DAP. They are worried that DAP has managed to convince the Malays that multiracialism is the way to go and not Umno’s brand of politics..”

    A True Malaysian,

    As far as UMNO in Penang, sudden change in my ex-division past 6months evolved into :-“kami berkawan tak ikut parti, you are still our friend though you are pro-PR”.

    Some cawangans now talking this way, turning from hard core to this tune.

    They dont care now many quit UMNO, they
    dont care ex-UMNO join PKR DAP PAS, its their economy survival what matters most.

    After this UMNO Gen Assembly you will here more of this tune, called 1Malaysia.


  13. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 16:27:26


    This is what I always say, Umno is “master strategist”. Genuine or otherwise in changed mindsets, they have yet to be proven by their actions. These goons cannot get contracts since Penang has a big CAT now. Tenders are open, not close like what Gerakan did.

    Of course, moles are all over. This is what I mean, master strategist.


  14. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 16:43:43


    If DAP cannot succumb to Federal tight control of fund, then LGE is not good compare to Nik Aziz.

    Penangites are not in favour of succumbing to Federal pressure. Cooperation should be government to government level. In fact, if Umno keep doing that, it brings bad name to Malaysia in the eyes of international communities. Then, it brings bad effect to the country as a whole. I don’t think Umno is so silly on this matter. A country cannot survives on its own in this globalized world.

    In this regard, LGE should learn from Lee Kuan Yew, not Lim Chong Eu.


  15. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:24:35

    A True Malaysian,

    When I quit UMNO last year, quit 23year old membership, they dont want me to be their friends, they boikot me, they shun me, they talk as if I was a criminal, they dont invite me for Raya…

    Its me who still sms them, visited them, take them for lunch dinner, I was praticsing “kita kawan tak ikut parti, sesama Islam berdosa masam muka”.

    Then when 1Malaysia came in, they changed tune “kami berkawan tak ikut parti”.
    This year suddenly my umno friends invited me for their Raya open houses.

    So you see what is 1Malaysia up to?


  16. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:26:53

    A True Malaysian,

    I left UMNO, past yeear i m observing UMNO
    with DAP. We are rakyat, we must observe.

    Lets see.


  17. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:37:44


    Just give them the benefit of doubts. Be friends with our clear conscience. Ultimately they will be convinced if there’s still human value in them. If not, they are confirmed parasites, worse than animals.


  18. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:37:46

    A True Malaysian

    DAP is becoming like Gerakan, cakap tak serupa bikin. Give janji before by-e at Pmtg Pasir, now having problems to fulfill.

    PAS is ramming in DAP’s promise.

    DAP here works well with one PKR exco from day one, this exco is cousin to one Minister in the PM’s office. I cant say much in this website.

    But enough to see
    I am beginning to see wayang from PR.
    UMNO…we already know they wayang all the time.


  19. A true Malaysian
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:46:56

    If they cannot fulfill promises made, honestly say so and explain your constraints. This is what we call a “responsible” institution.

    Don’t ever cheat your voters, show honesty to them. They can accept. Penang government is facing tough time with financial constraints from a not so professional Federal government.


  20. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 21:20:19

    A True Malaysian

    Yes PR DAP Penang is facing financial constraints & also Bill & Law aspects from Federal.

    After Budget, theres talks that PM may re-shuffle cabinet, then will re-shuffle GLCs.

    Lets wait & see.



  21. Atila
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 21:24:46


    I like your arrange it in your write up …

    “1. Money
    2. Your life
    3. Your love ones life
    4. Title
    5. Position
    6. PR in another country
    7. Projects
    8. Opportunity to fulfill a person’s wish..”



  22. spot red
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 22:19:50

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    After the 10/10 EGM vote, this OTK is a very hurt ( ya very very hurt ) and wounded Lion. He is now turing back to bit at anything and everyone that have hurt him in the 10/10 egm voting including the PC and CC.

    He is calling another EGM to ask the delegate to sack the entire CC

    He is in dangerous mode now!

    spot red


  23. spot red
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 22:23:55

    Dear Dr. Hsu,


    spot red


  24. klm
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 23:55:14

    spot red. That is what we want. OTK should hit back first at the snake infested CC. The corrupt central delegates should be next. Good riddance. Only then MCA can be cleansed.


  25. Justin Choo
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 01:45:56

    “Similarly, the same thing can happen to Gerakan just before the next GE, , and what if UMNO just gives 2 or 3 seats to Gerakan instead of the traditional 12 seats allocated ?”

    KaTaK will kiss Najib’s hand and said, “Banyak Terima Kasih Tuan, dua also can lah! Satu pun boleh so long as I get one lah.”


  26. Kenny Gan
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 15:20:00

    BN back in 1969 was winners’ club. Gerakan was brought into BN because of their victory in Penang and PPP because of their victory in Perak.

    But PPP has no more influence in Perak and so is irrelevant to Umno. For umpteen elections, it was not even given a single seat to contest. In 2004 Badawi out of pity allowed Kayveas to contest in Taiping, a seat borrowed from Gerakan. In 2008 he refused to give back the seat and lost.

    Despite being poked, challenged and humiliated to leave BN, PPP has hung on to BN’s membership as its most precious asset. PPP is now a mosquito party and Kayveas a political clown.

    I’ve told the story of PPP because Gerakan will suffer the same fate as PPP if it clings on to its BN membership unless it can recapture Penang.

    Gerakan joined BN declaring its intention to be the conscience of BN but what happened? Instead of changing BN it was changed by BN.

    DAP would do well to stay away from the sly Umno lion. To get back Penang, Umno may be willing to sleep with DAP. And why not? The 2 party system will be effectively broken and Umno’s Federal power will be safe. Either DAP mould itself into a subservient vassal of Umno or it will be spat out like PAS, a broken party picking up the pieces of its former self.


  27. jughead
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 10:54:30

    What is wrong with cooperaing with UMNO business units if the main agenda is to create jobs and bring about development IF everyone benefits – win-win for all. Afterall it is just like another business. UMNO businessmen may find it difficult for venture into Kelantan and people there accept it. Whereas, in Panang, it may be different andf the rakyat except job opportunities. As wise LKY came to Penang and give advice that Penang must be less antagonistic towards the Federal Government. Even in Australia, where states have more power, the opposition has to work with the Federal Government. But in Malai, the Federal choke and squeeze the State


  28. klm
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 12:23:09

    Malaysian 1Malaysia

    There are more similarities than differences between Malaysian Malaysia and 1Malaysia. Why not merge the two? UMNO and DAP take one step backward so that Malaysia can take 2 steps forward.
    Politics is the art of the possible. So make politics possible.

    Najib’s 1Malaysia has less in common with MCA, Gerakan and for the matter MIC. These parties have lost their direction and now have to depend of 1Malaysia for their vision – that is if they can have a vision. DAP may be a pain in you know where. But they have passion and determination to push for the Malaysian Malaysia dream.

    So UMNO and DAP joining hands may not be a bad thing. Two strong personality can keep each other honest. Barisan Alternative may work better with PKR, Gerakan and MCA. Then we could have a better balanced 2 party system

    This is a revolting thought. Maybe?


  29. Atila
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 22:45:48

    Dr. Hsu

    One UMNO Division in Penang held open house Raya 17/10 without inviting Gerakan.

    Does Gerakan Penang and this UMNO division still not in good terms? How to face GE?



  30. Atila
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 22:52:25


    good write of DAP and UMNO joining hands.

    We see in the controversial project of Porr, the set up was to make rich certain individuals who are already rich, subcons are UMNO, hardwares are Chinese dominant in Penang, the Malays do not fit in here economicall.

    The two parcels reclamation land seems like benefit rakyat but its hoax, will not benefit Malays when land price more than RM200 per
    sq ft. I ask UMNO “dimana rakyat melayu miskin benefit Porr”, some just dont like it becoz its
    not benefitting Malays but only CERTAIN GROUPS.

    If DAP agrees to UMNO greed in Porr, DAP is UMNO, lets say DAP is Gerakan.

    A mega project is to be shared not CERTAIN GROUPS become mega super rich from it.

    You know what i mean?


  31. klm
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 12:02:52

    Atila. A guy by the name of Joshua Cooper Ramo wrote a book called The Age of The Unthinkable (published in 2009).

    In this book, he said the people and things that we used to rely yo run things are no longer working. Things are blowing up in our faces- the financial systems, terrorism, you name it. It is even unthinkable that Obama could be elected president of the United States.

    In Malaysia, our political orders are blowing up in our face as well. 12 months ago, can you image public protests against the govt. Can you imagine LGE being CM of Penang.

    It is not unthinkable that political alliances can change. MIC, Gerakan and MCA are now a burden to UMNO. How can BN continue as it is? Something must break.


  32. Atila
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 22:24:44


    As i see it in my top most write up, i believe UMNO and DAP will make good partners if MCA MIC Gerakan dont sort the mess in time.
    Nothing stays put for a long time.


  33. Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 08:28:57

    I agree with Dr. Hsu. There is, as I had appreciated and advocated from the start, only one way MCA had save MCA from itself – reconcile without pre-conditions, stuff all personal feelings and subjectivities into the freezer and line up according to the incumbent heirachy as last constitutionally decided and learn the wisdom that to be a general in crucial times you have to first learn to be and prove you are a good and loyal. soldier – not a scheming opportunist but one who even as he activates for the legitimate interests of his own community, is also of equally conscious of the same of other communities in the context of nation.I was very fortunate to have been educated very intuitively early in my service for society and a multiracial nation to be wiser to listen compassionately with the heart, then decide firmly with the head and lastly implement, every time possible, with the heart again. This had never really failed me in my police service. If I did and my enemy did not like me, they still respected me. Can MCA’s too many generals, a number before their time, wake up now to collectively support their leader even if you may not like the man but you have to support and stand by your president of party. It is only and only in this way, at this turbulent period of our national history, that a necessary united MCA can support a PM of nation and his 1Malaysia concept. It is only in this manner that MCA can and must be accorded equivocal dignity and respect and not in manner that some racist elements are proned to articulate and not reined in and must be reined in more by each and every party if we really want to maintain the sanctity of BN and our national constitution.


  34. Dr Hsu
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 10:27:47

    Dati Seri Yuen

    Thank you for your input.

    I think if everyone can put national interest above self interest, like what you and your men did during the fight against the insurgents, there would be much less politicking and power grabbing like what we are seeing now.

    Dr Hsu


  35. A true Malaysian
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 11:07:58

    Dear Dato Seri Yuen,

    To be honest with you, I know nothing about you until I google search “Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng”. I am ashamed of myself for not knowing you earlier but I guess it is not too late to learn from you through your writings. Your patriotism is something we Malaysians can learn from. MCA needs a strict disciplinarian to put the house in order, but I guess it is difficult at this stage since these people do not put interest of their party and nation above themselves.

    I wish to reproduce a comment by Niza Haniz Mustaffa, which is self explanatory of how high regard fellow Malaysians had on you,

    Niza Haniz Mustaffa
    March 1st, 2009 at 9:11 am


    I wish to congratulate Dato Seri for sharing his thoughts and experiences. Most importantly he shared himself in this book. He is still the officer and the fighter he has always been.

    I shared his book in my programs (I’m a trainer) to indicate to the participants the sacrifces made by those who put their lives on line for the sake of our country. Its not ‘Are you willing to sacrifice for your country’; its ‘Are you willing to DIE for your country’. I am most touched about the loss of your daughter and will always share this with my participants.

    I agree with Dato Sri that the present government and people has conveniently forgotten the heroes of yesterday. These are the heroes that put the country above themselves and their families.

    I wish every department in all government agencies, all schools, all techers colleges, and all police station have at least five copies of this book to be read and discussed. I also wish the PM and all ministers have and read this book diligently and talk about its contents to their staff during their monthly gatherings. If they can talk about a particular book (e.g. The Blue Ocean), I’m sure they can also talk in depth about this and other books produced by a true Malaysian.

    I also wish the government will take up on some of the suggestions made by Dato Sri especially on appreciating the sacrifices made by those who had died for the country. The Police Force and the government owe it to those who sacrificed their lives to ensure the families left behind are taken cared of.

    To Dato Sri and his family, I wish them all good health and may they always find the comfort that the sacrifices they made are not in vain. God Bless.

    Niza Haniz Mustaffa


    It is honoured for me to know about you this way. Cheers


  36. Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 11:13:05

    NB: This has to be accepted by all, and DS OTK once the “emergency of the present have subsides and contained, then like a good and honourable and more enlightened general politician step down and been better remembered and appreciated by both friend and foe alike.Unless the greater majority wants him to stay. When I retired from the police after an extended two years, (Tun) Musa Hitam asked me to stay another two years. I replied, “Thank you, I am a man for emergency times and not for “maintenance” I am holding up traffic! I would rather go when I people think I am still useful, not warm the chair until they want to kick me out. Let the younger generation take over and be tested. If it is really necessary, I can always come back in some capacity or other.” Today in retirement away from officialdom and the constraints and standing orders that bind government servants, I write as I really feel in continuing service of nation and community and from the heart of a 3-in one Malaysian. As far as I am concerned who actually sits at all levels of leadership in nation, whether they are Malays, Chinese or Indians as long as they are good and caring Malaysians. In the context of Malaysian ethnic antecedence and the racial bias in the constitution which greatly made the successful writing of that sacred document and that this country was once Tanah melayu it should be Melayu at topmost national leadership. The Malay in me speaks so.


  37. klm
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 15:35:27

    Dato Seri Yuen

    Written like a true soldier – ahem, policeman. I think if this generation understand what is honour, duty and service, we would not be having half the problem we are facing now.

    Thank you sir.


  38. A true Malaysian
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 16:11:36

    The Chinese in me agrees the topmost national leadership should be Melayu, not just a Melayu but a Melayu that has a Chinese, an Indian, a Kadazan, a Iban, a Penan, a Eurasian, a Orang Asal (Asli), a whatnot….in him or her.

    We are actually in shame, for we need people like Dato Seri Yuen, who supposed to enjoy the fruits of his hard labour to worry about the political situation in our nation, to ashame of how in-apolitical of PDRM he once lead as CPO of Perak.

    I salute you, YB Dato Seri Yuen. You are more YB than many YB by name.


  39. Atila
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 00:04:25

    A True Malaysian

    You left out one…Indian Muslim…the tribe stole Malay identity to become theirs, they cannot live in Malaysia under a race tag called : Indian Muslims.



  40. Dr Hsu
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 09:53:24

    it is not fair to race profile them . There are good Indian Muslims and bad ones too, just like there are good chinese and bad chinese. I have some Indian Muslim friends who are perfect gentlemen… One of them , a drug representative, has serviced my clinic for more than 20 years, and become a personal friend, and he is a real gem.


  41. A true Malaysian
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 11:01:30

    I cannot find anywhere else a race or ethnicity is defined in a country’s Constitution except what we find here, more so where a religion is hinged with such definition.

    Having said that, it is up to Malay Malaysian themselves to look into this matter, just that a serious confusion can be happened when a non-Muslim Malay from other country landed in Malaysia and is caught with breach of certain Syariah Law, for example, khalwat (close proximity) or drinking beer.

    Well, I am not here to ridicule anyone, just some point to ponder as this definition will directly or indirectly affect others if we really think at it.


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