The talk must be walked first!

16th September will be made a national holiday next year.  I have been pushing this for many years, for the simple reason that we must remember this day since it was the day when Malaysia came into existence officially.

It is a symbolic act acknowledging the importance of East Malaysia. Even though this acknowledgement should have been given long long time ago, it is still a case of better late than never.

Having said that, those of us who have not suffered from dementia would  know that the main reason is political – to get support and votes..

Of late, we have seen a series of announcements and speeches aimed at creating a ‘feel good’ sentiments in the country.. (Guess what? DO not discount a snap election In Perak, and if that is favourable,  the General Election… in 2010).

Even the annual UMNO meeting is so full of conciliatory messages that it gives a perception that the main party in BN is changing. For the sake of the future generations of Malaysia, i really hope that it is changing, but history has taught be to be skeptical and  my scepticism can only be erased beyond doubt by what politicians like to describe as “walking the talk”.

The concept of 1Malaysia should be that everyone in Malaysia must have a fair and equitable chance to pursue what he or she wants to;  everyone must be given a chance to realise his or her potential, irrespective of his or her background, ethnicity, creed.

There are people who are disadvantaged , the poor, the handicapped and those who have no skills whatsoever. These are the people that should be given assistance, and not those with beautiful townhouses, riding in German or japanese made cars. The latter groups are well placed to compete, and compete they must.

Looking back at 2004, when so many feel good things were announced, this time people on the ground will not be so easily convinced that real changes are coming.

 People will only be convinced this time by enacting into laws, meritocratic principles, whereby, everyone will be given an fair and equal chance in their undertaking, without of course leaving out the disadvantaged groups and the downtrodden.

That should be the spirits of 1Malaysia..


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  1. foo
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 12:55:02

    Yes, Najib is Mr.Feel Good with his 16th Sept national holiday,Deepvali holiday, 1Malaysia slogan, F1 project, Glocal Malays etc. He definitely have a hard working public relations team who spends long hours and days coming out with meaningless sweeteners and slogans.Also notice how his “better half” always hogs the page 3-6 of the Star newspaper? The paper should be renamed “The Rostarmah”.

    Sorry, snap GE in 2010 not possible unless UMNO wants to be Lone Ranger and forget about the rest of his Tontos (e.g.Sami Tambi & Ah Keat in MIC & MCA).

    Najib is going to be like AAB in 2004, promise so much but in the end all just smelly air from the behind.

    Why not abolish NEP or whatever it’s called nowadays and stop the blatant racial discrimination in the government’s affair. No more discount for bumis on house purchases,no quotas on business permits, uni intakes, scholarship and study loans.Do something to rebalance the civil service to reflect the nation’s racial composition. Why no Chineses, Indians, Ibans, Seranis, Pujabis and others as DGs in government departments or CEOs in GLCs ?. Why no non-Malays on Petronas board of directors and so few non-Malays working in Petronas.The list is long and would fill several pages but Mr.PM chose to concentrate only on the page numbers at the bottom of the list.

    “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln.


  2. kittykat46
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 13:36:09

    Yup, sounds like a Pre-GE UMNO general Assembly, among other things.

    Najib is falling into the same BIG trap as Badawi.
    So much hype, and inevitably, the under-achievement…..

    It would be nice if they could actually deliver, but I very, very much doubt it. Too much of the 1Malaysia talk is just cosmetics, with no real substance behind it.


  3. ketuanan cina
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 13:55:17

    I suggest all NON-BUMI walk to The GREAT Country called CANADA!!!

    Btw Y is it that everyone here criticizes the policy ect, but when we make a good suggestion, ie. asking them to Leave and Immigrate, they get on their high horses. They then PRETEND to get all upset and support the Bumi ideology.

    This are the same people whom quietly applies for Foreign Residencies…

    Maybe, just maybe…. they don’t want to see their neighbors also migrating. I see this traits among the local non’s.

    Your thoughts Meng???


  4. Chauncey Gardener
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:26:44

    Two things come to mind.

    1) Do we have two holidays, i.e Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day ? We must really have a penchant for taking time off.

    2) Once Malaysia Day is installed in the circuit of holidays, which politician is going to take it away ?


  5. Meng
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 14:53:56

    ketuanan cina

    I would say it differs from persson to person. Those who have high stakes in property and invested business, it is very difficult just to walk to another country. Those business have taken roots and providing profitable returns.

    To dismantle those profitable business and going to another country is starting anew…and it takes a certain duration to settle down.

    It is the pull to another country versus business stake. I should say the nonsensical happenings in here is balanced by the profitable returns, hence reluctancy to move. The pasture may not always be green on the other side.

    To these ppl, it is always the children’s welfare that are placed in the fore of their mind. The ability to send them oversea for studies and later working and applying for PR…is the most secured way. These children would have interacted well and are comfortable in those countries…and I see it happening…a source of headache and known/unknown fear for their children diminishes. Those in this category will then rethink in opening up their business there…. Even though they may not migrate they may think of reinvesting in other countries, eg Vietnam, cambodia, Thailand and hopefully gaining PR status. Here they have a wider choice.!!!

    As for the professional, it is much easier for them to obtain employment in countries who welcome Singapore. To them choosing the right timing is their call when to move.

    For those in the middle and lower rung of society, it is rather difficult to think of migrating??? except to fight and rough it out here until such time they are able to provide their children moving overseas to study and the same cycle above applies but leaving them the provider remaining back here to absorb those nonsense.

    The beauty of it all even with the silly NEP and favouritism, this segment of society has achieved a higher income and standard of living as compared to those NEP recipient???


  6. Lai Kee Kong
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 17:44:46

    It is time we recognise the importance of Malaysia Day. Malaysia did not just form by itself. We even had a ‘confrontation’ because of the union. If we feel we have too many holidays, we could always cut some of the more frivolous ones, like second day of chinese new year and hari raya. After all most nations only make do with one day. If need more days off, take leave, paid or otherwise.


  7. Richard Loh
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 18:04:41

    For all intent and purposes, I think the politicians and leaders of the day must switch to “Walk than Talk” strategy.


  8. disgusted
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 19:40:56


    Ah Keat won’t last till 2010 Ha haaaa justice for him will be delivered soon.


  9. ketuanan cina
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 20:01:56

    The problem we faced is not in this Generation but the Next Generation and beyond. By 2020, Non-Bumi’s numbers will be insignificant.

    By 2020, Non will be approx 10-15% of the population. Non may be even less than 10%, depending on the speed of the imports (Indo). This is not even taking into account about birthrates.

    If the Non-Bumi is struggling to head a department (let alone be a CEO) in 2009, what chance does a non have in 2020???

    Migration does not have to be in a white men country, but any country which will give you a chance to be the best you can be.

    Unfortunately, at this present time in MAL, an Indo (legal or otherwise) has more right than a Non. He/She can tell u Cina Babi / Keling to Balik Kampung, and there is nothing u can do about it. I have actually witness this myself when i was on Transit. It definately made me think twice about applying for Mal my 2nd Home.

    I think Najib will make a great PM. How great depends on his policy for the Non’s and the implementation of his policy. For those whom can’t or won’t leave, you should show and voice to him that you will stand by him if he does right by the Non’s.


  10. A true Malaysian
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 22:09:10

    Malaysia Day should have been celebrated by all Malaysians since the formation of Malaysia Federation. Without doing so has in fact, caused irrepairable damages to the feelings of our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak. The continued celebration of Merdeka Day as National Day even after formation of Malaysia had resulted in Sabahan and Sarawakian being colonised by “Orang Semenanjung”.

    In order to cure this ill, declaration of 16th September as a public holiday is still not good enough. BN government owes Sabahan and Sarawakian an apology, and solid efforts need to be made to upgrade the living standards there, and recognise the customary rights of the natives in their land issues.

    Last but not least, stop celebrating Merdeka Day on 31 August, and make Malaysia Day on 16 September a grand one.

    By the way, politicians in Sabah and Sarawak need to be blamed for not being principled and brave enough to fight for the rights of Sabahan and Sarawakian. All I can say is that these politicians care for their own interests, enriching their own wealth.


  11. Amin
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 23:03:49

    Meng says,

    “To these ppl, it is always the children’s welfare that are placed in the fore of their mind. The ability to send them oversea for studies and later working and applying for PR…is the most secured way”

    True in a way. My son with a masters deg in Econs, is a PR now in a foreign land, working in a world-class bank ; my soon-to-be daughter-in-law is another Malaysian with PR working as an engineer in a multi-national electronic firm. Their salaries are so attractive that local professioners can only dream of.

    BUT, it is a sad human tale for me as a father and my wife too, that we have to endure the mental anguish of seperation. Life is not whole for us that our off-spring whom we love and nurtured to a successful adult, is rarely by our sides during our twight light years.


  12. foo
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 23:04:03

    Declaring 16th Sept as a national holiday is a strategy by Najib to counter PR. Remember it was Anwar who prominently proposed it after 308 to entice the East Malaysian politicians to jump party. So this is not an original idea. We can partly thank Anwar or PR for this holiday. Najib and BN lack original ideas and just pick and chose what the opposition proposed.But declaring a state-wide by-election in Perak is very risky for BN. People in Perak do not easily forget.

    Like “A true Malaysian” said only upgrading the living standard and protecting the rights of East Malaysians then only something tangible be achieved. Having another day as a holiday is just reason to be lazy and skive off work. It makes the slackers happy.

    Najib,We have not reached developed nation status yet.


  13. Kenny Gan
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 23:05:47

    Najib’s 1Malaysia has opened a Pandora’s box. If he had intended it to be a mere slogan to canvass for votes from the non-Malays he has miscalculated the impact of his public relations exercise.

    Non-Malays are already asking, how can we have 1Malaysia when we still have this, this and that policies which discriminate on race? Malaysia is mired in a huge web of racial policies woven into the very fabric of our society.

    From education to employment to business opportunities, financing, govt tenders, licenses, scholarships, investment funds, land schemes, statelessness, petrol stations, proton dealerships, APs, and even buying houses are tinged with racial policies. The list is endless. Some have called it economic apartheid.

    Does Najib intend to leave all these untouched while assiduously pushing his 1Malaysia? But questioning voices awakened by his slogan will soon turn to voices of discontent and demand for action to back his slogan.

    If he ignores them he runs the risk of ending up like Badawi – promising much and delivering little – and his 1Malaysia to draw the non-Malays to BN’s fold may backfire. If he takes real action (which does not look likely) he will upset enough Umno warlords to pull himself down.

    The wily Mahathir managed to propagate his Bangsa Malaysia without having to answer for the empty shell. How did he manage it? I also wonder. Maybe people were less demanding and more cowed in his time. Maybe it was the economic boom of the 1990’s. More likely it was the socio-political environment of his day and his grip on the media which allowed him great latitude.

    But Malaysians awakened by the 308 tsuanami will not let Najib off so easily now. Walk the talk, they demand. Najib may have painted himself into a corner. I hope he has an action plan beyond the slick public relations show.


  14. klm
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 10:14:05

    Let me try to put into perspective this 1Malaysia thing from corporate management angle.

    This 1Malaysia thing is very typical of a poorly managed program. I suspect Najib is sincere in his heart (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt). Like all good strategy, the outcome will only come from good execution.

    Look all good corporate programs, it went through the vision phase (road shows, slogans etc etc) and is going through the buy-in phase. But the problem is that there is no execution behind the words and glitz. Like in any corporate program, if there is no execution or slow execution, the citizen get cynical. Even worse, they start to go against the program when there are no benefits and extra burden.

    Like in any corporation, there are people against, people who support and people willing to go along and give it a try. If no benefits are delivered, then the population will reject the program.

    Remember the “don’t work for me, work with me” thingy. What happened then can happen again. If results and benefits dont start coming in soon, after so many 1Malaysia events, it will be thrown out of the window, together with the author. In the corporate world, the board will have a firing day. And the shares will tumble.


  15. Richard Loh
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 14:42:11

  16. klm
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 15:07:40

    Dr. Hsu. Now that Liow’s role in the recent MCA fight is out, I just got to write this. Seemed OTK and CSL had come to a settlement today. Liow and gang is the common enemy. Nothing is impossible in Politics.

    How to survive as No.3 – Lesson From MCA and others
    1. No.3 is a good position. No.2 is sandwiched between No.1 and No.3 like a bound crab. No 2. has to watch front and back. No.3 has only to watch his back.
    2.Whitewash your closet. Bury your and your family’s skeletons. If you cannot bury the skeletons, get out of politics.
    You have enough time to remove the stink from any dead body before you get to be No.1. Do not try anything until your closet is white.
    3. No. 3 must be seen as loyal, honest and trustworthy. So start acting. If you cannot act, take lessons. This is essential for your survival.
    4. Build your support from all bases. Do not be seen as a threat to anyone.
    5. Patience and caution must be your virtue. Never overplay your hand. Test the water before putting your feet in, You never know what is
    hidden under the water.
    6. Bid your time. Get No.1 to fight with No.2. Get out of their way. There is a Swahili saying that goes: “When two elephants fight, the grass suffers; and, when the same two elephants make love, the grass also suffers.”
    7. Be absolutely sure if and when you strike. You must kill the 2 elephants with one stone. There must be no prisoners. You have one chance and one chance only of striking. Failure is not an option if you do strike.
    8. Get ready your coffin if both elephants don’t die.


  17. frank
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 15:14:33

    Hi, A True Malaysian,

    Do you think they will scrap celebrating 31st Aug the National Day and only harp on 16/9 as the only Malaysia Day?

    The answer I bet with my last dollar in the pocket is an infinity NO! Why?

    Every time come the celebration of Merdeka, do you think they are so ‘patriotically’ to put up flags and run the parades solely to show that they are in memorable of the great day? No again! Why?

    Each Merdeka Day they will spend hundreds of millions RM to celebrate and they are virtually looking forward every day for the grand day to celebrate “Mereka Day”, where all their pockets are going to be staffed with big moolah!

    Coupled with 16/9, more moolah!

    On the other hand, the poor Teoh Beng Hock was killed for only buying several thousand of flags for the public to show their real patriotism in supporting the celebration of the National Day!

    So, I concur with you, 16th day should be made the greatest day for all. For two meanings – one to celebrate the happy Malaysia Day and second, to be a day of moans for the innocent souls!

    ….”Dr Pornthip told court she has conducted more than 10,000 autopsies, of which about 100 dealt with fatal falls from a high place.

    She put the time of death (of Teoh Beng Hock) at between 6am and 8am, July, 16th.” -The Star.


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