An ‘overkill’ strategy

Previously,  I have written some comments on credit card debts and that the issuing of credit cards have been too liberal in Malaysia.

Many people carry more than 1card, and some even have 5-6 credit cards in their wallets.

Step into any supermarket, or lately even outside GSC theatres, you will find sales personnel from banks waving applications forms at you, and ‘pestering’ you to apply for a card from their banks. In most cases, they will tell you that it is pre-approved and that you only need to give them your ic and maybe some info about our bank accounts. There is also the promise of te card being free for life and so on.

Many people, especially young men recently out in the job markets, then to spend more with credit cards, and thus build up debts which later they find difficult to service. Many of them get another card and transfer the debts to the other cards and buy time for repayment.. Credit card bankruptcy has thus been on the rise. Of course, banks are laughing to their ‘vaults’, since interest is high for credit card debts..

In the past I have voiced out that the government must have strict guidelines regarding the issuing of credit cards .. There must be a certain minimal financial qualifications– say a basic pay of certain amount or bank savings or proof of ownership of assets —  for eligibility to apply for a credit card.

It is good to have some form of stricter control towards credit card.

Having said so, I think the government has overdone things by charging a levy on every credit card. A RM50 will be levied on every principal card and RM 25 on every supplementary card from  next year.

The intention may be good but it is like an overkill, and i believe almost everyone in the job markets, as well as many retirees will be hard hit by this ruling.

In my humble view, the levy should only be slapped on cards other than the first card that a person carries. A person should be allowed to have his first card exempted from this RM50 levy, and all supplementary cards associated with the first cad should be exempted as well. For subsequent cards, the levy can be tiered, so a second card be chargedRM50 and a third card Rm100 and so on, to discourage a person from holding too many cards.

Logistically, it will not be a big problems since every financial info is no on line and banks  have been exchanging info on credit worthiness of their customers..

For a person to carry a credit card is no more luxury, as long as the person has the ability to control his spending and pay. The world is going cashless, and it is also safer to shop with a credit card than cash.

Many people also give their children supplementary cards especially if the children are overseas studying. Not for them to spend, but to act as a safety net, in case of emergency and they suddenly need to spend more than what they have in banks ( like in a medical emergency).

Most cards give the users  monthly statements which can serve as a sort of record keeping for the card holders, and it sometimes enable them to plan better on their spending.

Credit card also enables card users to pay bills online, and thus save travelling time and waiting time.. If more people use credit cards to pay bills, it can help to conserve petrol, and even help alleviate traffic congestions.

So credit cards, for those who are financially sound, are as necessary as cash..


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  1. andy
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 15:22:05

    Dr Hsu,

    for your info, there is a poll just launced to vote on change of leadership in Gerakan and calling for a fresh election in Gerakan.

    Please vote by visiting:-


  2. Dr Hsu
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 15:58:54

    andy, steve
    Yes, I know about the link. received the email this morning.
    Thanks for the alert.


  3. Richard Loh
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 16:10:25

    The government are doing things at a rush without really studying the pros and cons as well as the effect it has on the common people. Just look at NAP, one day yes, next day no. Did they survey, study before implementing? From what we see of the never ending flip flop of the government the future of the country looks bleak. Sometimes it come to mind that the government may be doing it on purpose. Like NAP, they may withdraw the RM50 requirement on the credit card. When they withdraw the proposal it makes the people so happy and feel that the government is good and are listening to the people. I for one will not be con into their mind trapping.


  4. andyyong
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 16:31:28

    Please take note that the andy commented above is not andyyong.


  5. gerakan supporter
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 17:16:29

    Dr Hsu,
    I went into the poll blogsite just now. but I think it has been removed.
    Looks like the gerakan youth chicken out again.
    If afraid to hold the poll, don’t start it.

    Same thing last time. If afraid to join GMI protest, don’t announce joining it and withdraw at the last minute.
    Embarassing to gerakan, especially the youth (hopeless leaders, more like chickens!)


  6. liew
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 17:27:43

    I think gerakan youth is just a joke.
    Can even hold a proper poll.
    Mostly likely to back out after pressure from Koh Tsu Koon!


  7. william
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 17:35:44

    can someone please send a message to gerakan youth to stop all the non-sense.
    You people want to ask Koh Tsu Koon to resign because say he got no ball!!!
    But after seeing what happen in the poll, you guys are cowards. What rights you all have to ask KTK to step down?
    Gerakan Youth are cowards!


  8. andyyong
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 19:22:14

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I dont normally like to do this, but this is just not healthy.

    Please confront the Youth CC or me for those of you who have been stirring negative remarks in the internet inappropriately. Many different names were used, to twist the message and smear character. WE know who you guys are and your motive, so please, for the sake of the party, do call me and voice your dissatisfaction constructively. Let us strengthen our struggle and vision.


  9. andyyong
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 19:23:14

    My apology to Dr Hsu, using your site as a platform…


  10. klm
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 20:01:07

    Dr Hsu. You are right. The mad political virus has spread. It has finally infected Gerakan. Symptom is seizure, fits and convulsion. MCA is about to blow apart. Gerakan will follow.


  11. a gerakan member
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 20:26:54

    gerakan is different from MCA.
    Gerakan will not blow apart like MCA.

    From my understanding of the issue in Gerakan, someone from the youth (with the name Andy) just tried to be hero by creating a poll in his blog whether “party leadership should step down and hold a fresh election”. But my visit to the blog show that the poll had been removed. Commentators here thinks that it is because pressure from the gerakan leaders. If you go to, some claims that it was just a personal publicity stunt (as the poll was remove within 24 hours).

    But whatever the reason, I think gerakan youth or any of its member should learn how to think properly before doing something (which may end up looking silly).


  12. klm
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 21:34:00

    A gerakan member. I disagree. I do not think Gerakan is different from MCA.


  13. andyyong
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 22:04:10

    Dear gerakan member and readers,

    A comrade just called me to reply a comment posted here by ‘gerakan member’.

    (Sorry Dr. Hsu making use of your site again. Kindly reveal if there are same IPS number with different identity).

    gerakan member, I dont know it is wise for me to dance to your tune but I’ll do it the last time. You did praised and complimented me prior to this in my blog but now behaving destructively.

    To justify my position from being defamed, all interested readers please go to relevant comments at those sites such as the mentioned Gerakan4U, my blog and see for yourself. The poll was NEVER my idea but a request by several members/parties. Hence I obliged them and now you spinned the story to inflame nonsense against me. I wonder you are one of them to trap me.

    Stop accusing falsely and confront me as a gentleman. YOU CAN KILL ME PHYSICALLY BUT NOT MY BELIEF AND STRUGGLES.



  14. lowxinpui
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 22:09:38

    Because they are the government of the day they think they can simply tax people to raise money for development. This is complete bullshit!

    Just about everything that this government does always loses money. Look at the overcharging of items. Wasteful expenditures for pleasure trips on the pretext of study tours. Spending by their spouses. The wastages. Where’s the accountability???

    They are just ripping us off and bullying us with all the machineries.

    This is hardly a strategy. It’s daylight robbery!


  15. klm
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 08:49:41

    Ah. Survival rules in play.

    12. Never say good things about your rivals in the party. Better still, report back the bad things they say to the top leaders. Add vinegar, chili and spice. Do unto others as they do unto you.

    14. Getting to the top political rank require strong will, resolve and nerve ,known as The Thing. Amongst politicians, political fight is like a work out in the gym, for honing The Thing. Practice makes perfect. Constant practice help to scrub the layer of moral, integrity and honesty picked up from your innocent youth. Entering top political ranks is like joining the mafia. You get made only after your first kill. :”Killing” your political rival is hard the first time round. It gets easier with each subsequent action. Kill or be killed. Do unto others what they do unto you.

    Practice your political prowess and intrigues on your rivals in the party, both real and perceived. There are only a few spots at the top. You can only move up over their dead bodies (politically speaking, of course, though there was a case of a Minister convicted of murdering his political rival). When you have a few “kills” and feathers in your cap, your victims trophies victories are walking testimonies of your political prowess. They are your milestone for big time. There is nothing you cannot and will not do.


  16. Meng
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 14:30:30

    a gerakan member .

    This is based on your assumption that “gerakan is different from MCA.” and it will not blow apart. Perhaps you will like to tell us “what is so special about Gerakan” that it will not follow in the path of MCA.

    It has happened to umno, MIC, PPP and is on going with MCA. Are your politician different from theirs.???


  17. serendipity hopeful
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 15:29:52

    The levy is a burden to the people. It would be more acceptable if the government were to impose the levy on the second cards onward.


  18. pilocarpine
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 15:42:17

    1 simple Question

    why bank negara din curb issuing of credit card in the first place?

    ans:millions of cards sets out to second as loyalty card,n now probably as bait to offset its ‘generous’ reduction of tax.


  19. Clarence
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 16:38:07

    Two views come to mind with regards to the RM50 service tax on credit cards.

    On the one hand, the government can be viewed as a bunch of Keystone Kops prone to bungling and spoiling things for the good of the general public.

    Much have already been opined about the flip-flops on govt policies. Apparently, it seems like the govt never do surveys, conduct opinion polls, or diligently analyze pros and cons before announcing crucial policies that affect us. Is the credit card service tax yet another fine example of such predictable bureaucratic bungling? Perhaps.

    On the other hand, the service tax may just be another machination by the govt to draw our attention away from other more sensitive political developments of the day.

    I, for one, would never underestimate what the govt can do to lead us by the nose. After all, they have been playing us like a yo-yo for over 50 years. There have some very smart people working for them whose sole job is to plot political ruses and pull wool over our eyes.

    I believe the govt is very skilled in the business of “manufacturing” news to constantly distract and divert our attention. Out of nothing, they “create” hot issues centering on race, religion, and socio-economics. They use the mainstream media which they own and control to spin and dictate what we see and hear.

    The govt knows ahead of time what potential events may explode in their faces. They are well aware of events that can paint a negative light on them. So, what is to stop them from inventing new hot button issues to preempt or attenuate the impact of these future negative events? What is to stop them from inventing bombshell news events to replace news of their political scandals that had stubbornly refused to fade away.

    After the announcement of the Budget, 3 issues had garnered an inordinate amount of public debate, derision, and anger. These are:

    – The RM50 credit card service tax,

    – Changes to the National Automative Policy (NAP) specifically the “Vehicle End of Life” policy which mandates vehicles over the age of 15 years to undergo annual inspections as a requirement for road tax renewal.

    – Changes to the NAP that prohibits the importation of used cars and used automotive spare parts in the near future.

    Currently, these issues hogged the limelight in both mainstream and online media and also the main fodder for kopitiam talk and gossip.

    The govt is potentially using these 3 issues to distract us from:

    – News of the former MB of Perak losing his bid at the Federal Court to ask for a full panel of 11 judges to hear his appeal against the appointment of the current MB.

    – News of the Court of Appeal overturning the High Court’s decision which would have compelled the prosecution to provide Anwar Ibrahim with documents crucial to his defence in the sodomy trial.

    And, to a lesser extent, perhaps to distract us from the following political hot-potatoes:

    – The PKFZ scandal,

    – The VK Lingam “no case to make” verdict,

    – The Auditor-General’s report of massive fraud and corruption,

    – The never ending internal party conflicts within MCA,

    – The MACC-TBH inquest.

    These are examples over the past few weeks. Looking back over the past year or two, one can find many instances of explosive news events suddenly erupting from out of the blue to instantly knock out news of political scandals that had been dominating the headlines.

    Often, the new “hotter” issue involved the Opposition (PR) parties.

    Examples I can think of are:

    – News of Anwar’s sodomy charge emerging to displace earlier reports of damaging Statutory Declarations in the case of the murdered Mongolian model. The shifting of attention to Anwar succeeded in drawing attention away from the SDs possibly effecting a nice cover up.

    – News of the arrest of Teresa Kok and the Sin Chew journalist on ISA charges which superseded news of the ruckus caused by the “pendatang” racist remarks made during the Permatang Pauh by-election. The ensuing shift in public outcry allowed the Umno chief responsible for the ruckus to remove the bulls-eye target on his back and then quietly vanish into the woodwork.

    They were many other news events with similar outcomes which I am sure our commentators can add to. Are all these mere coincidences?

    The govt knows that bread and butter issues affecting the wider population always take precedence over sensitive political issues largely confined to discourse amongst the intelligentsia.

    We have just witnessed the public hue and cry over the credit card levy and the NAP changes. These had drowned out the chatter over the more sensitive political issues of the last week, especially in the MSM.

    The govt is adept in spin doctoring and political chicanery. They know that the public behaves like a swarm of houseflies flying from one stench to another. They exploit our short attention spans to successfully cool off any political hot-potato of the day, especially those involving them. The govt is like the lallang adroitly bending in whichever direction the political wind blows. They have mastered many of the rules in commentator klm’s “Survival Guide for Ambitious Politicians”. Within the current political terrain of their making, they can outwit, outlast, and outplay their opponents, to borrow the motto from the reality TV game show “Survivor”.

    The govt policy flip-flops can be interpreted 2 ways: either the govt is indecisive and incredibly stupid, or they are great manipulators who then unfailingly claimed to have listened to the suffering masses and cared enough to retract policies on compassionate grounds hoping this will boost their popularity. I favor the latter interpretation.

    The shenanigans of our govt reminds me of the 1997 movie “Wag the Dog”. In the movie, a Washington spin doctor distracts the electorate from a sex scandal involving the US President by hiring a film producer to construct a fake war just days before a presidential election. The movie drew references to the Persian Gulf War as an example of war used as an electoral tactic to distract the public in order to ensure a victory for the incumbents.

    So, is our government wagging the dog? Are we dogs being wagged at will? Is the credit card service tax an overkill strategy? Yes, but perhaps not so much an overkill in instilling financial discipline but rather a more sinister ploy to purposely distract us from focusing on the greater sins of the ruling elite in order for them to stay in power.


  20. Dr Hsu
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 17:10:14

    I can only reveal that there are many gerakan members calling themselves ‘ a gerakan member’ who comment on this blog… From their emails address and IP addresses… that much i can say, but i have a duty to protect their ip and email addresses..In blogosphere, one can use many names to comment, and many can use a same name to comment.. there is no way of knowing. A same person may even have many IP addresses too.

    As for my views, I think the party should be big enough to accomodate all different views… Views from different angles and views on how the party should go forwards should all be welcomed, debated and discussed… Whether we agree with other views that are different from our views, we should not hammer the others.

    I have been voicing heretic views so much so some top leaders take offence on my views.. BUt I am only offering another angle of seeing things.

    ONly when we allow hundred flowers to blossom, can new ideas and new thinkig be fostered and nurtured, and Gerakan at the present moment needs new ideas and new thinkings .. All ideas should be welcomed and should not be shot down…

    It should have nothing about whether you like the person expounding the differing views.. That is another matter altogether.. I will agree with the views of even the one person who likes to see me dead, if the view itself is good..ANd i would disagree with the views of my best friends if the views are no good, and i will say so direct in his face..

    We should be big enough to accomodate all differing views and viewpoints… Allow others to have more space…And do not get personal..

    I hope Gerakan memebrs can be more accomodatings, from the very top to the grassroots…


  21. bee man
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 18:59:18

    dr hsu,

    the people in gerakan got a lot to learn before they can be mature.

    Hope you continue to guide them.


  22. bee man
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 19:03:51

    dr hsu,
    back to the main topic (instead of talking about silly private polls),
    i have 6 credit cards. If government going to charge rm50 per card, that means RM300 per year. For low-middle income people like me, I cannot afford it. So, very likely I have to cut it to just 1 card.
    RM300 can be used to service my car loan.

    For those who are poor and the only way of financing is by credit card (if they don’t want to go to Ah Long), it means that on top of the usual 18% per year interest, they must also pay RM50 service tax for the loan. Is this fair?


  23. kl_boy
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 19:38:46

    Hi, I just want to ask something. If the govt proposal is to gain some form of revenue to cover the deficit (smaller or not, it is still a deficit !) and other shortcomings. Was the projection on the expected amount of fees to gain from the credit card users based on existing credit card numbers or an assumption of 1-2 credit card per person ?

    If let’s say it is based on the existing credit card numbers, by 1 Jan 2010 at least 40-50% of the card would have been cancelled. The govt would therefore gain only a 40-50% of what they announced in the papers. What sort of revenue source is the administration talking about ??? The finance ministry say it is to curb credit card debts but the PM is saying that it is to get revenue to finance his rakyat friendly policies !

    Which is which now ? Curbing debt or getting money? Anyway, the money earned here is a drop in the ocean compared to what was lost over the years as a result of wastage and mis-management (for source, pls look at our yearly Govt Audit report for ‘humour’ reading)


  24. ong
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 19:55:32

    I see a bunch of clowns who cannot even understand that the subject of this article is the government’s proposed levy of RM50 per credit card, and not Parti Gerakan. I wonder if this is how Gerakan meetings are conducted?


  25. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 20:29:53

    I use to travel to Singapore quite regularly to visit my children. There’s a saying in the Country – have cards will travel.

    The moment before you ‘fly’ with tiger airways to the Sing airport, you need a credit card to book the economic flights and no cash no hassle is involved.

    When the moment you reach Sing, just pump in 10-20 Sing $ to the machine and top up the MRT card, you can travel from North to South, from East to West, no hassle no cash! And the card is multipurpose, you can use it for the bus service as well. $20 can last for almost one week stay with extensive travelings inland!

    Go to the restaurants, dine with the family and pay by credit cards, discount could be given by some food outlets of up to 25%, so delicious to make the food tasted better, cheap and nice mah!

    But here, alas! The greater than great PM of Bolehland is having his self-thought genius idea of trying to curb the use of cards, so as the mat rempits and snatch thieves can have better chance of ‘cari makan’ when they happen to snatch all the cash from the poor ladies’ hand bags?! Part of ‘ketuanan’ policy?!…

    When Singapore is aiming for no.1, dullards here are satisfied with the last seat to complement as the tail! Never they will be advanced and where is the brilliant slogan wawasan 2020? Doom?!


  26. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 21:14:46

    Wow! There’s cyber-cops here in Dr Hsu’s forum pestering for readers’ IP some more!

    So what the Gelakan cyber-cops going to do with all those dissidents’ iPs? Black listed them or charge them with seditious Act or submit to your disciplinary committee for actions to be taken?!

    The young chicks might have been panic, but, we the old cocks here never give a damn!


  27. jackwong
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 21:45:23

    gerakan always say Freedom of Speech, Anti-ISA and Press Freedom.
    But now, some gerakan youth clown trying to force Dr Hsu to give IP address of the readers and commentators here.

    For your info, I just called someone from gerakan youth. Suprisingly, that person Andy Yong is actually known to be the henchmen of Lim Si Pin (Lim Keng Yaik son). and also gerakan youth chief.
    How to walk the talk with this type of people in gerakan? Talk cock can la!


  28. mycuntree
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:11:28

    My view is that the CC tax is just a very convenient way by the UMNO/BN government to get more income for purposes known only to them.Just imagine an extra few hundred millions a year will do to their pockets. The actual interest of the CC holders seems to be last thing on their mind when it decide to impose it. How in the world will imposing more charges on card holders improve their spending habits I do not know. We are not living in the stone age. For those who abuse their cards, their problem is not 50,100 or 200 ringgit they have to pay annually, even as extras. It is always the prudent spenders who are made to pay for the excesses and abuses of others.

    This government should not be allowed to get away with such simplistic and shallow “solution” to the actual problems of card holders.


  29. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:11:36

    Hi, jackwong,

    Dun worry about that young cuckoo LSP. Even his father was a big talking cork fella. Many years ago when he came to Penang having the so-called NDC in Equatorial Hotel ballroom, he did promise hell and heaven that Gelakan must fight for better status against Umno’s hegemony, but, what have seen now? All the eunuchs until the Penangites got so fed-up with them and F* them all out during 308 tsunami! The trouble is they still done learn and that LSP is only a kid still not wean off the mother’s bosom lah!

    I see no future for Gelakan whatsoever in Penang anymore! They are declared total loss in Insurance term!


  30. jackwong
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:26:45

    looks like his son also employing a eunuch in gerakan youth. Like father like son.
    All talk cock only.

    I think we just ignore them.


  31. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:30:39

    It’s high time we buy a cheap made in China scissor and be ready 1,2,3 …to cut all the excessive cc into halves and send them back to CIMB, Maybank, Eon Bank or what not to save for our pockets!

    I rather prefer to donate that few hundred dollars to the old folks home than letting all the big mouth corrupters in PKFZ, double track railroad projects etc to whack all the monies into their own pockets then only share share with their big bosses you know who!

    Do it!


  32. jackwong
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:30:59

    my conversation with a party old friend told me that he suspect the eunuch now running a poll to undermind current party leadership and to kill off current leadership under Koh Tsu Koon…….and clear the path for his son to claim the throne.

    No doubt, current leadership is not good. But gerakan must also not let nepotism and eunuch system and talk cock people destroy the party.


  33. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:38:38


    As far as what i know, even those young horns in Penang are not favoring the fledgling cuckoo LSP!

    Long before, i already gave up with that eunuch Party the people have reinvented them by naming Gelakan and that’s why we voted for PR!


  34. frank
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:49:38


    You mean that fledgling cuckoo which is still not weaned off from the mother’s bosom thinks fit himself he could be the new No.1 for the Party?!

    He makes me laugh a horse out to the drain lah!

    If he’s successful, may be it will be a blessing that Gelakan can close shop much more earlier and be wiped out from history!

    LGE of DAP will sing like a canary and hail – hallelujah!


  35. jackwong
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 22:58:58

    that’s what I hear from an old friend. I also laugh when I first hear it.
    You are right. Any one from DAP or PR will hail – hallelujah!
    Even Tian Chua last time was laughing when knowing he will contesting LSP in Batu. Wiping him out by almost 10k votes at Batu, which was suppose to be Gerakan stronghold.
    What a shame from the result.


  36. PJ Lim
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 13:06:51

    Looks like internal problem in gerakan, which due to nepotism. This type of family related/ appointed people is the main cause of problem in any political party.


  37. frank
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 13:34:17

    Who said there is no problem in Gerakan?! It’s in the brewing and once after fermentation, the puss will burst and all the shits will be spurted out more so stinking and disgusting than any of those other eunuch parties, mca, mic, etc…

    This time, will be the son of the king eunuch going to seize the throne of the shilly-shally subordinate to the K.E!

    It’s not only nepotism that’s concerned, it’s truly the feudalistic archaic imperial system at play! The Lim dynasty and when Gelakan is resolved, it will be the lim enterprise takes over and hence all assets will turn private! Very smart planning and an evil plot!


  38. klm
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 14:12:40

    I suspect this nepotism in Gerakan is more about money than power.

    Is Lim junior being groomed to take over from is uncle who is deputy treasurer? The Lim family would need a new generation to control Gerakan’s finances. I think Lim old man knows his son is not cut out for the political job. But junior need to go up the rank to get there. He has the right background – finance, banking and law.

    Just my theory. But prove me wrong.


  39. A true Malaysian
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 15:07:48

    Forget about Gerakan, forget about MCA. They are just in there to fight for “kangtao”, power, self interest ……Except Dr. Hsu, of course.

    We can learn so much from the Little Red Dot down south yet these people keep squabbling for crumbs allocated by their big brother.

    This is a must read speech by PM Lee. It is applicable to Malaysia as well, extract over here,

    “Many faiths share this island. Each has different teachings, different practices. Rules which only apply to one group cannot become laws which are enforced on everyone. So Muslims don’t drink alcohol but alcohol is not banned. Ditto gambling, which many religions disapprove of, but gambling is not banned. All have to adopt ‘live and let live’ as our principle.”

    Dr. Hsu, you are right, you are loner in Gelakan. Hope you won’t become “joker” as well.


  40. wassup
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 15:30:57

    At the end of the day, if the banks want our business, they should pay for us. What’s the hoo haa. Anyway, they used to bill us RM 80-RM 100 per annum for each card. They are also known to pay their agent handsomely for every card. I’m sure they can pay for the levy too now. Consumer power. I’ll be waiting for the 1st bank to announce it.

    Another thing, Gelakan can kiss my *toot*. Thank you.


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