On presidential visit and Election

In 1969, the then ruling party, the Alliance aka the Sailing Boat, suffered a big setback in the general election. Penang and Kelantan were won by Gerakan and PAS respectively, and there were uncertainties in Perak and Selangor.. What followed is the watershed event of May 13.


In June 1974, the then PM , Tun Razak, the father of present PM, went to China. That was a big news in Asia, since at that time, CHina was totally isolated, and was not even admitted to UN yet. ( The seat in UN was occupied by Republic of CHina, otherwise known as Taiwan).


Tun Razak visit China in 1974The 1974 visit was a successful strategic move.


The visit then gained a lot of goodwill from the CHinese Malaysian voters, and in the 1974 GE, held in AUgust just 2 months after the CHina visit, BN won big , 135 seats out of 154, with only 19 seats going to the opposition.  The China visit played a big role in enhancing the profile of the then PM as a statesman, especially among the CHinese Malaysian voters then, many of whom originated  from CHina (like both my parents).


Well, seems like history is  repeating itself this time. In MArch 08, BN suffered a big set back , losing the popular votes and 5 states to the opposition. The present PM, after assuming office in April, went to visit China in JUne and hardly 4 months have passed, President Hu is now on invitation to visit our country.

president HU and our KingOur King welcoming President Hu (pic from XinHua)


Will there be an election and is this invitation to visit timed to coincide with any impending election?


What worked well 45 years ago may not work now, as this is a totally different world altogether. Most of the CHinese Malaysians are Malaysian born ( 2nd or third or more generations). Most of us think of Malaysia first . China to us is just another country albeit one in which our (meaning Chinese Malaysian) culture originated. One example is that whenever Malaysia plays CHina in sports, we cheer Malaysian players and not the Chinese players..


Recently, there was an uproar in Chinese blogosphere when Minister Mentor of Singapore openly said that US’s presence is needed in Asia to counter-balance China.. Many mainland CHinese were upset. But to me, A Chinese Singaporean should always put Singapore’s interest first, just like a Chinese Malaysian should always put Malaysia first.


So the visit to China by our top leader  is treated by most Malaysians like a visit to any other country. NO goodwill will probably be earned by the mutual exchange of visit.. The China-born in Malaysia is now a very small minority and even they would probably not be swayed to vote for BN just because Chinese president visits Malaysia.


Whoever wins the hearts of the Chinese Malaysians will win their votes. The Chinese Malaysian voters are a practical lot, and most will be influenced by a good economy , the ability to ‘cari makan’ in a level playing field,  a low crime environment, a good school system for thier children  and  good governance.


In fact, this is what a citizen of any country look forward too. A fair treatment, a good environment to earn their livings and a place where their basic rights are protected and respected.


Coming back to the issue of election.


Personally, i do not think that there will be an election but if the opposition continues on their present path of shooting their own feet, resulting in an implosion and breaking up of the coalition, do not discount an election next year. IN any case, I think BN will go for a State election in Perak first, most probably next year, and the result there would determine whether there will be an early 13th GE or not.



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  1. frank
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 11:54:00

    Even the father of the son had made a historical move to visit the great wall of China, in year 1970, he still was unable to white wash all the bloods in his both hands and had to repay all the sins by living short after his return from China! This is karma we believe in….

    Visiting China is no longer an ever elixir in gaining political strength nowadays, neither from the main land Chinese nor the Malaysian Chinese! No younger Malaysian Chinese will think of their roots are in the mainland as our forefathers’ nostalgic thinking of their roots were still there in the Provinces concerned!

    Our roots are all deep in the soil of ‘Tanah Malaysia’, only if the ‘Ketuanan’ fellas reckoned with the fact and the reality, they would not have to go there to piss their urine in that part of the soil, having thought that it will be like paying homage, a respect to our ancestors – though it’s seen as an obvious fake – we all here will feel very touched like our ignorant forefathers!

    What they need to do is to treat us all the Nationals here equally fairly, and justly abides by the rule of law and proper instead of law of jungle, we will be happy and we will recognized them as a good government which deserves our supports!

    Can they?!

    Just respect us in our soil and respect the FC, and respect our rights as the equal citizen of the land we are staying in, the supports will definitely go the way they want!


  2. Justice & Equality
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 13:44:18

    China is now Materially RICH & POWERFUL. Also there is a STRONG Chinese Dispora around the world.

    So Chairman Hu should tell PM not to discrimate the Msians of Chinese descent by marginalizing them.


  3. CYC
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 14:33:25

    Dear fellow malaysians,

    Never falls into this public relation stunt of BN. Our fore fathers were fooled once and we should not be the 2nd one to be fooled by the same shadow play.

    If we are stupid enough to be fooled again, then good luck to us as we deserve the govt we choose to elect.

    There are clear signs that BN is rotten beyond repair. Judges, SPRM, MACC, PDRM, …….. and u name it .. all are used to the max to attain their objectives irregardless of citizenry protest or international communities displeasure. So, the only hope is CHANGE THE GOVT.

    Just ask all the goons like MCA , GERAKAN etc to retire early as they are no better than the retarded. They preached what they don’t do but doing what we forbid them to do, and it is the biggest crime of mankind when u betrayed the trust placed upon u by the innocent citizens. Why buy a PN17 stock when u already bankrupted by it. Look for a new stock, be it a penny stock so what. Its time for small investors to rule the market rather than letting the BIG FUND CO to dominate. It sounds unrealistic but why scared to walk a revolutionary journey. It is better to try than surrender before the battle starts.


  4. Silo
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 14:57:30

    I am a proud Malaysian Chinese.

    I deeply respect my root of culture and origins.

    But I am born in Malaysia as a Citizen. Although my rights has been abused to the max, I still abide “most” of the law and go on with my life.

    I really do hope one day, equality will come in and we as “anak bangsa malaysia” will be as one for the peace and prosperity of out future…


  5. DG
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 17:36:24

    Who’s Hu ?
    Many Malaysians may not know who is the President of China but Malaysian know who the Malaysian PM, Datuk Seri Najib.
    Why question Malaysian Chinese loyalty to Malaysia ?


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