Malaysia , Namibia and Samoa

I asked a friend whether he has heard of Namibia. He answered:  an African nation in the southern part of Africa. I asked him what he knows about Namibia, and he answered that he did not know much except that might be a country that is backward, corrupt and with a not so good standard of living.

His answers represent the perception of  a lot of Malaysia about African nations in general.

Most of us would not want to visit that country as a tourist destination.

BUt that is the problems with we Malaysians. We thought we are the centre of the world and we thought that Malaysia is the best place in the world.

Let me tell you this. Malaysia and Namibia actually share the same spot in the corruption perception table 2009. Both countries are ranked 56, together with countries like Samoa and Latvia..These few countries share the same points, obtaining 4.5 out of 10 . It is equivalent to a person sitting for exam and obtaining only 45%, a mark which during our time is considered failure (60 is the passing mark).  Last year, we were placed 47 with a score of 5.1.

The top 5 countries d their scores are:

1. New Zealand   9.4

2. Denmark           9.3

3.  Singapore        9.2

      Sweden             9.2

5. Switzerland      9.0

Hong Kong is ranked NO. 12, and Taiwan is NO. 37. These 2 places were once among the  the most corrupted in the world, but has since moved on to the top ranks  of the least corrupted nations.

SO the myth that Asians are corrupted does not hold water. If Singapore, which has similar culture as Malaysia, can be one of the least corrupted countries, then we must ask ours selves, what went wrong ?

I have written many posts on the evils of corruptions, and lest I be labelled as ‘harping on issues’, i will not repeat all those again.

I think it is suffice for me to  mention that corruption is the mother of all evils, and no nation which is deemed corrupt can rise to the rank of developed countries. Selective prosecution of those deemed corrupted will not change the corrupt culture and as long as the corrupt culture is in place, Malaysia can say bye bye to our dream of becoming a first world country.

For the full table, please click here.

P.S. I was just thinking, at the rate we are sliding down the corruption slide, 9 positions in a year, very soon we will reach the bottom (last position is 180), something our football team has the ‘foresight’ of achieving long time back.


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  1. pilocarpine
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 13:54:21

    sadly, awareness doesn’t change a bloody thing…

    perhaps can look forward to migrate to those place with less corruption..


  2. pilocarpine
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 13:55:17

    malaysia will probably be celebrating that we’re in the top 100…


  3. klm
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 14:41:13

    It not so bad lah!. Being #56 still makes life here more flexible. It only means we have to bribe the office boy now, instead of just the boss and the clerk. Dropping further the scale would means we have to bribe the gardener too.



  4. CYC
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 15:17:36

    Perhaps our universities should start adopting “The Undercover Economist” by Tim Hartford as their main teaching materials to ensure those undergrads understand how does corruption hinder economic progress. However, i just worry that when they start to understand more economic rationales they will also master the art of corruption and at the same time prolong our undemocratic rules just to enrich themselves. At the end, the system not only maintained but inflated with more supporters with self interest.

    I am still quite optimistic that we will be able to stop the rot sometime in the near future but we need some kind Big Bang explosion of worsening economy. Only then our nation will wake up from their dream and start seeking ways to address this issue. Of course the most effective and direct approach is change of govt though it may not guarantee instant result. Everyone need some kind of shock to stimulate our thinking process.

    As we have achieve certain level of economic success, it will form the foundation for us to build a shield of defense against declining economy where everyone still looking for further economic progress or at least maintain the current state of living standard. Just like people who use to travel by own car would not willingly change to public transport. Hopefully, this logic will work itself into seeking changes and ensure our economy will not slide further.

    Good luck.


  5. Dr Hsu
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 15:34:50

    I have always said that it is good for BN to lose once and then let a 2 party system be entrenched in our culture. then like Kuomingtan of Taiwna, it can reform into a true multiracial entity free of corruptions (once it loses power, the corrupt warloads would all abandoan ships and onl the loyalist will remain).

    But for it to lose the Federal govenrment would not be easy unless econom remains in limbo.

    It is ironic that to get good things, you must go through a period of hard times and sacrifices..

    If economy improves and people’s lives improve, many will forget about the excesses and will continue vote for stability in order not to rock the boat, and these people will not bother whehter corruption is at 50 or 100.. as long as they have a good job and stable life, they would not want to rock the boat.

    But a lot , as I said in the last post, depends on the new voters. They can make or break a side.


  6. A Single Vote
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 15:56:48

    It is up to us, the rakyat to get the country out of this. Get rid of the corrupt BN as they are the ones who are teaching our children to live like them – thieving spineless parasites.

    My son wanted to ‘pau’ his driving test, “or else, Dad, my friend had to do his three times cos his dad didn’t want to ‘pau’!!! He was 18 then, and that was his first exposure to the real world. No, we didn’t ‘pau’.

    A niece has just got her driving license and she was innocently very proud that she did it with only five lessons on the road!!! How can this be??? On checking further, there was another girl who got hers with 3 lessons on the road!!!

    Please watch out when on the road, they are our children.

    The whole country is in it, a way of life and the poor children do not even realize its wrong. We are party to this corruption, intentionally or not.

    If you think that its just another stats that put the country in a poor light, you are very wrong. This is going to be your childrens’ world.

    It is up to us. We have to get rid of them.


  7. klm
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 16:47:21

    A Single Vote . Not many people do not want the flexibility of Malaysia. Good for you. As for your niece and her friends, they have just join the new band of fiends on the highway. Young girls driving kanchil, Perodua, and other small cars, with one hand on the handphone, overtaking from the left.


  8. A true Malaysian
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 22:18:22

    We simply have no other alternative but to vote them out. This is the reason why I we must ensure Pakatan win the battle for Putrajaya in next GE.

    It is not only a battle between PR and BN, but also Rakyat vs BN.

    No way you can save Gerakan, Dr. Hsu, however good you maybe with your life saving skills. Why not contributing your energy with Pakatan Rakyat so to ensure we win our battle for Putrajaya? It will be more worthwhile, Dr. Hsu.

    I am damn sore with whatever happenings now. Rot and rot to the core.


  9. klm
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 23:20:05

    “training to fight in the next competition”, said Ng Yeen Seen, deputy director-general of Gerakan think-tank Sedar Institute. This is another Chew Mei Fun in making. Gerakan members training – she must be kidding.


  10. disgusted
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 23:30:15

    Don’t get mad, get even.


  11. Hee
    Nov 18, 2009 @ 23:44:42

    Ok what., if cops insist on summon us even if we offer them RM50, we also in trouble what, have to pay RM500 woh…. RM50 oklah… Be wary what you wish for…. later even if we say “boleh tolong…” aik… terus kena cekup how?!!


  12. Atila
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 02:01:28

    Dr. Hsu

    Gerakan is kaput more today, you take a look at the Penang Gerakan Blog the article of the resignations of MPPP Goh and Tan.

    That Penang State Chairman, Teng Hock Nan should not play this issue to gain rakyats confidence, this tactic is outdated. It doesnt work, Chinese friends here says he “opera” non stop.

    Dr. Hsu, you cant save Gerakan with such lame quality issues they CAT WATCH in Penang.

    Eventhough if PR rules Federal, rakyat must not be complacent but must continue Dog/catwatch.
    Corruption is everythere. Remember many from BN frogged into PR, many still with the same culture and now recruiting younger generation supporters by the same method.

    The root problem in our society is material greed with confidence they sure get away with what ever they do.


  13. JohnST
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 09:14:29

    Gerakan is hopeless and gone!

    Dr. Hsu, it will be a blessing for Malaysia and our future generation if you could contributing your energy and skills with DAP.

    DAP is not perfect but it is the best and discipline political party in Malaysia.


  14. klm
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 10:05:52

    Dr. Hsu. You should download the worldbank report on Malaysia. This is a non-partisan report done by independent to the govt but with access to all data of the govt. The interesting part is the part on moving to become a high income country. Language is of course neutral.


  15. CYC
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 14:11:38

    Systematic looting of national wealth within a democracy is much more scary than dictatorship as majority of us just got to tolerate since everything were done within the legal framework where rules were followed except that such rules were meant to justified the end. You still see development albeit with apparent flaws and at much higher costs, both financial and social. As long as the self interested group is taken care of , the govt actually garnered more support. In our scenario, the institutions were automatically attracted to become govt supporters as the system recognise them as part of the self interested group who entitle to share the cakes of corruptions. It is therefore why some PR state govt find it so difficult to get cooperation from the civil work force or even being sabotaged by the this group of people.

    Corruption leads to inefficiency, this is the mantra of the modern economists. So, could we hope Malaysia to prosper economically when corruption index continue going south ?

    A buddhist monk once said ” When a person losses his sense of shame, he cannot be rehabilitated any more” Perhaps this is the best description to our corrupted politicians who openly condone corruption as a norm in our daily life.

    There are simply too many decision to be made, and the worst is when u need to choose the better between two devils. Ultimately u decide for your own future. Not so bad, at least u still have a choice.


  16. CYC
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 17:01:02

    Where is KPI minister? He wouldn’t want comment on this ranking? Or he already has something in his sleeves and will give some surprise solution? Professor normally not suitable to become politician. Even they wish to, the success rate is very low.

    Can we have somebody like the former Slovenia president, Janez Drnovsek to chart our economic recovery. He was an economist who has a heart for the people and yet unshaken by the temptation of wealth. He was responsible to turned his country from a net debtor to become one of the few former soviet break away country who are now net creditor. He choose to live his life to the fullest focusing on imparting awareness to the world on environmental issue and purpose of life other than material possession. He choose to retire at his peak of his career.

    Well, i think i am day dreaming. An education system which forbid freedom will not produce such respected personality.


  17. sosong
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 13:21:15

    Latvia had a much higher GDP/capita than Malaysia, Namibia had a GDP/capita close to Malaysia, They are not that poor or corrupted by Malaysia standard.


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