Taking a siesta to recharge

Dear readers,

I decided to take a short break from blogging, to recharge myself.

I shall be coming back to blogging in a week to 10 days time. To rest, to think, to research and ‘recuperate’ from ‘harping’ on too many issues.

In the meantime, pls read the 900 odd posts, most of them are still relevant and all represent my thoughts on cu issues and policies.


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  1. meet joe black
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 21:21:07

    have some good time off…best wishes


  2. A true Malaysian
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 21:48:49

    Dr. Hsu,

    You should consider whether you to remain in Gelakan while taking a break, not just recharge battery.

    Gelakan is not worth your sacrifice. Think about it.

    Happy holidays….. make up your mind, by then.


  3. folo4
    Nov 26, 2009 @ 22:17:50

    Sad, eh?

    To think that your writings made 2 years ago still went unheeded?

    Apologies for being negative, but…..what’s the point?


  4. Meng
    Nov 27, 2009 @ 00:41:04

    You are the boss..have a good rest and come back with more hot topic…this beggar enjoys reading comments.


  5. Meng
    Nov 27, 2009 @ 11:14:40

    Beggar is refering to myself Meng


  6. disgusted
    Nov 27, 2009 @ 22:46:03

    Take care Dr Hsu. Re-charging battery…..good move…a retreat.

    Think less about politics, and think more on life and the mystery of life.


  7. Atila
    Nov 28, 2009 @ 06:47:57

    Happy Holidays Dr. Hsu

    Gerakan “tak gerak, tak makan”.
    others say Gelakan.

    Look at Gerakan Penang…its just waiting time
    to be the next MCA, do Gerakan need PM to interfere like MCA. Sigh!!


  8. wassup
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 12:36:10

    Yo Doc, more tips on investment and health issues please.

    Again, Gelakan can kiss my *toot*.


  9. wassup
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 12:38:38

    ..and of course don’t forget to drink more water ok? muahahaha…


  10. klm
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 09:55:58

    Dr. Hsu 1.1% of Malaysia population emigrated just last year. The best and brightest. Hope you are not joining then.


  11. frank
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 12:18:15

    Yeas, better go for a siesta and jolly relax yourself in the couch or reclining beach chair on Hawaii beach than to see the monkeys with their mischievous characters and act of trampling on the CM and burning his portrait in the public!

    Gerakan youths are indeed digging the grave for the Party to be entombed much more faster than the next GE!

    A true Malaysian is right, Dr Hsu should make use of his recharge cycle to seriously think of to stand down from the hopeless party – and how about be an anarchist? Sure will gain more supports than being a Gelakaner!


  12. mathew
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 16:43:18

    just see the way how gerakan penang youth being part of the demo with umno youth really makes me sick.
    No wonder gerakan really in deep shit with such people in GELAKAN!


  13. romerz
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 03:22:12

    Dr Hsu,

    No rest for the wicked I guess. Time to return from your siesta.

    Your counterparts in Penang are being silly again especially that Oh guy from your youth wing. He is sure making grounds on catching up with the UMNO buffoons with regards to stupidity.

    I sure would love to debate with him if only you could arrange it one day.

    Sorry Doc if I’ve interrupted your siesta but we can’t continue playing politics the way we are presently. We all win some and lose some but eventually the country and our descendants will lose big time if fair-thinking Malaysians do not step forward and make a difference NOW!


  14. A trie Malaysian
    Dec 05, 2009 @ 18:28:49

    Dr. Hsu,

    Time really flies. It’s about one year since we last met in person.

    How about your TF ? Up?


  15. Meng
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 21:58:50

    “”The best and brightest. Hope you are not joining then.”” You may not know but if all of you keep whacking him he may decides to do so….Ha ha.

    “Gerakan youths are indeed digging the grave for the Party to be entombed much more faster than the next GE” I thought Gerakan has been cremated.

    “”Sure will gain more supports than being a Gelakaner!”” Looks like Dr Hsu may have to form a new party..Gelakaner

    “”Your counterparts in Penang are being silly again”” Are you sure, I thought they are silly all the time.

    “”I sure would love to debate with him”” Are you romerz.. how do you debate with a silly person..

    just clowning


  16. Dr Hsu
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 16:49:42

    I do not agree with the Gerakan Youth for this.. In fact, I have mentioned many times that whatever attacks Gerakan Penang hurls at DAP, it will bounce back to Gerakan.


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