Something that you don’t see everyday

I seldom post hilarious photos, but I can’t help but to share this one (received via email) with you all out there.

Talking about innovation, what about this:

Really functional. Can seat, can store documents, can travel.

Can even answer nature’s call when there is the urge.

Patent pending!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. klm
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 16:14:21

    Dr. Hsu. I noticed the change of picture in the top banner. Is this related to the no politics policy?


  2. Dr Hsu
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 16:20:51


    This is called dropped leaves must return to the roots!! But that is for me; as I say, everyone’c circumstances are different.


  3. petyew
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 17:10:23

    I wouldn’t be seen dead sitting on this contraption in the public but the inventor is very innovative, great idea to sell should traffic jams become commonplace But I think the client would need some privacy, don’t you think? Perhaps a folding screen?


  4. petyew
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 17:11:42

    Hey, where does the flush go to? Oh, no, not into the public drain!!!


  5. ahoo
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 10:43:20

    Talking about the toilet, I remembered a story told to me about a young missionary on a mission trip to the interior of Sarawak. Upon reaching the village he asked through the interpreter, where is the toilet ?

    The Tok Batin / Penghulu spoke through the interpreter : Why is this foreigner so silly. The whole place out there is the toilet. Tell him, he can do it anywhere he likes except near the houses.

    As for the innovative idea as per the photo, I think it is designed for a ” handicapped ” victim as they are not able to answer nature’s call as easy as a normal person.

    No need any shield or covering. Just wear a sarong that covers all the way down will do, ha ! ha ! ha !


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