It is an unfair world out there !

My heart ached when I read about a young Malaysian working in Singapore who was allegedly killed by a drunken Romanian diplomat last month in Singapore. The accident happened on the 15th, but the man died on Christmas day when his newly wed wife gave permission to turn off the life support system since he is already brain dead.

The diplomat was not charged since he has diplomatic immunity and apparently has left the country.

This runs counter to the human belief of fairness and justness. How can a person who is known to have caused the death of a person been let off , just because he holds a different category of passports?

BUt the fact is that in this world, not everything is fair. Some can kill and yet remain above the law. Some who has not committed crime but was charged and sentenced.

This is from the Law Encyclopedia on Diplomatic Immunity:

Diplomats and their families have also been known to use diplomatic immunity to avoid prosecution for criminal behavior. This is illustrated in a 1983 case where the New York City Police Department suspected a diplomat’s son of fifteen different rapes. The son was allowed to leave the United States without ever being taken to court, because he claimed diplomatic immunity. If diplomatic immunity is used as a shield, the police cannot prosecute, no matter how serious the crime may be.

But is there a way around these rules that were established under the Vienna COnvention?

The same Encyclopedia has this to say:

In the United States, if a person with immunity is alleged to have committed a crime or faces a civil lawsuit, the Department of State alerts the government that the diplomat works for. The Department of State also asks the home country to waive immunity of the alleged offender so that the complaint can be moved to the courts. If immunity is not waived, prosecution cannot be undertaken. However, the Department of State still has the discretion to ask the diplomat to withdraw from her or his duties in the United States. In addition, the diplomat’s visas are often canceled, and the diplomat and her or his family are barred from returning to the United States. Crimes committed by members of a diplomat’s family can also result in dismissal.

I suppose there is really nothing much for the family to do except to accept the fact that the son is dead.

There is however a higher law which all of us will have to answer, believe it or not. I hope the diplomat will repent, and from now on does good deeds to society and community, and hopefully with these good deeds, the deceased did not have to die in vain.


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  1. mccann105
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 18:10:28

    there has been many obvious cases happening in our stock exchange..let me give u 1 owner of 4 public listed companies went burst in 1997 n total loss in the region of 1.7 billion ringgit. no less then 345million worth of properties were abandoned, creditors list was in the region of 900millions..all these guy did was so simple..he went round the country giving his testimony how he was saved my jesus christ day, he had a chest pain and collapsed on the that moment he saw jesus christ speaking to him n touched his hand.since then he been “christianized” does that mean his god has forgiven him..he doesnt need to pay his debts?

    many of these crooks covered in disguised of such salvation n the churches are so willingly to have him as long he is a christian? i have no disputes over this until some close contractors told me this dato is living luxuriously …n have hidden reserves …
    doesnt taht sound familar?

    ref check t*lam annual report


  2. tonyboneka
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 19:10:32

    Sadly Haiti was hit by earthquake, a perform storm to an already fragile state.

    It is not their choice to born in Haiti. However, all people are fair. We will die one day.


  3. tonyboneka
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 19:35:08

    It is up to us to choose what to do before we die.


  4. Meng
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 23:19:07

    US travel advisory to Sabah….Sabah probably would be attacked by Abu Sayaf. I hope they would do so and more death…. See how our security forces will react.

    Would they dare to confront them????

    Perhaps Home minister should lead the cow head demonstrators and the church attackers to confront them…see whether they have balls or not???


  5. A true Malaysian
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 09:35:00

    Like it or not, there is only one set of “invisible” laws applicable to all of us. It’s fair, ultimately.

    There are many murderers around, some holding high positions, with power, with money, with material wealth, with immunity (it seems). By this virtue, from their point of view, is fair, but, in the end, the invisible laws still apply. Whether he or she likes it or not.

    See how, Dr. Hsu. I am not envy of these people. Do you?


  6. clearwater
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 11:02:40

    I am hopeful some form of justice will be done. The Romanian diplomat may have absconded from Singapore justice but his country, an associate member of the European Union, can ill afford continued bad press and international disrepute. Romania should deal severely with the drunken killer and compensate the family of the deceased if it wants to be thought of as a civilized nation. Singapore and Malaysia can put diplomatic pressure, either directly or indirectly through the European Union, on the Romanian government to do the right thing.


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