The war of the three stooges

One of the most intriguing periods in the history of CHina is during the era of the Three Kingdoms. It was after the end of Han Dynasty. The Three kingdoms were Shu, Wai, and Wu.

Wai’s leader was Chao Chao, a most shrewd politician and master strategist. He was actually the Prime minister in the Court of the last Han emperors, but with his huge personal power and army loyal to him, the emperor was only a puppet and Chao Chao was the de facto emperor. After he passed away, his son was not so kind, and the Han emperor had to abdicate and thus ending the Han Dynasty and started the Wai Kingdom. Chao Chao was , in the folklore, considered bad, and in Beijing Opera, he was always the black face.

If Chao Chao was shrewd, his oponents were of different kinds. The kingdom of Shu was founded by Liu Pei, who was supposedly kind and placed the people before himself.  He had many able generals to help him, and in the folklore that was passed generations down, he was supposed to be the white face and the good one.

The third kingdom was the kingdom of Wu, present day Jiangsu and my ancestral home. This kingdom was founded by Xun Quan, a aristocrat in the south whose father and elder brother actually did the work of conquering the surrounding areas, and left it to him to enjoy the spoilt of their efforts. He was considered not brilliant but not foolish either, and was capable of making important political decisions.  He was initially allied with Shu , since Shu and Wu were smaller than Wai, and had lesser resources.

In the famous battle, Cher Pi, as depicted in the War movie, Redcliff, a million of the Wai soldiers were defeated by tens of thousands of soldiers, the total combined strength of SHu and Wu.

One of the main strategists of winning this war was Chu Ke Liang, and he was the prime minister of Shu in later part of the story.

So when Shu and Wu combined, Wai could not beat them despite the numerically superior army.

There was a Chinese saying that ” when you unite for too long, youwill split; when you split for too long  , you will unite”. How true it was.

In later part, because of territorial quarrels, Wu and Shu split, after Wu killed Guan Yu.  SHu attacked Wu, despite the warning and advice by CHu Ke Liang that Wu and Shu once split, would be no match for Wai.

To make the story short, After the death of Liu Pi and later on Chu Ke Liang, Shu was conquered by army controlled by General  Shi Ma from Wai, and later on Wu was also annihilated. And Finally, history repeated itself when SHi Ma Chou and his descendants forced the Wai emperor to abdicate and thus ending the era of the Three Kingdoms, and signalled the start of Jin Dynasty.

I told this story to show that when there are three factions , whichever 2 factions that teamed up would have an advantage over the third faction.

Remember the organisation with Top Ong, DVD Chai and the Brutuses?

Initially , when the Top Ong fought with DVD Chai, a small group voted one way on one resolution and another way on another resolution and by doing so,almost succeeded in  forcing both Ong and Chai out. This group consisted of people who learned from Brutus.

When Brutuses saw their chances, they started back stabbing the Top Ong, but then the Top Ong unexpected teamed up with DVD Chai the no 2 who was his nemesis. So the Brutuses were left high and dry , and some even cried openly in press conference.

Now, suddenly, the Top Ong was played out. The DVD Chai suddenly teamed up with all the Brutuses and whatever unity plan was thrown to the winds.

This was backstabbing that pierced the heart. The Top Ong is now doomed. How is he going to muster enough forces to fight the combined strength of the other 2? It was like Shu being played out by the combined forces of Wai and Wu , that resulted in the death of one of the Chinese legends Guan Yu.

I do not think the Brutus would linked up with Top Ong anymore. The biggest winner was the DvD Chai, who was almost as shrewd as Chao Chao, on a much smaller scale of course. I said almost, because despite all the opera showing Chao Chao as black face, he was never caught with his pants down..

SO a person caught with his pants down is likely to be the Top now, and the one who backstabbed his boss is supposed to be No.2. What happened to this organisation? Are there no shame to be led by a person with his pants down?

WIll the foreign press ask why he was caught with his pants down if ever he goes overseas next time, especially if he  represents the country? I would feel ashamed to have this type representing the country. I would also feel ashamed to be associated with the Brutuses , who can do about turn and have no qualms about morality and no shame.

This organisation was involved in fights times and again, since the feng shui is not very good. But this batch was the worse, and had no class at all. See, in this country, everything has become so medicore, that even the party fight in this organisation has become so medicore and so disgusting..

Disgusting, that is the word to use!! Hopefully the delegates would do the sensible things to vote all these fellows out !!!


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31 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eyes Wide Open
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 15:33:46

    aiya what to do…even the Top1 emperor also got so many questions hanging over his head about imperial army procurements and deaths of female Kublai Khan descendents – but a-ok what.

    His court jesters, oops…I mean court “Ministers” are all none the better!

    The problems of small fart eunuchs like TopOng and DVD Chai supsupsui la…


  2. Chauncey Gardener
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 15:59:18

    It is easier to deal with two factions than with three as in a two faction situation, the winner takes all.

    Three’s company and you may never get a winner.


  3. pilocarpine
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 16:39:20

    disunity will only bring harm to the party.

    i rather be a pawn in a peaceful,prosperous state than be a king in a broken, disasterous, empty, chaotic country…


  4. klm
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 18:28:10

    Dr. Hsu. You have too much hope of MCA CDs. These people are just as despicable as the leaders. They prostitute their votes to the highest bidders. DVD actor and the Brutus have plenty of illegal money. Top has little. So the outcome of the election is already decided, unless Top play the money game.

    I have said that Top should promise the CDs any money after he wins. In this way he fight fire with fire. If CSL and Brutuses want the votes, they will have to pay cash upfront.

    If Top wins, he can get the money by creating another PKFZ. Hell! What is another few more billions. He can find another Tiong King Sing.

    I would bet that, who ever wins the President post, he or she will have to raise lots of political fund to pay for the support.

    This MCA stupidity will just lead to more corruption. Even the least corrupt has no choice if he want to continue.

    Finally, as you can see I have little hope to see a better Malaysia because of the political scene. The inside politic of the political parties is the mother of all corruption in the country.


  5. ong
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 18:37:32

    You may feel ashamed to have this type representing the country, but has it occurred to you that DVD Chai is actually very proud of his virility and his performance? He could be dying to have the foreign press ask about his being caught with his pants down. What a chance for him then to show off by describing all the details. Who knows if he may even give complimentary copies of his DVD to his foreign fans! Ha! Ha! Ha!


  6. cilipadi
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 21:06:22

    If a guy can cheat his wife, his family, what more to say when he cheats his friends. Next, he will cheat the brutuses.

    Morality, no such a word in their dealings. Power & money are what they fight for, even with their pants down.

    Worse than dogs. Their holes should be stuffed with cilipadi.

    Dvd Chai makan cili, Brutuses rasa pedas


  7. Ken
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 22:30:21

    Dr. Hsu is correct. Just vote out all these creeps. And I mean all of them including MCA, UMNO, MIC and the rest of the BN gang. Vote Pakatan Rakyat!


  8. disgusted
    Mar 06, 2010 @ 22:50:46

    Actually the 3 kingdoms legend or even the art of war is some what like a Bible to Chinese leaders ambitious of a political climb.

    But interesting what Dr wrote with the impression that there are the Brutuses. This part of portrayal by Top One using cyber troopers to “paint” his rivals as Brutuses following the no confidence motion was exceedingly successful.

    Many outside the kingdom was really convinced (or misled) that Top One was betrayed by his army lieutenants. But the tragic part is that the perceived truth is far from the real truth state of affairs in this war of the stooge kingdom. Top One’s most successful effort has been his use or exploitation of proxy Internet/Bog wars.

    The bottom line is that it does not matter whether those lies in the blogs were truth or not, he is only interested in the damage done to his detractors. And judging by your written views, Top One has made tops in his propaganda.


  9. Ikan Sembilang
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 09:51:36

    Top Ong will make a good politician in Singapore, but in the dog-eat-dog Malaysian politics, it is the shrewdest and the greediest who eventually survive and triumph. Top Ong may not be the President again after 28 March, but I am sure many will remember him as the only MCA President, who has the integrity and courage to stand up and fight party corruption.


  10. HA
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 10:51:38

    Normal lah, this type of throats cutting and back-stabbing will occur when there is an uneven distribution of loots.


  11. klm
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 17:01:47

    I see these fights in MCA as dying spasms. These are dying sensations. The twitching, the retching and involuntary bowel movements. The time has come. The Reaper is coming.

    We should start writing the Obituary. I propose a collective MCA obituary writing session. How about it doc?


  12. disgusted
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 21:03:03

    Ha, haaa, Top One has been very successful in building the image as superman to the People Kingdom Free Zone….but not long, someone going to expose him, in fact….well, it will spoil the fun if I leak out. Watch the news how he gave approval quietly and discreetly…………to a T-man a large sum of money on the project.

    But in public he spoke a different language.

    Those believing him had become suckers.


  13. Dr Hsu
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 22:15:54

    how would the party members (i mean the ordinary grassroots) feel to have a DVD sex person to head the party, or some one like Brutus who over the past few months were seen to be weak and put personal interest over the others? Or the Old Ong’s brother who would be trying to make a come back? I mean the TopOng is now doomed, so where are the leaders that would at least not look too lousy when representing the country, since whoever winning the top would be rewarded with top govet position.


  14. Rhan
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 01:39:35

    “Top One has been very successful in building the image as superman to the People Kingdom Free Zone….”
    — It depend on how we define “successful”

    but not long, someone going to expose him, in fact….well, it will spoil the fun if I leak out. Watch the news how he gave approval quietly and discreetly…………to a T-man a large sum of money on the project.
    — This are the basic rule of the game, instead of telling us what politician are doing, we better spend time educating the mass what is right and what is wrong.

    “But in public he spoke a different language.”
    — Tell us something we don’t know.

    Those believing him had become suckers
    — Agree, since now they are given a choice to become a better sucker.


  15. R4Os
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 04:13:33

    I fully agree with “disgusted on March 7, 2010 @9:03 pm”, many of our Malaysian brethrens are pure suckers they always get conned easily by hypocrites and “superheroes”, that’s why we are what we are today, we got betrayed for over 50 years into a near hopeless situation today…

    I say, none of the 3 stooges deserve to be our leaders, it’s a shame that they still remain as our leaders and they would remain as our leaders… Even if one of them lose out in the 3.28 re-election, they may join PKR (Parti KeAdaan Rojak) and continue to be our leaders…

    For now, I hope the Hypocrite Superhero Ong TK get booted out from his “MCA Supreme Chinese Leader” chair, next I hope wall the 3 stooges get booted out in the coming GE-13,

    Please do that, for the sake of our children’s future in the Bolehland…


  16. disgusted
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 04:43:49

    Dr, we have to look not only the profile of the grassroot members but also perhaps, generally the human nature. Since you mentioned “grassroot” members, I will only focus on that, and not public members.

    Ok, I’d say most central delegates are ordinary grassroot members especially those not holding party posts at branch or divisional levels. The DVD sex person can pull in some minimum 800 votes and Brutus (as you nicknamed) can canvas 700 votes. I think that itself reflect an answer to your question. And the DVD person was voted back in as a member but not as 2nd top man also reflect an indication.

    As a party man you can understand the “dynamics” of politiking. You can also understand or even gauge the “maturity” level of central delegates through their voting preferences. If the delegates generally are controlled by chieftains (with vested interests) meaning telling them how and who to vote, a practicing trend which is generally eroding. So you also find sentiments of sympathy and forgiveness, the human factors involved that influence the voting pattern for a candidate (i.e. DVD person).

    So you see, most people don’t vote with a single-minded way based on a single issue (i.e. like you mentioned). “How will I vote since he is involved in DVD sex) eg. Not forgetting, the influence of the campaigning and the rhetoric heard and seen by delegates which also sway their voting preferences. Complicated maybe, but that is the reality.

    We may also asked, “Why useless and hopeless candidates get elected during the GEs? Same circumstances and contributing factors.

    I also wish people or voters can vote singlemindedly on single issue. Like voting out the government because I am sick and disgusted of the rotten conditions of the roads or the chronic jams. But it doesn’t work that way.

    Of course, the coming party elections will come back “old ghosts” and haunting ground. But you feel this way because subconsciously or consciously you support TopDog, maybe the PKFZ issue. But TopDog has brilliantly marketed his image that he is the hero and ONLY he can expose everybody. But examine closely, did he “completely” cover all ground or only the “selected” few? He has limited powers and influence because of political realities (i.e. he can’t call the shots). Like it or not, that’s a fact but he won’t admit because it is not in his interest politically. The party he leads will always be subservient to the powers that be. Just like yours. He is showing only his fingers are moving but you missed that his hands are tied. An illusion like David Copperfield. And many are fooled in the process. And I have said, the truth will come out eventually.

    Tragically, the party don’t have top “experienced” quality leaders cos most have either been chopped off or retired or even buried. While there are potential ones, they don’t want a full time political career. But the biggest problem is the unchangeable paradigm, as long as you are under the political master, there is no future. It’ll always be a 3ft by 3ft cell. No space, no fresh air and no sunlight, forget the rainbow too.

    Don’t worry, TopDog will fight to death, dying a hero, a self destructive machine. That is his main and key weakness. In your eyes, at least eternally he would always be a hero. BUT don’t be surprised, he would withdraw at the last minute in the coming fight. The reason, you will find out.


  17. cilipadi
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 11:05:06


    Just make yourself clear which side you are in, that make your job easier.

    I thought you agree morality is important?

    I forgot, morality is absent in all 3 groups. DVD porn-star too glaring, leave 2 groups, you choose.

    Or, you choose one only, DVD porn-star?

    Why you involve in this mess? I can’t imagine, disgustingly messy.

    monk makan cili, DVD porn-star rasa pedas


  18. klm
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 11:17:01

    Ode to MCA

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Listen, one and all
    Bring out your champagne
    We have reason to celebrate
    Cause, mighty MCA
    Is dying in agony
    at the gate of hell

    Heaven have eyes
    Great mighty MCA
    Born with our gratitude
    Die with curse on every lips

    Justice will be done
    50 years in existence
    20 years of merit
    30 years of foulness
    A deficit of karma


  19. CYC
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 14:57:53

    Contenders for No 1 seat

    DVD Chai – Morally questionable.
    OTK – Honesty questionable
    LTL – Intelligence & integrity questionable
    OKC – Integrity and Faith questionable.

    Next in line

    WKS – Is he corrupt ? Laughing face tiger or fox ?
    CMF – Is she capable enough ?
    LSC – Neither here nor there.
    KCH – Opportunist or don’t know where to stand
    FCO – No guts, highly qualified but intelligence ??/

    Looks like MCA got no talented and integrity intact candidates. But don’t laugh Dr. Hsu, Gerakan is equally hopeless with KTK and CKY two stooges around.


  20. cilipadi
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 15:26:08

    Who is the president why should I care? I am not a Malaysian.

    Funny, you Malaysian allow porn-star wife cheater to be MCA President. Can be PM or not?

    Same league of no morality?

    Top Ong so good ah!!! Can do magic like Copperfield? 😀

    porn-star makan cili, pm rasa pedas
    Top ong makan cili, pm rasa pedas


  21. cilipadi
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 16:04:34

    DVD Chai can perform excellently well, in whatever field.

    So what if no morality?

    MCA still like him ……. hohoho for what I care? Be careful, MCA girls ……especially PYT.

    no morality makan cili, DVD Chai rasa pedas


  22. disgusted
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 16:40:52


    There is nobody worth supporting and no sides to take. I want a 2-party system.

    I want the Pleiadians to take over and send all these idiots to Mars including the Pisskasa idiots, the racists…etc


  23. CYC
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:24:43

    Dr Hsu,

    There are 2 hard working doctors serving as ADUN. Dr Boo Cheng Hau at Skudai and Dr Cheah Weng Yin at Damansara. Both are quite low profile but sincere to serve. Don’t u want to think about it and follow their footstep.

    I specially quoted these 2 but not others simply because they over politicise issue but work to resolve issues. By doing so, u may be more like a social worker seeking to change and improve things rather than a pure politician. Does this role suits u?


  24. CYC
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:25:31

    I mean they don’t over politicise.


  25. Rhan
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:48:34

    王乃志 looks okay to me, most statement he made sound sensible. 魏家祥 is energetic but cunning and pretence. He shall be awarded a Golden Horse for being MCA best crybaby. If I am given a choice to choose, I would still go for OTK, MCA need a bullfighter, but I suspect his fighting will has subsided, perhaps he is now merely a chicken, waiting to be slaughter for thanking god. As for the rest, 晒气.


  26. Dr Hsu
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 21:02:12


    These are good and hard workin ADUNs. Yes. ANd I stay in the area served by DR CHeah, and I do not have to tell you whom I voted last time, as an advocate of a 2 party system.


  27. cilipadi
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 21:15:40

    Haha, monk, send them all to Mars? Costly.

    Lock them up in their Wisma MAC, they can fight, make friend, make enemy, sleep side by side, shit, eat, quarrel, make DVD and whatnot for all I care.

    They have tons of $$$$ but they have no a grain of integrity, morality, dignity and other ty ty ty.

    Lock up them, very contagious.

    Mars makan cili, Wimsa MAC rasa pedas


  28. disgusted
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 00:17:12

    Tragically, it is too early. “Early” in the sense that making predictions now……but by year 3020, some highly developed government WILL send their rebellious, criminal and idiots to another planet. Just like the colonial days when Britain, French and Dutch ruling regimes sent prisoners as far south to Kangaroo land and the Indies islands.

    But into the future, government will send criminals to deserted planets by space ships (made cheaper by technology in space travel, like traveling buses on earth).

    Yes, these Piss-Kasa fellows deserve a planet of hell.


  29. Thor
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 16:33:35

    Just came across this commentary of yours and devoured it avidly. Clap, clap, clap – great writing there, Dr Hsu.

    Oooh, just love it! The history lesson on the Three Kingdoms is wonderful, and the story of the Caesar/Brutus/Cassius dogfight is fascinating too.

    So, let me echo Oliver Twist and say: Please may I have some more?


  30. Dr Hsu
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 16:43:18


    The present situation is too murky to see anything. Besides the three I mentioned, the Old Ong’s Brother, the Selangor Donald Duck etc are all sharpening their weapons ready to do battles.

    The rotten fish head will probably play kingmakers.

    In the Era of the Three Kingdoms, even Chao Chao had some morality… BUt here, morality is the least considerations, power and self interest is..

    Dont discount anything in this fight. The most unlilely partners can be found and the most unlikely war can be fought…

    More Chameleons Association… what to do next?

    Perhaps I should not laugh at them, it is like 50 steps laughing at 100, since there are already strong undercurrents in G…..


  31. ong
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 20:55:20

    Looked at from a different angle and perspective, all the stooges can be considered to be a relatively decent bunch. Top Ong put sand in their rice bowls, in this case their dirty rice bowls, and yet Top Ong is still physically alive. He could have had a bullet in his head by now.


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