It will be a very crowded world

While we Malaysians are still arguing about race based problems 50 years after independence, the world in which we live in is going to face an unprecendented problem which will have a huge impact on human kind, maybe not in our lifetime, but definitely our children will be affected.

I refer to the exponential increase in human population.

In the fifties, the decade in which i was born, we had only 2.5 billion people. When my father was born in the early part of the twentieth century, the world population was only 1.7 billion.

Today, or more precisely on 6th April 2010, the world population as estimated by US censure Board is 6, 813,000,000 or simply 6.813 billions.

By 2050, the world population will hit 9 billions. AN increase of another 2.2 billions from now. This is despite population in Europe is estimated to decline from 700 hundred million plus now to six hundred millions plus by 2050.

Majority of the increase would be in Asia and Africa, especially Africa. There would be over a billion population increase in Africa between now and 2050, (or more precisely about 1.3 billion)  just 40 years away.

HOw much is a billion? Just take a billion increase for simplicity sake…..If each of these people needs 2 liter of water a day just to survive, we need an extra 2 billion liters of water, or 2 million cubic meter. And that is a day’s increase in requirement .

How much is 2 million cubic meter of water ? If you have a canal about 1 meter deep and 1meter wide, the canal needs to be as long as 2 million meters in order to just contain all these  water.

2 million meters is also about 1/20th of the length of the world’s equator, and so every 20 days, we need an extra canal of water , a meter deep and wide, around the world’s equator, just to make sure that one billion extra people survive. I can’t  imagine how much will be needed in a year.

And this is just 1 billion people each needing 2 litres a day for drinking and surviving , not including the water he or she needs for washing and cleaning.

The world population is going to increase not by 1 but rather 2.2 billions in the next 40 years.

If each throws away a plastic paper only  once a year, we still need to find dumps for an extra 2.2 billion pieces of plastic. I am sure we throw away more than one plastic bag a week.

What about food? rice, wheat and meat? What about clothing?

Some of these people will become middle class, just like the 200 millions estimated to have moved up from being very poor to middle class since the the 90s. These 200 millions need cars, televisions, hand-phones and so on, and with that comes increased demand on energy requirement, and more energy means more green house gases and other environmental pollutants. When there is an increase of another 2.2 billions, to say that there will be more stress on these requirements will be the understatement of the century. There will be tremendous stress on all these requirements.

In the past, scientists have estimated that our Earth can only hold about 6 billion population. We have surpassed that and we have survived that, thanks to technical advances in food technology and other sciences such as improvement in farming, genetics and so on.

Will we be as lucky when the number hit 9 billions?

These are big and real problems which we are going to face as a human race. To think that within Malaysia, we are still fighting over colour  while the whole human race is under threat is real depressing.

Our grandchildren may have to go to work in trains like this.

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  1. disgusted
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 14:07:25


    Glad you have brought this up and if you view the u-tube on the “Pleiadian Mission” narrated by Randolph Winters (video clips no: 1 to 20) and also contact notes on Billy Meier (search U-tube), the explosion of the world’s population is one of the top 10 serious problems facing planet Earth.

    According to conversation between Billy and the Plejerans (extraterrestial spiritual humans from planet Erra, near the cluster of 7 sister stars called the Pleiades), earthlings (world governments) must persuade to lower population growth (which seems an impossible task).

    This problem (uneven distribution of food and natural resources) and prevailing hunger, poverty is serious and only worsen if natural disasters strike like rampant diseases and earthquakes, tsunami etc.

    If human evolution takes 60-80 billion years per human to evolve to higher spiritual dimensions, where does all these “spirits” come from (other planets).

    Worse, not forgetting that plants and animals also evolve towards higher progression, i.e. survival instinct. There is no solution without political will.


  2. CYC
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 14:23:11

    We definitely have enough food for everyone if we consume just to nourish our body instead of dumping it as a balancing act to keep price at certain desired level according to some smart economist. Knowledge and intelligence can be poisonous sometimes.

    Water will automatically finds its equilibrium level so does all other thing in this planet, naturally. But, it is human who choose to distort them for short term selfish gain. That shows human are not that smart or kind after all. Sigh.


  3. CYC
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 16:37:22

    Petrol price increased by 400% in the 70s not due to shortages but was “designed” at such. Similarly, 1997’s Asian financial crisis was also created as a balancing act tilted towards the interest of international bankers and US – the creator and arbitrator of the world order. At such, inflation and credit crunch have become a magic twins that works wonder as a profiteering tool of the international bankers. So, rest assured that the world will not be too crowded no matter what happens as long as the order they created is still in place.

    You may want learn and understand a little more by reading some of the book like”货币战争”,”金权天下”, “confession of an economic hit man”, “what best democracy can buy”. You make you own judgment and ascertain the logic and trustworthiness of the contents. There may some familiar face u will see – almost similar with the politician we have here but much more refine in character.


  4. Nick
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 18:47:47

    Hey guys, the world today is awash with too much wheat. The last 2 years has seen bumper harvest crops and silos worldwide are fill to the brim. This is good news for the flour industry feeding the world with noodles, bread, doughnuts, roti canai, paratha, etc. The stats makes good reading; forecast world wehat production 676 mmt and global ending stocks 200 mmt.. and rising. So far, the harvests around the world including India, China, Australia, Argentina is very good. So although the human race is growing, modern farming is keeping pace and for now out-pacing the needs. Do not underestimate the human race ingenuity to rise above its own problems. Much of the doomsday scenarios over the last century has not borne fruition, going forward, we need to invest in biotechnologies using genome science to overcome consumption forecasts. I am of the optimistic kind and very hopeful for the future. But screw the damn UMNO-MCA for making our country rotten. I feel happier now. Cheers to all!


  5. klm
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 22:20:39

    Don’t worry. Nature has its way of pruning some of the unwanted. Weather change, drought, diseases, earthquake, tsunami and war.


  6. Cadraver
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 23:57:11

    Agreed. More sex, less babies please.


  7. clearwater
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 13:16:15

    Thomas Malthus(1766-1834) will eventually be proven right. The Malthusian trap for humankind will happen, if not at 9 billion human population , then at 12 or 15 billion or some other number that becomes unsustainable notwithstanding technological advances that extend the parameters of man’s existence. Most relieved will be mother Earth. She is really tired of man’s greed and continuous demands.


  8. Prince
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 17:47:16

    Either companies selling contraception devices will be profiting the most or, train companies will be most profitable. I think, Warrent Buffet thought about this issue the same way before he bought Northern Burlington Santa Fe for US34billion.


  9. disgusted
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 00:37:57


    Nature controls animals, insects and the whole ecological system but everything is breaking down. With warming of oceans, whales and sea animals get disoriented and lost their directions, washed ashore in shallow waters and die.

    Population should be trimmed to 3 in a family. Yes, sex without babies.

    Approving man to be polygamous and woman monogamous. But this is happening in a spiritually advanced human civilization. This is the natural law. Sex without babies is a rule in that civilization between unmarried couples but they don’t jump from bed to bed. Only with those spiritually in harmony. But in this dog-eat-dog world, rigid religious laws say differently from spiritual laws. Of course, distortions of religious text is a weapon to control others. After 3rd WW, the population will be reduced. For sure.


  10. d'evil
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 15:07:55

    Nations are starting to break down. Kyrgyzstan just exploded. I suspect a few moreof the xyztan countries will probable go that way. Countries like Sudan, Yemen and Somalia should be and would be wiped off the surface of this earth. Nature would sure to ravage them. The pruning of the human race has started.

    Nostradamus and the Aztec said the world will end 2012. Any takers?


  11. Atila
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 05:33:29

    Malaysians should be aware and worry what was top discussed in the Bilderberg meeting last May in Athens, Greece.

    Dr. Hsu,

    Since I am a Muslim, Qiamat=world end is not for us to predict nor to get it exact date otherwise we are at par Allahswt. HE shall decide the day, what we Muslims know are Prophecies leading to Qiamat and Qiamat happens on a Friday.

    I also want to point out that i m curious as to why certain states in USA are stock pilling millions of plastic coffins since 2008.

    Any idea Dr Hsu?

    Thank you.


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