Those who throw stones get stoned

There is a saying that those who throw stones should not stay in glass houses.

For those who may have forgotten the meaning of this phrase, let me quote

Do not criticize or slander another if you are vulnerable to retaliation.

This is because if you live in a glass house, and you throw stones at other people, other people may retaliate and throw stones back at you. Alas, since you live in a glass house, in no time , your house would be just a pile of shattered glass on the floor.

In the campaign for Hulu Selangor, where the stake is high, the candidate from PR , Zaid, who took alcohol  in his younger days  were slandered. To his credit , he admitted it and said he has repented.

However, the party that attacked him is full of those who drink the same thing.

Our first Prime Minister , a person loved by all Malaysians, openly admitted that he drank in his younger days, and that did not make him a lesser person nor a less religious perosn;  in fact he was the first SG of OIC.

Of course, if the religion a person believes in forbids drinking and that person still drinks, he would have gone against the teaching of the religion,  but if he repents and turn over a new leaf, wouldn’t the religion forgive him? I would think so.

I have stated my hope that both sides should not resort to dirty tactics. Fight a gentlemen’s war. DO  not fight a hooligan’s war.

In the net, photos of some top leaders – from the very party which started the allegations against Zaid –   drinking have now surfaced.

This is exactly what the above proverb teaches: you throw stones, people will throw stones back to you, and unless you have a steel shield ( in this case, never have committed any wrongs), you will be hurt too.


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  1. msan
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 15:23:27

    Well, it goes to show that the BN is bankrupt of ideas and would stoop that low. Zaid is not responding to those sort of dirty tactics, kudos to Zaid for not going down to their level.

    I was at KKB town center yesterday and found that most of the people I spoke to are supportive of Zaid and are disgusted with the character assassination. The common comment is “they think we are stupid!”


  2. a gerakan observer
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 15:49:55

    read this article by Raja Petra:

    A lie to cover a lie

    There is a photo showing that the BN candidate did kiss DPM’s hand even though he denied it as quoted in Malaysiakini.


  3. Dr Hsu
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 16:04:28

    In the era of the internet, there is no more secret and lies can be exposed immediately. That is why Zaid did admit his drinking since if had he denied, they would have labelled him a lier.


  4. klm
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 16:27:20

    looks like this Kamalalala -whatever his name, is not clean after all. He is a spin practitioner (PR manager). Raja Petra seemed to have caught him on two tales. Who would believe him after this?

    I believe Hulu Selangor people are smart. PR would not let this go.


  5. disgusted
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 18:58:12

    Newly elected Making Chinese Angry (association) president Batman is going to Hulu Selangor”under the protection” of the PM, of course. So far he is playing a very low profile, thanks to the DVD, and dedicate all the “in-charge” to Ubi Kayu from Lumut, the King Kong.

    Can this association pull in the votes, even by sending new village expert yap pian hon is futile.

    The ordinary average Chinese is NOT a “spineless” race, they got backbone and not like the “May I Come” candidate kissing the hand of his puppeteer master Mind-U-Din.

    Do you want a courageous representative or a boot licker?

    And so many “frogs” hopping in the constituency! Ever seen a female frog with a “tanduk-ship”?


  6. Li Li Fa
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 20:01:07

    A good idiom used to describe the current situation in HS.

    The people here are stoned supportive of PR. Looks like the glass house of BN will be shattered very soon.

    This reminds me of a similar saying that to point a finger at someone will have 3 fingers pointing back.


  7. disgusted
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 13:30:57

    Hulu Selangor street rumours surfacing again of vote buying and PK accused BN of using police force to intimidate Orang Asli (building pondoks nearby settlements) stopping PR campaigners from entering settlements. SPR (nicknamed by a blogger as AMNO’s pussycat) also alleged for warning Orang Asli voters not to allow PK campaigners from entering to campaign.

    Underhand tactics are alleged to be used as time narrows to polling day.

    see: news at


  8. Nick
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 13:45:33

    Dr. Hsu wrote: “Fight a gentlemen’s war. DO not fight a hooligan’s war.” You know, in business, we meet all types of customers, suppliers and we fight our competitor using all our brains, strategies and tactics. We study the competitors products, analyzed them, maybe even reverse engineer them. But in my entire working life, I can generalize that 95% of bosses that I have worked with are decent fellas. There are still ethics in business. Our word is our Bond. However, there is a small minority, either due to poor genes, poor upbringing (parents), poor schooling or in short, just poor class fellas, that do not know how to “fight the good fight” or “what it takes to be an honorable gentlemen or ladies in life. Much of the BN warlords are beyond redemption. Most of them are fully corrupted, there are murderers in their ranks, evil doers and plotters, wolves in sheeps clothings, pink lips that if they kisses you will be the ‘kiss of death’ for you. Actually drinking wine and beer is the least of many vices. If you can’t hold your drink and smoke your cigar, you will be treated as a pariah in the Gentleman’s club in the west. I hope the voters of Hulu Selangor can rise above this character assassination by BN because there is nothing they have left to fight against Zaid. To me Zaid is the epitome of “Ketuanan Melayu”, the best of the best. I wish there are a few more like that in our society.


  9. CYC
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 17:27:45

    Please enlighten me which rich politician don’t have at least one of the following habits : 1. Drinking, 2. Womanizing, 3. Gambling. besides Corrupting. I think the percentage will be 1 out of 1000 in Malaysia, if there is any. The kampong folks knew about it. So, don’t ever think that they are so naive and stupid. It is a non issue here.

    The Malay and Chinese have decided whom to vote but the Indian votes is the deciding factor. You really need to be on the actual battlefield to gauge which side they pick this time. It is sheer waste of time for MCA & Gerakan to campaign in HS. What more with the bloody mouth like OKC and LTL practically threatening the Chinese.


  10. Nick
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 21:25:33

    Dr. Hsu, what do you think of his claims to have graduated from the Aussie Univ when there is no record of his name in the Alumni. What kind of degree is this? Surely, if I joined a twinning course, the final graduation would be organised and my parents will attend and celebrate the occasion. This cheapo scammer thought he could get away with his dirty cheating but now the world knows the truth.


  11. Lai Kee Kong
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 09:41:47

    That is right. The first PM drank and ran race horses. The times were different, haven’t you notice? 50 years ago, how many tudungs do you find on muslim women? The Malays on the whole are now more conservative than ever. In Kelantan, men and women have different queues at the supermarket. Billboards feature women with tudung painted on. The stigma of being an alcoholic consumer in a muslim is almost unforgivable given the endless sermons against alcohol and gambling.

    This is why Zaid will lose. Not because he is not a nice person or a great leader. Edward Kennedy never became the president despite having the pedigree and leadership qualities because of his trangression early in his political life. Sometimes, good people do finish last.

    Kamalanathan’s alleged missteps is not fatal. The degree has been displayed and verified by the college. RPK is just on a fishing expedition. The hand kissing can be viewed positively too. A gesture of respect and tradition. Some people like that in a person. Spinning it into a symbol of grovelling is a bit far fetch.
    A quality which actually distinguished Zaid from the rest is actually his principles. Or selective principles. How can you campaign against someone in one election and than sleep with them in the next? He was the MP for Kota Bharu for UMNO in 2004. But we know it is all in the past and this is politics.


  12. Dr Hsu
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 10:02:21

    apparently he produced a certificate. I did not see it. But as you hv said , even twinning program, there will be record in the university.


  13. Dr Hsu
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 13:34:15

    from an uphill battle for BN, it is now an uphill battle for Zaid.

    BN should be able to get more than 60% of Malay and Indian votes, so to counter it, Zaid needs at least 85% of chinese votes to win.


  14. Dr Hsu
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 13:58:16

    BN will be getting more of the Indian and Malay votes.

    Read this story on Malaysiakini:

    ‘An Indian will vote for another Indian’
    S Pathmawathy
    Apr 22, 10
    In the oil palm and rubber estates of rural Hulu Selangor, the prevailing voter sentiment is uncomplicated. “An Indian votes for another Indian”.

    “It is as simple as that,” said 36-year-old G Bamah (left), a rubber tapper, who has lived in Ladang Changkat Asah all her life.

    “Since those days it was BN that helped us build our homes and provide work for us,” said Bamah, her voice full of reverence.
    Bamah is confident that the BN candidate, P Kamalanathan, will not neglect her people.

    Like many others who live from hand to mouth, Bamah is illiterate and hardly aware of issues dominating national politics.

    She is also ignorant of the opposition candidate Zaid Ibrahim, responding. “Isn’t he Malay?”

    ‘Nothing has changed’

    Asked about the performance of the Pakatan-run state government the past two years, Bamah said: “Our livelihood has remained the same. It has not changed in Changkat Asah. Maybe because we live so close to Tanjung Malim, they forgot we are their constituents,” she replied.

    Residents R Unnamalai and G Raman, also joined in the conversation.

    Unnamalai (right), 63, very affectionately said “Kamalanathan is our son… of course we must stand by him.

    “You can ask anyone, and you will find that most of us here prefer BN, ” she emphasised adding that she had instructed her six children to also vote for Kamalanathan.

    However Raman, 32, was more cautious about his revealing his affiliations.

    “I want to see what they are going to do for us, they still have till Sunday,” he said.

    According to Raman, they are facing extreme difficulties as the water supply only comes in for an hour daily.

    “Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that the world out there is so modern and yet we don’t even have running water?” he exclaimed.

    Bamah and Unnamalai also complained about the water.

    “All we ask is after he (Kamalanathan) wins, he must not neglect us… we trust that he can solve our problems,” they said.

    MIC is attempting to regain lost ground with the help of the government machinery to boost its image in the rubber and oil palm plantation yesterday.

    The constituents here were treated to lively stage performance organised by the Information Ministry’s Pentarama, a rare delight for those who live in the interior.

    The estate workers were in high spirits, as leaders of the country whom they had only seen on TV, had appeared in person to plead for their support.

    There were about 200 gathered to greet guest of honour, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

    Muhyiddin urged the people to vote for Kamalanathan and urged the people to evaluate what the Pakatan state government has done for them.

    “PKR’s agenda for the Indians is not clear compared with BN’s, which has already set up a special committee look into the welfare of Indians, directly under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    “PKR has no agenda for the Indian community. I want to challenge PKR to show what their agenda is for the Indians or the other races,” said Muhyiddin.

    “We understand that Indians have trouble securing loans and that is why BN has allocated RM35 million to help the Indian community to venture into business through the Tekun Nasional initiative which was earlier a privilege enjoyed by the Bumiputeras,” he added.

    “We recognise the problems now, which we might have overlooked before, but we are serious this time that everything you asked will be fulfilled,” said Muhyiddin in ending his speech.

    (EDitor: Zaid needs 85% of CHinese votes just to scrape through..Can he get the 85%?)


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