Not all men are equal here!

I was told this story yesterday by a friend.

Apparently, just before the voting of the party fight of a Chinese based party recently, a group of members plus some big shots from the Chinese community were having a drinking session in one of the clubs in the city. Some of them got very drunk.

Suddenly there was a raid by some drug enforcement units. The officers sealed all the entrances and wanted to do urine tests on this group of people.

One of those present was a prominent Tan Sri businessman, and he asked the officer in charge that ” DO u know who am I? I am Tan Sri so and so”. An Adun also took out his card and threw it on the table, demanding the raid party to move away. Many calls were made and in the end, the raid team which was only doing its job moved out and did not do any urine tests.

I tend to believe this story since in this country, hierarchy counts a lot. Big shots like to throw their weight around. SO much so that the civil service and the police force know better than to take action on these big shots, since if they do so, they would risk their boss scolding them, not for doing anything wrong, but just for doing their routine work.

On the one hand, the top guns want the civil service and the police to be efficient and do their jobs. On the other hand, the top guns would not like their ‘friends’ and ‘supporters’ get ‘harassed’ (even if they have committed wrongs).

SO the signal sent to the civil service is that it is OK to act against small fries, but leave anyone with connections alone. When you are in the civil service for many years, and getting this sort of pressure day in and day out, I am sure you will become as inert as the civil servants when it comes to tackling wrong doings by big shots.

This is the politics of patronage. The end result is civil servants and police officers too followed the examples of their political boss, and they too play the game of ‘connections’ and ‘patronage’.

What is wrong to pass a sample of urine for the drug enforcement officers to check if they have nothing to hide? Just because they are Aduns or Tan Sri or Datuk do not make them immune to check and prosecution under the laws.
The sad thing is , in Malaysia, there are 2 sets of laws, one for the commoners with no connection and one for the high and mighty..

When the rest of the world is turning flat, and hierarchy is rapidly being flattened, we are still in our medieval past.

When will these people learn to be more down to earth and understand that notion that “All men are equal”.


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  1. CYC
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 17:54:51

    Equality only exists in Utopia. Otherwise, I would have become PM of Malaysia or at least Gerakan’s president instead of KTK. And this is the reason why Socialism and Communism became other alternatives to Democracy. I am of the opinion that it is plain naive to assume democracy alone is suffice to govern effectively, efficiently and fairly of any nation. But most of us were brainwashed by the west to assume at such simply because Communism or Socialism did not offer us a shining example of success yet.

    Class differentiation will continue to exists no matter what system is adopted due to gap of education level or possession of wealth. It manifested even in religious circle. What an insult ! All these resulted in shifting of power of decision making into the hands of few who control the distribution of essential resources for continuation of life. Hence, the birth of the brahmins, be it in ancient or modern context.


  2. Chauncey Gardener
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 23:05:41

    If these people in the “upper hierarchy” believed in the greater good, they would have no qualms about taking a urine test.


  3. disgusted
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 23:23:42


    All are equal. All came into this world in birthday suits bringing not a single penny.

    All will die without taking a penny with them into the next world no matter how filthy rich or devastatingly poor during their lifetime.

    In this sense, all men are equal.

    It is the nature of Man who creates inequality but Creator’s Laws are fair to all.


  4. disgusted
    Apr 24, 2010 @ 22:06:10

    Tan Lian Hoe is more equal than others, campaigning in a school when Opposition cannot do (campaigning in schools) including mosques.

    But Gerakan deputy woman minister can. She is therefore more equal than others!


  5. disgusted
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 00:04:51


    I have a sick feeling RM60 million ringgit man, Kamal bin Laden will win !

    It’s a year evil will triumph !

    I need pedas, there is no justice ! Forget about equality


  6. cilipadi
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 13:04:56


    Win or lose, Zaid Ibrahim is already a winner.

    What for going all out to win in evil ways. Shame, shame, shame is written on their faces.

    Shame is equal to their Pride, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    We makan cili, we rasa pedas,


    Mamak makan cili, dia tak rasa pedas

    this is SHAME, not PRIDE


  7. bujang
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 18:37:33

    your story is telling the truth but the truth (those involved and names) is still not exposed. Who are the tan sri or adun involved. surfers should be told in full details.


  8. disgusted
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 11:06:13


    U r right. My computer line was out for one day so I was cut off the happenings for more than 24 hours till now, the morning after to wake up to a PK’s loss.

    But I believe like the 23,000 plus pro-PK supporters, who want changes in he country and not cos they want Zaid, but include their support the 2-party system to go on against a core-rotten system.

    I had felt there will be another 2 buy elections after this buy election. I was right, one next in Sarawak and another one?

    The fight must go on, the fire must keep burning…. spirit must resolve….


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