Both sides need to do some soul searching

The Hulu Selangor by election shows a worrying trend of increasing polarisation of voters along ethnic lines.

Early indications (i have not seen the stream results yet) are that BN won 55% of Malay votes, 68% of Indians and a mere 28% of Chinese votes.

In fact,  just before the voting, the prediction was that 80% of the Chinese would support PR and 60% of Malay would support BN.

The Indian votes have increased a lot partly because of BN’s candidate is an Indian who campaigned very hard and was always smiling. The estate Indians viewed him as their own kind.

PKR needs to do some soul searching as to why it can only manage to get Chinese votes . In fact many nonpartisan people have expressed concern over the direction PKR is going, and some even perceived that UMNO style politics of partonage are being practised in PKR.

In a multiracial society like ours, you cannot depend just on one ethnic group to win.

BN too has homework to do, to find out why ethnic Chinese are still voting aginst them, more so than 308.  Is it because of the perceived lack of change or is it because of the increasing racial attitudes of some of the BN top leaders?

Now the foucs will be changed to East Malaysia where the all important by election of  Sibu will be fought.


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  1. Nick
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 12:40:10

    BN won this by-election on ‘smart strategies’. Getting Dr. Hallili and Dr. M onto the same stage was a master-stroke and that would have pulled in a few hundred more votes. Throwing money to the FELDA settlers would have reaped some rewards. But it is a hollow victory because they can’t translate this across to GE13. Look, they have lost the Chinese voters. No one even look at MCA anymore. Despite poring so much bribe money into the constitutency, they can only manage 55% of Malay votes. The Tamil voters are up for grabs depending on who and what is use to persuade them. This loss is good for PR’s soul searching. It is difficult to fight BN’s money machinery and every resources at their disposal were used for this “win at any cost” by-elections. As a PR supporter, I wouldn’t spend too much analysing because it does not translate into the entire country. Like I have said, I hope Najib gets enough encouragement to go for an early GE. As far as I am concern, I am laughing at the stupidity of so many of Kamals followers. That guys “fake” degree does not even have a ‘class’ printed on it. Probably class 4, that is why malu to mention on the cert. Another cheap and low-class BN MP.


  2. CYC
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 14:48:21

    As i said earlier Indian votes is the deciding factor as the Malay & Chinese votes for PR as predicted by many were in the region of 45% and 80% respectively. However, lets leave the analysis to the political analyst and move on to Sibu-the next by election. This one is much more important than HS as any material change in East Malaysia will impact our national politics drastically. After all, Sarawak & Sabah were labeled as BN’s fixed deposit by Najib.

    I am quite optimistic that the Christian will be offered a lot of goodies and Utusan will stop their Islam championing program temporarily till the conclusion of Sibu by election. Meanwhile, Gerakan and MCA can instruct their think tank to manipulate an analysis to put the blame on alternative media the deteriorating support from the Chinese in HS. Let KTK continue his lie a thousand time and eligible himself as a Saint. No wonder some say “Study too much can make u a so chai”.

    Lke it or not, DAP urgently need someone like the late P. Patto to inspire the Indians if LGE failed to move across the race boundaries to woo the Indian and Malay besides the Chinese. The same applies to PKR.


  3. Ken
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 15:05:07

    DR. Hsu, I don’t see this buy-election as increasing polarisation of voters along ethnic lines. One side will get more of one racial group than the other if you analyze it along racial lines. I can’t catch what you mean.

    BN only managing to get 55% of the Malay vote is not a death blow to PR. This is their baseline support all along. It can change by +-5% depending on circumstances but that’s about all. There are few fence sitters among the Malays.

    In fact if the Malay vote is split 50-50, it’s game over for BN. PR will win by pulling in a bigger share of the other races.

    The Chinese show that they are astute voters who are not swayed by cheap slogans with no substance behind it. Neither are they easily influenced by election goodies. They are matured voters. There’s no reason for Chinese voters to return to BN unless there are concrete changes in race based policies.

    The Indians are a conundrum. Maybe poor people are easily bribed. This is the group where tribalism is strong and many may vote for BN just because an Indian is standing. PR has to do more to convince the Indians that it represents a better future for them than BN. But with groups like HRP trying to create a 3rd force when the 2 party system has not been firmly established the going is hard.

    The 13th G.E. will be a hard fight if Indian votes follow the trend of swinging back to BN. I think BN will be almost impossible to dislodge in that case. I suppose the Indians should not complain that they are marginalized under BN. You deserve the govt you vote for.


  4. Ken
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 15:13:05

    Yes, CYC, you’ve hit the nail on the head. PR needs a charismatic Indian champion to draw the Indian votes. I don’t know who can fit the bill but it is certainly NOT Uthayakumar who is too extremist. His brother has no moral courage. The search must go on.


  5. disgusted
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 15:47:14

    It is not a “normal” by election but a “buy” election that distorts the whole analysis under normal fair and level playing field. The ringgit and sen distortion of course id translated by crooks as a “swing”. Sure “money” can swing the corruptible and you can see donkeys munching on carrots.

    But again, there are thousands of people with “spine” and principles wanting a progressive swing. Even though PK lost, you can see the figure of votes supporting them. That’s an encouragement and for RM64 million to get an access of 1,725 votes, that’s your and mine money, the tax-payers money used as bribery.

    And you realise it is getting blatant and open now, not as before which shows ruling party ministers ignoring the election rules and of course, pussycat SPR looking the other way.

    Times have change, the pussycat runs up the tree nowadays as the rat is getting bigger and dirtier.


  6. CYC
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 16:52:08

    Gerakan, what’s left for u to lick from the leftover of UMNO ? Well, “educated” people normally are more capable of doing things of “no integrity” or “low dignity”. Their pride is only worth that less instead of that much. They would rather be a beggar with the power that be than be a champion of commoners right – that’s their struggle for justice and fairness. Why not? at least they can enjoy the the set of law reserve for elite rather the other set of oppressive law for the general public. Dr, now u know why the Tan Sri could refused the order of the policeman. Because, he may be a Gerakanian or ….. ! How I fancy to be somebody of Gerakan when I am caught by police for drunk driving,…ha..ha. At least I can opt for law set No. 1-for the elites though I may be IQ zero.

    Good luck to all potential MP, deputy minister and minister of Gerakan- your mum and dad are so proud of u all.


  7. william
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 00:51:28

    If Ibrahim Ali show up anywhere in any elections ,don’t ever dreame the chinese will give their vote to BN.Be fair to everybody.


  8. Lai Kee Kong
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 09:38:25

    PR lost because they did not get the majority of the votes, period. In an election, you play to win NOT like in sports where you can say you are there to participate. I expect no less than 100% effort from BN to win.

    PR lost because of their overconfidence in thinking that they have a trump card in their hand. Someone of caliber like Zaid Ibrahim, how can they lose. However, the demographics is not with them. Being a rural and semi urban area, the internet penetration in limited. The conservative people of HS is not the natural brethren for Zaid. Being a frog too affected the his image among the PAS supporters because not too long ago he was the enemy in Kota Bharu. This contributed to the relatively low turnout for the malays.

    On the other hand, BN showed the spirit of 1Malaysia by putting up an Indian candidate in a malay majority area. The candidate is young, articulate and respectful. He is a local and not a parachute candidate. People has seen him around and trust him. The choice is clear, the people want someone who can solve their problems.


  9. DG
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 15:25:19



  10. DG
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 15:31:56

    Perkasa is shouting don’t contribute to chinese school that don’t support BN. Would we even have this problem if we didn’t have vernacular schools ?
    Politicians that support vernacular schools, uses it as a tool to win support but it works as a double edge sword too…


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