Try the whole system too!

A police corporal was charged for homicide of the 14 year old boy in Shah Alam.

If indeed he has fired the gun that killed the boy, he needs to answer to it, since this is how accountability works.

However, if he has done what was taught (or not taught) to him during his training as a policeman, especially as to when to discharge his gun, then he should not be made to shouldered the responsibility alone.

The whole system and the whole training program should be on trial too.

If there is a standard procedure for firing a gun, and then this was not taught to the ‘mata-mata’, then someone must be held responsible for the negligence.

Someone must be held responsible for the inadequate training of the force.

On the other hand, if the training was adequate, and yet this policeman still fires his gun, then the one who is in charge of discipline must be held responsible.

When taken into consideration the case in Negeri Sembilan when a Mat rempit was shot, perhaps a culture of arrogance has formed within the force. And this is dangerous.

An enforcement agency , or for that matter any armed units,which is arrogant will not have discipline, and when an enforcement unit does not have discipline, it will be disastrous.

So I think we should not put too much of the blame  on the corporal.  He has to face the music, that is correct. However, the whole system perhaps should be reviewed.

What is glaringly evident is that we need to have better monitoring and acoountability in the system. And nothing can be better than to have a commission (IPCMC) to monitor the police force, and by doing so, it may be the only way to bring back the glory as well as the respectability to the force.

(This post is also posted as a letter in Malaysiakini).


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  1. CYC
    May 12, 2010 @ 12:02:51

    This is an impossible request. With the born loser mindset, Malaysians will be too obedient to demand their rights. And we are easily conned by the power that be. What c*ck is the govt talking about reform when the proposed UiTM campuses in Tapah and KS were awarded without going thru the proper tender process. The idiot KPI minister is either sleeping or has no authority to interfere what najib has decided. But yet he will never admit that it is wrong and he is morally obligated to resign for failing to discharge his responsibility with honesty and courage. So, what kind of scholar image or man with dignity he still trying to portray. Just another con man in the street wearing scholar and religious mask.

    Though I may not agree with Lim Kit Siang for over protecting his son and favouritism brand of leadership. But I must say he is the only politician who really highlighted the plights of the public and upheld his spirit in fighting for a fair and equal society. What say u, Gelakan? Your “intellectuals” makeup are only good enough to examine Saiful’s anus at most.

    UMNO is reigniting the 513 ghost spirit through Perkasa. What can and how will Gelakan and other stooges in BN respond. Issuing a press statement condemning it and have a teh tarik session thereafter ?

    do u know that some of my friends have refrained themselves from reading newspaper in the morning to avoid disturbing their mood of working and thinking principally due to the brainless statement by politicians. That is how irrelevant are Malaysia politicians and how they contributed to our health index.


  2. taosek
    May 12, 2010 @ 16:58:44

    only one man charged for firing….whatabout his other fellow police mate who drove the police car chasing the boy?? Don tell me the corporal was driving alone and firing at the same time. His partner also must be charge for committing the crime as he is also partner in crime. A sensible partner of this corporal should stop the firing . Not to mention they all tell the so call high speed chasing…is it lying or they fake the damm whole thing? Can they do that as a police man? is it a crime?. So I guess this man just a wayang kulit to the so called law system in malaysia while those partner in crime can run free.


  3. disgusted
    May 12, 2010 @ 18:57:54

    “Issuing press statement and having teh tarik thereafter?”

    That’s the only thing Barang Naik component slaves like Make Chinese Angry and Gorekan can do. What else do we expect “backbone-less” and spine-less slaves do?

    Forget the Kopi-O Index, already down the drain.

    The whole country’s focus and warlords are closely following the celebrity asshole now.

    And the political eunuchs just shout and condemn in front of the mirror, looking around making sure the political masters didn’t hear.


  4. ong
    May 12, 2010 @ 21:42:52

    CYC: You accused Lim Kit Siang of “over protecting his son and favouritism brand of leadership”. I cannot understand what you mean. Care to elaborate?

    After that maybe you would also like to explain the relevance of Lim Kit Siang’s “over protecting his son and favouritism brand of leadership” to this article.


  5. CYC
    May 13, 2010 @ 10:46:51


    If u cannot understand by what I mean then the word accused shouldn’t appear in your sentence. In short, I presume u know what I mean. But whether u agreed with I said as another matter to be debated.

    I made it very clear in my earlier comment that LKS still is one and only who live up to my expectation as a true politician with conscious to fight fairness and equality. But that does mean that he will not practice favouritism in party politics. Just go through the history in DAP, one will observe this “accusation” did exist though his die hard fans will argue otherwise. Mind u, his action did one way or another “forced” or “squeezed” out some young aspirants. So, this is my observations and I m entitled to comment and it is your privilege to form your own opinion as whether to term it as “accusation”. The choice is yours.

    To your 2nd question, there is no direct relevance to this article but merely a further thought on the question of fairness and justice when I commented on Dr Hsu’s extended wish to revamp the whole system instead of only the accused in this murder case.

    Thank u.


  6. klm
    May 13, 2010 @ 11:28:58

    If you try the whole system, everyone will be in jail. There will be no one running the country.


  7. CYC
    May 13, 2010 @ 17:52:48

    When u have a weak and redundant govt plus citizens with born loser mindset, the civil servants will become arrogant, authoritarian and inflated ego. Does that describe the present situation of our country? When a govt is weak, it will need the support of the civil servants to consolidate their grip of power. In return, they have to repay this bunch of accidental power abusers for the favour granted to the govt. It all goes in a circle. And the citizens have failed to empower themselves to reclaim their rights. Hence, democracy failed due to the inaction of the participants.

    When we argued that democracy is better than communism it is largely due to the existence of check and balance system where each individual is empowered to voice out their opinion rightly or wrongly. If u do not wish to participate directly, u can always choose a suitable channel to lend your support to the individual or party who are directly engage themselves to right the wrong. In this manner, everyone will ensure his voice his heard though the end result may not be tally to what u wish for. At least, the system exists and your right to participate is not denied. So, can we think real hard and do your part in whatever manner permissible to enhance the chances to realise your dream?

    When going gets tough, the tough gets going.


  8. ong
    May 13, 2010 @ 17:57:20

    CYC: No need for you to explain your comment “that LKS still is one and only who live up to my expectation as a true politician with conscious to fight fairness and equality.” I did not question or dispute that comment. I only asked that you elaborate on your comment about Lim Kit Siang’s “over protecting his son and favouritism brand of leadership”.

    And if you can understand simple English, you will not harp and lecture on your right to form and give opinions and comments because no where in my post did I question your right to give comments. If you read my post carefully you will surely see that I did not even question or disagree with your opinions and comment. I did not quite understand you, and asked that you elaborate. That’s all. You do not have to elaborate if you do not want to. No need to throw a tantrum.


  9. Rhan
    May 13, 2010 @ 20:17:34


    “Just go through the history in DAP, one will observe this “accusation” did exist though his die hard fans will argue otherwise. Mind u, his action did one way or another “forced” or “squeezed” out some young aspirants.”

    Is this good enough? Or you want more?


  10. Meng
    May 13, 2010 @ 20:34:22

    Doc, in my 2 cents worth, lets place ourselves in the shoe of the enforcement officer. You are sitting in a car and a car drive pass exceptionally fast. What comes into the mind determine what action to take. Opinion are formed very fast in the mind as to what action to take.

    Is he running away from a robbery or murder, rape ,kidnapping??? The vision or image of the driver cannot be seen clearly whether it is a boy or a man. In that particular hour of the day, most things look the same and in this case the opinion may have been that the guy is involved in some serious crime resulting in the shooting.

    Why didn’t he stop his car when chased by the police is the question on the lips of everyone I talked to????


  11. ong
    May 13, 2010 @ 21:21:18


    Question 1: Protecting son (and daughter and whoever is close).

    This is a normal human trait. Anyone who dares claim that he will not attempt to protect his son, I call either a liar, or a pervert human. Put in another way: What kind of father will not attempt to protect his son?

    What about over-protection? Sorry, very difficult to debate this one because “over” is too subjective. Where does one draw the line between “protection” and “over-protection”? As they say, how much is too much?

    Question 2: Favouritism.

    Besides being also a normal human trait, under certain circumstances the practice of favouritism can even be logical and desirable.

    e.g. I have a thriving business and decides to retire because I am getting old. I have two children working with me in my business. One have shown himself to be capable of carrying on my business successfully. The other have shown that left to him, he will almost certainly run the business into the ground. Who do I pass the business to? I will prefer to be accused of practising favourtism than to see my business run into the ground.

    Perhaps that is why LKS practiced favourtism. So that DAP still survived, stronger than ever, after more than 40 years battling against that indomitable mammoth called UMNO. Trash like Wee Choo Keong, he “forced” or “squeezed” out (your words) before the gangrene spreads. All leaders throughout the world practice favourtism. Those who do it with good judgment are successful. Those who do it with poor and bad judgment ended up screwing themselves.

    Anwar Ibrahim also practices favouritism, but to an even greater and more extreme extent compared with LKS, not only now as PKR leader but also during his UMNO days. Sadly his practice of favourtism appear to be mostly made with poor judgment. Most of his party stalwarts were hand-picked by him because they were his favourites. So many ended up screwing him. Which is why I’ll be surprised if his PKR lasts until the next election.

    In the final analysis, practicing favouritism is not the problem. The problem is how it is practiced.


  12. Rhan
    May 14, 2010 @ 10:34:04


    So base on your comprehensive elaboration, CYC is more or less correct when he say Lim Kit Siang of “over protecting his son and favouritism brand of leadership”. right? CYC not throwing a tantrum, i think he knows where you come from.

    Greed is a normal human trait too. As long as you are not “over” greed, that is fine?

    Not trying to rebut your point, just curious of you viewpoint.


  13. CYC
    May 14, 2010 @ 10:55:18


    If we argue along the normal human behaviour aspect, everything under the sun could be justified in one way or another.

    Your final analysis is classic because it is so frequently used as a defense by the those who were”accused” of practicing it. But I wonder if favouritism is ok, are u suggesting one can declare his son a winner even though he was actually defeated by his opponent in a badminton game? And is there any meaning or merit to meritocracy ?

    I am pointing out this with no intention to weaken DAP but the opposite as I don’t mind to declared that I voted for DAP since attaining eligible voting age. LKS is a great politician but he is not god. He made mistakes too. Even now, the father and son team don’t seem to realise they create great obstacles to those not in their good book. I don’t need to name them but this will eventually weaken the party. I condemn because I care. U should have notice I seldom condemn MCA as compare to DAP and Gelakan. Why ? Because to me MCA is don’t worth my time to do so. I rest my case.


  14. A true Malaysian
    May 14, 2010 @ 13:03:05

    When I first read the title ‘Try the whole system too!’, my first impression was that, what to ‘try’ and where to ‘try’? The whole system, judiciary inclusive, already rot.

    A simple ‘sorry’ will get you extra miles yet the authorities do not know this simple logic. If this is not arrogant, what’s this?

    Just look at the now famous case, no wonder PK went underground. I don’t blame if more people follow him that way.

    Just don’t ‘try’ anything but vote Pakatan Rakyat (even if vote blindly) in future ‘erection’. That’s the only weapon to fight the mighty. Let’s start kicking the ball with people in Sibu.


  15. Dr Hsu
    May 15, 2010 @ 14:13:47

    Try in this case mean ‘put on trial”, and does not mean to attempt.

    Try the whole system means that to put the whole system on trial…I think that is quite clear in English.


  16. A true Malaysian
    May 15, 2010 @ 15:41:02

    In ancient China, there was one famous judge i.e. ‘Justice Bao’ or ‘Bao Da Ren’ in Mandarin. At those time, it was more or less, or even worse than a modern country, let say M in term of judicial impartiality. But, people there were fortunate to have Bao Da Ren to seek final justice if other judges were not so fair even with clear evidence. That’s why people conferred him ‘Bao Jing Tian’ or literally interpret as ‘Bao the blue sky’.

    Unfortunately the country M has no Justice Bao. That’s what I meant ‘what to try’, ‘where to try’ or maybe I should add ‘who to try’.

    If Hsu Da Ren is a judge, how nice? 😀

    Even better, if Hsu Da Ren is a PM, then he can ‘Try the whole system’. Of course, PK will not be underground now and bed room affairs are ‘private & confidential’, not ‘public matter’.

    Why should the judiciary cares about people’s bed room affairs? Disgusting.


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