Is there ‘consciousness’?

Today I am posting an excerpt from an article sent to me by a reader. This is about our consciousness, which apparently does not die when we ‘die’.

A few days before my mum died, she told me tht her parents (which had passed away  many decades ago) came to her room and visited her. She told me that they sat on her bed and chatted with her about her childhood things, things that she had not remembered for quite a long time.

My mum was undergoing dialysis as a result of kidney failure for many years already then. She was weaker by the day, but was still able to walk and do her own chores despite over 80 years old. She was clear minded when she told me about the above but, surprisingly she did not think that the visit was something odd or strange. She mentioned it in a matter-of-fact way.

Three days later, she passed awy during a dialysis session , peacefully. The nurse thought she had gone to sleep.

I had seen deaths so many times, but this death was personal, and this was the first time I took notice of the fact that a person near to dying might be able to  see things that we could not. I had heard many fo this stories, but I had never paid much attention to them…   All these things might  just be hallucinations. But clearly my mother was lucid and not hallucinating. How can we explain that?I cannot.

Is there really such things as ‘soul’? or what we termed as ‘consciousness’? Many western experts are now researching into near-death experiences.

The article sent to me is about a Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. This was her experience :

She personally sat with one thousand people facing their deaths, and collected 20,000 cases of near-death experiences from all over the world. What she can affirm is that there is no death because consciousness does not die. She uses the image of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon as a metaphor for the dying process: the butterfly is the consciousness and the cocoon is the body. She is also certain that nobody dies alone, including astronauts who die in outer space or those who die in the deserts. The consciousness of those we love or who love us will be there to receive us at the moment of death. These could be dead relatives, or spiritual beings like Jesus, Saint Mary, Amitabha Buddha, or guardian angels. Dr. Kubler-Ross made these conclusions from her interactions with many seriously ill or wounded people she had accompanied.

Once, she was with a seriously wounded child whose entire family was involved in a fatal car accident. The mother had already died, and the brother was in another hospital. Before he died, the child became very calm and peaceful. Dr. Kubler-Ross was very familiar with the dying process, and asked the child how he was feeling. He replied: “Everything is fine. Mom and Peter (the brother) are already here waiting.” He did not know that his mother had died, and even Dr. Kubler-Ross did not know that his brother had died 10 minutes ago. In many near-death experiences, many people see dead relatives. Young children might see a grandfather they did not know, and after they have been resuscitated to life, they would recognize the person from a photo. Children may also see siblings who have not been born yet.

ne young girl said that she saw her younger brother. At that time, she was the youngest in the family, and her mother was unable to conceive any more. Surprisingly, a few years later, her mother did give birth to a younger brother.
Dr. Kubler-Ross discovered that the dying process comprises three stages. The first stage is when the consciousness leaves the body. At this time, no brain waves can be detected, and ECG shows a flat line. The second stage then begins, where only the mind exists. Blind people can recover their sight, handicaps see that they are whole, the deaf can hear, and the mute can speak. Some patients who had multiple sclerosis told her after their near-death experiences: “I could dance again”. Dr. Kubler-Ross once focused on blind people (those who had been blind for over 10 years) as her research participants, and found that when they experienced their consciousness leaving their bodies, they could clearly see the clothes or necktie colours of people around them.
This second stage does not have time or space, and one can use one’s mind to go immediately to any place. A soldier may have died in Asia, but his consciousness could get to New York immediately by thinking about his mother. Some people had experiences where they first saw a loved one living far away suddenly appear in front of them, and then later received a phone call or telegraph that the loved one had passed away.

The third stage relates to a review of one’s life. This review transcends time and space. The life review may take only a few seconds or minutes on Earth, but the person re-experiences every word, action or thought he has made during his life, and also experiences its impact on others. During this review, one feels the interconnectedness between consciousness. Some people may discover that their priority in life has been wrong—for example, pursuing materialistic needs and being over-competitive. Instead, they may feel that the most important thing in life is to leave more love on earth.

For the full article, go to this link:


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  1. A true Malaysian
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 14:30:55

    To me, there are truths in ‘consciousness’ as described in this article of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. But to many people, being living in this world, where ‘material wealth’ is their first priority in lives (like what we see in Malaysian politicians and tycoons), ‘consciousness’ is there when they are alive. They are just ‘conscious’ about no other things, but to their material wealth to an extent that they are actually lost their ‘consciousness’ by going all out by whatever immoral means to chase for power and money. They even drag religions into their political game plan to justify their so-called innocence (or guilt?).

    Well, put this ‘consciousness’ aside, I believe it is important for all of us to pause at certain moment, reflect ourselves as to what is the actual purpose to be physically alive in this world. Ultimately, we will realise as what this good doctor concluded “the most important thing in life is to leave more love on earth.”

    Politicians, being people holding power to administer the welfare of a country, should take the lead to put this message across.


  2. CYC
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 15:15:50

    Being conscious of the results or implications of one’s actions is more important and meaningful than consciously serving one’s craving of material possession. It is easier say than done. Nevertheless, one must strive to live and leave your foot print of generosities deeds and compassion thoughts. Make this world a haven be and not a hell to be.

    The Tibetian’s Book of Life and Death is a good source to peep into another perspective on the interpretation or meaning of consciousness.

    The understanding of consciousness can be valuable lesson to human race and forging better interrelation between people with diverse religious background. After all, human race are one even though with color and faith differences.


  3. Li Li Fa
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 19:25:04

    One of my relatives passed away many years ago in a hospital early in the morning. She had been ill due to old age and we were informed that her medical condition was deteriorating, and her time to go was approaching.

    The night before I experienced the so called ‘consciousness’ of her trying to tell of her going. She had a big portrait of herself framed and hung very securedly in the family hall. For no reason or rhyme, this framed picture suddenly fell and its glass and wooden frame smashed into pieces. I was puzzled , shocked and amazed. The timing of the fallen picture and the time of her departure was exactly the same.

    Could it be that her ‘consciousness’ was trying to tell something? In no way could that picture fall so coincidentally.


  4. disgusted
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 22:18:12

    Comments from True Malaysia is very “true”. Most of us are completely occupied with materialistic living and pay rare occasions on the subject, “death”. Ironically, “death” is our constant companion daily.

    Dr, I commend you for posting this “meaningful” topic. It is a topic close to my heart and spirit. But the essence of this “reality”, whatever you call, consciousness and the essence of spirit in us, is very very wide, very complicated for some people.

    Like you, Dr, only when a loved one dies, it reminds us for a moment of grief but sooner, it’s back to business and this subject recedes back to no-man’s land. Forgotten until another funeral event.

    I have been letting many of my friends know about Billy Meier’s contact notes on the explanation (3,000 pages in German and under translation to English) on human’s evolution which touched in very great details, the death phenomenon, what happens, how it happens and where the spirit goes to. To me, it’s fascinating and it is a “window” of knowledge especially for people who fears death, not knowing why, what and how it will happen to them. Once the knowledge is open to a person, the fear is gone, there is inspiration that “death” is another opening for more life. The spirit in us don’t die.

    Human, all humans, including the greedy and evil politicians are equal from one another subjected to universal and cosmic laws of the Creator (not interpreted as personal God or Gods of the institutions of religions). Man’s complete constitution is after all, comprises physical (body), intellectual/emotional (also known as casual) and spiritual (or spirit).

    What Dr and perhaps others described as the “vision” to dying persons are not hallucinations. “Consciousness” is only a general term, not forgetting consciousness is again sub-divided into faculty or sensual sub-consciousness (i.e. eye, ear, etc) and the un-conscious.

    I have slept in cemeteries and again there are different realms of existence, the lower astral planes (some call hells). To know the real truth, we have to let go of our closed mindsets and clean it of distorted religious “stories” of hell and heaven. Yes, the psyche of the human mind and spirit is fascinating and mysterious. Because we know so little, we spend so little time to learn from it. Yet, “it is” the only knowledge we should and must learn more, cos death and life is inevitable. It is “the” only reality of Life.

    sorry, talk too much.


  5. disgusted
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 23:24:23

    For those interested to know more about what the “Plejarans” (extraterrestials from Planet Erra) taught Billy Meier about life and death, can apply as forum participants at:

    Incidentally there are 24,000 pages on this topic and attracted worldwide attention. You have to apply to be accepted, it is based in US, set up for people who are interested to know more. It is NOT a religious set up, only a knowledge based centre for Living Science. No fees applied. Free of charge.

    Or access to U-Tube: type engine search:

    “Billy Meier, contact notes”

    Topics include: Fate of Mankind, Earth Planet, Food, anything you want to know EXCEPT politics.


  6. A true Malaysian
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 21:42:02


    I believe in “If we do thing right, right thing will come to us” and vice-versa.

    But, in this materialistic world, human beings are simple animals, as “do thing right” to us may not be the “do thing right” to others. This is the crux of problems that this materialistic world is facing, and there will be no end to such problems if we cannot settle on what is actually “do thing right”.

    Religions supposed to make it easier to have universal value of what is deemed “do thing right” but in actual fact, they don’t. Existence of religions in fact, make the thing worse. I wish not to quote which religion make the thing worse as compared to other religion, as I may be accused of practising favourtism here. Again, many people regard the religion that they have faith in as their “possession”, which resulted in them thinking their religion is the best, which I personally think, ishould not be the case.

    Wisdom is the key to balanced-up this “If we do the thing right, right thing will come to us”, and the present government is seriously lacking in it.

    Well, they will regain their “consciousness” when their time come, i.e at the third stage of life as mentioned in the above article.


  7. A true Malaysian
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 21:45:21


    But, in this materialistic world, human beings are not simple animals,…..


  8. disgusted
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 22:11:34

    Yes, you are right in saying, “do things right”.

    I was taught that “doing things right” means doing or flowing with the principles and laws of the Creator (or whatever name, but in truth not according to the interpretation of institutionalized religions of the Supreme Being).

    Hence, in Tao (not a religion), it advises that there is a season for everything and it best to “flow” along doing the right things correspondence to “the laws of the materialistic earth.”

    I too do not want to mention or specify more than that.

    As as far as this ruling government is concerned, there is no hope as far as my senses tell me.

    Evolution in this case is on individuals and not collectively. This government has too many scumbags.

    Anyway, to majority, this topic is definitely boring and stale. It’s better going back to business (i.e. materialistic concerns). I don’t know, the truth is often at our nose tips but we go to great length to search for the truth. Like taking off our trousers to fart. The long and inconvenient way. But that’s human.


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