When the alarm bells toll

When minister Idris Jala gave his opinion that the country may be bankrupt by 2019, he is offering an honest opinion, based on the figures that was given to him by Pemandu, the agency under his care. His intention is good, telling Malaysians that we must change our ways.

Even though this thing may not happen (though many outside the government think that this actually can happen if we are not careful), it is always good to have ‘umbrella’ ready , even when there will be no rain in the immediate future.

He surely didnt expect the uproar he caused by speaking so frankly. Politicians, mainly from the dominant party, criticised him one after another. No one came to his defence, not even one in that party. Perhaps, his sounding the alarm bells must have caused uneasiness, especially when some of these people knew that they are part of the reason that causes the deficits in the national budget.

I can’t help but think of those old Cantonese movies that i watched in my childhood. Typically , there would be a rich family, the parents died broken hearted because the son was not filial and behaved like a play boy. So after the parents’sdeath, the faithful maid or male servant in the house would often reminded the son to mend his ways, since by spending and not working, the family fortune would be fast depleted. And the son would not heed those advice, and chased the faithful servants away. In the end, he became bankrupt and the one that came to his rescue and offered him food would be the faithful servants that he chased away.

In a way, many of us bloggers are like Idris. We want the country to go towards the right direction and not be manupulated by politicians for their own self interest. By so doing, we inevitably incur the wraths of the authority, and some might even be forced to go overseas and some might even be jailed. Some got their workplace audited by authority No one cares whether the intention of the blogger is good or not; rather , the powers that be would not want  their self interest being threatened by bloggers speaking the truths and seeking ways to change the mindsets of the voting public, so they would do all sort of things to create problems for the blogger. But a minister was criticised left and right , too, for speaking the truth!  That is rather shocking.

Idris is not a politician. He must be shocked to receive so much of brickbats from his colleagues by merely sounding the alarm bells, and trying to tell the power that be that we need to be more frugal.. He is one of those who have been so hardworking, and  trying to work out a blue print on all the NRAs to improve on the delivery of the government. He has done well to draft and make ready the Government Transformation Program.  But , in politics, it is not how much you have done or how well you have done that matters. It is how much you conform to your colleagues and how much you listen to your boss that is of ultimate importance.  He must be regreting that he joined the cabinet. ALl his efforts in preparing the GTP might come to nought, since I doubt whether the warlords would follow what was laid down in the blueprint.

I would like to commend him for having the courage to sound the alarm bells. We need more people like him, hardworking, not partisan and see things in proper perspective.

It is a pity that these type of people never get any support from the top, and like a pawn in a chess board, these people can be easily sacrificed too, in the name of winning the game.


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  1. Richard Loh
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:45:00

    Same situation as Zaid Ibrahim when he was roped in by badawi.

    What you wrote reflect the lack of integrity and honesty among the politicians.


  2. petestop
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:52:53

    On one hand saying Malaysia will backrupt in 2019 if subsidy not cut, but on another, they will be building a new Parliament in PutraJaya for RM800mil !!

    Add with cost overrrun and etc..etc… most likely RM1bil.

    So, save on subsidy, and spend on more projects for cronies….. what farce…


  3. petestop
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:57:20

    In the news now, let’s see how they will spin this

    I can only shake my head in wonder at the gullability (or rather stupidity) of fellow Malaysians on being conned left and right by politicians.

    3 letters…. WTF !!


  4. clearwater
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 19:40:29

    It is not surprising few people with uncompromising moral principles are found in the upper echelons of the ruling political parties. They won’t last long in a den of thieves, knaves and hypocrites. Either they leave in disgust or they will be politically knifed in the back. Idris Jala is unlikely to last long in the present Cabinet.


  5. klm
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 20:49:04

    I think Idris had good intention to do good when he joined this Govt. BUT, I think he was stupid to think he can help change the govt. Najib recruited him and it was Najib who just cut both his legs.

    People like Idris, especially those holding high positions in he private sector and support BN should re-think. Do not pro long the stupidity of Idris. I do not have sympathy for him. He sleep amongst the dogs, he must suffer the bite of the fleas. This is his karma.


  6. Ken
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 22:33:14

    Umno hates anybody telling them that Malaysia is not a bottomless well of riches that they can plunder without end.


  7. disgusted
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 22:46:48

    I agree with Kim, good intentions of Idris. But the real underlying reasons, Idris may not be aware besides the subsidies spending.

    It is accumulative of the bad effects of a bad system, NEP having spent RM360 billion between 1984 ans 2003 siphoned off by cronies and if traced back since the NEP some 40 years, a RM1 trillion.

    And the Auditor General Report being ignored year after year of wastages and the “subsidies” is being blamed for a possible bankruptcy.

    Given this rotten system to go on, the country will still be heading towards bankruptcy regardless whether there are subsidies or not.


  8. romerz
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 02:43:48

    Idris Jala is a technocrat. Technocrats are despised by politicians from UMNO/BN because they lack political subtlety and do not understand the intricacies of the UMNO/BN system of power at all cost.

    But the politicians still need the technocrats since these politicians can’t do the job.

    To people like Idris Jala, it is merely doing a job for the country and I believe they expect to be sacked if they fail. Not so politicians from UMNO/BN.

    To them, it is their life. Losing power cannot be an option as many would face jail terms should they lose power over the judiciary, PDRM, MACC and others.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is why we must educate Malaysians that it is in their interests to support a strong 2-party system, no matter their opinions of the shortcomings of the present opposition.

    I wonder if they realize how close we are to absolute power again by UMNO/BN? Only 11 seats away from a 2/3 majority with 6 “unreliable independent kataks” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliament_of_Malaysia

    5 parliamentary seats is all it will take before we see the politicians from UMNO/BN go hog wild, killing off democracy further and plunging our beloved country towards a failed state!

    Gerakan could help with their 2 parliamentary seats but they chose not to so that their president can enjoy minister status!

    Sorry doc if I’m a little emotional but that bloody fucker bung Mokthar upset me tonight! Sorry for being sarcastic but technically speaking, you both fly the “same flag”!


  9. Fi-sha
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 07:28:51

    That’s why PKR’s Integrity Index is important.

    Idris Jala got the figures right but had his preventive ideas wrong. His Gomen buddies always got their figures and actions wrong. So we shouldn’t trust both.


  10. A true Malaysian
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 09:29:55

    Singapore government is full of technocrats first, politicians second, but Malaysia government is full of politicians first, politicians second, none technocrat.

    That is the different, and we see the huge different between both countries.

    Politically, Idris Jala is not doing the “right thing”, but he is doing “thing right”. Can you all see the different here? That’s how a politician technocrat does. But, in Malaysia, this type of politician is very few, but, Pakatan has more such politician.

    As I said, “If we do thing right, right thing will come to us”. That cannot be wrong unless the world is full of devils, that is different story. Only in hell, we see such things.


  11. A true Malaysian
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 09:50:40

    Idris was doing the “thing right” by presenting his views with figures. He was doing the “right thing” for not mentioning corruption is the cause for the nation on the road to bankruptcy, not subsidies.

    In hindsight, perhaps he should be doing the “thing right” all the way without doing the “right thing”.

    After all, what’s the different is he in now?


  12. disgusted
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 11:09:52

    That asshole lawbreaker Bung has sent many people’s temperatures up and I can not imagine how the s*** got elected. Anyway, with forked tongues and double mask, and a skull with pea brain, he got to pay a low fine for his breaking the law, polygamy, so that he can keep his seat.

    But UMNO loves poltergeists like Bung to fight for its rotten causes. Hence only a 2-party system can “poison” and wipe out this type of moronic and idiotic politikus.


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