Plug the leakages first

There is a proposal to increase the contribution of Socso, or more formally “Wang Keselamatan Sosial”.  The reason given was that it has not adjusted contribution since many years ago .

Last year, Socso collected RM1.8 billion and gave out as compensation RM1.3 billion, according to news report.  It has 0.5 billion net income to its coffers.

So why the need to increase contribution? Even though contribution is small in amount, since employers contribute 1.75% of a worker’s pay and the worker contributes 0.5% only, any increase at this moment will bite into the disposable income of people.

Furthermore, coming on the heels of cut in subsidies and increase in postage by Pos Malaysia ( a letter now needs a 60 cents stamp compared to 30 cents before), this will create an mentality among civil servants that they should increase rates for their own departments…

As I have mentioned, many salaried workers are finding it hard to cope with the rising standard of living. Disposable income is getting less. Living expenses have increase and life style changes (with handphones and internet bills to pay) all add up to a decreasing income among salaried workers .

Once socso charges increase, businessmen will also use this as an excuse to increase the price of their goods and services.. And the living costs will spiral up and up and up. KL is no more a cheap place to stay. Penang is getting expensive too.

The government should instead plug leakages and wastage first. There is another white elephant project apparently in Sabah, the Kudat Dam, read here for those who have not read it yet..


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  1. klm
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 14:21:52

    Socso is mainly for lower income. Taking away more money from an already low income for socso, plus increase expenses from removal of subsidy, plus inflation etc, just squeeze the low income group to death. Is this a caring govt? Hell No!


  2. CYC
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 15:01:38

    Dr, would u feel tired talking to moron ? They (including KTK your supremo ) will not understand or refuse to listen to your kind of music. They prefer the to listen to holy hymns with lots praises though the musician or singer is a devil.

    Its no more social security fund but social suicide fund. Lets build more memorial park to compliment this new move.


  3. jhonnair
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 15:02:57

    Why are payouts by SOCSO so high? Industrial accidents and fatalities at workplaces and commuting accidents are high, despite the figures given out by the powers to be…
    If the number of accidents are as low as stated..there will not be an increase in payouts..let us go to the root cause..industrial and commuting accidents..all matters related are controlled tightly by the govt..there is abuse in enforcement, reporting and enforcement..check that first..


  4. Dr Hsu
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 16:09:03

    The only problem is in Malaysia, politicians both sides are like crows, all black. U see the infighting now in Selangor. Factionalism, support letters etc etc…

    During the recent world cup, i heard the other side also raked in lots of money thru unofficial channels, thru….. Some one has connection with the underworld and see how many massage palours have sprung up in my area?

    For them to win the seat of power next election, they need to show that they govern the few states well .. Not internal squabblings, and resort to those types of connections..

    Although i have posted a post long time ago about white crows, it is very rare.. I tend to believe now the saying in chinese, all the crows are black in this world.


  5. CYC
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 16:31:33

    The rots in DAP also starts from the head – LIM Senior & Junior.

    With a narrow heart how to u expect boat could travel on it. So, it only accommodate tiny sampan like Ronnie Liu – the long term liability of DAP. If I were the auditor, I will write it off once and for all defying the fish head’s wishes though.

    U have boy scout as party’s state head and a boastful cowboy as Exco man in charge of local govt. Where to get leadership and management excellence ? The boy scout was outshone by the lady MP at his Seri Kembangan contituency and the cowboy creates chaos wherever he step in. Yet the bloody old man and son condone it just because of their small mind can appreciate talents. They love ball carriers and dead wood instead.

    I admire Lims resolve in fighting for a fair and democratic Malaysia but at the same time hates their style of managing the party affairs where many talented people got squeezed out due to jealousy and what not. The head must start reform himself otherwise he will appear in the same category of our history book together with those MCA and Gelakan pirates despite unlike them with huge rewards.


  6. klm
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 11:13:51

    Re the story about the ex-law maker and political aide who were shot while driving, the story making the round in the power circle is more juicy. It is a tale worthy of Alex Haley, a popular pulp fiction writer. It contained all the elements of classic Alex Haley, politics and power, money, sex, fast car and explosive ending.

    Politics and power
    – powerful warlord in a political party
    – access to the money train when party was in power
    – when party lost the election, no more easy money
    – money to keep girlfriends in luxury
    – when money is gone, libido has problem
    – political aide, hmmm
    – seemed she found a younger man and want to break off the relationship
    fast car
    – what is a 45 year old woman and a divorcée doing driving an expensive and relative rare fast car
    explosive ending
    – literally exploding ending

    I think this is a delayed consequence of losing the state govt. I don’t believe this is an isolated case. I think many of these people are having problem with their libidos, facing rejection from girlfriends when they have no more money to show gifts on them.

    The organisation of which they are members is a den of sins and iniquities. A Sadon and Gamorrah of biblical lore. They are shouting holier than thou. But under the mantle, it is so different.
    No wonder they are confused when another religion uses the A word for god.


  7. wisely
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 08:18:19


    Remember how LGE became DAP Sec Gen, using his wife to subotage Kerk Kim Hock in Kota Melaka seat in 2004 to pave the way to accent to where he is now? He and his wife can’t even be voted in in the state committee, finishing out of the top 15!

    First Perak -Ngeh-Nga team against Kula team, Now selangor – Teng-Ean vs Liu.

    When u become strong, everyone want position, why? because with power come money!!! Same, all black crow. Power corrupt.

    Everyone will defence themselves first. First day all seem ok, the next day all the accusation started. Pointing finger at one another and making police report- against own party members. Sound familiar???

    My advise is, don’t too trust politician. Afterall, they will always put themselves first above principles and values. All crow are black and there is no such thing as white crow, Dr. Hsu!!!!

    U think Anwar is a white crow???? The only person i admire and see principle in DAP is Karpal. Not LGE or LKS. He always stick to what he believe is right and no to what is wrong. His stand on ‘frog’, he stood alone, no one else in DAP dare to stand with him because Anwar and his wife says OK to frog!. His stand on Islamic state never changes. If he will to sleep one day, I believe no one else is there to put principle above oneself and interest of party and will always bend toward interest rather than principle. We need principle centred leaders to keep things straight!


  8. CYC
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:05:38

    Thanks but no thanks, wise man. DAP is not good enough but its still miles ahead of MCA with all tainted fish heads, convicted or not yet being convicted.


  9. disgusted
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 00:03:17


    You are right. Looking back into the archives of DAR’s track record, LKS and his party has been very consistent in their ideals and issues they fought 20 to 25 years ago but the sad fact that 99% of the voting electorate were still sleeping or gullible to the lies and cheats. Today, the Pakatan raising all these issues are nothing new but the same issues and concerns highlighted and warned by DAP way back in the mid-60s in their political declarations and manifestos.

    Compared to MCA? No point elaborating. Everybody knows including the cockroaches, lizards and bed mites.


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