Another despicable act!

A hidden video camera was reportedly found in the office of the Selangor MB. So far, we still do not know who did this.. But whoever did this must have hoped that he could get some incriminating evidence against the MB to bring him down.

He must have hoped to get the MB in a situation like the DVD sex-scandal actor. Or maybe evidence that this MB might have say something that could be used against him.

This act is despicable.

So far, most people in PJ that I have talked to have said that this MB has performed creditably, and this is indeed creditable, since this is only his 2nd year in office.

The perpetrators may be from his opponents outside his party but do not discount the fact the those Inside his party may have done this. In fact, the most dangerous person is often the one closest to you in politics.

If this thing happens in the States, it would have resulted in a big investigation. Watergate resulted in the resignation of a president.

Whatever it is or whoever has done this, this  act is like hitting below the belt.. I am sad that Malaysian politics has sunken to such  low level…


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  1. stevent
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 10:32:57

    About 2 months ago, my internal source told me that PKR is the most vicious among all the parties, even more so than UMNO. looks like he’s right. Sad isn’t it. Change we can believe in.


  2. klm
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 11:09:35

    Bugging each other is often used by the politicians, especially of the BN kind. Dont look any further. That saliva spitting soh chai doctor is well known for practicing this. Putrajaya is full of bugs. You can bet on it. I am sure Shah Alam and Komtar are full of bugs, too.

    I would advised these people to go shopping in Taiwan. They sell a lot of detection devices there.


  3. clearwater
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 12:25:59

    PKR is too infected with ex-Umno types who joined PKR for their own ends. I suppose the infection will have to run its course; perchance PKR can contain these bugs and still thrive in spite of their existence. In the meantime, it is proving to be the most disappointing partner in Pakatan’s 3 party coalition. Their infighting is indeed vicious.


  4. Dr Hsu
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 12:56:22

    my friend told me they sell detection device in Pasar road KL… No need go Taiwan.


  5. klm
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 14:25:45

    Dr. Hsu, there is a particular one I had seen. This one is supposed to detect pinhole camera. It is supposed to catch the reddish reflection of camera lens. I tested one and it seemed to work. (DVD Man should have use this, instead of getting caught.)

    Do you know if this is sold in Pasar Road?


  6. Dr Hsu
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 16:31:55

    i know some of the electronic shops in Pasar road sell anti bugging device to detect hidden cameras, but i don’t really know the types they carry. Maybe just try and google it in first and there is also a website called Pasar Road dot come or something which u can find out things they sell in some of the pasar road shops..


  7. CYC
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 17:45:22

    Siapa punya kerja ini? Political rivals ? Internal or external? I m clueless but it seems the culprit isn’t professional though.

    Pasar Road should have a great variety of electronic gadgets since so many China men and women doing business there. Malaysia is real cosmopolitan, ya. I wonder who is their middleman ? Are they also come in with tourist visas, Datuk NYY? Seems tourists arrival figure need to be adjusted down, at least deduct those prostitutes lah. Don’t inflate the figures of tourist, too hard sell lah.


  8. Adrain Phang Boon Hwa
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 21:06:00

    The MB should have left the bug there, maybe even replace the battery.

    Then fabricate some juicy stories and acts for them to catch on the webcam.

    That would have been a lot of fun to see who came out with the stories they thought they had secretly acquired!


  9. disgusted
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 01:08:40

    The despicable act continues with the BN, wasting tax-payers monies by building “vanity” projects in the name of tourism. Like the so-called Morocco tower (RM20 million) and another stupid architecture in memory of past achievements of Malaysian leaders project, And increasing RM10,000 for the Zoo House speaker and Rubber Stamp House speaker n deputies. Why? For “domestic house maintenance” (for their homes) like housemaid RM2,500.

    While Malaysians are considered lucky for those earning RM3000 to have a “decent” living in the Valley of Hell (KL). For those below, too bad. And telling us, the country will be going bankrupt but at the same time wasting our tax payers monies.

    This is BN rule for you.


  10. wisely
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 09:31:38

    Internal politicking and fighting for post is also there in DAP. Today Zaid mention something about party election and open house. Teng admit he is not in good term with Liu. His answer shock everyone, i believe, a movie! What a joke! but i believe this is not the real story behind as he was quoted saying of bringing in 2-3 witness. It just doesn’t made any sense! I believe ‘something’ was worked out to let everyone off with a ‘stern’ warning. So, another same old story that we are used to, Who is sincere then? Maybe that’s politic!


  11. wisely
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 09:42:08

    Also like to say something about what transpired in penang. LGE i think is overreacting. There is no obvious treat to him as in the first incident he personally accepted being approach and his bodyguard is there. Closing up all the door is definately over reacting like someone is there to finish him off. Afterall he has been saying that he has the rakyat heart and now causing his own komtar business so many problem! Not wise and bad publicity!


  12. Peter
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 10:24:34

    This is the month of “hungry ghost” , this must be the work of certain ‘toyol’ from Shah Alam.


  13. wisely
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 20:31:51

    Dr. Hsu,

    What do u think of the latest offer to the voters by DAP?

    1. RM1000 for everyone over 60?

    Sound good or it is a form of bribery since oldies normally vote for BN

    2. Free wifi – to read malaysiakini and malaysia insider and all PR blogs?

    3. Cancel saman ekor – 1000000 extra supporters?

    Why these 3 promises? Nothing to do with improving economy, safety measure or fighting corruption?

    Why don’t promise to close down MACC, change all police personel and judges? sack lazy civil servant?

    political motivated!!!!!


  14. klm
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 15:43:30

    oh wisely one. It is all politics. Say you want to sack lazy civil servants? you gotta be crazy. Why loose 1.2 million votes. Get the votes first, then sack them. Ditto with MACC, police and judges.


  15. cilipadi
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 17:10:53

    Someone is not wise. I like free wifi.

    With free wifi, info flows freely, that’s a good strategy.

    MSM are dying of natural death by then.

    Info flows freely with wifi, sure economy benefits. Of course politically also.

    How can this someone is ‘wise’, I wonder? LOL

    makan cili wisely, someone rasa pedas


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