A short parable

The Old Horse has only one worry. If Mr  SoDoMi’s group wins the next election, and Mr SoDoMi becomes the Chief, then the Old Horse may find himself incarcerated in a Dungeon.

Mr SoDOMi may start digging at the archaelogic site, and who knows what he may find, since the archaelogical site are full of treasures and loots from the old time.

The worry is real. Once the digging starts, it may reveal things hidden underground for the long years that the Old Horse was chief.

Looking at the Place, the Old Horse realised that one big faction of votes have gone. SO he has to play up the sentiments of the Main faction to make sure that his people remain at the helm. Even at the expense of cutting off the Present Chief who was the son of the (late) second Chief of the Place.

So the Old Horse tried his best to fan and fan. Emotions are like fire, the more you fan, the bigger it will be;  and by fanning incessantly , he hopes that the fire will be big enough to engulf the Place and make all people of the  Main Faction vote for his own group , even if it means that he has to sacrifice the present Chief, and make the Second-in-command the next chief, even if he has to sacrifice the future of the Place.

The best solution actually is not to fan but to make the playing fields more level so that people of all Factions can play together happily and fairly, , with aids going to the poor and the handicapped and the socially disadvantaged. By making fairer rules, it may win back some of the hearts of the Minority Faction. That is actually the best way for the Old Horse to beat Mr SoDOMi. But he fails to see this. Maybe he has got cataracts, or shortsightedness so bad that even spectacles would not help.

So he attacked the other factions, and make factional remarks to try to get the people in the Main faction to see his points. Nevermind that it will chase away the people of the other minority factions, nevermind that it may hinder people from other Places wanting to put money in this Place. Nevermind that the Place may be destroyed by his fanning.

Dangerous game he played. But he is not senile.

It is all to prevent himself from facing the possibility of seeing the Dungeon.


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  1. CYC
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 17:09:53

    Malaysia’s politics reaching its peak and lost its steering wheel. Will it explodes or will it end up with an extravaganza celebration ? your guess is good as mine. Anyway, lets be the witness of this great event of our beloved country with courage, faith, and wisdom.

    路往那里走? 上天自有谱。


  2. kplee
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 18:23:31

    I hope we get to watch this. So guys stay tuned, check it out and inform your friends

    Subject: RPK on BBC Hardtalk Sep 1 2010 10 pm local time




  3. pilocarpine
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 18:45:18

    Old Horse still in power, just not upfront.

    SoDoMI can do nothing to him.
    Dig all he wants to, but he aint going to find any skeletons.
    All this time, the skeletons already been melted away pieces by pieces.
    He could probably a few piece, but then again, would SoDoMI find it is another matter.

    Anyway, d rakyat expect growth, not witchhunt.


  4. Nick
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 19:21:11

    The old horse and his army of bandits may win all the mall battles but they have long lost the war for the hearts and minds of us common folks. As far as the minorities in this country is concerned, no one will ever trust UMNO and BN. Never underestimate the intelligence of our people. The only Fools are all in the government machineries. The old horse and his cahorts are spitting vileness and dissension constantly. Perkasa is VILE.


  5. disgusted
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 22:10:50

    It is the legendary old horse, first planting the seeds of destruction of a country, then destroying his own legacy and now destroying his own brain with logic perversion. He is the all time terminator, spilling garbage and venom, believing his own lies and deception.

    The ultimate self destroyer. Mission Impossible


  6. John
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 01:24:59

    Old horse is an evil man and a curse on Malaysia .
    During his reign he never hesitate to fan racial sentiment and pitched the Malay against the Non-Malay so that he could hold his grip on power.

    Now he is at his old tricks again to avoid having to move to Sungai Buloh’s big mansion after 13th GE.

    After BN is ousted , I bet he will seek asylum in Kerala India where his home town is , he will tell Indian government that he as an Indian was being persecuted by the Malay in Malaysia!


  7. Phua Kai Lit
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:23:27

    Leaders who act in the interest of all the people while in office are remembered fondly by their people e.g. Nelson Mandela, Franklin Roosevelt, Jawarharlal Nehru, etc

    As for those who promote hate and division, they end up shooting themselves (Adolf Hitler), being shot and strung up by their own people (Benito Mussolini), being executed by firing squad (Nicolae Ceausescu), being reviled in history books (Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Francisco Franco, Hideki Tojo), dying in prison while being charged for promoting genocide(Slobodan Milosevich).

    There is plenty to learn from history!


  8. Dr Hsu
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:43:04

    Old Horse is influenced by what happened to Suharto in Indonesia. It is almost in our own backyard, and the culture of the the people is similar…


  9. Taikohtai
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 11:47:04

    If even the former numero uno himself is feeling unsure in his own country, those of us who left must be thinking ‘thank goodness’ once again. Looks like worse is to come before it can get better. May be father time may intervene very shortly, for Malaysia’s sake.


  10. Thor
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 13:15:31

    Dr Hsu,
    To make a parable of your parable – if this article is like a plate of food that you’ve created, then I must say you are an excellent chef and the dish is absolutely delicious!


  11. Phua Kai Lit
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 14:34:59

    Dear Dr Hsu

    There was also Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines in 1986.


  12. Li Li Fa
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 14:48:07

    There is a Chinese saying that a good horse never grazes at the same spot.

    The old horse should be riding off into the evening sun, but still prancing around like a desperate chicken running away from slaughter. This is indeed a tough chicken to devour.

    Nevertheless Dinner must be served and the menu is on the wall. Let Hell Kitchen run loose as the people are all invited to the 13th Grand Feast and exotic dishes will be displayed and savoured to the delight of local and international culinary experts.

    Let’s prepare for the Grand Feast.


  13. Tony
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 15:20:38

    Old horse hurts Malaysia is like human hurts the earth. Either stupid, or selfish.


  14. Tony
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 16:45:33

    But if Malaysia can pass this test, I will be more confident about the earth. You can cheat people temporary, but not forever. Keyword: Realise.


  15. klm
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 22:12:04

    I agree with Dr Hsu’s view. The old horse is causing this ruckus to preserve his fortune and his children’s.
    He can see the writing on the wall.


  16. powderful
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 16:33:44

    This is Malaysia BAD karma to have such evil Prime Minister call OLD HORSE.


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